Babysitter and the Naughty Husband (Part 1)


For the past 2 years I've been babysitting for the Krings. They have 2 sons and one daughter, all under the age of 6. Being bisexual and a horny teenage girl, I've found myself attracted to both of the parents, Dave and Karen. One afternoon when I was invited to go over to there house, Karen's sister was having a birthday party. During most of the party, the men(about 30-42 in age) , were all flirting with me (I'm 17).

Dave had been cooking the burgers and once every couple minutes he would step back into the kitchen to take a sip of his beer. Knowing that I couldn't have alcohol, he constantly made me hold his beer and kept picking on me in a friendly sort of way. Then when he came in to look for Karen, but couldn't find her, he started walking back towards the door to the garage and as he walked past me he spanked me. At the moment I learned that I liked being spanked. At first I was taken back by it, but then I started getting horny and fast. I thought, 'Why did he just do that? Did that just happened? I hope he does it again'. 5 minutes goes by and he finally returns to the kitchen and says to me, "Just so you know I did not just smack your butt" I could tell the alcohol was having an effect on him, but it wasn't like he was drunk or anything.

Later on when his wife wasn't in the room again, he was talking to one of his friends, Chris, when he decides to start making fun of me. I tell him to shut up(kiddingly) and he tells me, "Hey! Don't make me punish you again!" Once he said that I could feel my pussy tingling and start to get really wet. Then a minute later he says, "I didn't just say that. Don't tell your dad, he'd kill me.

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  " Horny and confused I decided to shrug it off. I knew there was no way I could ever seduce him or anything, but I still wanted to. Around 10:00 I was about to head home when he was in the kitchen doing shots with his buddy. He jokeingly offered me a shot and I reached out and grabbed it from him and downed it. He was super shocked at me and said he was going to beat me(once again he was kidding). I looked up at him with the most innocent/seductive face I could come up with and said, "Oh my, are you going to punish me again?" He made an embarrassed smile and I walked away. Once I got home I was as horny as a bitch. After getting myself off I knew I had to do something about all of this. Of course I couldn't tell his wife, but maybe instead I could use this as something to hold against him and to get what I want from him!.