A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 8

Mind Control

"Yo!" Evan answered when he heard Casey's ringtone on his cellphone. "Hey man," Casey drawled. "What are you doing right now?" "Not much. Just sittin' here watching tv, dude. Why?" "Dude, you've been the masterof the hookup. Do you think you can do anything for Sophia?" "Dude,what am I? A yenta?" "She's just been doing a lot of moaning latelyabout not having a boyfriend and it's getting really annoying. When youhooked up with Ryoko it just reminded her that she doesn't have anyoneand she's feelin' pretty down because of it. " "Why does she need me tofind someone for her? She's hardly ugly. I've heard guys talking abouther. " "Yeah, dude, but she's kinda picky. " "Is there anybody inparticular she has in mind?" "Yeah, she has a thing for Matt Gould. ""Matt Gould? Hey listen dude, this isn't intended to be an insult toher, but he's out of her league. He has hot and cold running pussy allday long, man. Half the girls in school are warm for his form. " "Yeah, Iknow, every high school girl falls in love with the quarterback, prettylame. " "So then you're asking me to hook  her up with Matt Gould?Wouldn't he just fuck her and then move on to the next piece of ass thatcomes along?" "Probably.

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  " "So then what will she do when she finds outthat her dream man looks at her as just another hole to drill?" "I triedto warn her, dude, but you know how chicks are. " "Ugh. Yeah. Thedouchier the better huh?" "Yeah, ha ha. "

"Look Casey, you and I have been friends since we were little kids, but Ihave no idea how to even get close to Matt much less find a way to talkto him. Can't she just reduce her expectations to a more reasonablelevel?" "Dude, she's a chick, remember?" "*Facepalms* Good point, dude. Fuck. You're sure she won't want to go out with Ryan Sawyer? That dudeis totally into her. " "Nah man. She shot him down a while ago. " "Well,that's bullshit. Ryan's a really good guy. " "Yeah, but that's probablypart of the problem. " "No shit, huh? Fuck, chicks. Jesus.

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   What the fuck?Thank God Yvonne doesn't think like that. I'd tear my hair out. ""Yeah. " "Listen Case, if she ratchets her expectations down, let meknow. But Matt Gould just is not going to happen. He'll probably marrysome supermodel after he gets his first NFL contract, if he gets thatfar.   Your sister is really cute, but she isn't the next GiseleBundchen. " "Well, thanks anyway, man. I didn't mean to be a pain in theass. " "Seriously, dude, if she goes down the ladder a little she'll findsomeone who'll treat her well and not just as another piece of meat. ""Yeah. Anyway, later. " "Later. "

Yvonne was being cuddled by Evan when Casey called and therefore waslistening to the conversation. "Sophia wants to date Matt Gould?" Yvonnegiggled.

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   "And I want to be queen of England. What is she thinking?""Babe, I honestly don't know. Unfortunately, this is pretty typical shitfor too many chicks. " "Maybe because Pam got hooked up with her brotherthat gave her hope that she could find someone on that level too?""Yeah, maybe. Talk about unintended consequences!" "How is hisrelationship with Pam going, by the way?" "I haven't heard himcomplaining about it, so pretty cool, I guess. " "I hope so. " "You and meboth, babe. "

The thing was that turning Matt into a slave for Sophia appealed toEvan's sense of humor in the same way that giving Pam to Casey and Kimto Bill did. But he had never had Matt in any of his classes or met himelsewhere. He could always enslave Sophia to Ryan. The problem with thatwas that he actually cared about Sophia, especially since she wasRyoko's best friend, while Pam and Kim were more or less bitches he feltneeded to be brought back to reality.

The next day, after thinking things over, he decided that he would talkto Sophia and make some minor changes to her character so that she wouldhave a more rational outlook on who she should date. The quandary washow far he should take things. This was REALLY tricky and he didn't wantto set her up in a way that would backfire on her. He definitely neededto get her off of being one of those chicks who wants to bask in thereflected glory of her mate or go out with the handsomest boy in schoolmerely because it would give her a kind of victory over her fellowfemale competitors.

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   Nobody hates women like a woman does because toomany of them are egregious attention whores. On the other hand, hedidn't want to frame things for her in such a way that she would chooseto stay with a nice guy who proves not to be fulfilling for her(especially in the bedroom).

