David had just fucked me and we were lying on the bed after the best fuck of my life. Then Mike and Sue walked into the room, holding hands.
  Mike said shit you two were noisy
 . Sue said to me how was it.
 I said absolutely fantastic – wonderful, the best time of my life. Sue said great – would you like to do it with Mike now or wait till later.
 . David said – later - we have a couple of things we have to do first.
  Mike said fine but save one for me – I want to try her too.
 I hadn’t imagined we would be fucked by both of them and I had always imagined that once we had fucked it would be over and we would go home. It seemed like we were going to be here for hours.  Sue and Mike went back into their room and David said ok, lets have a shower and we can get moving on some other pleasures for you. I had a look at Mikes cock which was sort of half hard but it wasn’t as thick as Davids – God his is thick.   We both showered together and we soaped each other up and I played with his cock and he fingered me as he soaped me and rubbed my cunt. It was funny being in the shower with this man – once more it was like being with my father.  We towelled each other off and then he said well whats next.

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   I said anything you like – I am having the best time of my life.  Then he said seeing you are nice and clean lets try this and he lifted me up and sat me on the edge of the bed and spread my legs and got down and began to lick my slit – like he had done before. I shivered with the excitement and the sensation of pleasure it gave me, He noticed I shuddered and said are you ok with this.  I said yes – it is just that I have not done it before and it felt great when you did it.  He said nothing but continued to suck and lick me and it felt really great. After about a minute I said can I lay back I want to enjoy it.  He said get up on the bed properly and I can do it while you lay back.  I lay there with my legs open and his head between my legs licking and sucking me and then he slipped a finger into my cunt as he licked my clit. I nearly came on the spot it felt so wonderful. I said shit take it easy I nearly came then. After I said it I thought shit I am talking like a real slut now.  He looked up at me and he said anything you want Princess – I am your slave for the night.   I doubted that, as he was doing all the work – not me – I was just laying back and letting it happen and having the time of my life. I though shit how many 14yo have had this happen and enjoyed being fucked like I was. Then I thought if their father was having incest with them – it wouldn’t feel like this I am sure.

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   I know I would be terrified if I had a father and he was doing that to me

He came up over me and he kissed me lightly on the lips and then went down and kissed and sucked my tiny hard nipples – and once more I felt an electric shock go through me – it really felt great and I hadnt realised my nipples were so touchy. All the time he did this he had a finger in my cunt or playing around with it . Then he went back down and kissed and licked my slit and once more put his finger into me and licked and sucked my clit.
 I could not control myself and within a minute or so I wanted to cum and I lifted my bum up like I do when I masturbate and cum. He recognised the movement and said nothing but slipped his finger into me like he did his cock and sucked my clit and I let go with one of the most amazing orgasms I have ever had, I couldn’t decide which one was best - it felt even better than when he fucked me. He kept sucking my clit as I came and my orgasm just kept happening and after a while I thought I would pass out. Then I couldn’t take any more and had to ask him to stop.  He stopped immediately and came up over me again and looked down at me and said you are the most amazing girl I have ever known. Even some women cant take it for that long – you were amazing – how many times did you cum.  It wasn’t until he said that I realised I had more or less achieved at least three orgasms one after the other, that felt like one really long one. I climaxed three times without stopping.   I said three – I think – it just went on and on and it got stronger each time until my clit got sore. I have never had that happen before.  You are fucking amazing he said – now even multiple orgasms – Its like I have won the lottery.  We lay there together for a few minutes until I recovered and then I said I think its time for me to finish what I stared earlier.

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   How is your cock – ready for me to suck it.  It wasn’t – it was sort of firm but not hard and we got into position where he lay on the bed and I got between his legs and sucked his half hard cock. As soon as I put it in my mouth it hardened up and was as big and as beautiful as it ever was.  I did what Sue had told me and held it in one hand and sucked it with my lips and slipped up and down on it. I soon realised how hard I had to suck or soft really as if I sucked too hard it hurt my cheeks and it didn’t seem to make any difference to him.  After a while he told me to turn around so my cunt was over his face and then we did what he called 69 we both sucked each other at the same time.  After a few minutes he was giving me fantastic sensations like before and I had to say can we stop - I just want to do it to him as I was thinking of and feeling him sucking me and I couldn’t concentrate on sucking him.  He said that was fine and took the opportunity to ask me if I had ever sucked a guy off before.  I said not really – I had practiced with Sue with a dildo – am I doing it right-- I asked.  Sure Princess he said you are perfect – now do you realise what happens when I cum – do you want me to pull back or what.  I said took his cock out of my mouth and said - no I want you to cum in my mouth – Sue has told me all about it and we discussed it and I made up my mind I want to. I haven’t tasted cum before so if I spit it out don’t get angry will you, I have no idea what its like.  He said there is no way I could ever get angry with you Princess – I want to be your knight in shining armour.  I don’t know why but I said - I prefer you nude and he laughed.  He said well you can shine my meaty sword for me and I got back down and started sucking him again.

