Yard Work Help Pt 2


I got a call one day from Tommy, "Teresa?" he said and I said, "Hello Tommy, how are you?" "Good, we were going to come over to do the yard Thursday but wanted to know if we can brong a little extra help?" I was excited at the thought of more boys "helping with the yard work. ". "Well, how much more help?" I said. "Well, there are 4 more of us that would like to help so the yard. " "Okay Tommy, four will be good. How about come over about 9 in the morning, give me time to get up and shower. " "Okay. " he said with voices in the background I guessed that there were boys listening on the speaker phone on the other end. "Oh, Tommy, If I am not out of the shower I will leave the back door open. " "Okay Teresa, See ya in the morning. "
I could not sleep all night but tossed and turned and attacked my husband Steve and he said, "What is going on, you are all over the place. " I was sitting on his cock and kissing him. "Well, I have 7 boys comeing over to do the yard tomorrow. " I said. "I thought you were a little antsie. " he laughed and turned me over and began pumping me.

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   "Tommy and Sean and Jim?" He said. "Yeh, and 4 more boys, don\'t know who they are but they will be over at 9. " I told him. "Well, make sure they do everything right. " he said and we lost control and went wild until we finally fell asleep. In the morning Steve kissed me goodbye, "Make sure the yard work gets done good, see ya tonight. " and he left.
I got up and went to the shower, damn, only 7 and I had two more hours to kill. I ate and got ready for the boys to come over. At 10 till 9 I went to the shower and turned it on and got nice and wet and sure enough at 9 the door bell rang. I got out and found a small towel that only covered the front. I went to the door and put the towel in front of me and opened the door. Tommy, Sean and Jim and a few other boys at my door made me wet all over again. "Hey Teresa" Tommy said and stepped up to me and kissed lightly on the neck. "I thought there were 4 others coming to help" I said.

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   "I count six. " "Is that okay"" Sean said as he walked past me and kissed me also. "Well, I do have a lot of yard work for you to do so I guess that the extra help is good. " They all walked past me and stared as they did. "Go have a seat in the recreation room, Jim show them where it is. "
The rec room was set up for parties and fun and had 4 cameras that turned on with one switch Steve had set up. In the middle was futon and couches around the room with a bar at one end. The lights could be controlled and tuned up and down so I tunred them on to regular since Steve wanted a good recording of evrything. I went to the bar still with my towel held in front of me. "Sorry guys, I just got out of the shower and could only find this towel, I will get dressed later, anyone for a wine cooler?" The boys all came up and took a cooler and sat down. I went over to Jim and kissed him, "So tell me, who\'s idea was it that you guys needed help?" JIm smiled and said, "Well, we were talking at football practice, you know, camp for next year and these guys heard us and said we were making it up, that you had us over to, to ah work in the yard. Well, we told them that you would not mind if we had some extra help. Do you mind?" I kissed him deep, "No sweetheart, I need all the help I can get. Now tell me, who is everyone?" I walked to each and pointed to him, John, Ben, Phil, Bill, Frank, Don. " they all said their names while my towel continued to slip.

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   "Well, now that we all know each other no need for this towel. " I said and tossed it to the corner.
THere were all comments of approval and so I said, "Well, tell ya what, I will do a little show for you al to get things going. I only have one rule, everyone must ne naked, so get out of those clothes while I start the show. " I got my 12 incher from a drawer we kept toys in, as well as restraints and other things, whips and probes. I walked to the middle and stepped onto the futon and began licking the dildo. I made sure that everyone saw it go deep into my throat and slowly the boys got undressed, Sean first, Tommy and Jim after and they said, "Come on guys, loose the clothes, she will take care of us. " The dildo was sinking down my throat and Jim came over and began massaging my tits and kissing my neck which I love. His cock was hard as were everyone\'s I think. I found it in my hand and massaged it slowly. "Oh Jim, you will be first. " I moaned. "You want the dildo in the ass?" he whispered. "Then you in my pussy at the sme time. " I said to him.

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   He took it and sank it in my pussy for lubrication and I bent over with my bottom towards the boys sitting around us. "Fuck it hard, make me cum" I whisered to Jim. He put it up to my ass and made sure everyone was looing at us, suddenly it invaded my ass all the way in making me cry out. Everyone was now quiet and whispering, "Damn, the whole thing went in her ass, fuck she is hot, wow, we are really gonna have a good fuck. " we what they were all saying. I stayed bent over and grabbed Jim and led him to my pussy. Still bent over he slipped in and began pumping me and with every stroke of his cock his hips hit the dildo and buried in my ass. "Oh yes, I am gonna cum Jim, fuck me, fuck me harder. " I yelled out. He did just that and I soaked his cock and balls. Soon after he filled me with his cum and I turned around and cleaned off his cock. I had sat on the dildo and was sucking him and he filled my mouth after that. Holding the dildo in my ass I got another out of the drawer that was a double, it went in pussy and ass and was 9 inches for both. I wulled out the first and sat on the double and said, "Who has a nice hard one for me to suck next?" Now I was surrounded by hard boys that held their cocks for me.
I took one that was larger than the others and sucked him slow at first then faster as my orgasm got closer.

