Demonic Awakening


Demonic Awakening
A tale of sheer lust quenched by demons

Lauren Seibetsu was raised to fight the forces of darkness. From the moment she was able to walk and talk she was taught how to fight; hand to hand, with weapons, even guns. The forces her family fought were perverse to say the least, and so, in order to avoid it later on, she had lost her virginity when she was twelve. Sex to the dark forces was like oxygen to humans, so she had been taught to love it too. She was easily able to get it, for she had begun to fill out the moment she turned thirteen; her breasts, hips, everything sexual about her had grown, and grown, and grown. Once she was eighteen her measurements were as followed (Centre metres): (Breasts)70-(Waist)54-(Hips)87. By the time she had finished college she had had sex with over a hundred guys and in all kinds of positions. Her family was very wealthy, but they still risked their lives for the sake of protecting the innocent, this had continued for centuries, that is, until now. Lauren had decided to make a normal life for herself, albeit filled with crazy sex. The argument with her mother had not gone well.
“What do you mean you’re not going to continue our legacy?!” Her mother shouted.
“I mean that I don’t want to be fucked by monsters all my life! I want to live a normal life, get married, grow old, and die a natural death. ” She had replied.
“You can’t ignore your destiny Lauren, our bloodline is easily sensed by them, you would be attacked before you knew it. ”
“You and father have trained me, I’m quite certain that I can defend myself. ” Her mother shook her head.

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“Not without sacred weapons, your fists maybe able to fend off human assailants, but against these enemies,” She shook her head again, “You’ll die; at least with us you have a chance. ”
“I’ll take one with me. ”
“Do you truly want to live your life constantly looking over your shoulder in fear of attack?”
“I’m willing to do that, since if I stay with you two I’ll be in danger more often than if I left. ” Her mother’s shoulders sank in defeat.
“Very well, take the sword, but be warned, if you do not hone your skills further they will get you eventually. ”
“I’ll take that to heart. ” And with that Lauren left with nothing but a suitcase filled with clothes, money and a single weapon.
Three years later Lauren had been living in a small but still luxurious house, albeit one room was covered in stains. Her family hadn’t contacted her since she had left them, and no evil beings had attacked her. She didn’t need to work so she spent most of her time with lovers of any gender or species. Her body was different then other people, she had realised it when she was trying to put two horse sized dildos into her pussy, they had slid inside her until they pushed against her cervix, then she wished that it wasn’t there so that she could feel them in her womb, and, as if by her will, the cervix disappeared and she could feel them inside her womb. Then another time when she was using a snake to masturbate, it was a fully grown python, which was almost as thick as her thigh. So when it was in she could a bulge as it slid in and out of her cunt. After that her pussy was literally forever stretched. That night she was going out to meet a good fuck buddy.

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   She arrived at the usual bar and saw him sitting at the bar.
“Hey Ryan, did you wait long?” She asked as she sat down beside him.
“For what I’m anticipating tonight, I’d wait for days on end. ”
“Really?” She said surprised.
“No. ” He replied making both of them laugh. After talking and drinking she said;
“Would you like to go to a motel now?” He smiled and left some money to pay for the drinks.
“Which do you want babe?” He asked when they reached the motel district.
“Oh let’s go to that one. ” She said and pointed to a new one with a cartoon demon theme.
“Sure. ” AS they got nearer she saw a sign reading ‘Take delight in the pleasures of the underworld’. They entered the building and found that it was more or less designed more couples or one night stands, mounted on the walls were condoms, aphrodisiacs, porn movies/novels, and even drugs.
“I’m getting wet just being in here. ” She said and reached for his semi hard cock.

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“Hey wait ‘til we’re in the room. ” He said lust thickening in his voice. She pouted but waited while he paid for the room and any other things they might need like; whips, paddles, or some rope.
“Hello. ” She said to a passing employee who stopped and sniffed the air.
“Hello miss, may I help you with anything?” He asked after a moment of silence.
“Um yeah, I’d like a two of the biggest dildos you have here. ”
“Are you sure? They’re very, very, big?”
“I’m positive. ” A few minutes later he came back carrying two dildos as thick as her calves. Her mouth opened into an o and she couldn’t seem to close it.
“Are you sure now?”
“Y-yeah. ” He handed them to her and left, “Wait don’t I need to pay for these or something?”
“Don’t worry Miss Seibetsu it’s on the house. ” She smiled her thanks and went to see what was taking Ryan so long. The employee pulled out a headpiece and turned it on, “We have found one master. ”
“Good, good, now my plans will be complete one way or another.

