The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 34


After everybody had gotten their rocks off, Mike and Jessica gavehis brother and Lizzy their guitar lessons, everybody still nakedwhile they played. Mike then told them that he was going to haveMatt, Brujo's Spell bassist Ben Stockwell and Travis come overSunday for a jam and that Lizzy and little brother should learnAC/DC's "Whole Lotta Rosie" and "Highway to Hell. " While themusicianship required to play your average song by the Aussiequintet wasn't much, to ask a couple of beginners to learn two songsovernight was going to be a formidable test of their tenacity andfocus. Mike was having them absorb it  because the way those songsare structured makes extended jamming over them rather easy and Mikealso wanted Lizzy and his brother to feel like they had a chance ofcompeting with far more advanced musicians so that they would beencouraged to continue.

Lizzy stayed up until 3 a. m. that night to get it perfect, includingAngus Young's solos. Little brother got all of "Whole Lotta Rosie"under his fingers but then got bored by midnight and skippedlearning the solo for "Highway to Hell" because he figured he would just fake it.

Mike and little bro picked Lizzy and her amp up at 9. a. m. becauseMike was going to have her play one of his guitars since the pickupson a Squier are  notoriously weak. The first couple of hours,everybody just fucked around in the pool and hot tub and generallyhung out, taking time for their bathing suits to dry out before theyall went upstairs. Lizzy offered to carry Jessica up since sheclaimed she had the strength in her legs to do it due to not justher swimming, but the weight training they used to build power inthe water. Jessica was leery of it, but Lizzy wanted to show off andso she did indeed haul the diminutive Asian up two flights of stairsto the music/game room and dropped her on a chair in front ofJessica'a Marshall. Jessica thanked Lizzy and hugged her.

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   Mikebrought up his ESP MH-1000 because he knew that Lizzy liked stufflike Atreyu and Sum 41 and the EMG pickups in that guitar are goodfor that darker, dirgier sound. Mike turned to Lizzy and told herthat because the music they would be playing was really aggressive,she should just cut loose and it was okay to play like a man and nothold back. But he also warned everybody that their contributionsshould have definite beginnings, middles and ends and that aimlessnoodling was not going to cut it. "Keep it crisp and say something,"as Mike put it.

To start the jam, Mike showed them a five note riff he created andthe idea was to use it to loosen everybody up and get  the creativejuices flowing.   Jessica had the first solo and spun out a scalding16 bar improvisation and then Mike nodded to Lizzy, who did avicious 12 bar pentatonic based cadenza before little brother kindof ran into a dead end with his. Mike picked it up and went off for16 bars, wrapping it up with some pick tapping and the bassist anddrummer were also given a chance and it continued from there,everybody laughing at each other's clangers, making funny faces,doing a little trash talking and just generally becoming relaxed. Lizzy was feeling good and not so intimidated anymore.

Mike called out "Whole Lotta Rosie. " Matt counted it down with hissticks and Lizzy hit it right on the downbeat as they went headlonginto the tune, Travis preening, leering, screaming and justgenerally acting lead singerish. The solo section came around andJessica tried to superimpose what almost sounded like Frank Gambalestyle legatos over it and it wasn't successful, but at least it wasdifferent. Lizzy then did Angus' solo note perfect. Jessica saw theintense focus in Lizzy's eyes as her fingers carried the part outbefore little bro got his shot and he more or less echoed her solobefore Mike went nuts with every technical trick in the book beforehanding it back to Jessica, who told Lizzy to trade four barsections with her. Jessica played a phrase and then Lizzy wassupposed to improvise against it. The results were mixed becauseLizzy's technical vocabulary was still pretty limited, but she likedthe challenge of it.

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   Mike then had his brother do the same with himand, again, the results were mixed before Mike yelled to take ithome to a somewhat shambolic conclusion.

Jessica told Lizzy to commence the song with the simple intro riffbefore Travis came in and put his arm around her while he did thefirst verse. The normal version of the song has a very short solosection, but they drew that out so that they could keep improvisingover it and they just let it ride. A lot of it was pretty sloppy,but good dumb fun and everyone was in an ebullient mood after theyended it. "Fuck Travis, you're the best singer I've ever heard in mylife!" Lizzy burbled. "Why thank you little girl," he reacted in hisAlabama accent. "You can really tear up that guitar. " "Thank you!"she answered. Lizzy felt like she had held her own and Jessica wasgratified with her performance. Lizzy was still riding the adrenalinthat the rhythms of the songs provoked and the noises she elicitedout of her guitar were satisfactory to her.

