The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 22


When George and Guy walked out of my bedroom, Sandra and I crawledinto bed. I wrapped my arms around her and for the first time inquite a while we laid next to each other as equals. My lips madecontact with hers, her soft, pert mouth and moist tongue dancingwith mine as our passion ignited. I felt her exposed porcelain skinon mine, our breasts pressing against each other and our nipplesextending while our arousal intensified. I was wet as soon as wekissed and she emitted soft moans that were muffled by our mouths. My right hand slid down her belly to her vulva, where I found outshe was just as  horny as I was. My middle and ring fingers appliedpressure and friction to her clit while I began sucking on her littleteats. and She moaned again as my tongue flicked them and caught themin between my lips and pulled air against them, distending them andprovoking her to gasp.

My hand was being increasingly dampened by her flowing juices whileI had a mouthful of her breasts in my yapper as I worked onelevating her mood as highly as possible. She hooked my underarmsand pulled me up again to exchange white hot kisses, my heartswelling with love and lust for this beautiful woman whose smilealways made me swoon. "I love you, Sandra," I blurted, hugging heras tightly as I could. "I love you, too, Miwa," she breathlesslyretorted. We kissed more, rolling around in the bed as she began topant due to my hand in her crotch. "Have a nice cum for me sweety,"I breathily urged, picking up the pace with which I rubbed her clit. She began to push back against my digits and then let out severalchoked gasps before suddenly shouting, "I'm cumming!"

When her orgasm subsided, I sat with my hands behind me and bracedagainst the bed and opened my legs. She slid up between them andjammed her pussy against mine.

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   I reached over with my righthand andpulled her head toward me and kissed her hotly while our hips beganto rock. I resumed using that hand to support my weight while I feltthe lips of her love slot bringing pressure to mine. It also allowedme to have a long look at her while we mutually bucked our hips anddrove each other higher on the pleasure slope, those beautifulnarrow brown eyes of hers sparkling every time the light hit them. Our breathing was shorter and more labored now due to a combinationof exertion and sheer horniness, our groins glinting with ournatural lubricants and our long black hair wavering on and off ourshoulders. As we harmonized with our soft, high pitched moans, I sawSandra's eyes roll up in her head and she whipped her hips harderand faster against my dripping cunt. Her pubic region convulsed asshe yelped, "I-I-I-I-I'm cummmminnnnggggg, oh fuck!" Her face andher upper chest were flushed and the visual, the auditory and thesensory all combined to launch me into intergalactic ecstasy, too. "Ohhh Gooddd (pant pant pant pant)!" I mewled as I felt the heatexplode inside me.

I pulled my legs away from hers and crawled on top of her and huggedher with all my being and kissed her as if she was going to dielater that night. I repeatedly told her I loved her and thewaterworks were activated on both our parts. It was a moving momentamplified by our mutual nudity and the vulnerability that bringswith it. I laid on my back and pulled her on to my left shoulder andheld her lefthand, which was placed just under my breasts. Weexchanged little kisses off and on while we reclined and awaited themoment when George would take her from my arms. Fortunately, thatwas another couple of hours as Guy told me later that he was tryingto help George deal with the issues Sandra presented him with indetail. This is something I would come to really like about Guy, thethorough manner in which he attempted to analyze everything thatresulted in a different view of things than perhaps one wouldotherwise be armed with.

I was stroking Sandra's head when George and Guy came into mybedroom.

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   Sandra and I hurried to get on our knees on the floor. "Welcome back Master," I said, Sandra echoing that for George. George then announced that to signal that Sandra was indeed hisproperty, he was changing her name to "lovehole. " "Thank youMaster," she accepted. Sandra complained very little about anythingwhile I dominated her and didn't gripe about being called "cunt," atall even though that word offends the crap out of most women. Andbeing that, it pleased me very much that she permitted me to use itwithout objection since it indicated the depth of her submission tome.

