The Time Shifter Chapter 66


I sat down in my first period beginning Spanish class and everygirl's eyes in the room were riveted on me until I caught theireyes. Then they averted them. And the same thing happened the restof the day.

My history teacher was the school's varsity baseball coach and Iwent up to him after class to ask him about when tryouts would beheld. This being September, it would still be six months before theywould occur. I just wanted to make sure he knew about my interest.

After school, I got online and ordered tens of thousands of dollarsof musical equipment, like I had to in previous transformations. Then I went out and bought a collection of 34 ounce, 34 inch woodenLouisville Slugger baseball bats, a couple of fielder's gloves andcaps, some oil for them, gym shorts, a sweatshirt, several jerseysand a couple pairs of cleats.

After a couple of weeks, I got to know everybody's name who was inmy various classes. I tried to recognize them so that they wouldn'tthink I was into  myself to an excessive degree. It was weird,though, being back at the same school I had been a big titted blondeat and now I was a guy with the same student body as when I wasDawn. I had also gotten my music gear and started bringing my LesPaul to school along with the Bad Monkey overdrive unit and theheadphone amp I mentioned in a previous incarnation, though I didn'tlike leaving them in my hot trunk during gym class. Then the musicalideas just began to flow and I bought a 24 track machine to recordthem on to at home with an eye to putting a band together later.

The athletics coaches began to notice me, too. We were playing touchfootball in PE and I would dodge somebody after getting theball and then it was off to the races. My PE coach pulled me asideand told me to run a 100 yard dash because he wanted to make surethe clock would show what he thought he was seeing.

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   I ran a 9. 13,just . 06 seconds off the world record. The coach couldn't believeit, so he had me run another one. I was indeed slower, but not bymuch, 9. 17. He asked me to come out for the football team, but Isaid no, that baseball was my sport. Then he suggested I run track. I responded in the negative again.

A couple days later, my history teacher wanted to talk to me. Hecouldn't work me out at that juncture because of CIF (that's thebody that governs high school sports in California) rules, but hewanted to have a friend of his who ran a traveling club team look atme that Saturday. So on that appointed day, which was in the morningsince the field, which often played host to a local college baseballsquad, was going to be used for slow pitch softball games later inthe day. I showed up in my improvised baseball uni of gym shorts, abaseball jersey, white socks and cleats plus I had a bag of woodenbats and my glove with me. I stretched and played some catch withcoach Addison,including doing some longtossing. Then he hit fungoes and timed megoing from home to first, home to second and home to home.

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   Home tofirst I was at 3. 2, which is insaney fast relative to the runningspeeds inMLB.

Next was batting practice. He  threw me some room service heaters atabout 70 miles an hour and I hit them more than 500 feet even thoughI had to generate almost all the power myself since the velocity ofthose pitches wasn't much. His jaw hit the ground. "Jesus, that's asweet swing you got there, son," he commented. Then he wanted to seeif I could hit the breaking ball and he offered up some lollipopcurveballs and cement mixer sliders (in other words, they didn't doanything other than just spin) and I crushed them into the greatbeyond. "With all due respect coach, you're breaking stuff hasnothing on it," I observed correctly. "Son, can you come out hereand work with my team tomorrow?" "Sure coach! Sounds like fun!""Great. Jesus kid, you might have a nice future in this game. ""Thanks sir!"

I was so excited when I got to the field the next day. "Boys, thisis Clint. He's going to workout with us today. Pay attention,because you may be seeing something really special. " I snarked tomyself, "oh fuck, great, no pressure there!" Nonetheless, I keptrepeating to myself to stay relaxed and not muscle up.

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   Aftereverybody did their stretching, we worked on relay plays. The firstthrow I uncorked, there was a murmur. "Fuck, nice hose, man," one ofthe other outfielders complimented. We did a first to third drilland then it was time for batting practice. I had to wait a whilebecause I hit in the third group, but the first pitch the coachthrew I hit on to the freeway about a hundred feet beyond theleftfield fence, which was 350 feet away. "Fuck, man, look at thatstroke!" someone enthused. The second pitch I lined over thecenterfield wall more than 400 feet away and it crashed into thehill another 30 feet in back of it.

What I didn't know, though, was that he had his best pitcher warmingup on the side and, after those two shots, that hurler took themound. He threw a heater down and away and I lined it off the top ofthe rightfield wall. He then ran a couple sliders up there that wereoff the plate. Next was a heater middle in and I torqued it justinside the leftfield foul pole about 390 feet away. "How the fuckdid you keep that fair?" the pitcher asked. "It's called leadingwith your top hand," I offered. Then he threw me a change up that Iwas partially fooled on, but I stayed back and wacked it backthrough the middle. He tried a slider that had good downward actionon it and I inside outed it into the gap.

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   He came with a heater upabove the zone that I let go by and then attempted to come backupstairs and I got it all, mashing it about 550 feet, again on tothe freeway, in leftcenterfield. I was awarded high fives fromeverybody.