"So what do we do next?" Matt wondered. "Black Dog is always goodfor a jam," Mike proffered. Jessica then turned to Lizzy and Mike'sbrother. "I know you guys don't know how to play the tune, but whatwe'll do is go through the first solo section and then repeat thegroove and you can just do your own solo over it. It's such a coolgroove that we can go on for a while and not get tired of playingit,  so feel free to stretch out, but try not to waste anyone's timeeither with pointless meandering," Jessica inculcated.

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They kicked off the song and then Mike did the first solo sectionand then they just kept repeating the groove. Jessica did a JeffBeck-like passage with some whammy bar tricks and then nodded atLizzy. Lizzy could hear the pentatonic feel and knew what notes shecould use as a result and tried improvising all over the neck withit. Her speed and articulation weren't really there yet to fulfillwhat she tried to do, but when she finished, the bassist yelled,"stop!" "Hey Lizzy, you played a lick like. . . . " before he attemptedto recapitulated it on his four string. "I think I played. . . . " before she reproduced it. "Yeah, that's it. Mike, dude, we need towrite a song around that!" he advocated.

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   "Let me get something towrite with so I can tab it out. " Mike hastily went back downstairsand came back up with his notebook and a pen. "Okay Lizzy, do itagain," he commanded. She did a few times so that Mike could ensurethat he had transcribed it correctly. Mike then picked up his Stratto play it and Jessica began playing it, too. Mike wrote it down as"Lizzy's song. " "Don't worry Lizzy, if we get famous and end upturning this into a song, we'll give you credit, though any changesand additions get songwriting credit, too, so the royalties will getsplit up. " "Okay, she agreed. "Something I played might get turnedinto  a song? That's so cool!" she thought to herself.

Mike declared that they were gong to do "The Trooper" and that theywere going to do a two solo part separated by a riff in between themand that is what little bro and Lizzy would be expected to soloover. "We'll play it through and then do a turnaround there and youpick it up. " Lizzy watched Mike and Jessica weave around each otheras if they were born to do it. She was in awe, seeing it as a signof how close they were as a couple. When the section came up andJessica nodded to Lizzy, she tried doing some tapping in the firstpart, which Jessica had just started teaching her, before thenaiming to play as fast as she could in the second section, whichdidn't really work. Little bro took his turn and was trying to feelaround the solos that were part of the original song.

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   They went backand fourth like that for the next five minutes before Mike yelled togo to the end section and they closed it out. Mike's mom cameupstairs and brought them some cokes and a bowl of nachos. They sataround kibitzing about music and Travis and Ben were getting to knowLizzy. The more experienced players also critiqued Lizzy's andMike's brother's playing. "Maybe when Jessica goes to medical schoolyou can replace her in our band Lizzy," Mike joked, which made hersmile.

A little while later, Mrs. Alyea came up and asked Lizzy if she hada meet next Sunday,. When Lizzy said no, Mrs. Alyea said, "Oh good. We're having a pool party and you and your family are invited. Jessica, tell your mom not to bring anything. We'll take care ofeverything here. "

Monday, everybody's grades for the past semester arrived in the mailand Lizzy posted a 4. 0 for only the second time since she was in 7thgrade and her parents were, of course, very happy with that andcredited the help Mike and Jessica had given her for that outcome. Jessica finished her high school career with nothing less than an A.

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  Little brother's grades were his best post-elementary school marks,pulling a low B, and Mike's were 3. 6 again.

That Sunday, they had the pool party and Lizzy, Jessica and Jenniferinsisted on helping Stephanie Alyea with the food anyway even thoughStephanie tried to fend them off. The party was a feast for Lizzy,though not just because of the food and drinks. Unbeknownst to justabout everyone who was familiar with her, Lizzy was bisexual. Sowhen she saw Lindy Cooperville, Travis' 20 year old girlfriend and a tall blonde with a flat stomach, killer legs and a big rack, shefantasized what was under her bikini, which gave her a bigtime weton. She also had been fantasizing about bedding Jessica sincemeeting her and she definitely picked up on it when Jessica's momsat next to her for a while but real close, and was touching her alot and making heavy eye contact. Lizzy had slept with a couple ofthe girls on the swim squad, too, and while she
liked men for their cocks, power, strength and being dominated bythem was like a vacation from her innate need to always compete, sheloved being swaddled in the soft, warm arms of another female andwas equally fond of eating pussy. , the lyrical moans of a woman'slust like music of the spheres to her. She was also sure thatplaying guitar would, like it did for Avril Lavigne and Joan Jett,attract more girls to her.

Jessica noticed the way Lizzy looked at her at times, as if shewanted to turn Jessica into lunch. The only woman, though, thatJessica was interested in having sex with was her mom and that morefor spiritual reasons as opposed to physical. On the other hand,every man at the party imagined themselves giving Lizzy a right goodrogering.