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  ” The employee turned and his face changed to slime and wart covered with teeth as sharp as razor blades.
Lauren felt a chill go up her spine and turned around, seeing nothing she shrugged and thought nothing of it, she then realised something, the employee had known her name, even though she had never introduced herself. For the first time in years she was actually afraid that the forces of darkness had found her.  
“Sorry for the wait. ” Ryan said as he placed his hand on her shoulder, she did a little scream but stopped when she saw that it only her night accompany. “What’s wrong? Did something while I was gone?” She tried her best to calm her racing heart and smiled.
“Sorry I’m just really excited about tonight. ” She and put his hand on the wet patch of her panties.
“I can’t wait to tear those off. ”
“Then we better get going. ” She said and took the lead twitching her hips as she walked. Soon enough they were in room and more or less tearing the clothes off of each other. He started to kiss her slowly going down to her breasts and taking extra time on each nipples, then he laid kisses down her abdomen until he reached her engorged bud. Lauren loved the attention she was receiving and her juices were following more freely now and just lapped them up. She loved how he would focus on her clit, and then go as deep as he could with his tongue.

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“Oh I’m gonna cum, don’t stop. . . don’t stop, please don’t stop?” She moaned gradually getting louder and louder to the point where she was practically screaming the words. Without warning her juices gushed into his open mouth and he drank them, once she had stopped he still had a mouthful of her cum, he brought his lips to hers and gave her a taste of her juices. She moaned as she swallowed.
“Now it’s my turn. ” She said seductively and lowered her head until she was level his large cock. She licked her lips and proceeded to lick it from the tip to bottom. “Are you ready for me?” She asked and didn’t wait for answer, as she engulfed his cock down to the base, relishing in the feeling of him filling her throat. He reached down and started to play with her breasts, squeezing the marvellous orbs of sensitive flesh and tugging on the bullet like nipples, while she smothered his cock with her saliva. His playing with her tits was making her hum with pleasure and it was making him cum too soon.
“I gonna cum. ” He warned her; on she sucked and sucked until his seed shot down her throat. She loved the taste of semen and he was the best because he shot more than the average man.

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   She mouthed him to keep him hard and pushed onto his back.
“Stay right there and stroke that thing for me Ryan, while I put on a show for you. ” She stayed standing and spread her legs a little before placing one of the dildos onto the floor and began to sit on it. It stretched like crazy, but she was so wet that it slid on fairly easily, once lubricated she pulled it out and put it at her back entrance.
“Oh my GOD! It’s… It’s so huge, I can feel it, stretching… me so much!” She cried out then through the pleasure and pain she heard Ryan screaming and saw him being swallowed by the bed, she stopped moving and looked around, her training kicked in. Even after all those years her body still remembered everything, with the dildo still inside her she rolled to the door and tried to open it to no avail. I’m actually going to get fucked by them, the thought both terrified and excited her. Even though she wanted to escape her mind was being filled images of her past sex partners and the nights she shared with them. She reached down and slipped three fingers past her wet folds, then another and finally she pushed her knuckles into her, pushing in and out she was getting wetter and wetter, until finally she came with the force of a thousand suns, with her juices pouring from her pussy like a flood. It just as she was approaching her orgasm that she saw the first demon. It was nearly ten feet tall, its face was somewhat twisted, the eyes were angled oddly and had an enormous mouth with its frightfully long tongue hanging out, the skin was an metallic green, horns protruded from its shoulders, and it had almost a dozen tentacles wriggling from its back. Her eyes travelled down and she almost yanked her fist out, its cock was massive; the bell end had to as thick as a softball, and it only got thicker farther down. She looked it up and down repeatedly and remembered reading somewhere that the longest penis belonged to the blue whale, and that that was eight feet long. Her mind knew that she should try to escape, but her sex drive was screaming at her to fuck the monster, in the end her sex drive won. She pulled her fist out and tried to move to the demon, but its tentacles shot out and wrapped around her ankles.

