Two Young Girls - Two Older men Part 2.


Sue and I went to town and waited. They drove past us once and we thought it was them and then they came back and stopped – evidently they wanted to look me over before the other guy would go with me. We went to the motel – on the way they introduced them selves and they both seem quite nice. They were about 40 I guess. Sue had told me they have daughters – a bit younger than us evidently. I felt strange with a man in the back seat as old as my father and he was going to fuck me. They didn’t talk about sex but wanted to know about us and what we did and school etc. The guy that Sue was with and had been with before, asked me all about myself and wanted to make sure I knew what was going to happen. I said you are going to fuck me. He also said are you sure you are 14, you look a bit younger. I told them when my birthday was. Then he asked me when I lost my virginity and if any other men had fucked me. I said I was nearly 13 when I let three boys fuck me, and that day was my first time. I have only done it a few times since and only with one of the boys after that. He is 14. Then he asked me when I had my first period.

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   Sue said look you asked me to get a girl like me – well I have and she knows what I have done with you and she is willing to do it with him. He said I am sorry I just wanted to know – I know what you and I have done together and I wanted to be sure she knows what is going to happen. You are both very young to be experienced. What we are doing to you is illegal and we want you to know we are taking a big risk doing it with you. We just want to be sure. The guy I was sitting in the back seat had his arm around me and had touched my tits through my clothes – or where my little tits were and when he touched my nipple it was already hard. I had no bra on because I don’t really need one. He had also put my hand on his crotch and I could feel his hard cock in his pants. He put his hand on my thigh and slipped it up to my pants but didn’t try and touch my cunt. He didn’t try and kiss me either. It was a bit frightening because he seemed so old to me. He said Mike I am happy with this one – she looks ok to me. I am sure they wouldn’t come with us if they didn’t know what the consequences were. His friend said but you know as well as I do they are under aged.   He said I know but that’s the risk we take to get what we want.

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  Sue told me later they were getting themselves worked up because we were school girls and they were a bit worried about the fact we might get caught. She even told me afterwards he drove around a couple of times to make sure we were not followed to make sure they were not being set up.  When we got to the motel they had two rooms booked but we all went to one of them and they had a beer together – I wouldn’t drink alcohol. Sues guy Mike said well lets get started and he and Sue went to the next room – through a doorway between the two rooms and they left it open – we could hear them and see them if we needed to. My guy came to me and he hugged me and as he did he began to feel me all over and finally he kissed me and it was a bit strange kissing a man as old as him like I kiss the boys my age. Actually it was almost the same and he slipped his tongue into my mouth and within a few seconds I was enjoying it and had my eyes closed so I didn’t see him. I could feel his hard cock in his pants and I put my hand down to feel it and he stopped kissing and said that’s what I like and I unzipped him like Sue had told me. Then he undid his belt and his pants slipped down and his cock poked out of his underpants and it was the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was about 8 inches long and very thick, when I put my hand around it I just went around and it felt great but I thought how will he get that into me. I was worried for the first time. Then he undressed himself and I did the same and when I was naked he was standing there with his big cock sticking straight out and looking at my tiny body with hardly any tits and a small hair patch. Sue had told me to shave it down like hers and shave all the hair off around my vagina which I had done and hoped I had done it well enough. He looked at me and said you look beautiful – perfect for me. I said I like what I see too- looking at his penis still hard and fat. I then went to him and knelt in front of his cock and put my mouth straight over it.

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   I didn’t want to think about what I was doing – I just did it,  and before I knew it I was sucking on his cock, and it wasn’t exactly like I imagined and it wasn’t as bad either. It was warm and his skin was soft but it was hard and unlike anything else I had touched. The boys had small cocks and theirs even felt different to his. I could not get over how thick his was and the big nob on the top. I put my hand around it and began to stroke it like I have done to the boys but I had my entire hand around his cock. I soon found out the right amount of sucking I need to do. I wasn’t sure if sucking got the cum out or if it was just the sensation. I would check with Sue afterwards. Sues man, Mike sang out how are you two going, and David – my guy sang out -  I won the lottery mate she is magnificent. I felt very proud of myself – within a few minutes I was considered to be competent as a cock sucker  – I hope he enjoys fucking me as much as he is enjoying me sucking his cock. I did what Sue told me and sucked and slid my lips up and down his cock and ran my tongue over and around the rim of the top of his cock and every now and again he would hold my head in his hands and moan softly – I was definitely doing it right for him. He was very hairy around his cock and I noticed his balls were hanging down. I was surprised because when we started they were in a tight bunch and the skin was tight and all crinkled and hard like – now they were all soft and hanging down and I could see each ball in the sac, I was fascinated and I used my other hand to touch them and fondle them.   Now I was not only sucking him, I was fondling his balls – this was something Sue had not mentioned, and I had never touched the boys balls who had fucked me before. When we did it they just fucked me.