For Lizzy's parents, they had been to homes of the wealthy as partof Democratic Party fundraisers, but this was the first time theyhad been invited socially to one. They were both struck by how niceJessica's and Mike's mothers were and the pugnaciousness of theirhusbands.

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   Lizzy's 12 year old brother was having a blast since hisfamily didn't have a pool and he got to ogle lots of pretty girls. Mike's mom told Lizzy's mother that her youngest son had reallysettled down since he had started seeing the 16 year old athletewhile Mrs. Tresbourne thanked her for what Mike and her son had donefor her daughter, though she obviously didn't know about Lizzy'srestraining and being turned into a fuck object every now and again. "As long as she's seeing my son you guys are family," Stephanie toldthe Tresbournes.

Eventually, getting bored, Lizzy and Mike's brother snuck off to hisbedroom for a kiss and a suck. He fingered her until she came and,thus their horniness exorcised, they returned to the party. Whentheir bathing suits dried out, Mike, Jessica, Lizzy and Mike'slittle brother sat in a circle in the living room and played theirguitars acoustically as they joked and spoke with one another. Lizzyand the little brother were also being given more lessons. Lizzy'sbrother Austin demanded that Mike teach him to play, too, and sothey spent some time showing the kid some of the basics. Mike thenlaid the same pitch on Austin that he did on his brother: "if youlearn to play this well, you have a chance of ending up with someonelike my fiance here because if I didn't know how to play there isn'ta chance in hell I would have had a chance of meeting her," he said,pointing at Jessica. The youngster, who had been sneaking peeks atthe crotch of the cross legged sitting Asian cutie, eagerlyswallowed that hook whole. Eventually, they went upstairs to plugin, with Travis, Matt, Adrian, Ben and Dennis and their girlfriends(though in Adrian's case, his wife) joining them while the olderfolks talked about politics, the stock market, the housing market,whether pro football would come back to L. A. , etc. Around six, thecool marine layer began to come in and everybody took that as theircue to leave.

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   Lizzy and Jennifer helped with the clean up and beforeJennifer and Carl left, Jennifer gave Lizzy a big hug and thenlooked around to see if anyone was watching. Nobody was, so she puta deep, passionate kiss on Lizzy and then winked, "don't be astranger hon. "

Lizzy thought that Mrs. Hamada was very good looking and in goodshape for being 46. She still had no idea, though, that it wasJennifer who ate her boyfriend's cum out of her snatch a while back. When Jennifer and Carl got into the car to go home, she remarked,"god, I want to fuck Lizzy so bad. " "You're not the only one,toots," Carl rejoindered. "Did you see how tight her body is? Oh myGod!" Jennifer lustily observed. "Yeah, she's got a nice ass on her,doesn't she?" Carl agreed.

Mike assembled his brother, Jessica and Lizzy and they went toJessica's house about an hour later since they would be saferplaying there than at his place. Lizzy phoned her mom to let herknow she was over at Jessica's. Both Lizzy and Jessica were orderedto strip. Jennifer appeared in the doorway and asked Mike's brotherif it was okay for her to play with his property. "Absolutely Mrs. Hamada.

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  " Jennifer smiled and gave little bro a hug. "Thank youMaster. " Jennifer lost her clothes. Her teats were erect since Carlhad put locking nipple rings on them when they arrived home. Lizzyscanned Jennifer's face and body, her mouth watering at her d-cups,shaved pussy and slim legs. "Get up and lay in bed sweety," Jennifersaid to Lizzy. She slid in to Lizzy's left in the bed and took herin her arms, looking directly in her eyes. Jennifer's eyes twinkled,her hand brushing Lizzy's boobs. She leaned down to kiss her. Lizzymoaned as Jennifer's soft, tender lips met her own. Jenniferenveloped Lizzy's body in her arms and almost panting, said, "you'resuch a beautiful girl Lizzy. I hope this won't be the last time Iget to make love to you. " And with that, Jennifer kissed Lizzy hardas her hands felt her muscles in her back and the power in theyounger woman's arms as she hugged her senior. "God Mrs. Hamada,you're such a good kisser!" Lizzy evaluated, before diving back inwith some lip wrestling action.


   Jennifer used her lefthand to tickleLizzy's little nipples and she interspersed that by sucking the leftone. "Ohhh God, I love that," Lizzy moaned. Her love canal was atflood stage now, as their smooth skins pressed against each other.

