The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 25


Guy phoned me at just before 9:30 Monday morning, which would be1:30 a. m. on Tuesday in Tokyo. He said that things just became, inhis words, "a whole lot more interesting" at his work. One of hiscoworkers, who was named Sena, had apparently taken a shine to him. It started Friday, when he and a bunch of coworkers went out to eat. Now keep in mind that because of my wishes with the coin, nobodydrank or used any other intoxicants. Previously, it was common forJapanese to go drinking frequently with their coworkers as a bondingexercise. Nevertheless, colleagues were still hanging out en masseon occasion. During the one the previous Friday night, Sena parkedherself next to Guy and they started talking in a mixture ofJapanese and English. He remarked that her English was okay, but shedefinitely wasn't fluent, rating it only somewhat better than hisJapanese, which wasn't that hot.

He thought Sena was very cute, though somewhat conservative sinceshe was from rural Aomori Prefecture originally, and quite wellpreserved for being 30, critiquing that she probably still doesn'tlook that much different from when she graduated college. He alsofound her to be quite smart and graceful. They later left thatrestaurant and went to a karaoke box for a couple of hours beforethe party broke up and everybody returned home.

Saturday, Sena phoned him and invited him to go out with her and acouple other girls who worked in her department. They ended up in alittle hole in the wall eatery, where Sena told him she found himcute, intelligent and funny.


   The thing is that Sena knew Guy had agirlfriend because she had been alerted to that by her fellowemployees after I had been in their store. She had even asked himabout me. He told her that I wouldn't be coming to Japan anymorethis year because I was too busy but that he wouldn't mind having agirlfriend for just when he was in country. Sena's eyes apparentlylit up at this prospect. As the conversation rolled on, one of theother girls stated that Sena's apartment is really beautiful becauseshe has a good eye for interior design. In fact, it was apparently ahobby of hers. Thus, when they were waiting for taxis to take themhome, Guy said to her that he would like to check her apartment outand see if it was as nice as the other women had claimed. Now I hadclued Guy in on the fact that Japanese generally don't like invitingpeople they barely know to their home because most Japanese housesare small relative to how big they are in the U. S. and they don'tmove all the time, either, so the homes are often exhibiting theirage. Therefore, he wasn't expecting it when she said yes and invitedhim to visit her right then. "Now?" he asked her in Japanese. "Yes,"she replied.

So they took a taxi to her apartment, which was cramped indeed. Yet,apparently true to her personality, it nonetheless had a certainelegance about it.

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   He took some pics of it with his cellphone andsent them to me later and I have to say she does have good taste. Anyway, they started talking and she mentioned how sore her feet getstanding on them ten hours or more a day (she was also head of herdepartment). He offered to give her tootsies a massage, especiallysincehe thought she had cute feet. She took him up on it and liked whathe was doing a lot. Sena already knew that Guy liked her because hetold her. Then he asked her if she was ticklish. She said no, but hequickly slipped his hand up her pant leg and grabbed her behind herknees and she laughed. He pulled her legs toward him so that theywere flat on the floor and he quickly straddled her thighs, reachedback and pulled her pant legs up and persistently tickled her inthat aforementioned vulnerable spot. During one of the paroxysms histeasing caused, shesuddenly rose up and he caught her. She looked hopefully into hiseyes and he slowly tilted his head and she did likewise and theybegan kissing. Now Guy is a spectacular kisser, the best one I haveexperienced so far during my admittedly short time as a female. Theymade out and things got pretty heated. He opened her blouse, undidher bra and gently manipulated her perky A cup breasts, which turnedinto sucking her nipples. She allowed him to pull her pants off andthen her panties, revealing a very precisely trimmed bush and a nicewet cunt. He dove right in and lapped up her juices and sucked,lightly bit and battered her clit with his tongue and gave her halfa dozen orgasms, both vaginal (he used his fingers, too) andclitoral.

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   "Guy-san ojouzu (you're really good, Guy)!" sheproclaimed. He didn't bring the box of condoms I  insisted he taketo Japan with him to her place. Sena said it was okay, that she wason one of her safe days and he could also pull out. Guy said no andasked her to suck him. She did, but he said she was pretty lousy atit and didn't really seem to be enjoying doing it for him. Shefinally got him off and he spooged her tits. I was proud of Guy fornot risking pregnancy.

