The Egg Ch. 1


The woods that made up Verdant Springs could be called eerie. A mix of tall old birches and pines that grew thicker the deeper on travelled off the paved paths that wove through it. Moss grew in great blankets across the ground broken by small game trails and paths.

The young boy who walked down a dirt path didn't find the deep wood eerie, but a refuge. Dried tears clung to the boys cheek as he navigated the path as hastily as possible. The far away laughter of other people tormented him as he sought a favorite sanctuary. In his mind any laughter heard A small creek that carved its bed through the woods.

Jacob Grand walked down the path in to his sullen self. A look that he wore just like the big baggy clothes and thick-rimmed glasses he sported. At five-foot nine, Jacob's obese frame often meant comparisons to a whale. Grand he couldn't be called except maybe if his expanding waistline counted. To the jocks, it counted.

"Why?" Jacob said out loud.

Jacob asked the question a lot to himself. To the bullies who tortured him at school, peers who ignored him, to his father who either neglected or beat him. No answer ever came back that made it easier.

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   Just more insults to flying fists.

He walked, his feet finding precarious perches as he did. Sore legs carried him through. Hurting, Jacob felt a feeling of elation as he cleared the last of the trees and saw the bend in the creek that he loved.

The bend that Jacob loved could only be seen from the opposite bank. Years ago Jacob had built a makeshift bridge, which as he crossed currently, wobbled and bucked under his weight. There may have been a crack, but it fell on deaf ears.

In the small clearing that made up his favorite spot sat a single log. Next to that happened to be an old military box made out of metal and weather sealed. A stake had been driven through the bottom to anchor it and a rusting lock kept the weather seal locked and in place. Inside the box Jacob stored an assortment of writing materials and books. Today wouldn't be a day that he opened the box, instead he would sulk on the log.

Many a day Jacob had sat on the log. Peace here in the creek always brought him out of the pains the world offered him. The lazy way water flowed over polished black rocks or how limbs of trees bathed their leaves in pleasant breezes left him with a serene feeling.

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   A feeling that washed over him quickly and he sat listening to the flow of water in the creek.

After a bit, Jacob's stomach growled in impatience. It always did that though. Growling and bothering him with its insatiable appetite, Jacob knew what it wanted down to not only habit but taste. Taking his pack off and opening it, he pulled out a lunch box that was cold to touch. Opening revealed a carefully protected prize.

The roast beef sandwich sat in a plastic lock bag. Already Jacob could taste the sandwich. Laid with prime cut, lettuce, Swiss cheese and mayo. Fresh tomato complimented the grains and seeds in the bread. Too fast the sandwich disappeared. Licking the last of crumbs off his finger, he sighed in contentment and let serenity wash over him.

"Hey lardo," a voice said. Jacob didn't need to look across the stream to see who the voice belonged. Billy and his gang.

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   The irony that Jacob's bully happened to be named Billy did not escape him. Every bully had some jock name and Billy always seemed to be either the leader or member of a gang member.

Jacob looked up when the sound of splashing sounded in his ears. Horror went through him as he watched Billy and his two cohorts cross the stream awkwardly. Marcus and Zeek were with him and the trio made short work of the ankle deep water.

"Now lookie here," Billy said to his friends. "Got my shoes all wet. "

Jacob stayed sitting on the log, perched and ready for whatever torment headed his way. He could have tried to run, but the three jocks would only punish him more.

Each older boy took to their callings as captains to different teams. Zeek happened to be the swimming captain. The skinniest and most dark-skinned, the boy hated as the fastest swimmer. Marcus led the running team. Slim and pale with red hair. And Billy, the captain of the football team.

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   Tall broad shoulders, Billy took the title of biggest in the school with no close rival.

"Yeah, me too," Zeek said. The boy was shaking his pants off.

"There's a bridge," Jacob said. He didn't know why though. The boys wouldn't appreciate the offer of information.

"What was that fatso?" Billy said walking over to him and confirming his intentions.

"There's a bridge," Jacob offered once more, but the jock just walked up to him. Grasping him by the shirt and pulling him up, Jacob tried not to flinch. Billy wore a sneer on his face and it made Jacob fail in his effort.

"Why didn't you say so earlier?" Billy yelled at him.