Jennifer's lefthand drifted down to Lizzy's moist twat and bulliedher clit and nuzzled her slit, Jennifer feeling Lizzy's cute littlemound under the heel of her palm. "Oh yes Mrs. Hamada, oh my God,that's good," Lizzy sighed, her breathing having a dreamy quality toit as the endorphin drip fed her brain. It had been a year since shehad a girl's naked body next to hers and she was enjoying thesensations Jennifer gave her to the max, her wetness now making herpubic hair seem to sparkle under the light of the room. Jennifer'sfingers circled faster and faster on Lizzy's love nubbin and hersuckling on her nipples was more passionate and intense. Lizzy'sbrain registered the climbing heat within, her hips beginning tobuck as her anxiousness to be rolled over the falls increasing andthen it happened, her clit shuddered and injected a huge dose ofpleasure through her body. , panting as if she had just done 3000meters in the pool.

Jennifer coasted down to the end of the bed and her tongue touredher vertical smile, drinking in the juices as if she had just gottenoff a caravan through the Sahara. She gently rubbed her tongueagainst Lizzy's soft, wet vulva and then to her clit, where sheswirled it around the hood and darted it right at the tip of it,causing her to shiver and moan. Lizzy stroked the back of Jennifer'shead as Jennifer continued to make love to Lizzy's pussy with hermouth, the pinkness of her cunt like a beautiful flower in Mrs. Hamada's eyes. Jennifer then loaded two of her fingers into Lizzy'sdripping tunnel and felt for the ridges on the upper wall andlightly and carefully strummed them.


   Lizzy let out a couple of longmoans. "Oh God, I'm going to cum!" Lizzy announced and, in the wakeof a series of rapid pants, she came in a chain of quickly quakingconvulsions, the ecstasy she felt not able to be described verbally. "I'll be right back sweety. Don't move," Jennifer instructed Lizzy.

A couple of minutes later, Jennifer returned with a strap on. Shepulled it on and then got on top of Lizzy and slowly bored theartificial cock as deep as it would go in the teenager's pussy. Lizzy hitched her hips up and rested her legs on Jennifer's back. "Give it to me hard Mrs. Hamada. I love it really rough," shedisclosed. "Okay dear," she replied and she languidly began tothrust the man made lickin' stick. "Ohhhh yesssssss," Lizzy said,sounding like she was being dosed with her favorite drug. Jenniferthen put her arms around Lizzy's shoulders and neck for leverage andbegan to pump her hips as fast she could. "Oh fuck yes Mrs. Hamada,god, oh my god," she gasped desperately.

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   Jennifer gazed at Lizzy'spretty face as her hips undulated the gel fuck stick in and out ofher lover, her reward being the growing number of gasps and moans aswell as the feel of the softness of her body that sheathed her tonedmuscles. "Have a nice cum for me Lizzy, really let go sweety!"Jennifer encouraged. Jennifer had to stop for a second to reload herhip muscles and then returned to ramming her sex with gusto, hearingthe impact of her pubic bone on Lizzy's ass, tattooing it an everescalating tempo. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck," Lizzy cried, rockingher pubic muscles on Jennifer's cock as it impaled her. Lizzyvoicelessly screamed and dug her nails into Jennifer's back beforethe orgasm applied the finishing blow to her sensibilities, almosthyperventilating as the pleasure was disseminated to every sector ofher being.

Jennifer pulled out of her victim and then told her to sit up asJennifer stood on  the bed and had Lizzy suck her juices off of thegel penis. Jennifer then took it out of Lizzy's mouth and dropped toher knees to give the high schooler another impassioned kiss. "Ilove you Lizzy. You're such a beautiful girl," Jennifer informedher. "You're the one that's beautiful, Mrs. Hamada. I love you,too. " Jennifer then faced Mike's little brother and apologized fortaking so much time with his property. Little bro, who was stone bythen, said he didn't mind. "Fuckpet shall remain on the bed," littlebro commanded Lizzy.

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   He climbed on to her and fucked her like hiscrotch was on fire and her pussy was a pool of water, depositing acolossal volume of cum into her while she quivered in the aftermathof another orgasm.  

Mike and Jessica took their turn doing the wild thing, as he piercedher tender peach with his flesh knife with all the savagery of amideaval knight dispatching an opponent on a Middle Eastbattlefield. "Wow, Master, that may be the hardest your little Asianfucktoy has been screwed since he met her. " "Fucktoy may be right,"Mike confessed.

Everybody got dressed and Mike and little brother took Lizzy home. While that was occurring, Carl had gone into Jessica's room andreamed his daughter's cum smeared penis pocket, bestowing on her apair of orgasms. He then had Jennifer eat his filling out ofJessica's jelly roll before they all piled into the Hamada maritalbed and fell asleep with their arms around each other. .

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