He wiped her off and then cuddled her for a while, telling her whata great and sexy girl she was. He spent the night at her place andthen she took him to see a couple of historical sites since she knewhe was interested in that stuff while they held hands the wholetime. They went to his apartment after that. They began making outagain and he ultimately fucked her while wearing a rubber. She said it hadbeen a few years since she had sex because she doesn't really meetmany men outside of work and, since she is a supervisor and a female,she thinks the males she was interested in were intimidated. Guycouldn't understand it and advised her to just relax because hewould treat her right. She then left to go home and that is when he called me.

I said to guy that I'm glad he is getting some experience with thelocals in Japan.

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   I also gave him a lecture on how women in generaloperate. Plus he should heed the fact that I'm rather differentpersonalitywise from most women and to not expect Sena to actlike me. He thanked me for the advice and for letting him do this. Iadded that I would allow him to bring Sena to the U. S. for visitsand they could act like boyfriend and girlfriend while she was here. He said he wasn't so sure that was going to happen, but he alsodidn't just want to use her like a yellow cab, either. "Listensweety, you let me sleep with Sandra, so you can be with Sena if youwant. Think of it that way," I proposed. "Yeah,  that'll work," heagreed. "But just remember, Miwa, I do love you and want you in mylife no matter what," he elaborated, perhaps afraid that I wouldulttimately become jealous and break up with him. "Guy, I love youwith all of my heart. I do believe it is possible to love more thanone person at a time. I love Sandra very deeply but I also feel thesame about you and my life would be poorer if I lost one or both ofyou. " "Thanks, babe.

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   You really are special Miwa. Thanks foreverything. " "No problem baby. So relax and just have fun, okay? Andsend Sena my love. " "You  got it beautiful. Take care. " "Bye bye. "

After that, Guy phoned me every 3-4 days to touch base. I keptreassuring him that I was longing for the day when he would be backin my bed. He said he looked forward to looking into my beautifulbrown eyes again and watching me play guitar. What a sweety he is!

Sandra spent the night with me a couple of times that week then wedid the gig Friday and, if I do say so myself, we smoked! We wereable to play for two hours and it was in front of a very amiablecrowd. The club owner let Terry's big brother videotape it for free(some clubs charge bands to do that, which is complete bullshit) andhe did a decent enough job of it. Not pro quality, but stillwatchable and listenable. We put a couple of clips on our You Tubeand Facebook pages. Then Sandra and I did a bunch of videos togetherjust using my video camera playing various songs from differentbands together as a further way to advertise ourselves.

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That led to a couple more bookings, one in Solana Beach and anotherin a club in Anaheim. The crowd at the Solana Beach show were quitefriendly and it felt more like playing in one's livingroom than aclub. The Anaheim venue I had seen shows at before and while thestage is rather low, the soundman there definitely knew what he wasdoing and we just tore the place apart. Both Sandra and I got emailsafter the latter gig asking if we wanted to audition for otherbands, but those outfits sucked and we diplomatically refused theovertures. I mean, come on, do people actually listen to their ownsongs before trying to make a go of it or do they just throwtogether any haphazard series of chord progressions and melodies, ifany melodies are present, and hope they'll be drowning in dollars,groupies and fame before anyone is the wiser? The frightening thingis that nine out of ten signings by the record labels just suck,sometimes mildly and other times egregiously. So you know that atleast 95% of the bands that form stink and that might be overlygenerous. It could be 99%.

While Guy was overseas, Sandra came over at least once a week,sometimes twice, which made his being gone easier to deal with. Guy's relationship with Sena was progressing well, at least fromwhat he told me, and he did, in fact, love her. I said that she waswelcome in my house as long as she didn't get jealous of me, butthey would have to sleep in one of the other bedrooms together.

Finally, the day came when he was to leave Japan. Sena apparentlycried when she escorted him to the airport, which I can understand. I had a nice dinner planned for him and had already done some of theprep work for it by the time I left for the airport. When I saw himenter the luggage pickup area I ran up to him and kissed him. "Oh myGod Miwa, I'm so glad to see you again," he said.

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   "Guy, I missed youso much. I feel sorry for Sena not being able to see you for Godonly knows how long, but Jesus,  I get to  have you in my bedagain," I said, starting to cry. Shit, I wasn't supposed to be thismuch of a sap. Damned female emotions.

