The Time Shifter Chapter 9


My brother, through some criminal actions he decided would be fun,got us evicted from our apartment. I had already decided that livingwith my family was for the birds anyway since my brother was a sloband I was a neat freak. We got into occasional fistfights over itand I just about put him into the hospital a couple of times. Also,all my guitars and amps and effects made things cramped. Thus, Imoved away and bought a home next to the ocean in what was then abrand new gated community. Li-hua wouldn't move in with me yet,saying that the location was too inconvenient for school. She had apoint. Nonetheless, the truth was that was only an excuse  becausemoving in with me when she wasn't married would have offended herparents. She told me that later, which is how I know it now.

I was going to propose to her anyway and I made reservations at theaforementioned french restaurant for a Monday when she would be offof work. But well before that, the first week of December, I walkedin on my former Lit teacher in her classroom before her next classwas to begin. She was the one that taught the fifth period class mysophomore year where I first laid eyes on Li-hua and made a specialarrangement. I also conspired with her father, too.

So on Monday, January 3rd, when classes reconvened after theChristmas/New Year's break, I sat at a desk in that same fifthperiod lit class. About 15 minutes later, her dad brought her to theclassroom. Of course, she wondered what was going on.

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   The teacherdirected Li-hua to sit in the same seat she had that 10th gradesemester. Then Li-hua saw me and stared at me quizzically. Theinstructor announced, "Mr. Stanton has something he would like tosay. . " As the new crop of 15 and 16 year olds looked on, I walkedover to Li-hua, pulled a jewel box out of my pocket, went to oneknee and said, "Li-hua Cheng, will you marry me?" In the greatestshow of emotion she ever flashed in front of me ever, she startedcrying and said "yes. " I put the ring on her finger and there wasn'ta dry eye in the room.

She moved in with me the following weekend. And the meal at therestaurant was to die for.

I was cruising in junior college, but didn't want to repeat it. Ialready had a degree from my original life and I just didn't need togo to school with the wealth I had. When the semester finished, Idropped out. She was ready to transfer to a four year school anyway. She had the grades and requirements to go to a four year right outof high school (I didn't), but to save money,  her parents had hergo to JC as part of her route to her degree. Well, degrees.

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   Sheobtained a Phd in chemistry. She didn't use it much, though.

We got married the June following the proposal and man, did she lookkiller! We were too tired for sex on our wedding night. But we morethan made up for it the next day with multiple knockdown, drag outfuck sessions.

Once she got her doctorate and then found a job, I told her shedidn't have to work if she didn't want to. We began talking aboutchildren. I knew this day would come and I had dreaded it. Wediscussed various adoption avenues if I couldn't knock her up. Afterone of these discussions, I went into my Vishnu room and prayed tohim to allow me to get Li-hua pregnant. I could swear I saw thatstatue on the little makeshift altar I built wink at me as I openedmy eyes when I concluded the request.

The next day, I told her I was going to the guy who did my vasectomyto see about a reversal. I had to fake a lot of shit for a month tomake it seem as if I had a surgical procedure done on me. And, ofcourse, I couldn't have sex with her, which was REALLY frustrating. A couple days after the supposed "go date" that I made up out ofthin air, Li-hua and I took a shower together.   We were  bothexcited out of our minds and boy, was she in a lovey dovey frame ofmind.

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   I mean, it wasn't enough merely to see how vividly sexy hercaramel colored little self looked with water splashing over it, butthat I was going to stuff her full of my seed in order to implant mychild inside of her ratcheted up my horniness enormously.

When we finished drying ourselves, I picked her up and smothered herface in kisses before carrying her to bed with me. I tried to takemy time with her so that she was really primed to enjoy theexperience. But to be honest, I just wanted to flat out fuck her andflood her with as much sperm as possible. I ate her delicious pussyto a couple of orgasms and then felt the exquisite squeeze of hertight cunt on my rod as I pressed it into her. I looked down intoher cheerful brown eyes and she had that smile on her face as myweapon skated in and out of her. When she started to orgasm, itseemed to be with an intensity I hadn't heard from her before, whichonly made me want to cum more. It was tremendously erotic when myflesh rifle fired off round after round into her womb knowing whatthe possible outcome was.  

We were both worked up enough that our ardor resurrected itself inpretty short order and I bestowed her with another heapin' helpin'of my semen. She had a very satisfied smile on her face as shedropped off to sleep.

