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The bonus was quite unexpected, and quite substantial. Instead of just putting it in the bank, I cashed the check and walked around with the cash in my pocket. I had always wanted to know what it was like to walk around with a couple thousand in my pocket.
My first stop, was a strange one to someone suddenly given a lot of money. I live in a college town and stopped off at a burger joint near campus that serves some HUGE burgers. It was there that I saw her.
She's the kind of girl who wins a cheerleader spot without trying too hard. She stood 4'11" with D cup tits that topped off the perfect hourglass figure. Her round doll like face was tanned. Her button nose was surrounded by feline like eyes and plump lucious lips. She was wearing a tube top, daisy dukes and sandals.
She made eye contact with the girl in the booth next to mine and sat down. "Oh shit, Lor" she said as she sat, "I'm in such deep shit".
"What happened?" her friend asked.
The wonder doll went on to relate how she took a student loan check, blew it on fun stuff, and now at the end of the semester, payment was due. Worse, she couldn't get her transcript without payment and her dad's law firm wouldn't take her without a transcript.

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   A naughty thought  formed in my mind.
Their conversation went on half an hour as they explored several ideas, none of which was going to raise a thousand in three days. I waited patiently for them to finish before figuring out how to make my move. As they got up to leave, I wandered into their path. Things suddenly got better when Lor headed for the bathroom.
I faced the wonder doll. "I'm sorry for eavesdropping, but I think I have a solution for your problem". Her face lit up, then became cautious.
"What do you have in mind?" she asked.
"Spend the night with me" I said producing the roll of money. She looked at the roll, her eyes racing with ideas.
"I, I. . . I can't, uh, no way"
"Suit yourself", I said as I put away the roll, "But think about it".

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   I handed her a card with my phone number on it.
Her mouth dropped "You're a perv" she suddenly said.
"With money" I said as I walked away.
The next night the phone rang. "Just an hour, and I'll pose nude for you, but no touching", she offered.
"One full night, sex, and the money is yours".
The phone line went dead. An hour later the phone rang again.
"One hour, I'll pose nude, and you get a blowjob"
"One full night, full frontal sex, or no offer".
"One hour, you wear a condom, or no deal".
"I'll agree to the condom, but one full night or no deal"
"Two hours, not a minute more"
"One full night, or no deal".
The line was quiet for a very long moment. "Are you still there?" I asked. She was still quiet. "I'm hanging up".

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   I heard her sob. I hung up the phone. It rang right back.
"All right, you win" she said, "but I won't enjoy it, touch you back, give you head, or take it up the ass".
"Agreed. I don't want head, or anal, I just want to lick and fuck you. Let's meet at the Hilton tomorrow night at seven".
"Seven, or no deal"
She growled and hung up. The phone rung back. "Eight O'clock, not a minute earlier", she said.
"All right, but if you walk in at eight oh one, you don't get the money"
"Asshole" she said, "I'll be there".
She walked in a seven fifty. We went right to the room, which I prepared. Despite the fact she was a bitch, I bought roses, candy and champagne. She sniffed the roses, wolfed down two pieces of candy and chugged a glass of champagne.

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   She pulled off her T shirt and slid down her shorts as she took off her sandals. I looked at her firm round tits. They were half grapefruits and obviously paid for. I looked between her legs. She had at least a week's growth between her legs. I wondered if she had skipped a shower on my behalf.
She laid on the bed and spread her legs. "Let's get this over with" she said, "Let me see you put on the condom".
I dropped my pants and put on the condom. I started to climb on the bed. Her eyes were riveted to my dick. I moved between her tits. I kissed around her large brown nipples, then groped those beauties, feeling the implants within. She sighed as if she was disgusted. I moved to kiss her neck, then moved to her lips.

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She turned her head. I quickly slipped off the condom and entered her. She gasped. Her pussy was tight around my dick. I started humping her. I continued kissing her neck, licked her ears, and groped her tits. For her part, she just laid there.
I hastened my pace. I felt my first orgasm coming. I shot my load in her. Her eyes shot wide open. "YOU ASSHOLE, YOU CAME IN ME!" she yelled. She pushed me off of her. She sat on the edge of the bed and reached for her shorts.
"Aren't you on the pill?" I asked.

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"Of course, but you broke the agreement".
She stood up. "Pay me" she said holding out her hand.
"The agreement was for all night"
"Pay me, or I'll call the Police and say you raped me".
"You don't think I taped the calls, do you?"
"That's illegal"
"No, it's not".
"Pay me" she said through clenched teeth.
"All night".
"I'm calling the Police" she said walking over to the phone.
"Let's call the Police. I'd love to play the tape for them, and your dad".
She froze in her tracks and started to cry. I placed my hand in the waistband of her shorts and pulled her to the bed. I slid her shorts off. I ran my hands up and down her body. She continued to cry.

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   I laid her in the bed and mounted her again. She kept crying, but I fucked her anyway. Suddenly, she placed her hands on my arms and started caressing me. Her crying dried up.
"Fuck me" she whispered.
I stopped and had her go on all fours. I grabbed her hips and pumped her. She straightened, placing my hands on her tits to hold her up as she hooked her arm around my neck. She began fucking me back.
"Oh, yes, cum in me baby, I want your cum" she said.
I didn't know if it was a head game, or if the desire was real. "Faster, Harder" she said.
I felt my second orgasm coming. I shot in her the second time.
I collapsed on the bed.

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   She went to work on my dick with her mouth.
"Come on baby, get hard again, I want more", she said as she worked my dick with her mouth and hand. I rose to the challenge. This time, she mounted me. As her hips worked my dick I saw her squeezing her tits and closing her eyes. She reached betwen her legs and worked her clit. She stiffened as she got herself off. I took advantage of the pause to get her on all fours again.
I placed the head of my dick at her asshole. "Oh, baby, you're dirty" she said. She gasped and whimpered as I got my dick in her. She bucked a little forward. She reached back with a hand, trying to keep me from entering her all the way. I went slowly, inch by inch. I saw her clench the sheets with her free hand.

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   I finally went balls deep. She was whimpering. I moved slowly. Her ass gripped my dick like a tight hand. I felt the cum coming and shot in her for the third time.
We collapsed on the bed.
"Why are you enjoying it now?"
She shrugged. "I always wanted to do it with a stranger. I finally realized the stranger was you".
We started to make out.
We did it once more, then slept before doing it in the morning again.
We've met twice since, but this time, I didn't pay her.