The story continues. . . . . . . . . . . . . read Parts 1 & two for the buildup.
I licked the tip of his cock and got the stuff on my tongue but it didn’t have any taste.
Then he said – are you ready – I want you to enjoy what we are doing and not be hurt, if it hurts let me know and we will try and make it easier for you.

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I got on the bed and got ready for him to fuck me – I was almost shaking with either fear or anticipation.
Then he said which way do you prefer, missionary or doggy.
I said this way – because I had not heard of doggy and had no idea of what it was.
Then he got over me and he kissed me on the lips gently and then my neck which made me shiver with excitement and he said you have not had that done before have you - when he saw me shiver.
I said no. The guys I have been with had no idea of erogeneous zones - yet.
I looked down my body and all I could see was is huge cock all hard and ready to fuck me.
Then I said what about a condom, I thought we had to use one – I don’t want to get pregnant. He said oh shit I forgot you are not on the pill or anything are you.
I said no – Sue said you would use one.
He said sorry I forgot in the heat of the moment – I never realised how good being with you would be – I imagined it would be just fucking – this is much better, and there is no way I want to get you pregnant.
He sang out to Mike – where are the condoms – Mike sang out in here and he went into their room and when he came back he had a few in his hand and said they havnt wasted any time they are into it already.
I sat up and watched him tear one off a strip and roll the condom on and it looked funny. His cock was covered with this clear condom and had this bulb at the tip of it all full of air – I gather to catch all his cum when he came. I had never had one used in me before.

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Then he got over me again kissed each of my tiny nipples which were hard and touchy and once more I shivered with excitement and then he slowly kissed me all the way down to my cunt and to my surprise he took my legs and opened them wide and kissed me on the cunt and licked it. I shook with excitement again as nobody has ever done that to me before. He said you taste delightful we will see how you taste after I have fucked you or would you like to do it first.
I said its up to you – I have never had it done to me before.
He said ok lets start with a bit of oral and tell me if you feel like cumming – I will stop before that as I want you to cum when we fuck if you can. Have you ever cum when you were being fucked.
I said no – only when the boys have fingered me or I masturbate.
How often do you masturbate he asked.
A few times a week I said. He said I do it about that often too.
I said do men masturbate – I thought only boys did it.
He said I have been masturbating since I was 13 and still do it a few times a week.
What does your wife say when you masturbate.
Lets not talk about my wife here – I want it to be just you and me.
I thought oops – a touchy subject – I wont mention her again.

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Then he got down and actually licked my cunt again and used his fingers to open my vagina to lick inside me and it felt awesome.
The he put a finger inside me and I moaned with the pleasure I got when he did it and then he licked up my slit and around my tiny clit. I thought this was heavenly and loved every moment of it – this was the first time anybody had done that to me. I remembered back to when Sue and I were together and she nearly did it to me then but we didn’t get to it for some reason. I was glad I had shaved the hair off all around my lips etc. Then he touched something inside me and it made me jump it was so touchy.
Ahhh he said that G spot is nice and juicy – I think we are going to have some fun tonight. You are going to enjoy everything I can do for you. Have you talked about what happens when Mike and Sue have done it before. I said only that Mike fucks her – I don’t know if they do this.
He said I don’t either but you are my special Princess now – you and I are going to make love together and really enjoy it. It will be better than just fucking like them.
Then he got his mouth over my cunt and licked and sucked and fingered it for me and after only a few minutes I stopped him and said if you go on I will cum – I have never done this before.
He said or is it you don’t like it.
I said no I loved it but I thought I might cum it was so nice.

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Then he said ok lets fuck you and then we can come back and do this some more – I never imagined it would be like this with a girl as young as you. You are amazing. I pulled my legs back wide to open them for him to get to
my cunt. He got up on the bed on his knees and looked down at my tiny slit. I looked at his huge hard condom covered cock. He had it in his hand and was guiding it toward my cunt.
He looked up at me and saw me watching and said are you ready and I said yes. Then he gently put his cock at the opening of my cunt and pushed it in a bit and I could feel the size of it against my cunt and the force he was using to get it in.
He stopped and said shit you are tight I hope I don’t hurt you, if it hurts tell me. I hope this is ok, are you sure you want to do this. ARE YOU SURE you are NOT a virgin.  
I just said – YES, but I was almost shaking with nerves- his cock was SO BIG and my cunt had never had anything as BIG as it inside me before. I said its just I have had nothing as big as it inside me before. I was looking down now at my cunt.
Then he pushed his cock in a bit further and I saw the top of it disappear into me an inch or two and then I could feel this enormous thing going into me and forcing its way up my cunt – my cunt was being stretched and I could feel the skin sort of burning like a chinese burn feeling, it was not really hurting but it was uncomfortable and felt huge, and strange, but it also felt good.