A month later, her period was late and she was throwing up in themorning. Eight months after that, our first son was born. She solovingly breast fed him that I envied him. I know he was too youngto be able to remember this, but in his subconscious he had to feelso comfortable that it was like a state of baby nirvana. What wasespecially enjoyable to me was that I would wrap an arm around herwhile she sat on the couch giving him his daily sustenance and wewould exchange occasional kisses.

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   The image of these tender sceneswas more beautiful to me than any classical painter's images of themadonna and child.

Six months down the road, she could have sex again and my desire forher didn't abate one whit, as I looked forward excitedly to onceagain entering her unprotected womb. She apparently shared thatsentiment, her sweet little smile on full display as I positioned mypiston at the opening of her pink pocket. She emitted a long sighwhile I slowly pushed it in to the hilt. "I love you, Li-hua," Iwhispered into her ear as I commenced juking my sperm injector inand out of her, her short legs resting on the fringes of my lowerback. It was so hot knowing how receptive she was and how much shewanted me to inseminate her again.   When she came in rushed, eagerbreaths, it upped my passion greatly and I filled her to overflowingwith my man-naise.

A month after that, she was pregnant with my eldest daughter. Shehad five children in all before she got her tubes tied, two girlsand three boys, in an eight year period. She quit her job two monthsbefore she was going to deliver our first and we were stay at homeparents until they moved out, one by one, during college. The kidsare all more like Li-hua than me, which is good, I guess. Theycertainly have more patience than I do. They're still alive,thankfully, and now their kids are all in one stage of adulthood orother.

Unfortunately, Li-hua preceded me to the grave, dying of a massivestroke one morning shortly after breakfast when she was 82. Everyday with her was an absolute joy and she gave me tremendous kids.

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   Imiss her terribly even now after having moved on to many other timetravel adventures since her passing. She was the true love of mylife and I am deeply grateful to Vishnu for permitting me toreconnect with her. See you in heaven, darling.

The part where that got sticky was extricating myself from that lifewhile my kids were all still living. I wrote out a suicide note,saying I was going to drown myself in the ocean because I couldn'tstand life anymore without my precious Li-hua. I left detailedinstructions as to how to handle my estate. Then I went into myVishnu room and prayed to him, stating that I was ready to go backto the morning before my last transformation.

I woke up and groggily confirmed where I was. Yep, 2011, same house,same bed, etc. Turned on the tv. Yep, same events before my mostrecent transformation. I made breakfast and cried over losingAi-chan and, especially, Li-hua. It was a privilege to have knownboth women and been so close to them. I hoped that Dave was gettingon well wherever he was.   When my journey is finally deemed to bedone, I will carry a gladder heart to the great beyond, be it heavenor hell, now.

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The funster side of  me, though, was now begging to be unleashed. Ihad done good deeds, I thought, and now it was time for some pureself indulgence. After having a big breakfast and checking to makesure the house was still in good shape, I got on my knees in frontof the dresser and prayed to Vishnu. I rose to my feet and put bothmy hands on the medallion. "I want to look, move and vocally soundexactly like the Korean model Sung-hi Lee when she was 21 only myofficial age this time will be 16, no matter how much I eat I willnever gain weight, the name on all of my identity documents will beYun ("Melody") Kang, except with REAL C cups breasts, a totallyhairless torso and legs, an inability to get pregnant no matter howmany times I have sex, immune to all sexually transmitted diseases,the same sex drive I had as an 18 year old male, a wide ranging andsexy wardrobe and a Red Dodge Charger, semen will taste good to me,inherent knowledge of how to best make myself up and care for myhair, will be able to cook to the level of the best chefs in theworld, will not physically or mentally age or be a victim of anycrime or accident, the tellers at my bank will know me on sight andnot hassle me for ID, and who will go back to 1973,  where I will beliving in my own beautifully furnished and decorated two storyhouse, including a shrine to Vishnu, in the same town I spent themajority of my high school years, with $100 million US in the bank,a whole array of credit cards with no limits, and I will be avirtuoso guitarist and keyboard player who would know how tocorrectly play a song after hearing it just ones, speaks Spanish,Japanese, Chinese and Korean fluently in addition to English, I havethe equivalent of a black belt in Taekwondo and nobody will botherme about living alone even though I'm a minor. I am now ready forthe transformation. "

It was just after 7 a. m. when I woke up in my home in the city Ilived in during high school. It was the first day of my junior year,September 2nd, 1973. I put on a little white halter top, white hiphuggers and open toed heels along with the usual bra and panties. I brushed my teeth, did my hair and make up, grabbed my purse and mykeys, jumped into my Charger and I was off. I parked on the streetnot far from the intersection the school was located at and sashayedon to the campus. I could feel the eyes of the male students on meas I passed them on the way to my first period Beginning Spanishclass. The teacher was floored when I told him in native levelSpanish that he was pronouncing my first name wrong and to just callme "Melody," since that is what the name means.