I held his hand all the way back to my house and he was smiling alot looking at me, so he hadn't lost his love for me quite yet. Wegot home at six and, after I stripped naked, I told him  to go chill outwhile I fix dinner. I was very careful executing it because I wantedto blow his doors off. And I did. "Jesus Miwa, is there anything youdon't do well?" he praised. I knew he would be tired so I wasn'tnecessarily expecting sex. However, after he showered, I gave him ablow job and he dozed off while I sat there quietly playing one ofmy guitars. Once I showered, too, I snuggled up to him with a smile on myface and slept like a baby.

At five in the morning, I felt him cuddling me. He had gotten up,brushed his teeth and then come back to bed to cuddle me, which wassweet. Of course, I know this because he woke me up.

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   He apologizedfor rousing me, but I just grabbed his hands and held on to them. "I'm sorry Sena couldn't be here, too, sweety," I said. "You toldher she's welcome here, right?" "Yeah. She was really surprisedabout that. " "So do you think she'll come?" "I don't know. It almostsounds like you want to have sex with her as much as I do," helaughed. "I actually thought about that," I giggled. "She doesn'tseem like the adventurous type that way, though, Miwa. " "Did herblow job performance ever improve?" I wondered. "Not really. Shefinally confessed that giving head really isn't her thing. So Ican't see her going down on you, either," he analyzed. "I don'tunderstand how other women can't love sucking cock," I began. "Imean, men have penises and you aren't  going to want to put yourmouth on it? How is it not erotic when a dick is growing on yourtongue and then you make him get so excited he ejaculates? What thefuck is up with that?' I ranted. "Well, different people, differentsensibilities," he said, resigned.

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   "Yeah, that's true," I conceded. "I don't know how guys feel about the lack of enthusiasm for givinghead, but if a guy wouldn't go down on me he would be gone so fasthe'd be flying through the door at warp speed. " "To be honest, Miwa,it's not THAT big a deal as long as she is enthusiastic abouteverything else and is generally loving, honest and nice. " "Thoseare  three qualities I like about you, Guy," I flattered. "Thanksbabe. You're pretty damned wonderful yourself. "

"So would Master like his breakfast now?" "Cockslave, that meal lastnight was just amazing. After that, I would settle for a bowl ofcereal just because of the effort you threw into that dinner. " "FuckGuy, stop being so damned nice!" I joked. "Well, cockslave, that'sdefiance and you're going to be punished for it," he intoned, thoughsomewhat tongue in cheek. "Remind me at the end of the meal that youare due a correction," he ordered. "Yes Master, Sorry Master. Butwould Master please tell his cockslave what his heart's desire isfor breakfast?" "Fried eggs and toast, cockslave," he commanded. "Yes Master. Would Master like that in bed?" "Oh hellz yeah!" Guyburbled.

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   "Just for that idea, cockslave, I withdraw the punishment,but this will be absolutely the last time I am so charitable. " "YesMaster. Thank you Master. "

After breakfast, Guy did his laundry and I did mine. Then I donned abikini and sandals, as per Guy's orders, and we took thedogs on an extra long walk. He took two of the bigger dogs off of myhands so that I only  had to walk my Beagle. That was really sweetof him and reminded me of another reason why I liked having himaround. We returned home after a couple of hours and Guy told me toplay for him. I don't think he was doing this as a way to have mepractice, but truly to entertain him. It's not every day that youget to see naked female virtuoso guitarists. He had still only seenmeplay once live with the band. I basicallymixed up everything I was able to do. Some fusion, some metal, someblues, some Santana, some Brad Paisley and Junior Brown stuff.

When he had enough, he had me sit on his lap and we made out andthen he began feeling me up. "Fuck Miwa, I can't believe I get to bewith someone like you.


   You just kick so much ass," he complimented. "Well, you deserve the best, Guy. You're such a good man," Iresponded. I genuinely felt that way. He continued fondling myboobs, making my nipples stiff and my pussy wet. He threw me overhis shoulders and carried me into our bedroom, which was totally hot. Weresumed making out and I yanked his t-shirt off so that I could feelhis exposed chest against mine. It just felt so good to be intimate withthis wonderful man. I wanted him inside me so much. "Baby, I want you. Just fuck me," I said. He smiled and dropped his pants and boxers on thefloor and then he slid his cock into me. I wrapped my legs tightlyaround his back and he started screwing me. I closed my eyes andconcentrated on the sensations from his flesh spear being jabbed in andout of me over and over. The vivid emotions and the pleasurablesensations combined to make me feel like I was in heaven and hestimulated me to a very warm, comforting orgasm.