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   I squinted a bit as the size of his cock forced its way in and stretched the skin around my cunt tight. It was massive in me. It was not like the boys who fucked me. I could feel how tight my cunt was gripping his cock.
Then I saw him look up at me and then down to his cock and back to me as he slowly pushed the about four more inches in to me. I was still tense with the size of him inside me. It was huge in me and I could feel how far he was up inside me.
He said its hurting – isn’t it.
I said just a bit  - but its ok keep it there until I get used to it. I have never had anything this big up inside me before. I could feel his cock inside me. It felt huge – like it was. Then it began to feel good in a strange way – I thought to myself – this is crazy I shouldn’t be doing this with him – he is older than my father, but I like it. I looked down and saw this big man on top of me with a hairy chest and his hairy patch all around his cock, and my tiny bit of hair I had not shaved off and his beautiful cock covered in the condom inside me. I had his huge cock poked half way up inside me  and I wanted to giggle – it looked funny.

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    For a moment I thought I must have looked like a pickle on a tooth pick – the difference in our body size and his huge cock inside my tiny almost hairless cunt was unbelievable. Then I said ok put it ALL in. He slowly pushed it into me and as he did he said let me know if it is uncomfortable or hurting you. I watched him push it up inside me and saw it all go right in and down to his balls. It was an amazing feeling, I had never felt anything like it - it was so much better than when the boys fucked me. I let out this hugh sigh of relief - it couldnt go any further up me.
    He had stopped when his cock was right up inside me. He was holding himself up on his arms over me. He waited for a minute or two without moving and he said you look beautiful Princess as he looked down at me – impaled on his huge cock. He was a much nicer man than I imagined. After a minute I relaxed and it felt better. I thought oh my god – this is really being fucked - I smiled at him and said its feeling better now – you can fuck me. I was in a sort of seventh heaven.
Then he pulled his cock half out of me and then let it slip back into me and it really felt good now. I let out this huge sigh of relief when it was going back in and right up as far as it would go and it didnt hurt.

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   I realised he couldn’t get it in any further and it wasn’t hurting any more.  
Are you ok now - I hope its not hurting any more.
No I said – I have never felt anything as big as that in me before it feels huge.
It was the biggest thing I had ever had inside me and I didn’t know if it felt good or was hurting – it was a strange but sort of amazing feeling.
Then he said are you ready and I nodded.
Then he took his cock right out and he looked at my cunt. He said you are not bleeding so you must be ok – I know I am big, even my wife says so.
Then he put his cock back in and it went in without any pain and apart from the sensation of having this huge cock up inside me it felt good. Then he started to fuck me and he pulled his cock almost out and then slid it back in.
He did that a few times and  - Oh god it felt good now. I have never imagined being fucked could feel this good. When the boys did it to me I could hardly feel anything as their cocks were thin and tiny compared with his. His was twice as long and about four times thicker – it really filled my cunt right up and it seemed to go right up into my tummy.
I could hear Sue and Mike next door now – I gather they were both cumming from the noises they were making. David sang out – quieten it down in Mike sang out we beat you – have you cum yet.

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David said quality is better than quantity and we have been enjoying ourselves first.
Sue sang out how is it.
I said I cannot believe how good it is. I love it. He is magnificent.
They went quiet then and David and I started to fuck in earnest. By now I was getting used to his big cock inside me – it hadn’t hurt going in but it was stretching my vagina a bit – I could feel it was very tight around his cock. He was really fucking me now and it was feeling good. Far better than the fucks I had with the boys before. This was really fucking.
David was fucking me beautifully and my whole body was alive and enjoying the whole sensation – it was more than just fucking my cunt – it felt good all over me.
He looked down at me and he said I cant believe I am doing this - you are so tight – it feels magnificent.   This is the best fuck I have ever had he said. I am enjoying fucking you more than I have ever felt when fucking anybody else before. Now I know why Mike said Sue was so good – I bet you are even better.

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 I didn’t say anything but Sue had told me he has two daughters and one was almost as old as us. I wonder what would happen if they or his wife ever found out about him fucking a 14yo.
I said thank you – I have never been fucked like this before either – your cock is the biggest best thing I have ever seen and it feels so much better than the boys ever did. I am glad you like me.
He said I do - I really like you.  I hope you and I can do this again some time – Mike and Sue seem to be happy together. We can all get together again some time and do it all again.
I said I hope so – I have never enjoyed anything as much in my life before.
The feeling of him fucking me and the sensations of his cock sliding up and down in my tight cunt and going so far up into me was awesome and I had never felt anything as good as this before and I had never imagined it could feel this good ever. I couldn’t believe I had a man of 40 on top of me fucking me. I am 14yo and behaving like a real woman and a whore – getting paid to be fucked and it felt good. I don’t know why but being fucked by David felt completely different to when the boys fucked me.
A couple of times I winced and he saw me and said its hurting isn’t it.
I said not really but your cock hits something inside me sometimes and it hurts a little bit but its ok. He said sorry I will try and be a bit gentle – I know what it is but it wont do any damage.