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   "Why are you here?""Because you guys say I have to have a certain number of foreignlanguage classes and I don't like French, so that pretty much leftSpanish. " "What other languages do you speak?" "Japanese, Chineseand Korean. " "Well, I hope you don't get too bored. " "Yeah, I willget REALLY bored," I thought to myself, but what I said to himrhetorically was, "Eh, what can you do?"

Second period I had Mass Media, which was pretty much the easiestclass on campus. You could have the IQ of a turnip and get a passinggrade in that. Third period, it was gym. Ugh. God, that sucks whenyou're a girl and therefore don't have any real speed, strength orcoordination, at least for the sports they make you play. Fourthperiod was physiology, fifth period it was journalism, another deadeasy class, and sixth period was history.

The really stupid thing about the way they taught history thatsemester for juniors was that they tried to make it so studentswould think about practical matters of statecraft, including nationbuilding. It was basically supposed to help deepen the understandingof the aftermath of the American Revolution and the difficultiesraised by other countries coming out of major political upheavals. But there was nothing sophomore year that prepared a bunch ofsuburban white teenagers to think in those terms. Consequently, thewhole project was a fucking colossal failure since the studentsmostly spent their time looking at the teachers as if they had threeheads, including me. The idea went into the ash can of history afteronly one year. It was a total abortion.

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In fact, just for shits and giggles since I have a degree in adiscipline related to politics, I tried to sit down with the mainteacher (it was overseen by a three teacher group) and explain tohim what was wrong with the class. But his eyes saw only a hot 16year old girl and he laughed me off since what do I know, right?Total ad hominem fallacy. Where did they get their degrees? Well,one got hers from USC (the one in California, not South Carolina),the school for rich kids who can't read, so that explained a lot(hey, I can toss the ad hominems with the best of them!). Let theeducations fads continue! Thereafter, most of my time was spentflirting with some of the boys in class.

Anyway, during this era, it was before the big ass panic aboutstudents stowing drugs or weapons in their lockers (in my day, itwas actually drugs and cigarettes), so we actually had lockers anddidn't have to suffer backaches hauling bulging book bags around allfreaking day. Thus, that first day was mainly about getting the rollright and receiving your textbooks.

I jumped in my car after school, headed to the mall and bought ashitload of records (as in vinyl). This very unattractive clerk atthe register attempted to pick me up. Ugh. Douchebag. Then once Idumped that shit off, I bought a bunch of guitars, amps, effectspedals, cables, you know the drill because in every new circumstanceI enter I basically have to restock on this stuff. Dropped that offat home, then went to the stereo store not just for a home system,but to get an AM/FM EIGHT TRACK receiver/player put into my car. Thepopularity of that format didn't last that long, but in the early1970's, it was the predominant non-vinyl pre-recorded medium. Remember, there was no Amazon. com or even a consumer internet atthat time.

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   You had to run all over hither and yon for things. Andbeing the good American I was, I was guzzling tons of gas in amuscle car to boot. Never got any Christmas/Winter Solstice cardsfrom Exxon or Saudi sheiks, though, for my contribution to theirownership of America.

I had to go to a department store for gym clothes and then asupermarket to stock up on food and get a notebook and pens forschool. The gym clothes weren't included in the care package ofapparel Vishnu so graciously provided for me. I left that lot in mycar so that I wouldn't forget them.

I finally got home to stay well after dinner time. I arrangedeverything and hooked it all up. I was ready to rock and roll. Well,except for one thing: what I was gonna use for my music room sinceit wasn't soundproofed yet? I made some calls on my rotary phone andsomeone would be able to come by the following week, Shit. Ilistened to some of the records I bought to relearn those songs forthe umpteenth time (in real life, I have a hard time rememberingwhole songs anyway). By the end of that week, I more or less had alot of the Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Alice Coopersongs I wanted to be able to play nailed.

The following week, I had to miss a day of school (not that I gave ashit) to have the soundproofing guys come and give me an estimate. Iagreed to what they proposed and they said they would start work onthe following Monday.