Jacob stammered but his reply never got out. Instead, Billy's fist smashed into his face. Pain flash immediately into him and by instinct, Jacob went limp.

"He didn't even fight back," Billy exclaimed.

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   Another fist fell upon him and Jacob lost his will to stand. He collapsed and Billy not understanding what happened fell atop the larger boy.

"Gross," Billy cried out in disgust. "Help me up. "

Jacob felt the weight of Billy leave. He rolled to sit up but the wind rushed out of him as a foot slammed down onto his stomach.

"Did you hear that?" Marcus asked.

"Yeah sounds like a one of those squeaky dog toys," Billy replied.

Jacob let the blows fall on him. It happened every few weeks after all. How long the beating lasted Jacob couldn't even fathom. For him, the physical pain faded away as he sank into the dark recesses of his mind. There, he found solace in feeling like his body sank into a pool of black oil.

"I can help you," a warm voice said. He wanted to ignore it, but the words enticed him.

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"Who are you?" Jacob asked. The consciousness brought sudden pain as he felt a fist fall onto him again.

"Don't speak," the voice said again. "I feel the pain too. "

Jacob remained silent.

"When they leave, by the trees you'll find a white sphere. Listen carefully. If you accept my help, find it and take it home with you. Immerse in water next to your bed before you sleep. Don't alert anyone to it or what happens. "

The warmness disappeared and brought him back to reality.

"Come on guys, that's enough. "

Jacob barely registered that Marcus spoke the words. Good'ol Marcus who never actually took place in anything physical when it came to the misery inflicted. Marcus did tease, which Jacob never held against his peer because words were really nothing, but it did hurt that Marcus rarely put a stop to things.

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"Hey man, relax," Marcus continued.

"What?" Billy said with anger evident in his voice. "You feel sorry for the fat fuck?"

"Just got homework to do is all. "

"Let's go," Billy said angrily.

Jacob heard the scuffling of feet across the polished rocks that made up the beach until that turned into splashing. Laughter faded off slowly and he didn't move. A couple times before, Billy had returned and so Jacob had learned to stay put for a bit. He waited for what seemed like hours. When he finally moved, pain laced through his body.

"Damn," he cried aloud. He already felt stiff from the bruising and welts. It took him four tries to sit up and even then he swayed as the world spun.

"Got to be a concussion," he spoke while he wheezed. Standing up equated to conquering the world, and by the time he did, Jacob became aware that the temperature dropped. "At least I can see.

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Jacob moved about and picked up his pack with gratefulness the beating hadn't been worse. He just wished it would be the one beating he would receive that week or even day. If his dad saw him in this sorry state, the patriarch's fist would dole out further punishment. Sighing, he prepared to leave when he remembered the voice.

Looking around the edge, Jacob let out an exclamation of surprise when he saw the promised orb. Picking it up, he marveled at how light it felt. Smooth as polished stone, he got the feeling looking at it that the object lacked a look of having durability. Scared to drop it, he put it into his pack, his body protesting the series of movements. Grateful to be done with it, he looked over the site sorrowfully realizing that the one sanctuary he possessed had been taken away from him. He made a final note to return for the contents of the box and then turned away from the place.

Unlike the boys who tormented him, Jacob did use the bridge to cross the creek. The path meant more steps, which his body ached with each one, but he got to keep his clothes dry. Honestly, for a beating, Jacob considered himself lucky. Sure the pain existed but the boys had left him in far better shape that he should have been in. In all honesty, as he hobbled painfully through the woods, he surmised that because today happened on a Friday, the bullies had pressing matters.

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   Like the school dance that night. If Jacob though correctly, he knew why Billy had come for him.

Lunch that day at school for the seniors had been busy. As peers gossiped and made final plans, Jacob had sat alone in the corner as per usual. He had already eaten, that day being three snack cakes, a sandwich and two cokes, and sat there observing. One of the things he observed was Billy being shot down for a date. The boy must have seen Jacob smirking, which to Jacob, he smirked to the small justice the universe had given.

Out of the woods, Jacob walked along a paved path, popular with runners and the like. No one used it now except Jacob. Grateful to the heavens for that small measure of luck that none would stop him demanding to know what happened, a reason centering on bad repercussions from his father in the past, he continued on as fast as he could go.