"Hi Evan. What's up, bro?" "Hey Casey. Is your sister going to be hometonight?" "Probably. Why?" "I decided I wanted to talk to her about theguys she decides to date. " "Well, good luck with that one, dude. Youknow how chicks are. " "Yeah, I hear ya. But you gotta take the shot, youknow?" "Yeah. So you're going to try to hook her up with Ryan?" "Dude,she's got to make that decision for herself. And I think that ship sankages ago anyway. " "Yeah, probably. " "Anyway, I'll be over about eight ifthat's cool with you and your family. " "Yeah, no prob, dude.

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   See ya then. " "Later, man. "

Later that night, Evan showed up on Casey's doorstep. He took himupstairs to Sophia's room. He knocked and was allowed in. "Hiya Soph. ""Hi Evan. " "How ya feelin' tonight? I'm doin' okay, I guess. " Evanflipped off the light switch in her room and shined his penlight intoher face, paralyzing her. "You will choose your boyfriends based on whowould love and care for you the best and, when you do choose to makesomebody your boyfriend you will love him up bigtime," he started. Whenshe came out of the stupor the flashlight induced, he hit her with itagain. "You will not stay with guys who are bad in bed or who screwaround on you. You also will love the taste of cum and be willing togive your boyfriend a blowjob anytime he wants one. "

He turned the room light back on as her senses found their footingagain. "So I hear you're having a little personal crisis because youdon't have a boyfriend right now, " he opened.


   "Yeah, I guess you couldsay that. " "Someone told me that you wanted to get with Matt Gould?"'Yeah, but thinking about it now, he probably wouldn't be right for me. ""Yeah, I agree, Sophia. " "How are things with Ryoko?" "Really Good. Thanks for introducing her to me. " "You're welcome. " "Well look Sophia,just relax and take things one day at a time. You still have a long timeon this earth and everybody goes through dry patches. Just keep youreyes open for good guys to go out with and you'll be okay. " "ThanksEvan. It was nice of you to come over to cheer me up. " "No problem,babe. Yvonne, Ryoko and I all like you, so hang loose. " Thanks. " "Byebabe.

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That little crisis appeared to be averted for the moment. It was goingto be interesting to see who she would go for once school went back intosession only about a month hence.

The following Monday was registration day for the new semester and forthe first time ever Yvonne and Evan were able to get all of theirclasses together except for gym, which they had the same period but theclasses were segregated by sex. Since Ryoko was two years younger andhad different requirements, they couldn't get any of the same classes,but her and Sophia did. Of course, Casey and Bill were there, but theirgirlfriends had already graduated and were preparing to head off tocollege the following week. So after the high schoolers did what theyhad to do, Evan swung by Pam's and Kim's places to pick them up and takeeverybody to the beach.

While amusing themselves oceanside, Evan buttonholed the two now formercheerleaders separately and told them that while they were at collegethey would not date anyone else unless Casey and Bill broke up withthem. Even though they had been going out with Evan's friends, they werestill programmed to obey Evan's orders. Pam got a lot of wolf whistlesand guys just outright peeping her hardcore as she swung her hips whilewalking on the shore and engendered some incredulous looks when they sawwho her boyfriend was. This made Evan laugh knowing that the wannabeLotharios were being ignored in favor of a geek.

The summer sun deepened Yvonne's and Ryoko's tan lines, furtherfrustrating Evan since he still had almost two more weeks to wait beforehe could conquer Ryoko due to her birth control pills becomingeffective then. Fortunately, he was able to use that pent up desire toream the shit out of Yvonne's cunt once they got home, which was shortlybefore dinner time.

Once dinner was eaten, Evan initiated a full on assault of Ryoko's clit so that she wouldn't feel left outand the endorphins that were created by the half dozen or so orgasms hegenerated within her surely went a ways to mollify any lingeringfeelings of alienation.

Finally, finally, it was the last Friday of August and Evan was poisedto be Ryoko's first time. First, he took just her to the beach and spenta nice mellow day there.

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   Ryoko was now quite dark since she had beensupplementing the beach trips with laying out in the backyard. They thenwent home and he had a masseuse come over to give her a professionalmassage to REALLY relax her. They took a shower together and the whiteof the shower stall's surfaces highlighted even more starkly how brownshe now was.

They got dressed and went out to a very pricy french restaurant fordinner and spent a relaxing couple of hours working their taste budsout. They couldn't order any wine, though, since they were minors. SoEvan had his mom buy a bottle and it and two wine glasses were on hisdresser when they got home. They shed their clothes and he poured thered liquid into the glasses and they sipped it while exchanging kissesfor the next half an hour. She, of course, knew what this was leading upto, but it was all very romantic and relaxing and so when they put theglasses aside and really went into some hardcore tongue wrestling, shewas in a happy but yet also somewhat nervous mood.

