our littel secret

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One evening, Mary and I, and a few others were having a get together and having fun. Mary was a little tired and wanted to lie down. So we told her to go to our house which was right next door. Mary was wearing a plain t shirt, blue jeans that show her tight round ass off, and pair white shoes I slipped off to my house, when everybody was talking and having fun. So I decided to have some fun myself. We had talked about having a three some between Mary, my wife jean, and me before and it never some to happen. But I could tell the way she acted when we talked about it, she really liked the idea. I quietly walked into my front door and made my way to the bedroom . where Mary was laying on the bed. I made my way to the bed, laid down beside her, she spoke up while the pillow was over her face, and asked who was it, I spoke up and told her it was me, Greg. She sounded excited in her tone of voice, when she said ok then. I took my hands and grabbed her shirt tail and pulled her shirt up past her bra, and reached over to grab her big breasts. Then I started pinching her nipples through her bra. After that I began to rub and grab her nipples rubbing them  between my roaming fingers, through her white sports bra; the pillow flew off.

Her head and looked at me telling me jean won’t like this, and then I reassure her that she wouldn’t mind if she was involved in activity.

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   She smiled and laid her head back on the pillow.   I told her what she don’t  know want hurt her, she agreed and smiled then I sat up and proceed  to take off her shoes and then in undid and unzipped her jeans . I laid back down on the bed, and hiked her bra over her big breasts revealing her swollen hard nipples. I lean over her and then put her ripe nipples in my mouth and began to suck on them, hearing her grasp in pleasure. Just made my erect cock harder and in more impatient to penetrate her cunt. After playing with her nipples for a while my hand sled down into the front of her open jean, sliding my fingers lower and lower in anticipation to feel  the her wet pussy I was imaging a couple days before .  I Sat up again and sled her pants off completely and tossed them on the floor only leaving her panties and sports bra on for the meanwhile, she looked at me and said grab the condom I have I my jean pockets if you want to finish what you started I did  . I got up and striped to nothing, reached under her relived her of her panties, I exposed her slightly hairy vagina wet to the touch. I put my fingers in her pussy and was finger fucking her listening to her squeal and moan while I could feel her Cuming all over her fingertips inpatient in anticipation for my cock to sled in her cunt for more enjoyment. During all this I was sucking the life out of sex knobs on her double dd, s breasts. I finally got up and went around to her inviting hairy pussy, then sled the condom on. Placed myself in between her milky white legs, and launched my erect tool into her wet impatient pussy, hearing her loud grunt of pleasure as my cock buried itself in her wet cunt that pussy was as tight and wet as I had dreamed about.  As I fucked her pussy all the way to she had orgasms every time I slammed it into her impatient pussy wanting more and more, she was almost screaming at the top of her lungs. My balls slapping against her thick pussy made me want to rip the condom off, and fill her cunt up with my juices but I didn’t. I fucked her and I continued to use her cunt for as much pleasure as possible.


     I couldn’t handle any more, I cum inside her with the condom on. As she felt my load in the condom. she cum one last time and let out a load grunt.  I pulled out after letting my dick stew in her wet pussy a minute.   Got up and got dressed, put out of breath. Told her this would be our little secret between me and her. she agreed as she was putting her clothes back on. She told me I’ll be doing you again later in the near future I said sound like fun, I left and let her rest. I went back to the party . that was the first time I enjoyed her sweet wet cunt of hers.