The effort paid off and by the time he reached home, the pain had dulled and his clothes were soaked in sweat. Even before he reached the street his home sat on, Jacob could smell himself. A smell that embarrassed him to no end and one he could never hope to get rid of.

Rounding the corner to his street, he saw that no one was about. No doubt as the evening grew later, everyone that lived on his block made plans for Friday.

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   As he walked it grew apparent to him that his father's truck didn't sit in the driveway.

"Thank you," Jacob said in a sigh of relief. He didn't want to see his father that night. Continuing on he paused in the driveway right next to the mailbox where he leaned on it.

The house that Jacob lived in sat in the center of the row of houses. It also happened to be the biggest, built for a family of at least six, but it never got to see that. Jacob looked longingly over to the flower garden where a stone cross marked the memory of his mother. A constant reminder of where everything went wrong. It reminded Jacob and his father that his birth had killed his mother overtime he went into the house. His father once had told him the cross had been a prized possession of his mother's but now instead of a fond memory, it brought nothing but tragic pain.

The home had five bedrooms on the second story, one of which was a massive master bedroom. Apparently his mother had wanted to have a lot of kids and intended to do so. All of the rooms had things in them to that effect. Two boys and two girls, his dad would tell him over the years. The master bedroom sat undisturbed and his father slept in one of the empty rooms.


   Jacob had his room of course, and the other two rooms were untouched except for the abandoned kid's furniture projects.

A snap sounded and Jacob barely had enough time to register that the sound came from the mail box. He stepped away as quickly as possible to see that the wooden pole now leaned and the wood cracked.

"Crap," he said sudden fear going through him. When his dad saw it no doubt retribution would come. Sullen, he went up the steps of his house.

The key to the home had been hidden on the screen door right inside in one of those black magnetic key holders. Getting it out, Jacob opened the door before putting it back and going inside.

Entering into the Grand home meant entering into a view of nothing. There were no picture on walls, barely any furniture. Most had been broken by his father in his drunken stupors. The house was a shell of what could have been. Stains on walls and wooden floors where polish and paint long since faded greeted all who entered, which for the home, often meant no one but Jacob. With a sigh, he went upstairs to his room.

Jacob would have to give kudos to his dad on a few things.

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   One, is that even though the patriarch was abusive, the man took care of his son. Jacob had a massive desk, a bed and shelves lines with collectible items. Each section of the shelves had a designation.

The shelf next to his desk held books and notebooks. The two one wall next to his bed were filled with figures. The last top to bottom had finished models and hand-painted figures. All paid for by the generous allowance his dad gave him. Jacob didn't understand how such an abusive man offered such a solace, but he never questioned the stacks of cold hard cash and written notes on instructions his dad would leave. The man worked hard for some job and drank himself to a grave at night.

Jacob went to the bathroom and stripped. From there, he examined his body as much as he could in the mirror. Bruises of purple and black shown on his skin, some brand new and other faded. He smiled a bit thinking that he could have been a furry and spotlighted as a leopard. With a shudder though, he dismissed that thought and lumbered into the shower.

In the time that Jacob entered and exited the shower he reflected on the shower.

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   He could barely move in the thing, but did his best to wash himself. A process that involved lots of soap on a back washer, which he used for his whole body. When he did exit, Jacob did the one thing he promised he would never do until he actually saw weight loss. He stepped onto a scale.

Numbers jumped accordingly fast on the digital scale. He watched and two-hundred flashed by. The scale stopped at three-eighty.

"I lost six pounds," he said excited with the news. "I can't believe it. I lost six pounds in a week. "

Smiling now, he got off the scale and lumbered back to his room. Naked and all he walked over to his desk and sat in the chair. It protested loudly with his weight, but he hoped that enough would be lost before it buckled.

Logging onto the laptop he owned, an Apple, he searched diligently into different strategies to lose weight. Jacob had begun thinking of losing weight a couple of years ago.

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   With no help or understanding, he had realized through researching online that he was an emotional eater. All the pain he had dulled by food, but that action no longer held appeal to him, even if he couldn't escape what he did.

Portion control had been his first step. Next week he planned on walking more, but he was afraid of that. The exposure for sure meant more opportunities for ridicule. A fear that he knew that needed overcoming if he wanted to succeed.

Written on a sticky notes and posted on his desk were a series of goals. First one to lose weight. Second to be fit. Third, kick his bullies asses with the latter word circled. The last note just had the word Dad written on it.