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   As I had it so the cock in my mouth filled it. "Oh damn that was good" I said. I stood up and took out the double. "Guys, you know, I get a little kinky sometimes, I would like it al little rough today, no "love making" just hard rough sex, kind of a willing rape victim, Okay? Just ram it in me whereever there is an open hole. Spank me some, leave some bruses and bite marks, especially do my titties really good. " A slap on my ass told me that one had understood. Suddenly I was pushed to my knees and my hair was grabbed to force me onto another cock. It filled my mouth and was shoved in deep. My pussy got wetter and soaked the futon under me. The cock did not last long and I swallowed the cum then was shoved onto my back. One dropped to his knees and shoved his cock in me and my hips bucked against him. "Oh yes, yes fuck me good. " I was begging. After over and hour all had fucked me at least once. I felt good and laid there waiting for them to do something else.

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   "Jim, show them how you guys all fucked me at the same time the first day. " I said and he moved me to a couch and sat there. Tommy and Sean came over and I sat on Jim and moaned, leanig over Sean filled me in the ass and Tommy got in position for me to suck him. We started moving and got a rythum and I was dizzy with sex. All the boys watched and were all excited to do the next fuck for me. My favorite three finished and three more were ready for me and filed me with cocks. I was full of cum and getting fuller. After they had all had me and a couple more than once I st on the couch. It was only noon.
"Anyone need refreshments?" I said and got up and walked to the bar and opened the frig. I had made sandwiches for the day and took them out. More wine coolers were next to them and we all had a snack. "Teresa" one of the new guys said, "How many men have you had at one time?" "I don\'t know really, I know I have been fucked by at least 20 and I am sure it was more. " They all looked at me. "How big was the biggest?" another said.

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   "Let me show you. " I said and turned on the DVD player that had me with the horses. They all sat there eating and sipping he wine and cocks got hard again. I looked at the slut in the video and felt myself needing more cock. The video over I stood in front and said, "Any questions, any ideas?" "Be right back" said two of them and they dressed and left. I got in the middle and began suckibg again. After maybe 15 min the two came back and they brought two wonderful sheperds with them. They were on leaches and sat when told. The boys undressed. I reached out and the dogs came to me and licked me on the chest. Their tongues made me hotter than I had been.
"Well boys, grat idea" I said reaching under and massaging one dogs cock and it came from his sheath. "Oh fuck yeh" the boys were now saysing. "Well, you have seen videos I am sure but now live. " I said and took the dog cock into my mouth and began sucking him.

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   I got on all fours and put my ass in the air, "Someone put the other dog behind me, show him what to do. " A boy got up and led the dog who licked my ass that had cum dripping from it. He finally got on my back and his cock found my pussy. "Oh yes, oh yeh, god, fuck me good. " I was shouting and let go of the dog in frony of me. He sat up and barked as if he was upset with me. I massaged him with a hand and the dog behind me was humping and when he knotted me I yelled and had an orgasm. "Oh yeh, yeh, do it good, fuck the slut. " I was yelling. He did and finally when the kno went down he moved off me and a boy led the other dog who sniffed and mounted me quickly. He was large and entered me whith a thrust and soon I was implaed on him too. "I could use some cock up front guys" I said and a cock was in front of me. "Oh yeh," I said and began sucking it. The dog was humpin hard and the cock in my mouth filled my mouth again. "Give me another" I said and another was there.

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   The dog finished and fell out. I rolled over and said, guys, you still have yard work to do, let\'s keep it going. I saw one of the new guys on the phone and soon more boys were there undressing and taking turns in me. I was done three way over and over again. It was a blur of cock after cock and finally I woke up to Steve kissing me and saying, "So the yard got done good I see. " "Oh fuck, what time is it?" I asked. "7 P. M. baby. You looked really used up. " "Oh yes, but so satisifed. " I moaned and Steve was naked and on top of me his 9 inch cock pushing out the cum in my pussy. He fucked me twice and we went to the shower. After we sat and watched the videos of the days activities. I sat on Steve\'\'s lap as we watched a couple hours of it and then we got up for bed.

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   The next day Steve editied the video so it was the best view possible and we watched it at a party later that month.
So much yard work. . .