   I told him to stop andjust hold me with his cock buried in my pussy. We laid there like thatfor about five minutes before he commenced thrusting slowly in and outof me and kept up that leisurely pace for the next few minutes, causingme to experience another mellow cum. "Guy, I love you so much," Iwhispered into his ear, feeling so good about being with him. "Miwa, Ilove you, too, and I wish I could find the words to properly describehow much," he averred. I was beginning to feel the heat within me rampup again. "Baby, fuck me harder," I pleaded, and he ratcheted up theferocity of his thrusts and spurred me to multiple orgasms, reducing meto a shuddering mess, before he unburdened his balls into my spermcatcher.

We had a nice little vacation together for a few days and then he had toreregister for school and go back to work the following Monday. Ireally wanted him all to myself and didn't care for it when he wouldcome home stressing out about something that happened at his job. I sathim down one day and argued why he should quit and just live with mewhile he was going to school. It would make things a lot easier on himsince he would only have to deal with his studies and wouldn't even haveto pay rent. The only provisos I stipulated were that he would work outeveryday, which he admitted he needed to do, don't make a mess of myhouse and work his ass off in school. He also wasn't going to make thecompany he was working for his career anyway. So why burn himself out?

He conceded that I had a case and that the idea of slogging throughanother semester of sleep deprivation wasn't appealing to him. So amonth after he returned from Japan, he gave his notice and was, so tospeak, a free man. I also bought him a new car since the one he had waspretty beat up.

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   It was now the second week of July and we got into thisroutine where we would get up, eat breakfast, swim laps for a while atour development's olympic sized pool and then take my dogs out. Then wecame back home and he would read and I would practice my guitar playing. He asked me to begin teaching him how to play properly, too, and I saidyes to that only as long as he would practice for two hours a day. . Hewas eager and, with me there to act as a kind of incentive for him, hestuck to that promise and progressed rapidly,  at least initially.

Because I was a former male, I  understood the position Guy was in andbecause I loved him I tried to make things as easy as possible on him. Also, due to me having the same sex drive I had when I was 18, Guy and Iwere having sex pretty much every day, except when I was on my periodand even then I gladly sucked him off.

He kept in touch with Sena via email and text and she decided to come tothe U. S. the first week of August. By that time, eating real food andnot takeout pizza and hamburgers plus the swimming and the walkingresulted in Guy's body beginning to become more wiry. He was alsosleeping better at night, too. I encouraged him to begin a weightlifting regimen and he took me up on it, so I ordered a bunch ofequipment and turned one of the spare bedrooms into a gym. He did hisweight work every other day for an hour at first and then for up to twohours, depending on his mood.

Just to make things less awkward, when Sena landed at LAX, I didn't gowith him to pick her up.

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   In fact, I didn't even hear them come in thedoor since I was jamming away on a Racer X tune, "Hammer Away," whenthey walked into my music room together. Sena, understandably, was tensein meeting me. But Guy was right, she was cute, checking in at 5'3" andprobably 105-110 pounds, thick-ish lips, bewitching eyes and she wasindeed as intelligent as he had indicated. I greeted her in Japanese andshe complimented me on my house. My dogs were busy trying to makefriends with her, too, which kind of helped loosen her up. It was justabout six now and I put my guitar down to go make dinner. We ate whileconversing in a combination of English and Japanese. Talking to her, itamazed me that nobody had married her. I even said that if she and Guymarried they would have amazing kids. She was flattered by that, but thequestion marks on her face were pretty apparent, too, as to why I wasbeing so accepting of this situation. Yes, I loved him, but reality iswhat it is and I could understand what he saw in her.

Later that night, when Guy went to take his shower, I walked into theguest bedroom that they were sleeping in together, sat her down, andurged her to relax and just have fun. I finished the conversation with ahug and told her to ask me when she needed anything. An hour later, Guywas fucking her brains out. I know that because I snuck up next totheir door and listened in.

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   And yes, I played with my clit and had anintense orgasm while doing so. I wanted to see her naked, but that wouldhave to wait. .

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