Seduction by a Familiar Stranger - Part III


“My love, I’m a vampire now, and last night, I made you one also. ” He looked up quickly into her face and was rewarded with another blank, blinking stare. She coughed and swallowed then one eyebrow went up. “What?” She managed. He pulled her hands up and kissed each one. “I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. It happened and I don’t remember how, although I suspect it was that last prostitute I brought back to my room. ” At this he watched her face. She sighed heavily and looked down at their hands. “I wanted you to join me. I couldn’t bare to think I’d leave you behind or worse, kill you for my own meal. Even though I almost did that last night. ” “Mike,” she starts to say, leaning forward and kissing his lips gently. “I don’t care what you are or what you did. It matters that you came back. As for the vampire thing……” she shrugs, “I’ll believe it when I see it.

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  ” He laughed. He knew she had been the perfect woman for him from the start. They had always shared interests, friends, days, nights, laughs, sorrows. It seemed right that she would be so accepting of this. “You are hungry? Yes?” He asked her. She nodded, biting her lower lip. “Then, wait right here and I’ll bring you a meal, fit for my queen. ” He saw the panic in her eyes when he slid out of the bed and leaned over to kiss her, to reassure her that he would return. She kissed him back passionately, tears springing up and sliding down her cheeks, leaving faint blood trails. He licked them off her cheeks and felt her shudder, knowing she had not realized that he had just drank of her blood. He grabbed clothing as he left the room, leaving her sitting in a pool of shadow on the bed, but her eyes should be adjusting to the new darkness now. She watched him go and suddenly thought of how clear everything in the room was, even being nighttime and unlit. She could feel the fan breeze on her arm and the hairs rising up. She could hear heartbeats, faint, but intoxicatingly rhythmic in her ears. Was he telling the truth? This was wonderful! Twenty minutes later, she heard the front door open and two male voices, one of them her husband.

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   She remained in her seated position on the bed until he called for her. There turned out to be no need for her to leave the room, as her husband brought the other man down the hallway to their room. She tensed, then moaned as she heard the strong heartbeat getting closer, thrumming in her ears and smelled the scent of something absolutely delicious, but muted, as though it were inside a box or casing of some kind. She sat quietly smiling on the bed, not bothering to pull up the covers as her husband opened the bedroom door and led in the strange man. The man he had brought in was young and healthy, not overweight by any means, but certainly not the gangly type of his generation, all bones and no flesh. She smiles into his blue eyes as she saw her sitting here, naked and waiting. He grinned widely, looking from her to her husband and back again. “This is real?” he asked. “You’re asking me to fuck your wife?” Her husband nodded and held out an arm towards her, gesturing the man towards her. The man didn’t wait to be asked a second time. He started shedding clothes, shirt, shoes, jeans, ripping them off and throwing them to the floor in his hurry. When he was done and began clambering over the bed towards her, she could see he had forgotten to take his socks off in the rush and that he was well muscled. She only got a glimpse of his cock, pointing out from his waist before he was hunched over, crawling towards her. It was nothing special, only five inches or so and rather slender, even jutting fully aroused as it was, but he was her husband’s gift to her, so he would do as an appetizer. She opened her arms to him and pulled him to her, kissing him passionately, thinking, ‘Oh, thank you, my love.

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  ’ She was surprised when she heard his voice in her head, ‘You’re welcome. ’ She barely had time to gasp and look over the man’s shoulder at him before the man bore her down onto the bed and rammed his cock into her pussy, not even attempting foreplay. She heard her husband laugh in her head, sounding clearly, even past the thudding of the man’s heart, and she gasped again, feeling this man’s weight on her as he rammed in and out of her, grunting and groaning. She held him to her, licking her lips, feeling her passion burning brighter, and her hunger growing sharper. Her tongue slipped over her teeth and there, her canines were noticeably longer and sharper. She grinned to herself, beginning to believe completely now. This boar of a man was ramming his cock into her, grunting, as she milked him with her hot pussy, pulling him down onto her, urging him on. “Fuck me,” She moaned to the man, but her mind was elsewhere. ‘My love, join me in the meal. I don’t know if I can hold off dining much longer. ’ She felt the mad rutting of this man was actually bringing her close to orgasm and moaned. ‘No, my dear,’ came the return thought, ‘This one is for you alone. I dined while I was out retrieving this one. He still has no idea where his date went. ’ These words sounded so coldly tender that she cried out and began to orgasm under the ruttings of this beast.

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   The beastly man began to moan and grunt faster, then rammed one last time, coming inside her, dribbling her with his seed. As he shuddered on top of her, his face buried in her hair, she opened her mouth and sank her teeth into his shoulder. At first the man smiled, thinking she was simply biting him out of passion, thinking himself wonderful as a lover if she would do that in her wildness. Then, he felt her teeth sink into his jugular and he blinked. The pain was fleeting however, as her saliva on her fangs numbed the wound and acted as a tranquilizer to the victim. She felt his thick, syrupy blood flow over her lips, her tongue, and down her throat. His heartbeat rang in her ears and the speedy, thumping bass of it began to slow almost immediately, as she swallowed vigorously, her eyes boring into her husband’s over the body’s shoulder. She continued to thrust up, fucking the boorish man, even as she drained him. Her husband’s eyes gleamed and he licked his lips. Oh, what a marvelous killer she would make. Her next meal would be from her own hunt. He watched her drain this man, this random male, found at a cheesy nightclub, who had been standing in the parking lot, waiting for his date to come around with the car. The woman had been easy. He had simply walked up behind her as she unlocked the door and grabbed her around the waist and over the mouth, cutting off her scream. It had been delicious, ripping her dress off her before ramming his cock into her dry pussy, fucking her senseless, fucking her until she became wet and began to move against him, helping him towards orgasm.

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   At the point of her orgasm, he had pulled his hand from her mouth, and bitten down, quickly draining her. His own orgasm came quickly then, and he pulled out, dropping her into the passenger seat, and driving the car to a nearby restaurant that was closed for renovations. He had come back to the club and had simply suggested to the man that he had a “hot” lady waiting at home for some strange dick to fuck her. That was all it had taken to lure this sap here. And now, he could hear the heartbeat stop and could see his loving wife shoving the dead body to the side, onto the floor. Her lips her scarlet from the blood and her eyes shone. She held up her arms to him and he would not deny her. He removed his clothing and slid down onto the bed next to her. They held each other, kissing gently, tasting the blood on each other’s lips. “There’s more,” he started to say, but she cut him off. “Not now,” she said and put a finger on his lips. More to come!.