The first orgasm that hit her after he had been rubbing her clit whilesimultaneously sucking her nipples caused endorphins to flood her systemand the fear was becoming a more and  more distant memory, especiallyas he was taking a lot of time stimulating her arousal as high as hecould. But before he began to eat her, he tickled her until she wasbreathless to help siphon off any nervous energy and just to uselaughter as a way to make her even happier and her brain even moreinundated with endorphins.

He then returned to her nipples for a few minutes before kissing her allover her body, endeavoring to convey his love of all of her as much aspossible with his lips before they skated over her pubic hair coveredmound and into her steaming jungle, where he alternately sucked her clitand licked up and down her slit while also nuzzling it with hisfingertips. He never penetrated her pussy with his digits because hewanted to save the sensation of his transgressing her gates for hispenis. He licked, sucked, snaked his tongue and rolled her clit hood andshe responded euphorically, the alcohol helping to nudge the intensityof the mood up just that much further. Her moans, gasps, sighs andorgasmic screams provided the soundtrack for the encounter.

He  finally raised his head from between her legs and scooted forward,his body over hers.

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   He gently caressed both of her cheeks with his handsand peppered her lips and eyelids with soft kisses, his stiff cock nowready to do the deed. "I love you, Ryoko," he testified and then leanedhis cockhead at her pink door and barged through it. The further hiscock got into her, the more stinging she felt,  but he had created such arelaxed atmosphere that the pain was rather dull. He felt somethingresisting the further incursion of his manhood and held it there for aminute while tenderly kissing her once more. As he kissed her, hepunched his flesh spear forward, renting her hymen asunder and causingsmall spots of blood to litter the bed sheet under her. She yelped andwrithed and drew air through her teeth while he cleared a path deeperinto her until he was in to the hilt. She felt like someone was dottingthe walls of her vagina with fire tipped darts. He swaddled her in hisarms and held her while his hips remained dead still. She held on to himso tightly with her legs and arms they were literally wrapped up ineach other as her blood continued to leak out.

He began to thrust quite slowly and was disturbed at seeing her feelingsuch discomfort, but it would have been more marked if he hadn't gottenher so relaxed. He had done everything he could and she appreciatedevery minute of it and understood that her pain had to happen. He kissedand nibbled her ears while his train rode through her tunnel over andover. The hurt was now waning and she was grateful for it. She suddenlyproduced a pronounced moan and he was able to step up his march throughher sacred land. "Oooohhhhhh," she whimpered.

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   "God oh God, Evan, oh thatfeels so good," she relayed to him and his mood brightened since shewas now able to enjoy it. "Oh yes Evan, God, I want this sensation to goon forever," she prayed. Bit by bit, he amped up the vigor with whichhe was coring her and she was leaving ruts in his back with herfingernails as her climax began to approach. When her pants camehotter,  harder and quicker, he stroked himself in and out of her likehe was trying to ravage her. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh my God yes, oh GodEvan, ohhh yessss," she hastily breathed and muttered. The accumulationof pleasure attained its apogee and she suddenly burst out in a seriesof hard, furious pants as the heat within her was dynamited all over herbody, her legs closing tighter around his back wanting more of this anddeeper, too. "Oh God yes, oh yes, fuck me fuck me!" she demanded tryingto extend the period that her orgasm lasted. She let out a long sighwhen it subsided as he jackhammered her ceaselessly. He was about toreach his own summit of pleasure and his grunts told her to readyherself for her first injection of semen. He slimed her cervix with histhick white cream packets and she was now a woman.

They were both somewhat out of breath when it was over and he pulled herinto him and kissed her hard before they broke it to recover, her headresting on his shoulder. "Thank you Evan. You really made me feel lovedtoday. I'm so glad it was you who was my first. " "You deserved it Ryoko.


  You're an amazing girl and I'm lucky to be with you. "

Evan pulled out some tissues from a box on the nightstand and cleaned upthe cum and blood that had smeared her vulva and thighs before chuckingthe soiled wad into his waste basket. "You're probably going to besore, babe. Yvonne was. So don't be scared if you feel it. It's
normal. " "I know, sweety. I already talked about it with Yvonne andSophia. He threw his boxers on, got up to use the bathroom and thenbrought glasses of water to bed on the return trip and handed her one. They drank the water down and kissed her softly. Then he refilled thewine glasses about a quarter full, toasted their relationship andslugged it down. He cuddled her and, 15 minutes later, they were asleep.