"Come with me, lovehole," George ordered. "Yes Master," she heededas she stood up and scurried to his side, the two of themdisappearing into their bedroom. "I want you to go practice guitarfor the next two hours, cockslave" Guy said. "I have to read somestuff for a couple of my classes tomorrow," he informed me, pickingup his book bag and heading downstairs to the sofa. "Yes Master. Thank you Master," I expressed and ambled over to my music room. For anhour, I worked on learning Iron Maiden's "The Clairvoyant" eventhough my band would never play it, but changing things up is goodfor a player. Then the second hour, I did some speed exercises whilealso working on my legato technique, too.

When I was done, I went downstairs and asked Guy if it was okay if Istarted dinner.

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   He gave that the green light. I asked if Sandra andGeorge were still there and he said they were. I didn't hearanything when I passed their bedroom, so if they had sex they hadfinished by the time I was done with my practice. Since we didn'thave any breakfast, I decided to grill some chicken and make a saladand some fries. A few minutes later, George and Sandra joined us andSandra helped me chop the vegetables, which was a huge help, and putthe tea on. We then had a leisurely dinner. Around eight,George and Sandra departed for her place. Guy and I saw them off atthe door and I kissed them both goodbye. I cried again even aftertrying to stifle that impulse, and Guy comforted me. I raised myhand. "Yes cockslave?' "Would Master like his cockslave to have thehonor of showering with him?" I pondered. I knew that he was goingto want to go to bed early because of school Monday, so I thought itwould be a good idea to get cleaned up ASAP before we turned in. "Your Master would love the presence of his gorgeous cockslave whilehe showers," he assented. I smiled and helped him get his clothesoff, folded them, retrieved towels and wash cloths and then ran thewater to warm it up before we stepped into the shower.

He wanted to wash me first and he felt me up as he did so, Guyfondling my water slicked breasts and nipples from behind after hefinished cleaning me before rubbing my pussy, both things workingsynergistically to make we lubricate.

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   He then had me bend overagainst the wall opposite the shower head massager and repeatedlyslammed his penis in to me while he pulled my hairdownward to keep my eyes forward and let me know who was the boss,which was totally hot. He also slapped my ass rather hard several timesas he continued pumping the full length of his weapon between myvaginal walls, eventually triggering a quaking orgasm inside me and,a little later, him sloshing his manjuice into my love pit.

I was glad he fucked me, but it made me a little weak in the kneesand feeling a little lazy. Nevertheless, I set about washing him andwhen I rinsed the soap off of him I kissed and licked his chest. "Master, you smell so good," I praised. "Mmmm, cockslave's scent iseven more intoxicating," he countered. We washed our hair and thentoweled each other off. We took care of our grooming and walked offto bed still without a stitch on. As he reached for one of histextbooks, I snuggled up against him  and rubbed his chest. Ireveled in his scent. He took my hand and kissed it before gentlyreturning it to his chest. After a little while passed, he looked atme with a smile and told me I was "so great. " and hugged me tightly. Then one of my dogs intervened because she needed to godo her business. Guy loves animals to an unreal degree, though notto the extent he endorses the nonsense of PETA and remarked how niceit was to be around dogs again since he couldn't  have any pets inthe apartment he shared with a couple of roommates.



We fell asleep approximately an hour later and I woke up just beforesix. I made him omurice (an omelet packed with rice and topped witha dash of ketchup---it's good! Try it sometime). I also made Guy acouple of rice balls with simulated crab filling so he could havesomething to eat later in the day. that wasn't fast food. "Arigatouokaasan (thanks, mom)" he joked and kissed me goodbye.

I spent the day doing the grocery shopping, walking my dogs, playingguitar and doing housework. I was glad to find that Sandra still hadsome of her stuff in her bedroom, so she obviously intended to comeover at least occasionally. After dinner, I watched some pornoonline. Yes, even though I was a girl now and could pretty much getlaid anytime I wanted (albeit acting like a mega slut), I stillliked to masturbate to porn on occasion. I found a really hot videoof a cute middle aged Japanese woman being fucked by a very handsomeand athletic black guy with an thick eight inch cock. As soon as Ihad the desire to touch my clit and my nipples, I phoned Guy toobtain his permission to play with myself. He punched out for hisdinner break and had me hold off until he had gotten to his carbecause he wanted to hear me pleasure myself. I described what I wasdoing with my fingers as well as the video while my digits did thewalking, as it were. The video ended and I quickly found anotherinterracial video of an early 20's Japanese girl who was beingdouble teamed by both black and white guys (two guys total). Unlikethe middle aged woman, who could only take about 75% of the blackguy's cock, the younger girl took it all, including doing a nicethroat fuck scene.

