A fun time outdoors

Sex In Public

So I figured I could drive out to your house, some day when you're off and home alone, and of course it needs to be a nice sunny day, but not too hot. LOL, Anyway, so I drive out, and you are just getting out of the shower as I get there, I am wearing a sundress, and it is obvious to you that I am not wearing anything underneath it.   You pull some shorts on and grab two towels and lead me out to the back yard, where no one can see us.   You have set up a lounge chair for me to lay in and a chair for you, as I slip my sundress off of over my head and show you my nicely shaved pussy, that you notice is already starting to get a little wet, and keep moving it up to give you a view of my tits.   I glance over at you watching me undress and I see that you are already getting a little hard for me.   I lay down on the lounge chair and ask you to put sun tan lotion on my body, I hand you the bottle and you stand up and lean over me and begin rubbing lotion on my legs, you start at my feet and work your way up, rubbing slowly and sensually.   When you get to my pussy you rub a bit of lotion on me, then slip your finger inside me, a moan a little, as it feels so nice to even have any part of you inside me, then you remove your finger and continue putting lotion on me, stopping to rub a little extra on my tits, playing with my nipples.   When you figure there is enough on me you go back and sit in your chair, your reading but I can sense that you are also looking at my naked body.   My eyes are closed because the sun is so bright, but I know that your cock is getting hard with every minute you are admiring me, and I am hoping that you are enjoying what you see, after a while, I decide it is time to turn over and tan my back, I again ask you to rub lotion on me, you say you will but this time it will cost me.   I laugh and say how much, you come over to me, and pull the front of your shorts down, letting you thick hard cock bounce out of them, and direct it into my mouth, I laugh at you again before putting it in, starting at the head, running my tongue all around the tip and slowly down the shaft, putting it all in my mouth, all the way down to the base, gently rubbing your balls with my hand while my other hand steadies your cock.   You groan and let me know how good it feels, however I don't want you cumming yet of course so I stop and hand you the lotion bottle.   You look down at me and call me a tease, I giggle and say that you will get more later, as I turn over and let you rub the lotion all over my back and ass.   While doing my ass you slip a finger into my hole, it is so full of lotion and makes a squirting sound, you finger my ass for a while and I arch my back, letting you know I want more.   You spank my ass cheek and I release a sigh, I love it when you do that, then I feel you going back over to your chair, I look over at you, and you smile at me, and say, you will get more later.   I laugh at you again and resume my tanning.   Being naked with you with the warm sun touching all the parts of my body is making more so horny, and I start thinking about fucking you.

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  You go into the house to get some glasses of ice water as it is so warm out and when you come back, you hand me my glass, and I look at you with a look that you know I am so horny, I drink some of the water and hold an ice cube in my mouth as I get back between your legs, with the hotness of my mouth and the coldness of the ice cube your brain is conflicted as to what to think, but I know that you are enjoying it.   I stand up and position my wet pussy over your cock and slowly work my way down on it, let my tits bounce in your face.   I moan as you enter me, it feels so good, your thickness spreading my lips so wide, you kiss me, as I move up and down.   I get off of you for a minutes and you lay me down on the lounge and get on top of me, again you enter me and I scream with pleasure, you tell me I need to be quiet that the neighbors might here,  I laugh at you and tell you that I don't care if they hear, I enjoy it when you fuck me.   You look down at me and say. . . then lets go somewhere where no one will hear you, cause I enjoy you letting me know how good it feels when I fuck you.   I pull on my sundres and you put your shorts back on, grab a blanket and start leading me into the woods that are around your house. .