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   I did everything Sue had told me and it became second nature – I could tell when he was enjoying where I licked and sucked and played with his ball. He never told me to do anything and let me do what I thought you did and he was certainly enjoying everything I was doing.  I was on all fours sucking him with my bum in the air and I hadn’t heard Sue come into the room and she touched me on the cunt as I was sucking his cock and I nearly bit it off. I jumped with the shock of her doing that and we all laughed and Mike and Sue had been watching us.  Sue said it seems I have taught you well – you seem to be doing ok.  David said you are a wonderful teacher – and she has been a great pupil, she is as good as anybody who I have done this with.  Sue said come on lets go and do it too, and they went back onto their room.  Somehow I think David and I were having better fun than they were. We hadn’t had time to go see what they were doing – we were having too much fun together. I sucked and fondled him for another seven or eight minutes and he said it wont be long get ready.  I said just say “now” when you are about to cum so I know it is coming.  I sucked him and fondled him for another minute or so and then I heard him sort of moan “NNNNNNNN  OOOOOOOO   WWWWW” and I could feel his cum spurting into my mouth and his cock jump each time it spurted.   I swallowed some immediately because he came with a rush and I had so much in my mouth, after that I began to explore the feeling and taste of the rest of it.  I must say it wasn’t the most pleasant taste or sensation. It had a slimy feel and I can remember Sue saying it felt like snot. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   It was like when you had a cold and you coughed up phlegm -   it had the same sort of feel. The taste wasn’t good but it wasn’t bad either and once I got over the initial shock of him cumming and the sensation of having it in my mouth I swallowed the rest of it and really got the taste then.  I was concentrating on the sensation I had just experienced, strange and unusual. It wasn’t like I expected but I enjoyed it sort of. I would remember it for a long while. I was now off his cock which was still firm and he asked how was it.  I said I cant decide – I am glad I did it but it was different to what I expected when you came. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it but no I know the next time will be better.  I went over to the bar fridge and got a can of coke out and said – sorry but I prefer coke to cum at the moment.  He said I don’t blame you – you did wonderfully well – I am so pleased I got you.  I went back and he kissed me and slipped his tongue into me and he said I can see what you mean – I can taste the coke but I can also taste my cum too. Its not the best taste is it.  I said I prefer ice cream. It’s a pity we can get that out of your cock.  His cock was still leaking a bit and I saw it all wet and I put my finger on it and got some cum on my finger and looked at it.

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   He said have you not seen cum before.  I said I saw it coming out of me when I had my first fuck but it was all watery after it had been inside me for a while and then I saw yours in the condom – and then I tasted it. I have never really seen a lot of it or a guy cum.  He said havnt you ever seen your boyfriends masturbate.  I said I have wanked two boys off but they couldn’t cum - they only had climaxes because we hadn’t reached puberty.  Then when they could cum and I let them fuck me, one of them finished inside me. I didn’t have periods and it was safe we thought.  David said – not really you can still get pregnant if he cums in you just before your first period. You have no idea when that’s coming.  I said shit I must have been lucky because after he fucked me I had my first periods a few days later and I thought you had to have been fucked to have one.   The girls at school talk about their periods and I always thought - well they must have been fucked, I wonder who did it to them.  David then said something that shocked me a bit – he said I will have to warn my girls about it soon.  I didn’t think he would have mentioned he had a girl my age or a bit younger and one younger again. I wonder if he ever looked at her and thought what it would be like to fuck her or that a boy had fucked her and what she thought about it. Sue had told me but I didn’t think he would say anything.

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    I didn’t say anything as it might have ended the night right then if he thought fucking me was the same as fucking his own daughter.  While we were there talking Sue and David came back – I said havnt you two got anything better to do than come and watch us.  Mike sort of got a bit serious and said – I have come to fuck you now. David can fuck Sue and then we will have to go its almost midnight and you two will be in big trouble and if anybody sees you with us we will too.  Sue looked at me and lifted her eyebrows as to say – watch out he is getting serious.  Sue said well come on David let me see what Loretta has been raving about – I want to see if you are as good as Mike.   They went to the other room and David squeezed my hand as he left.

Mike got a condom and told me to roll it on – I hadn’t done that before but I managed to get it the right way around and rolled it down his cock – which wasn’t as thick as Davids but it was just as long.

I was now about to be fucked by Sues guy - Mike.

I was resigned to the fact he was going to fuck me that night but now it was about to happen - and after David had fucked me so beautifully whatever Mike did to me would be an anticlimax - nothing would ever be as good as my first fuck with David but now I was to learn what Sue had been getting done to her in the next room.  Both David and Sue stood there watching  Mike getting ready to fuck me - I gathered we were going to have an audience.

You will find out in the next episode if I enjoyed being fucked by Mike.
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