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   I imagined that was me they were doing that toand my breathing soon froze before the pleasure suddenly detonatedinside me, causing me to pant some not so nice verbiage into Guy'sear. I apologized that I couldn't be there to blow him or to befucked and generally give his hard cock some relief. "It's all goodfun," he rationalized. No big deal. It definitely woke me up,"  helaughed. "I love you Master!" I burbled, concluding the call.

I called him later on and asked him if he minded if I came over tohis place Tuesday to make him an early dinner. He definitely likedthat idea. His roommates wouldn't be home since they worked duringthe day. He came to his apartment just before 12:30 and I waswaiting for him, as I arrived about five minutes earlier. I madesome dim sum before leaving home and also brought a wok, oil and abag of vegetables and a container of steamed rice. Theirrefrigerator was bare. Typical bachelors. The place needed a woman'stouch, too, as it looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in a couple ofweeks. They had a few old bowls, plates and I had chopsticks, so Icooked the vegetables, steamed the rice and dim sum to reheat themand plated everything.

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   "Wow cockslave, this is bloody wonderful," heenthused. "Definitely better than what I would have eatenotherwise," he smiled. "Would Master mind if I cleaned his apartmentfor him?" "Hellz yeah, cockslave. Knock yourself out!" he consented. When he finished eating, I looked to see what cleaning supplies theyhad. Not  nearly enough. I told Guy I was going to the store to getsome and I would be back as soon as I could. I returned at about twoand began to tidy things up. I asked permission to go into Guy'sbedroom and he was good with it. His room was cluttered and hisbedding looked as if it hadn't been washed in two months. Ewww!

Guy had to leave a half hour later and let me stay to finish thejob. I vacuumed, scrubbed and did laundry so that Guy could havesome clean bed clothes. I was still there at 5:30 when one of hisroommates came home. "Who are you?" he asked, surprised by mypresence. "I'm Guy's girlfriend," I revealed.

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   "I'm Miwa," I said,extending my hand to Ron, who didn't tell me his surname. "Ivolunteered to do  the housework for him since it was such a mess inhere," I disclosed. "I'm glad somebody's doing it," he laughed. Ronthen got on his cellphone to Guy to check my story out. I then said,"if you guys let me into your rooms I can clean them up for you," Ioffered. "I'm sure they need it. " I spent another couple of hourscleaning the roommates' spaces and doing their laundry. The otherone, Sam, arrived home not long after Ron did. They knew Guy had anew girlfriend but we obviously hadn't met yet. I texted Guy to tellhim I was finally on my way home at about eight p. m. I didn't gethome until nine due to the horrendous traffic even that late atnight. When Guy phoned me the next morning, he said that he jokedthat he thought he had walked into another apartment by mistakebecause it was clean for once. "Master, as much as your cockslaveloves serving you, she doesn't believe she can do that on a regularbasis," I explained to him. "Yeah, it sucks living with otherdudes," he lamented.


   "Is there any male on the planet who isn't atotal slob?" he asked rhetorically. He moved on to about what theythought about me personally, which mostly devolved down toobservations about my ass, tits, face and race. Again, typical maleconversation.

Guy went on to tell me about what his schedule was going to be forthe next few weeks because he got buried by a bunch of term paperassignments. This was to be expected and wasn't his fault, but itwas evident that I wasn't going to see much of him over the courseof the rest of the semester. And I didn't. He came over Saturdayevening but was pretty sleep deprived and I gave him a massage and ablowjob before he crashed in my bed. Then he had to get up Sundaymorning to hit the library again and just went home from there. Sothat my band was busy during the month was a good thing since ithelped keep my mind off of not being able to see my Master. We hadsex maybe three times after that phone call. That just wasn't goingto cut it.