Getting up from the chair, Jacob retrieved his pack. He opened it up and began taking out his school things. It wasn't until he felt something round through the interior that he remembered the sphere. Pulling it out he looked at it.

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   It looked bigger now and felt heavier.

"What are you?" He asked it, but it didn't reply. Sighing he put it on his desk. After an hour of aimless surfing, he put a game on. That took him late the night and his stomach growled reminding him he hadn't eaten dinner. A few clicks on the computer and he ordered a specialty salad from a place he never had before. Then he got dressed and went back to playing the game.

The game took over once more only interrupted when the food arrived announced by the door bell ringing. Jacob rushed to answer the door, getting there in over a minute.

A small petite girl greeted him when he opened the door. The kind that Jacob had dreamt about, but never would look his way. The look of surprise on her face at the sight of him told him everything he needed to know about how he looked. He gave her a money, tip included and took the pizza form her. She said nothing to him and him to her as he went back inside. Sad now, he ate the salad in the kitchen.

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   After he finished, he got a glass of water and headed upstairs having decided that bed would be better than continuing to be awake.

Back in his room Jacob put the glass of water on his nightstand and went to his desk. Grabbing the white sphere, he walked back over to the glass of water.

"I wonder what will happen," he said aloud before shrugging. He dropped the sphere into the cup of water you said it was big. But if it could be dropped inside a cup that it is more like a marble than a sphere. The displacement pushed up some water over the rim of the cup. He ignored it and closed the door to his room before climbing into bed. Laying down, Jacob looked at the immersed sphere and really wondered what it could be. A thought that stayed on his mind as the darkness of see enveloped him.

"Jacob," a feminine voice said.

"Who's there?" Jacob replied groggily. His awareness felt murky, like being in water.

"You did well," she said.

Perception returned and he found himself in a cone of light, on stone floor.

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"What is this?" He asked.

"We are in your mind," she said. "In your dreams while you rest. "

"Who are you?"

"I have no name," she said. "A more apt question is what, but at your current mental capacity, that answer will drive you insane. "

Jacob thought about that answer of a bit.

"So what do you want?"

The light sudden brighten to push back the darkness. What was before him could only be described as a nightmare. On a throne sat a mass of writhing tentacles. He noticed how they seemed to have a feminine figure as apparent curves presented themselves.

"Relax human," she said. "I don't mean you any harm and you need to process what you see before you before we can proceed. "

He breathed heavily, trying to catch his breath.

"Millennium has passed without me revealing myself to anything on a mortal plane of existence," she said. "Gods have been on your plane, and even some Old Ones.

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He shook with fear, but focused on the tentacle that looked to be the head of the thing. Everything looked slimy and pink.

"So what do I want human besides you?" She asked. "I want to be tethered to the world and to do that I need you. A pathetic human to be molded and bonded to me into a perfect mate. "


"To be loved by someone unconditionally. I want to be your everything when it concerns all matters. Be that as a motherly figure, a lover, a protector and most important, I want a mate. "

Jacob looked to her, his mind adjusting to the writhing mass of tentacles. He thought to himself that her appearance, while alien, couldn't be that bad. Something inside told him though that even if he had an issue, it wouldn't matter. A monster could get what it wanted.

"Why not Billy or anyone else?"

"Because you my boy," she said. "Are going to help me conquer the world and to do that, I need a devoted mate who will worship with me in all carnal delights. "

"You want to have sex with me?"

"And many other things.

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His mind had a hard time understanding what she offered.

"Are you a god?"

"No, but soon you will think so if you accept me. "

"What do you mean?"

"We have to accept each other, which means we have to meld together in passion. Not only for me to be born, but to praise our goddess. "

He swallowed hard and found that he had a lump in his throat.

"All you have to do is say yes and it begins. "

"Who is the goddess?"

The tentacles swirled around while they writhed.

"She does not wish to expose herself to this world yet. We will work together to bring her glory to this place. "

Jacob look stocked in everything she had said.

"I'm not a man," he said plainly. (doesn't he have a dick?)

"No, far from it actually," she said.

It hurt him.

"But I will make you one fairly quickly. "

"I don't know what to say," he offered after a moment of silence.

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   He held his hands up in his defense.