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  I found out the next day when I was quite sore inside me. Sue told me it was my cervix and his big cock would have been hitting it when he was fucking me.  
After a while he said how are you feeling – are you close to cumming yet.
I hadn’t realised we had been doing it for as long as we had – the boys were always quick and came in a few minutes – he was really having a good time on me and I was actually enjoying it. A couple of times I could have actually kissed him I felt so wonderful as he pushed and pulled his cock in and out of me. I realised I could see us in the mirror on the wardrobe and I watched him doing it to me every now and again and I got this amazing sensation of watching myself being fucked. I could see how far he had to lift his ass up to get the top of his cock almost out of me.
I said not really I have just been enjoying the feeling of us fucking – I never realised how good it can be. I hadn’t realised but he had been fucking me for almost 20 minutes.
Then he said how long before you will cum.
I said I think I could do it in a minute – I have never cum before when I have been fucked, I will try and see. With that I rubbed my finger on my clit as he fucked me.
Then he started to fuck me really hard and fast. I had never felt anything like it, I looked up at him as he had his arms each side of me and his bum was going like a pile driver and he was really slamming his cock into me and my whole body was shaking with the strength he was using to fuck me. He had my legs over his shoulders and it was like I was riding a horse I was being thrown around so much.


   He was really slamming his cock into me and I could feel him going right down deep into me and hitting my cervix again. I thought he would go in so far he would have his cock in my mouth from the other end. I could really feel his huge cock now longer and harder than ever and fatter if that was possible.   It was a strange feeling like it was hurting a bit but I loved the sensation. He nearly broke the bed whamming his cock hard and fast into me and we were bouncing everywhere. He was sweating and it was dripping off his face onto my tit its. Then the feeling hit me – my clit suddenly really got sensitive and I sang out
I was making strange moaning sounds as his cock rubbed my cunt and it made me have sensations I had never had before when I came. It felt so absolutely fantastic – I had never cum before when I was fucking – this was amazing. MY cunt was stuck on his cock and I was going up and down with him pumping his huge huge cock into me.
My orgasm was still pulsing and it really felt amazing, I was having the longest orgasm I had ever had.  
He said to me OH YOU ARE -
He continued to fuck me even harder and as I looked at his face he screwed it up and gave this huge grunt – once – then again –and then three or four more times – he was cumming and so was I – each time he grunted he sort of stopped pushed his cock in hard and then started to pump it into me again. Each time he went slower and pushed his cock into me harder.

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   He was squeezing every drop of cum he had in him into me - or the condom. I have never experienced anything like it – my whole body was shaking with the sensation of him cumming in me and me cumming at the same time – I had no control over what was happening…… my cumming had really worked me up and I could hardly breathe. I was shaking my head from side to side with the sensation going right through my body – my legs went all weak as well. My tummy sort of cramped for a second the feeling was so strong and sore from him pounding that huge cock up me. He was still grunting and talking and telling me how fucking great I was. I though he would kill me any moment with that huge cock inside me still.
Shit he said I have never cum so hard ever – you are a fucking Princess, shit he said that was the most fucking fantastic orgasm I can remember. Shit he said you were fucking fantastic. He took my legs off his shoulders and as I put them down his cock came out of me.
I felt immensely proud I had made him happy. . He collapsed on top of me and I didn’t realise how wet we were we were and covered in sweat. When he lay on top of me he slid off we were so slippery. Then it felt like my insides had come out – once his cock was out I felt sort of empty inside, but my cunt felt wonderful – I couldn’t believe how different it felt after he slipped out. I felt like telling him to put it back into me – I really felt like I wanted him back inside me.

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   My cunt was not sore but I then realised how big his cock was after he took it out. We lay there for a minute as we were both gasping for breath – I had never had such a strong orgasm, I had some good ones masturbating but this was the best ever.
He turned and held himself up on one arm and said – how was that – did you like it.
I said I have never enjoyed anything like it in my life – it was absolutely mind blowing.
I looked down at his cock which was now all soft and still had the condom on.
He saw me looking and said – its ok – I didn’t cum inside you and he put his hand down and slipped the condom off his soft cock. Then he held it up for us to see and it looked twice as long as his cock. He had filled the bulb on the end of it with cum and about a half an inch up the condom as well – I am glad I didn’t have to drink all that or have it inside me. He tied a knot in it and put it on the bedside table. I said that could have made a dozen babies.
He said lets see how many we can fill before we have to go – would you like to do it again soon.
I said I could do it forever – it was the most amazing thing I have ever done.
There is still more to come -   Look out for the next episode.