His work, though, was a lot closer to me than where he lived, so Ishowed up there sporadically and would bring dinner for him and playa little kissy face. He never took that for granted, either. Hiscolleagues envied him for having a girlfriend who was willing to dothat. I got to know a few of them over the ensuing weeksand I brought dinner for everybody three or four times.



Sandra's scheduling problems prevented us from doing anymore collegeor high school gigs since the ones we did in September. We rented aveterans hall in the City of Orange in October and printed uphundreds of flyers and ran all over the county distributing them. Wedeliberately scheduled it in the middle of the week so that weweren't competing with the weekend panoply of Southern Californiaentertainment. A little less than 50 people came out to see us atthe Legion hall gig. We lost money on it after rent,  two securityguards and paying the sound man since we only charged five bucks apop, but it wasn't enough to keep us from talking one of the localjunior colleges into letting us have a booking for cheap at its 100seat hall two weeks later. That actually sold outand we made a little money. Because we were the only act, we playedfor two hours at both gigs, including extended guitar workouts on"Coast to Coast," which he hadn't performed before until the LegionHall concert, and "Sails of Charon," which we had only learned  aweek before.

It was great spending time with Sandra again and we were all smilesduring those gigs. I thought we were pretty inspired and I waselated after they had ended. The audience members seemed to love it,as camera phones were out shooting video pretty much start to finishand then they came around during load out to talk to us and takepictures with the band members. Unfortunately, neither George or Guycould be at those concerts due to their work obligations.

A few weeks later, the first week of December, I think it was, wedid a bar gig in Redondo Beach with another tribute band headlining. So we got 45 minutes and rather tepid reaction. I don't know if wewere lousy (I certainly didn't think so) or if it was just whatopening acts have to put up with, an audience so intent on seeingthe headliner that they ignore who came on before them. We  shut itdown for the year after that.



When Thanksgiving rolled around, Guy and I finally got to spend afew days together. He invited me to his house to have dinner withhis family, but that did not go well. Oh, they liked me well enoughand I guess Guy had talked me up to his mom, but his father was kindof an asshole. A really smart guy, but Jesus buddy, fucking chillout, okay? I told Guy that if he became like his dad I would leavehim. He didn't like that very much because I was talking about hisdad, but tough shit. His father was one of those people who seemedto like making themselves miserable. How he and Guy's mom stayedtogether for decades I couldn't figure out. I was in such a foulmood afterward that I decided to sleep alone after we got back to myhouse. Of course, that REALLY hocked Guy off and he threatened tobreak up with me. He had a point. I was, in effect, punishing himfor the conduct of his father. I apologized to him the next morningand he flogged me to within an inch of my life and then fucked mefrom behind as punishment. Every time his pubic bone collided withmy body, it would hurt like hell after the kind of corporalcorrection I endured. He also gave me an hour of corner timestanding on one leg and then took me over to his apartment and mademe clean it again. As part of my penance, I bought them new plates,bowls, glasses and flatware, too.

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   In any event, I was now on sixmonths probation, so if I screwed up again like that he was going topunt. What I pulled was a total chick maneuver and I wasdisappointed in myself that I did that.

Saturday morning, though, his anger had subsided but I was stillsore from the punishment. I served him breakfast in bed and then wehad sex when he was through eating. He mostly spent the day in bed,though, doing research on the internet and reading. I also gave hima supplementary Japanese lesson. However, I couldn't even playguitar due to the welts on my legs and hips and I was glad he mademe be naked all the time when we were at my place. Clothes wouldhave just scraped those wounds and could have really stung. The sexwas only mildly painful this time as opposed to Friday, where itfelt like I was being burned alive with each thrust.

It has to be said that Guy didn't really like punishing me. He wouldthreaten to, but because I would always do whatever he wanted henever did until the Thanksgiving incident. We did agree, though,that I definitely wasn't spending Christmas with his folks.