"Say yes," she said with fierceness in her voice that made him jump. Not a person to resist when commanded, Jacob answered by instinct to protect himself.

"Yes. "

Like a flower opening up, the trenches pulled away to reveal a woman sitting in front of him. The sight took Jacob's breath away. She looked breath taking with her naked body. Mammaries bigger than he had ever seen with curves that oozed sexuality. Jacob had never seen a naked woman before in person, or rather in his dreams.

"You're gorgeous," he said with a whisper. She smiled at him and it made him feel relaxed and warm. To him, it seemed like a smile he had in a distant memory of his mother. Then he noticed her eyes.

Her eyes looked like the nights sky. Hues of blues and blacks dotted with white dots.

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   Pink skin and white teeth. There was no discernible nose.

"Is this what you will look like?" He asked.

"No," she said. "I will have to bond with your essence to take form on your plane of existence. As such, I will take on characteristics native to your kind. "

"Are you okay with that?"

Her eyes didn't reveal anything to him.

"Boy, we have talked too much and I grow impatient now. You have accepted the terms, now come seal them. "

The alien creature before spread her legs and Jacob looked aghast at what unfurled in front of him. Jacob had seen women naked on the internet. He knew what a pussy looked like, but what she presented between spread legs twisted around. Then the tentacles spread like a flower.

"I hope you like the view," she said. "Now come seal the deal with a kiss upon it.



Dream or not, weird nightmarish monster or not, Jacob's mind took over to obey her on command. Practically running over, he knew in front of the throne and leaned forward.

"What is your name?" He asked hesitating once at the moment of really kissing the sex of the being. The tentacles twisted in front of his face. He scantly heard her answer, which sounded like complete gibberish, as his eyes wandered over the slimy looking sex. There were folds, but little to tell him that it was sex. The tentacles could have acted like labia, but then they show out and wrapped his head.

Jacob struggled especially when his face became pressed up against warm and wet.

Jacob breathed and took in the musky scent, which as he panicked, made him realize that nothing bad would happen. As he relaxed, it felt like the tentacles were barely holding him. Relaxing even more, he did what she wanted.

He pressed his face willingly now into her sex. Her directions were to seal the deal with a kiss, so that is what he did. A smooch onto her sex, but it left his lips covered in slime. Tasty and sweet slime that mimicked to him, honey.

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   Jacob could do sweet and so he licked her sex much like he would an ice cream cone. Tentacles relaxed and the cool air barely registered to him.

"Stop mortal," the woman commanded, but he didn't. Kept licking and making lewd slurping noises. "Come on Jacob. "

A hand planted itself on his head and pushed him back.

"What's wrong?" He asked with alarm in his voice.

"I appreciate your eagerness to for worship, but without a physical body, I won't feel anything. "

Jacob's eyes dropped in disappointment. He felt that her offer should have been met with enthusiasm and maybe, just maybe, make him feel like he had done something right. She hadn't felt anything.

"The terms are accepted," she said. Jacob looked up at her to see that her arms and tentacles pointed upwards to the sky. He looked up to the source of the light above and it blinded him.

Blinking heavily, he briefly wondered how such a dream could be possible.

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   Everything going on here the question that needed answered is why he hadn't woken up yet. Hearing movement, he blinked his eye sight clear. Looking up to her, they locked eyes.

"Are you ready to give me form?"

He swallowed. Had no idea what she meant. The smile on her face though unnerved him. That smile scared him. A look that said he was about to have his whole life change.

"Yeah," he said with a whisper.

Two things happened at that moment. The first, the woman dropped in front of him and grasped his face. The second is that he felt a suction on is groin.

"Don't move," she said. "This process is delicate. "

"What are you doing?" Jacob said with a shudder.

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   The sucking had grown pleasant around his cock.

"I have to join with you. "

"What does that mean?" he said with a moan.

"Joining requires an exchange of fluid between us. You took mine into you, now I have to take yours in. "

"But this is a dream," he said with a sudden inflection in his voice. He felt like he was buried in something. Maybe it felt like an actual vagina. All he knew is that even in the dream, his cock felt like it had crossed from virginity into blissful manhood.

"It may be a dream," she said with a whisper. "But outside of your mind, I am currently attaching to your body. The suction you feel is happening. "

"Then why this?"

"Because I don't need you to move or wake up. That would ruin the joining. "

"Like a parasite?"