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   She struggled to break free but they had a vice-like grip, and the more she struggled the more they released a strange aroma, she couldn’t place the scent but it made her body respond, her nipples were so hard that it nearly hurt, and her pussy was so wet it felt like she was creating an ocean on the floor. Still she tried to pull away but her will to be free was being over powered by her longing to be fucked by this monstrosity. Two more tentacles shot out and her hands reacted on instinct ; she reached up to stop them but they were so slimy that they slipped through her hands, the slime seemed to seep into her pores and heightened her sensitivity, they each wrapped around a breast and their blunt tips pointed at her nipples and suddenly the tips split into several smaller tentacles which wrapped around her nipples and started to tug on them. She moaned loudly when another tentacle pushed into her mouth and started to slide over her tongue,
“Mmmmmmm, deeper. ” She said as best she could with the huge tentacle in her mouth, it obliged and proceeded down her throat. She reached up with her hands and started to stroke it in an attempt to get it off, if it could actually be gotten off. Her mind couldn’t comprehend the sensations she was feeling; her sensitivity to being touched was still rising and the tentacles continued to fondle, squeeze and pull on her breasts. I won’t be able to last much longer, she thought. Another thirty minutes later and she still hadn’t cum, Why? I can feel my juices flowing down my legs, and my nipples feel like lead, so why… Why haven’t I cum yet? Without warning the tentacle came in her mouth as it was withdrawing, the cum tasted better than a human males, so much so that she tried to keep it in her mouth, but it was slimy it slid out anyway and her face and breasts were blasted by it. She looked down and couldn’t even make out her skin; it was so thick and sticky; as she reached up to rub it into her skin, even as the tentacle continued to fire her with its never ending supply of cum, she had to struggle to move her hand through the creamy substance and as she moved her hand away it stretched all the way to her mouth. She swallowed the cum in her mouth and was surprised when it didn’t even faze her. Breathing heavily she asked the monster;
“Are you done? Can I go now?” She said this already knowing the answer.
“Of course not my dear, you will either die here or I will tire of you, and believe me when I say, I have a lot of stamina. ” Its voice didn’t resemble its appearance at all; the soft velvet-like tones actually affected her pussy, making her cum at last. She screamed as her juices shot from her hole all over the room.

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   She struggled again and this time used her hands to tug on the tentacles, she couldn’t explain it but she felt stronger and the tentacles finally began to give way. Hope blossomed inside her heart but was then destroyed when she felt two more tentacles wrap around her wrists.
“Not so fast my dear. ” A different voice said behind and she turned to see another three demons all with cocks longer than she was. When she looked around again she locked eyes with the most beautiful woman she had ever seen; her face seemed to belong to an angel, her full lips were a luscious strawberry red, and, as Lauren looked down, she saw that her breasts were bigger than her own, they also seemed to defy gravity as there was no sag even though she was completely naked, her waist and hips combined with her breasts gave her the perfect hour glass figure.
“I take it you know who, and what, I am. ” The perfect woman said.
“You’re a succubus. ” Lauren paused, “Are you here to take my soul?”
“No my daughter, I am not. I am here to open your eyes to the pleasures of the Demon World. ” The succubus said and reached out to cup a breast in each hand. Lauren moaned and tried to repay the favour but her arms were still bound by tentacles, then something she had said registered.
“You said ‘daughter’? What does that mean?”
“Exactly what I said, you are my biological child. ”
“But… no, I’m a member of the Seibetsu household. ”
“I had to leave you behind when the king of all demons found out and ordered your execution, in order to keep you hidden I sealed your succubus side and manipulated the memories of the Seibetsu family, now I have returned to reawaken my daughter.