Sunday, the welts had pretty much disappeared though there was stillsome skin irritation. Guy fucked me twice and it was A LOT morecomfortable and enjoyable. He decided to spend the day just relaxingso he could clear his head.

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   I stayed out of his way and let him havesome "me time. " I jammed in my music room for six hours. I learnedthree new songs, Thin Lizzy's "Thunder and Lightning," Saxon's"Motorcycle Man" and a  Cream track called "Tales of Brave Ulysses. "My fingers were sore, though, because my calluses had erodedsomewhat thanks to the three day layoff.

I didn't see Guy at all after that until Christmas break because hewas just too busy or frazzled. I knew exactly how he felt from myown college experience. I didn't want to be in his way and he warnedme anyway this could happen. He managed to skip out early the Fridaywhen the holiday began and told him how glad I was to see him. Heapologized for neglecting me, but there wasn't much he could havedone about that. He had finished all his papers for  the semesterand now just had to worry about finals. He took a shower and, afterhe had a chance to kind of decompress for an hour or so, we wereable to get to sleep. I told him I wanted him to sleep a lot. Iawoke around 11 a. m. Saturday and didn't bother to wake him up.

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   Imade some rice balls so he could have something quick to shovel downhis gullet when he finally did arise, which wouldn't be until aftertwo.

I told him not to get me anything for Christmas since I already hadeverything I wanted. I did, though, go nuts buying things forothers. I got Sandra a Dave Gilmour signature Strat and a FenderSupersonic 2x12 combo amp. I bought George a Charvel San Dimasguitar and a Marshall combo amp. For Guy, I purchased a new LEDHDTV, a new bed with several changes of top sheets, blankets andbedspreads plus new pillows, $1000 worth of gift certificate from acertain well known internet retailer to use for textbooks or tomesrelated to his major or studying Japanese. I also informed him thatI wanted him to move in with me so he could quit his job and focussolely on school. However, I also averred that I would kick him outlike bad trash if his grades fell off plus he was going to have tobegin working out daily. As one can imagine, he had mixed feelingsabout this. He decided that it would be best for him to stay put atboth work and his apartment just to make sure he and I were going towork out, promising that he would move in during the summer of thenew year  if we were still an item. That sounded rational to me.

Anyway, getting back to Saturday, he looked at the clock and when hefound me in the living room watching tv, he was apologetic. Afterkneeling on the floor, I told him he did exactly what was good forhim, so it wasn't any skin off of my back and directed him to therice balls in the refrigerator. He said he wasn't feeling in amasterful mood and so I could do anything I wanted that day,including wearing clothes, since it was cold. I asked him if I couldwear pants and he okayed that, too.

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   He gobbled the rice balls up,chasing them down with some iced tea. I donned a pair of jeans, asweatshirt and socks. I was still a girl, though, so I neededa blanket to keep warm on a day that would only get into themid-50's (which is positively arctic conditions in SouthernCalifornia).

He laid his head in my lap as we watched the History Channeltogether and held my hand while he did so. Guy had explained to mequite a while back that he was normally a pretty quiet man and I hadnoticed that, so we sat/laid there mostly silently for the nextseveral hours, interrupted only by my dogs wanting to jump on thecouch with us (which they were permitted to do) or when they neededto go out to do their business.

However, at dinner,  he dropped a bombshell on me: his company mightsend him to Japan. He had applied for the position and was stillawaiting word. The interview had gone well, he thought. Fortunately,he would be gone for only three months, but it would mean delayinghis graduation from college by another six months. I had lived inJapan for a while and was glad he had a shot at the opportunity. Itold him that I couldn't stay with him because I can't leave my dogskenneled that long. But I would fly in at the same time he did andthen show him how to get around Tokyo, where a lot of the cool shitis and I would also use it as another excuse to go on another guitarbuying spree and then fuck off back to California after a couple ofweeks.

Sunday, I told him I was going to have him practice his Japanese andI would show him some things he might not be familiar with. I alsomade a list of things to pack and where he could buy good meals so hedidn't have to eat fast food. Another good thing about Guy is thathe's omnivorous.