She laughed.

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"Yes," she said.

His release took him by surprise and the world around him began to shift. He moaned as he began to awake.

"Hush now Jacob," she said in the dream and the world began to re-solidify. "Remain her with me. "

"Whats happening," he said.

"I am absorbing as much as I can right now. "

Jacob felt weird. His whole body tingled and his head swam.

"This is just a dream," he said aloud. It wasn't clear to him if the effort convinced that he wouldn't wake up with nothing changed in his life. Though if she promised such pleasure, he hoped his life would change.

"You taste good," she said. "But I'm not big enough to eat so much. "

He didn't know what she meant.

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   He just knew as he sat in front of her that for the first time in his life, he was relaxed.

"What-" he spoke, but no thought could be completed. As he tried to focus, the monster woman had gotten up and sat back in the throne.

"Get some rest my servant," she said with a smile. "Soon the carnal delights will be physical. "

His vision blurred and the world went to the color black. No dreams or thoughts until something slamming woke him up.

"Jacob!" a stern male voice shouted.

Adrenaline shot through is body as he stumbled to get out of bed. He looked at the clock to see red numbers showing three-fifteen.

"Jacob!" his father yelled once more. Even panicked, Jacob realized he wasn't wearing any pants. Fumbling around, he found a pair quickly and put them on.

"Yeah dad," he called back.

"Get your ass down here," he dad shouted back at him.

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Tired, Jacob couldn't even muster an eye roll as he went to see his father. To him, the annoyance of the man every weekend always started in the early morning with a drunk scream like this one. It also always ended with some sort of beating too.

Sleep drifted away fast and by the time Jacob made down the stairs to see his father, he felt strangely alert. Most of the time when he walked into the living room where his father would be sitting in an old recliner, he felt groggy. Now, as he stepped into the living, Jacob realized then just how bare it was.

A single TV stand and a couch were the only things in there besides the recliner. A thought occurred to him about actually filling the room up with things. There happened to be a monthly allowance that never got used for anything except his room. Funny how that never occurred to him before.

"What took you so long?" His dad demanded. Its how the conversation always started. A comment about how slow he moved.

"Sorry da-," Jacob went to reply.

"Don't be," his father said.

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A slurp sounded and then Jacob realized the two of them weren't alone. On her knees in front of his dad was a woman with her back towards Jacob. Jacob blushed realizing that the slurping meant the woman currently had her lips wrapped around his father's cock. Only once had such a thing ever occurred and that time he hadn't seen anything. He could see now as eyesight adjusted to the darkness of the room, that she was naked.

"God Sean, what the hell?" She said.

"Go back to what you were doing," his dad said. The edge in his voice gave clear warning that he would be unhappy if she didn't listen. Still, she didn't look back before the slurping continued.

The man had no patience. Jacob looked down on his father even five feet away and still would if the man stood up. Sean Grand had a mean right hook, but suffered in height to his own son. That height didn't hinder the man either when it came to women. A drunk or not, Jacob's father could pull some "Tail," as the man put it.

"You lose weight?"

The question was random, and in fact, not something he expected his father to comment on.

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"Yeah. "

Jacob expected his father to stand up and swing on him then. The man always demanded to be called sir. Instead, a moan emitted from the man.

"Deeper," Sean said.

Whoever the woman was, she audibly gagged on his father's cock.

"I'll be gone for a week or more," the man said after a few moments. Jacob hadn't dared walk off least to spur any wrath. Standing as motionless as possible, even holding his breath in long periods. He heard his father moan and the girl responded to it with a sultry one of her own.

"Yeah you like that huh?" Sean said.

"Mmhmm," she responded with a long sucking noise.

"Having an audience just gets you off doesn't it?"

There was a pop.

"Yes daddy. "

"If you like it so much, why don't you say hi?"

The woman stood up and turned around.

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"Hey there," she said.

Almost speechless at the sight of his first woman, Jacob stuttered out a greeting. She didn't say anything back and he couldn't see her face.

"Jesus Shawn," she said after the moment of awkward silence. Jacob couldn't see what the two were doing, but he saw the silhouettes of them moving.

"Oh Sean," she cried out suddenly. It made him jump but he watched fascinated as she sat down in his father's lap.

"Oh yes," she grunted.

