The bribe of my sister

True Story

Myname is sundari. ,aged 35 housewife, living in a village in Tamilnadu, India. Now i become a prostitute not professional but like to go and have sex to a few. It happned one day, when my hubby was upsonded due to a mistake done by him abd was wanted by a government officer. The officer came to my house in search of him and he questioned me for his wherabouts. Finally he theartend me to complain to the police, unless i pay a considerable amount to him. If i do he said he will withdraw the complaint. At that time i had no money. Then the driver came to my resque. "Sir you go and wait in the car" he sent the officer. When he gone he spoke to me. " Madam, you have no money to pay? Isn't it ? " "yes. . . "i said. "O.

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  k. . . mmm. I will sole this but could you do as i say?' I bewildered. What should i do?'" He stare me and smiled. . Easy. . we are going to stay in a hotel to night. . If you come and meet us in the evening . . . and adjust.

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  . . . er. . we will sent you in the morning. . " He smiled . I understand stoodmy heart started to beat fastly. my lips went dry. "unless you do it tomorrow the police come to. . . " I interupt. .

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   O. k. i 'll come". He grinned"o'k'. promise?"I said " promise" " let me check it " He stoodand came close to me, suddenly he raised his hands and caught one of my boobs and squize it gently! ishocked but din't stoped his action geting courage he pulled me to his side and kissed my lips a very long deep kiss. Then he withdraw himself and took a paper and wrote the addres of the hotel with room no. . and gave it to me. " we'll expect you " Then left the house. Evening i went to the hotel, byseeing my prsents they are very happy and the Mani the driver was put his hands on my shoulder and said"Thank you but you missed one thing . . waiti will buy. . . He left the room and came back after some time with Jasmine garlents.

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  . He spread those flowers on the bedBoth of them laufed and was very kind to me they offered brandy to me. I refused to take but they forced and i drunk. . With in minutes i was in complete nude. . They confirme the locked room and pulled to to the bd The officer started to lick mypussy,and Mani started to squize my boobs. . Soon i lost the shyness and started to co operate with them. . Oooh Oooh , Aah. . Assh. . i started to make these sounds with exstacy.

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  . I got repeated orgasms. . and got a splendid fucking. . I was so proved to knew my strength to face to men in bed at a time. !As said the next morning they sent me back. freely and one thing to say. . Due to the pleasure i gave them they paid me too!.