"Shit dude, you're awesome. You should join our team so some scoutscan check you out. " "Nah, man, I don't want to take somebody else'sposition. Plus I got kind of a music thing to do, too. But thanksfor letting me workout with you guys. " Coach Addison, though, wantedto bring me back a couple days later. So I show up after schoolTuesday and there he is with former Angels pitcher Don Driscoll. Driscoll was a hard throwing righthander whose command was erratic,which is why he was no longer a professional ballplayer. He usedto play for coach Addison back when he was still an amateur. After I got there, Driscoll warmed up andthen I stepped in against him. The first pitch was at probably 95mphand I fouled it off. I wasn't really loose yet, though. So he camewith another one and I popped it up, which really pissed me off.

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   Hethrew a slider and I drilled it off the rightfield wall. So herecomes another number one and this time I scalded it over thecenterfield wall. He bounced a couple more sliders that I didn'toffer at and then he came in with a two seamer. I whipped it downthe leftfield line and into the corner. His next pitch was anotherhard heater and I pounded it on to the freeway. So he tried acutter, but left it out over the plate, and I lashed it off thecenterfield wall. I fouled a slider off and he came in with afastball on the inner half of the plate and I creamed it ,rebounding it off the chain link fence that fronted the freeway. "Dude, can I be your agent?" Driscoll joked. "Well, at least I couldhang with a mediocre AAA pitcher," I laughed inside.

When I went home, I was writing songs and recording the ideas I had,so I didn't ruminate much on what I just did at the workout. The next day inhistory class, though, my teacher wanted to talk to me after it wasover. He more or less promised me a spot on the team and I told himI wanted to play centerfield. He was fine with that. I also addedthat by no means will I pitch. If he was pondering having me dothat, I said, I would go play for a club team instead.

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   He swore thathe would only have me play outfield.

The girls started to happen, too. This chunky but cute blonde chick,Desiree Kowalcik, in my physiology class, took a shine to me. I madeit clear to her, though, that I wasn't really into having agirlfriend, just having girls. She may have figured that letting mesleep with her would make me want her exclusively, but she was wrong.

We went back to my place after school and started making out on mycouch. It's always fun cuddling a soft body and it was no different withher. I opened her blouse and popped the clasp on her bra  beforepulling the lot off to reveal her milky round B cups with pinkishaureolae and nipples. I vacuumed the latter with my mouth, distendingthose milk ducts and making her moan as my righthand separated theopening of her pants and then slipped into her panties, where Iinsinuated two fingers into her wet, meaty cunt. I found her g spot andshe was attempting to hump them, too, grinding down on my fingers while Icontinued to pull on her tits with my lips. . I kept this up until sheconvulsed and panted in the throes of orgasm. I pulled her pants off andthen her panties. She had beautiful white skin and I nibbled and kissedup her thick legs until I landed on her pink, moist pussy, where Ilapped up the wetness that was pooling inside of that gorgeous slit. There was a slightly musky taste and odor to her vulva, but that didn'tstop me from flipping my tongue against her clit and yanking on it withsuction while my cock strained against my jeans wanting to get in onthis deal.

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I swirled and rolled my tongue and added more suction. Her huffing andpuffing told me she was digging it and not much further from that pointin time, her hips suddenly bucked as the piercing pricks of pleasureswarmed inside of her, her chubby little hand pulling my head againsther crotch. I acceeded to her wish and made her cum several more timesbefore I suggested we go to bed. I pulled her up off the couch and offwe went upstairs to my bedroom, her boobs bouncing slightly. I shed myclothes and my erect dick said "hi" to her. She remarked at how huge Iwas, at least to her, and we both reclined on my mattress, where Irotated her over on to her back and cleaved her slit with my prong. "Ohfuckkkkk," she sighed as I buried it inside of her. ":Clint, put acondom on, I don't want to get pregnant," she desperately begged. "Don'tworry babe, I'm shooting blanks," I reassured her and I startedthrusting, my brain noting the softness of her vaginal walls, herbreasts heaving back and forth with every crash of my pubic bone againsther body. "Oh my God, so good," she moaned as I drilled her slipperyslot with gusto. Her gasps increased in frequency and volume until sheproduced a choked scream and then a guttural shudder while her brainrode the tide of pleasure coursing through her.

"Oh shit, oh fuck!" she profaned as she got her voice back when theorgasm subsided. I pounded my full length into her over and over and shewrapped my neck in the warmth of her arms while I did so,  her legshalf pulled against her body accepting my constant penetration andyearning for another climax, which she was soon rewarded with. "Ah ah ahah oh God (gasp) oh God (gasp) ahhhhhhhhagggghhhh!" she cried when shefelt the impact of her ecstasy inside of her. She clutched my asscheeks, urging me to keep bringing the tubular freight to her.

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   Shebucked against me when she had another orgasm and then I unleashed mymagma inside of her. I withdrew and made her clean my johnson off withher mouth. "Oh my God, I've never experienced sex like THAT before!" shecelebrated. "I aim to please baby!" I smiled. "By the way, you have agreat body!" I complimented. She was happy when I said that. I cuddledher for a while before she had to go home. She was part of the popularcrowd and so that became my in to that group.  .
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