Secret Admirers Chapter 3


Chapter 4: Two heads are better than one"What the fuck do we have here?" Tom Cantrell said with some lightheartedness that only a guy can have when backed up by four of his best friends. "Looks like Kenny boy was fuckin' Sam's girl, isn't that right bitch?" Logan asked. Ashley was speechless, she was presently sitting completely naked, sans socks and her skirt hiked up above her waist. To top it off, she had come from her and Ken dripping out of her snatch right onto the floor of the theatre. What could she say? "Well ya, but it's not what you think. . . he was raping me and then I started loving it and we've been fucking like mad for the past hour. . . " I'm sure they would totally understand and never bring it up to Sam. The four boys moved over to where they were sitting. Ken got up to get in their way and could barely make out the words. ". . .

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   Hhey guys, what's up?"Logan was closest to him at the time and quickly responded, with the quickness of an actor that has memorized not only his lines but the lines of his peers. "Well, I think me and the guys are gonna fuck your little whore for a while. . . What do ya think about that?" "You wont touch her!!! Do you understand that?" Ken yelled with all the authority he had. "Take care of this asshole would you?" Logan commanded the two football players in the back, who quickly stepped to one side of Ken and made sure he wouldnt interfere with their plans. "Take him out back and beat the shit out of him. . Will ya?" Logan enjoyed commands that ended with the words "would ya". The two large linebackers did as they were told and escorted him to the back of the theatre. Tom stood above a scared, wimpering little girl and stared with a look of hunger that deeply frightened her. He then pulled out his pocket knife that he bought the previous week at the asian market by his house and waved it right in front of her face. Ashley nearly shrieked at the sight of such a sharp blade and the implications of what they would do if she didn't comply. He then knelt over her. As he did so, she cowered in fear into her seat, then he grabbed at the skirt at her waist, pulled it up and cut it in a straight line so that it fell right off and she was only sitting on the back side in her chair.

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   He then motioned Logan over to the front of the theatre and Logan burst out into a sprint. Tom saw a tuft of her blonde hair that had been sticking straight up, from the tugging Ken had given her only minutes before, and couldn't resist the temptation. He reached out a grasped the hair and told her to stand and move to the front of the theater. The front of the threater, after the front row seats which had a crappy view of the actual movie, was a carpeted floor that was a wide enough space to be occupied by the three guys and their personal sex toy comfortably. Tom threw her down to the ground. "Look" he said, "You do what we tell ya, and we wont have to hurt your friend Kenny too bad. You fuck around, and I'll take this (as he waved his pocket knife) and make sure you and his dick never meet again, capiche?" Her look of terror must have been response enough to warrant his approval, cause he took off. Soon Logan was back, and under his arm was a video camera with a tripod stand under it. Dredd gripped her abdomen, these boys were going to have their way with her, and they were gonna video tape it, and every guy at school would see her get fucked by these big football players. Not to mention the fact that Tom was as big as half the fucking team by himself. He was only about 6'6 and 220 lbs, god knew what he had planned for her. "Please!!" she wimpered, "Just don't hurt Ken, I'll do whatever you want but let Ken go. " She looked around for a sign of approval and was greeted by no sign at all. Until she heard a warm smacking noise and felt he hot tingle of a palmprint across her left cheek. She was helpless against this blow, seeing as her hands were still handcuffed together.

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  "Shut up slut. " one of the boys said, but she didnt have the strenght to turn around and see which one. "Okay" Logan said "The camera is on, lets make some porno. " What followed was each guy getting undressed as she lay on the ground and watched with horror to see how enormous their penises were. "NO!! Oh God! Please NOOOO!!!" She screamed as they all moved in to surround the girl named Ashley, that they had all known for three years, sat in classes with, even helped her with homework. Now they were gonna use her as a human cum receptacle. The first guy was Tom, his was the biggest cock by far out of all of them. At least 12 inches and the width of a Coke can, and he was right at her face. He lifted up her head by grabbing the side of her head and positioning her mouth right at is dick. She refused to even open her mouth, it was closed as tightly as a mechanical vice. This earned her a second slap to the face, which convinced her to open her mouth a crack. She then stuck her tongue out and licked it, the same way she had licked Ken's. "Look at this dumb bitch!" Tom said "I put my cock in her face and she doesn't even have the common sense to put the fuckin' thing in her mouth""I can't " Her voice was building "It wont even fit in my fucking MOUTH!!!" She had tears running down the sides of her face, in particular the side that had been slapped twice already. "Awww. .

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  . Little baby can't fit the fat cock in her wittle mout' . . . . poor baby. . . Let's give her a passifyer. " he said with mock sincerity. Tom then pulled out a large black dildo nearly as large as his dick. And tried feeding it to her. But her mouth was on the verge of closing again, like it had before. "Look slut. You either put this thing in your mouth, or I'll find some homeless guy out in front of this place who wants a peice of your sweet little ass.

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  . . "That was just enough for her to open up. She had to adjust just to fit the head in. But once that was done, the rest slid in easily until it hit the back of her throat. She then had a huge gagging reflex. She choked for about half a minute then it subsided and they continued pushing it back and forth in her mouth. Then Logan started jerking off and playing with her sweet tits while she struggled to keep from falling over. Balancing while sucking a man off and being far enough off the ground, while a guy plays with your tits, while your hands are cuffed behind you was proving to be quite the task. She nearly fell over once or twice, but resisted since she knew it would mean more punishment. Then the third, quiet boy finally spoke up saying, "Damn Logan, would you look at her nice butt? I can't wait for some of that. " Ashley quickly disregarded that comment, her mind was busy with other things and in the midst of the confusion all she made out was him complimenting her on having such a nice ass. Then without any warning, Tom quickly pulled the dildo out of her abused mouth. She was glad to be rid of that thing now, and took some well deserved gulps of air with her mouth, then during a very deep inhale Tom pushed his cock right down her throat. Ashley was amazed that she could even take part of this bohemoth, let alone about half.

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   But there she was, she felt the sides scrape her tonsils then after he had pushed for a while, he was all the way in. "My God" she thought, "I'm actually sucking this guy, I'm sucking him really well. . . "Tom then moaned in pleasure, she was the first girl to ever fit the whole thing in her, most girls would only do the tip. He was impressed. Then he started bucking like a madman. He grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face. Ashley didn't know how long she could take this kind of punishment. Her mouth and throat were taking a beating, and it felt like a goddam firecracker was going off in there from all the heat. Finally he pulled it out of her mouth and beat off the rest of it oh her face. It was like a goddam hoze, if she hadn't closed her eyes she would have been in a hell of alot of pain for the duration of the movie they were making. She then wiped her face on the carpet floor of the theater so she could see again. But when she looked up, the first thing she saw was a video camera capturing her, with half a pint of cum on her face. Then she wished that she had stayed blind.

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   Tom was so tired from unloading his nuts, he had to sit down. As soon as Logan saw that Tom was done for a while, he stepped behind her and motioned her over to where Tom was sitting.  .