Jacob's eyes began to adjust more in the dark. Detail emerged of the woman, but her frame hid his father still. Whoever the woman was, the lack of curves looked apparent as she bounced up and down. Now Jacob began to sport a boner, but he ignored his own desire.

She breathed heavily as the sex continued. A moan escaping her lips every few moments. Either for measure or for actual pleasure, Jacob didn't know.

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   But every few seconds he saw her mouth agape in what looked like an expression of horror on her face.

Their slapping bodies made him quince each time it echoed in the room. No matter to him though, for he wouldn't raise a complaint. If he did, the scene would end and so would the small measure of psuedo-peace.

"Gonna cum," his dad cried out.

"Yes daddy," she joined him in the cry, her voice almost a shriek. "Give it to me. "

The animal grunts that resounded in the room from the copulation almost made him smile. Smiling had to be controlled on his face. Anyone saw any enjoyment on his face, they took that as an invitation to ruin it. Plus, interrupting his father's enjoyment would be detrimental.

"Come one daddy, give it to me," the girl begged.

"Argh shit," he father called out in reply. The girl had stopped bouncing and instead just sat in his father's lap.

"So hot," she said.


   He saw her wiggling her hips as she milked his father.

"Up," Sean said, breaking the serenity of the moment.

The girl got up and scurried off past Jacob. A hand covered her face as she went by. He caught a whiff of perfume mixed with sex, but he also so that her eyeshadow ran in longlines down her face.

"Got to run into another state for work. "

"Okay sir," Jacob said, his focus back on his father He did his best to avert his gave to the man but couldn't. He thanked the heavens his father though could barely be seen in the dark.

"I'll leave money for you of course," he said. It was customary that his father established there was money available.

"Thank you sir," he said as he usually did to the "gift. "

"You need to get a job soon. "

Those words sent dread through Jacob and changed the direction of the conversation. He would never be able to get a job. Not with the way he looked.

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"If you keep losing weight, sure someone would hire your worthless ass. "

If his mother could have been there, maybe she would have said something to her husband about the words. Then again, maybe his father would never had said them to begin with.

"You should thank someone when they compliment you. "

"Thank you sir," Jacob spat out fast and as sincerely sounding as he could muster.

"Go back to bed," his father said. "I'll be gone in the morning. "

Scared to move, Jacob froze. His father rarely let him leave without more verbal and physical abuse.

"You need to be told twice?" His father yelled at him.

"No sir," Jacob said turning on his heel and fleeing the room. As he left he found the girl still naked sitting on the stairs. Pausing, he decided to risk getting her a glass of water.

Rushing to the kitchen, Jacob got a glass of ice and poured a glass of water using one of the many water bottles in the kitchen. Quickly he returned to the woman and handed her the glass.

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   She accepted and he walked passed her as he went up to his room.

Up the stairs and into his room, Jacob closed the door behind him and had an alien feeling that he moved much farther than he should have.

"What's going on?" He said aloud to himself. He looked at his bed and saw that the glass of water in his night stand had fallen over. Rushing over, he looked over the stand to see no water had spilled. He looked under the bed and couldn't find the smooth rock either. Confused, he stood up and felt something heavy hit his inner thigh.

"What was that?" He asked. Pulling down his pants and trying to look was a useless endeavor. The enormity of his stomach kept from seeing his groin. Thinking, he decided the bathroom mirror was the best thing to use to see what was going on. Heading to the bathroom, without his pants on, Jacob wasted no time in looking in the mirror.

To his horror there actually was something attached to his groin. He locked eyes with a single eye that matched the one of the alien looking woman in his dream. The thought that the dream woman's words of carnal delights and changes replayed in his mind once more.

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   What if the whole thing happened to be a ruse? Jacob wanted to seek help to get the things attached to him removed.

Just having an unblinking eye looking in the mirror and locking eyes with him was disturbing enough. It also hung on him like a cock sleeve and it only looked to be about three inches big.

"I need help," he said. He couldn't go to his father or the woman. That man would ridicule him somehow about the irony of Jacob willingly giving up the only sexual thing besides his hand. In fact, Jacob knew his father would give him a hard time saying anything. And who knew how the woman would react. Better to be happy getting some his dad would say. Then the thing visibly pulsed and grew bigger. A pressure also grew on his cock.