The day after that, I decided to bring my Strat to school to playduring lunch.

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   Some idiot decided he wanted to try to play it andstarted opening my guitar case. I told him to leave it alone, but hejust ignored me probably because, well, I was a girl. So I droppedhim with a kick to the ribs. "Bro, you don't touch a man or woman'sweed, liquor or axe unless you get permission," I snarled. "Dumbfuck. " The other guys in the class laughed at him, but theyalso wouldn't look me in the eye. That was hilarious!

At lunch, I was sitting on one of the benches in the amphitheaterjust noodling away when this group of guys comes up to me. "Niceguitar, one guy remarked. "Thanks," I replied, continuing to look atthe neck of my guitar. "So what do you play? Cat Stevens, Simon andGarfunkel?" "Nah, Purple, Zep, Sabbath, a bunch of other shit," Ishot back. They all laughed. "Hey, why don't you come to my partythis Friday. I'd like to hear you play. " "You got it, dude," Irejoindered with a smirk. "Give me directions and an address.


  " So hedoes that and says, "see you there. " "Bye," I waved patronizingly,rolling my eyes. As they walked away, they were fiving each other(the high five hadn't come into vogue yet). "A chick playing LedZep. Riggghht," they laughed.

Friday, I loaded a Marshall combo amp, my pedal board, a Les Pauland the Strat into my car and headed to the "party. " It was actuallymore like a small get together for a few kids in the neighborhood tosmoke some pot because the single parent works nights. Been there,done that, have a closet full of t-shirts. So I get there, announcemyself and they're laughing their asses off at my "pretension. " Iset everything up, tune up and say I have to warm up for a fewminutes to get loose. That was bullshit. I had already been playingfor a couple of hours before I left my house. I start playing minorpentatonic scales at a fairly slow tempo (the blues is mostly basedon them). Then I do them faster. Then I switch over to harmonicminor scales (think Richie Blackmore and Yngwie Malmsteen) and shredthem at Yngwie speeds before I go into part of Eruption (four yearsbefore the first Van Halen album would come out) and now their eyesare bugging out.

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   Then I stop and go into "La Grange" by ZZ Top. Nowkeep in mind that ZZ Top were still largely a regional act at thattime. Tres Hombres had just come out. People on the west coasthadn't heard of them, really, until Fandango was released in 1975. Unfortunately, Sung-hi Lee doesn't have much of a singing voice, sowhen I did the vocal over that little intro, it sounded weak. Then Iwacked the volume pots on the Les Paul up and start jamming hard onit. I put the Les Paul down and picked up the Strat, tweaked mysettings a bit and went into three Deep Purple songs, "HighwayStar," "Lazy," and, of course, "Smoke on the Water. " I'm posing up astorm and just shoving it in their faces. From there, I grab the LesPaul again and segued into Zep's "Rock and Roll," "Black Dog" and"Immigrant Song. "  I had my Marshall cranked to the max. I'm waitingfor the cops to show up. When I finish "Immigrant Song," I startdoing the intro to Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher," which elicited alot of "WTF?" faces before I suddenly switched to Kiss' "BlackDiamond," which they didn't know because Kiss hadn't released"Alive" yet. They were still a cult band at that time. I did the"Alive" version. I stopped and took a glass slide out of the pocketof my jeans and did "Freebird.

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  " But again, Lynyrd Skynyrd was stillmostly known in the south. People west of the Mississippi wouldn'treally know them until "Sweet Home Alabama" was released a yearhence.  

"Dude, what are some of those songs?" the guy who had asked me tothe party wondered. "Dude, you're so lame. Seriously, man. Payattention!" I derisively responded and then kicked into Purple's"Speed King. " After that, I slid into Sabbath's "Paranoid. " That wasit, because the police came knocking. After the constabulary exitedthe scene, I packed up, said, "see you later bitches!" and split.

There was one other thing: I had no pubic hair on  my body in thistransformation. In the 1970's, that was pretty much unheard of. Mostfolks had the wild free growing bush going. So some bitch wholockered near me in gym class tried to hit me up about it. I guessshe figured I was Asian in a time when there weren't many Asians inwhite suburbia and would be an easy target. I told her to mind herown business or I would hurt her real, real bad, like a ZZ Top songfrom the 1980's had it.

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   She tried to push me, but I grabbed herwrist and used a pressure point to force her to the ground andwouldn't let go until she kissed my feet.
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