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   By the way my child, my name is Mara and you are Tenebre (pronounced ten-e-brea). ” The moment the word was out of her mouth Lauren felt her pussy pulsate and could feel it growing until it touched the bottom of her abdomen, her breasts swelled slightly until they were about 76 centre metres, and then she felt wings extend from her back. She lowered her head, no longer struggling against those who held her.
“Look up Tenebre. ” She obeyed and her eyes were immediately drawn to the huge cock in front of her mouth. She couldn’t control herself; she opened her mouth wide and let it enter. She loved the sensation of it rubbing across her tongue and looked up too see one of the monsters.
“You can release her now. ” Mara said and Lauren/Tenebre felt her arms and legs being released. She moaned as she began to jerk the monster off. She felt it thrusting into her mouth and she let it slide down her throat. She was shocked that her throat was able to take such a monster and that she could breathe as if there were nothing in there. She moaned as she felt more tentacles start to fondle her breast and caress her skin, she moaned around the monster in her throat and started to move her head back and forth faster than any human could ever do. Shortly the demon was jerking in her mouth and she knew what was coming, in both ways. She moved her head back and felt the first blast hit her face.

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   It shot so much that in one go her face was wearing a cover of demon cum, she aimed it lower just in time, as another shot landed on her breasts and started to drip between her breasts. Once again she covered it with her mouth just as the next blast came. The cum tasted better than before so she made every effort to engulf it, the next thing that surprised her was the fact that she could take it all with ease. She could feel it filling her stomach. Suddenly she spasmed as an ultimate orgasm exploded within her. She could feel her juices as they squirted stronger than ever before.
“Yum. ” Mara said and covered her daughter’s pussy with her mouth and drank the juices as they flowed forth. Lauren screamed around the cock as she came again and again, whilst her mother continued to drink her juices. The cock left her mouth and she just knelt there gasping for breath as her orgasms subsided.
“Are you ready Tenebre?”
“Please call me Lauren, mom. ”
“Alright Lauren, get ready for the fucking of your life. ” Lauren just nodded and walked over to one of the demons, she pushed him to the floor and straddled him, grasping his enormous cock she guided it to her soaking wet entrance and felt it as it slid in deep. She lowered herself further and further until it hit her cervix, she felt an intense desire to be able to take it deeper and, as if by magic, she felt it her pussy hit the base.
“Oh… FUCK… yes, it feels… sooooo good.


  ” She cried out as she started to use her knees to lift herself up and down. She looked down at her groin and was surprised when she saw a bulge on her skin, but the sight of the cock disappearing and then reappearing made her hornier than she had ever thought possible. She continued to life herself up to the tip and then dropped herself back down. She felt a pair of tentacles life her up along with the demon, and then she felt a cock pressing against her anal passage. Her human half screamed at her no!  No! Dear god no, while her succubus side was screaming louder for it to push in. In the end her succubus side won.
“Yes fuck my ass, push both of your cocks into me… oh yeah!” She pleaded and soon got her wish, she reach a hand down, gathered some of her juices and spread them over her back entrance and the cock seeking to go in there. She felt it pushing against her, slowly spreading her cheeks apart and opening her anal passage.
“Yes, yes, yes, oh god yes!” She cried out at it finally slid in. A part of her worried about being torn, but it was being thoroughly ignored by the side of her that was enjoying the severe stretching. They started a brutal rhythm that sent her over the edge in a matter of moments. As she cried out in pleasure another tentacle entered her mouth. All of her holes were being abused so badly, and she loved it.
“More. ” She moaned around the tentacle in her mouth.

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   She felt two of the tentacles that had been caressing her flesh each moved to one her filled holes and started to probe them. “Mm-mm-mm!” She moaned louder as they pushed in alongside the demon’s cocks. Through the thin membrane that separated her anus and her pussy. She cast her gaze down again and saw several bulges in her skin. She came again, her pussy muscles clenching wildly around the things fucking her, then she felt them all pulsing. She moaned loudly and frequently as they fired load after load into her body. She could feel it filling her womb to the point where she was actually being stretched by the sheer amount of it. Suddenly they popped out and covered her naked body with their remaining loads. She was gasping as small streams of their cum were seeping from her pussy and ass. Pushing with all her might she pushed out all the cum. They then laid her down on the cum covered floor where she lowered her face to it and started to lap up the cum.
“So,” her mother began, “How did you like that?” She asked. Lauren stopped licking the cum and replied,
“It was amazing, but I want more. ” Her mother chuckled, 
“Then we will have to find a lot of demons to satisfy you my dear. ” She said and stroked her daughters cum covered face.

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To be continued…

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