The eye closed slowly and the pulsing began in earnest. Jacob shook within seconds as pleasure went through his body. Having to lean back against the bathroom wall, he almost couldn't move as his knees buckled. Looking out into the hall, he managed enough strength to close the bathroom door.

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   By the time it closed and he looked back to the mirror, an orgasm ripped through him.

Fascination went through him as he breathed heavily to recover. The parasite on his cock had grown a bit in girth. It looks fatter and then it grew longer. The eye opened back up and Jacob no longer felt panicked. Eyes drooped in sudden exhaustion and like a zombie; he lumbered back to his room. Falling on his bed, sleep overtook him quickly, but he didn't register that he was asleep.

The throne sat once more in front of him. Golden and covered in jewels. He hadn't noticed before how splendid the throne looked. Though in the last dream the tentacles is all his mind wandered over.

"Hello," he called out after a moment. There wasn't an answer and so he went to the throne and sat down in it. Even though the thing had no cushion, he found the seat comfortable. Sitting back he nodded his approval and marveled at how regal he felt.

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   There was power here and he registered then that he wanted that power. Then he heard a moan.


"Oh Jacob, you've returned. "

Out of the darkness she took form in front of him. Still a mass of tentacles but the sight of her naked breasts and spread sex made him shudder.

"Like what you see huh?"

He nodded.

"You've gotten bigger. "

"I know," he replied. "I have a problem. "

"I'll say," she said with a giggle that confounded him. "By the time I'm done with your cock, it's gonna be huge. "

He blinked and then blinked again. A tentacle reached out and caressed his cheek.

"I didn't mean your weight there Jacky boy," she said. The tentacle was from her arm and that disappointed him.

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   His mouth watered in want of licking her sex once more. "Though I'll say feeding on you has been tasty and informative. Your kinds DNA traits are exotic. "

"You're feeding on me?"

"I told you I would early my boy. I need the mass to take form and you have enough mass for me too. "

"Oh," he said.

"I'm afraid though that I need more and already it is beginning to become too cumbersome to keep sucking you off. "


The look on her face to Jacob looked to be one of pure hunger.

"That is why I have decided that we will have sex in your dreams. "

"What will that do?"

The look on her face changed to astonishment.

"If we have sex here, I can involuntarily make your body orgasm. Such a thing is needed for me to grow. "

"Will it hurt?"

Jacob didn't know why he asked, but he often heard his dad regal tales of how cumming too many time would leave a man aching for days.

"Not the way I plan on it," she said. "Hopefully a few nights and I will have gained enough mass off of you that I can molt.

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"I have school on Monday. "

She smiled and then grinned widely. He saw rows of sharp teeth and it reminded him that whatever she did molt into would probably look similar to this.

"Then we best get started," she said sauntering over to the throne.

"You won't feel any pleasure," Jacob offered in meek defense to stop her.

"Not true," she said. "I have already incorporated all of you species pleasure receptors now. "

"Including a clitoris?"

"Oh human, we are gonna have so much fun," she said stepping towards the throne. "I want you to repeat what you did last time, and we will see if I've done enough with your DNA. "

Jacob had no time to prepare as she climbed up the throne. Feet on the legs of the throne he looked up at her speed flower as it descended onto his face looking like a sucker fish. Drips of her hunger fell on his face.

"Do you play off my imagination?"

"We can do that later, for now it's just me," she said.

The tentacles in her groin wrapped around his head as she settled onto his face. It was peculiar to him that the woman planted her sex not his face in such a way that could have been in a movie.

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   Thoughts though on anything but licking her sex quickly disappeared.

Jacob couldn't get enough once more and hoped as his tongue probed into her depths that she tasted just as sweet as she did in his dreams.

Nails dug through his poppy hair and into his scalp. A groan of pain emitted from him only to be drowned out by a moan from her. His tongue lapped around across her wet skin and it surprised him when she shook. Flesh quivered like an earthquake around him. Then he couldn't breath as he legs squeezed around his head. By instinct, he flailed his arms and pushed against her flesh as a fear of suffocation became a real reality to him. The world swam and began to shift until suddenly she wasn't on him anymore.

He didn't know when the change happened but suddenly he was alone in the dream now. Sitting confused in the throne, he wondered what had gone wrong. The darkness past the light yielded nothing. .