   That is, he can eat just about anything and he wasgoing to run across stuff in Japan that he hadn't seen before on thefood front. Not quite as exotic as what one sees in Taiwan andChina, but odd by American standards. We went to a Japanesesupermarket about 20 minutes from my house. We went through theaisles and I explained what the stuff he hadn't eaten before wouldtaste like. I bought a bunch of it and would cook it later thatnight to introduce him to it directly rather than just throughverbiage. One thing his Japanese coworkers might test him on isnatto,  a sticky soybean concoction that many Japanese eat forbreakfast, It has boatloads of protein in it, but the taste andtexture puts a lot of people off. Nobody has a neutral opinion ofnatto in Japan. It's always either love or hate. I am on the loveside myself. But you have to eat a mint afterward or your breathwill stink.

Guy had been a Japanophile for a few years, so he had already gottenstuck in on a lot of stuff and could already read newspapers andmagazines. His vocabulary and knowledge of dialects, though, stillhad a ways to go and he often got lost when the language was spokenrapidly. I told him not to panic, he will get used to it andspeaking is a reflex anyway. The more you do it the better you getat it and the better you hear what the other person is saying.

We returned and I started cooking.

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   I lectured him on Japanese tablemanners, too. As it turned out, he had no problems with any of thestuff I made. I neglected to get okonomiyaki, but urged him to gocheck it out as soon as he could because it is soooo good. Takoyaki,though, sucks, imho. Guy liked natto, so noproblem there as long as he could eat rice with it.

We cleaned up the mess we had made and headed upstairs and laid inbed while we continued the conversation. He called my adviceinvaluable and then slid his hand up the sweater I was wearing andunhooked my bra. We were under the covers, so I pulled the sweaterand bra off and put my breasts on display for him. He kissed me verytenderly while he fondled my breasts. I was smiling like a fool athim as he did this because I loved him so much. He nuzzled my neckand I revealed to him how many Japanese women find having the innerridges of their ears lightly licked erotic. I gave him permission tosleep with the women there  for the experience, but he was going tofind it pretty much impossible to get into any BDSM action over such ashort period, so he should just be content with having a vanillalifestyle during his Japanese stint. Then he drilled the shit out of me.

His boss gave his job performance a good review and, just after theNew Year'sholidays were over in Japan, he was told that he was the one theywould send there. Of course, he was stoked and I was glad for him.

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   Hewas going to leave the last week of February. He immediately gave hisroommates notice that he was leaving and would be moving in with me. Hetook his finals and then would have a month long break from schoolbefore he boarded his flight. I booked a private jet, which, roundtrip,was going to cost me in excess of $100,000, but I had been spoiled bythe experience with John plus I was planning on bringing a lot of stuffback with me and it would be too much of a hassle doing it on acommercial flight. My cellphone worked worldwide, so I told him to callme once he was about to exit the airport because I was going to fly intoTokyo two days before his arrival and would go to meet him once he gotinto his hotel.

Guy moved into my place on January 15th. The following day, I took himclothes shopping. Again, like a lot of guys, he would wear his clothesuntil they were falling apart. I wanted him to make a better impression,so I bought him brand new clothes, including a new suit and a moresecure suitcase. I felt like his mom while I was doing this, but being aformer male, I understood why he had kind of a lax attitude toward hisclothes. We then went to a Japanese restaurant and had a deliciouslunch. After that, we hit some local bookstores since I told Guy thatJapanese tv is pretty sucky and he would be better off focusing onreading and, of course, building his Japanese vocabulary.

When we got home, he ordered me to strip and to kneel. He took his cockout and skullfucked me before serving me a big heapin' helpin' of hismancream. We drifted upstairs to my bedroom and cuddled and talked.

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   Heexpressed his gratitude for everything I was doing for him.

My metamorphosis into a chick continued, though. Whereas in the weeksand months immediately following my transformation due to the magiccoin, I was a lot more independent and not really feeling sociallyneedy, as I call it, more and more I began to both enjoy and need aman's presence in my bed at night. I still had my male high sex drive,though, and most nights concluded with me and Guy fucking. I wasdefinitely going to miss him during his trip. .

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