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  Ohhhh God he said – where did you learn to do this – you are magnificent he told me. Mike said you were inexperienced but from what you have done so far you must have made quite a few boys happy. I looked up at him and without taking his cock out mouthed thank you and went back to sucking. I was sucking on him for about 5 minutes and his legs began to get shaky and he was holding my head tighter – I thought he was going to cum and got ready and was waiting for him to fill my mouth up with cum. Then he pulled his cock out and said – that’s enough for a while I don’t want to cum this quick I want it to last. I said did I do it right. He said you were absolutely perfect and we can do it again afterwards, but I want to fuck you and cum inside you first – I don’t want the taste of my cum in your mouth when I kiss you. I got up and he hugged and we kissed again – I still couldn’t get used to open mouth kissing with him as a man. It just didn’t feel right – which is strange because I didn’t mind having his cock in my mouth but somehow I just didn’t feel comfortable with a man as old as my father with his tongue in my mouth. The he took me to the bed and pulled the covers down. Then he said are you sure you are not a virgin. I said I was positive and that I had already been fucked a few times.

Did your first time hurt.

I said a bit.

David asked me did I bleed - I told him not much but they all got  blood on their cocks.

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Then he said well I am sure the boys who did it to you would have felt as good as I am going to feel to you. How big were they. I said they were tiny compared to his cock. I have never seen one as big as this, its beautiful. He said do you think it will hurt you. I said I hope not Sue told me it didn’t hurt her when Mike did it to her. He said have you two talked about her doing it with him. I said yes. He said are you sure you want to go ahead with it. I said I wouldn’t be here if I weren’t.    Even after you saw how big a cock I have got. I said I am impressed as I have never seen one that big before. I am sure I will enjoy it. I went to him and held his cock in my hand and looked closely at his cock and said this is amazing, I have never seen or felt one as big as this and it looks beautiful. I got down and got close to it and I held it and looked at the big head on it and the strange shape.

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   I giggled a bit and said it looks like a firemans helmet. He said it’s the opposite – it makes you hot - not cool you down. Then I asked him why it had a different colour and look all around it just beneath the head of it. He said I was circumcised when I was a baby. If you are not circumcised the skin covers the head of it. They actually cut the skin off – I am not sure of why but in those days I think they thought it was healthier. I said the boys I have seen have the skin all over it and when they get hard the top pops out. Does it make a difference when you wank or have sex. He said as far as he knew it didn’t. Then I saw a drop of clear stuff coming out the hole in the top – I said whats that. He said pre-cum. That gets my cock ready for the cum and is a bit of a lubricant when it goes into you – its like when you get wet. . Its like cum without the semen. Do you understand what semen and sperm is.

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  I said I think so – it’s the stuff that makes you pregnant – we have had a basic sexed class at school but all the girls giggled when they started to talk about it so they stopped. I said I have seen the boys masturbate and watched them shoot it out, but I have never had any inside me yet. I licked the tip of his cock and got the stuff on my tongue but it didn’t have any taste. Then he said – are you ready – I want you to enjoy what we are doing and not be hurt, if it hurts let me know and we will try and make it easier for you. I got on the bed and got ready for him to fuck me – I was almost shaking with either fear or anticipation. Then he said which way do you prefer, missionary or doggy. I said this way – because I had not heard of doggy and had no idea of what it was. Then he got over me and he kissed me on the lips gently and then my neck which made me shiver with excitement and he said you have not had that done before have you - when he saw me shiver. I said no. I looked down my body and all I could see was is huge cock all hard and ready to fuck me. Then I said what about a condom, I thought we had to use one – I don’t want to get pregnant. He said oh shit I forgot you are not on the pill or anything are you. I said no – Sue said you would use one. He said sorry I forgot in the heat of the moment – I never realised how good being with you would be – I imagined it would be just fucking – this is much better, and there is no way I want to get you pregnant. He sang out to Mike – where are the condoms – Mike sang out in here and he went into their room and when he came back he had a few in his hand and said they havnt wasted any time they are into it already.

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  I sat up and watched him tear one off a strip and roll the condom on and it looked funny. His cock was covered with this clear condom and had this bulb at the tip of it all full of air – I gather to catch all his cum when he came. Then he got over me again kissed each of my tiny nipples which were hard and touchy and once more I shivered with excitement and then he slowly kissed me all the way down to my cunt and to my surprise he took my legs and opened them wide and kissed me on the cunt and licked it. I shook with excitement as nobody has ever done that to me before. He said you taste delightful we will see how you taste after I have fucked you or would you like to do it first. I said its up to you – I have never had it done to me before. He said ok lets start with a bit of oral and tell me if you feel like cumming – I will stop before that as I want you to cum when we fuck if you can. Have you ever cum when you were being fucked. I said no – only when the boys have fingered me or I masturbate. How often do you masturbate he asked. A few times a week I said. He said I do it about that often too. I said do men masturbate – I thought only boys did it. He said I have been masturbating since I was 13 and still do it a few times a week. What does your wife say when you masturbate.

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  Lets not talk about my wife here – I want it to be just you and me. I thought oops – a touchy subject – I wont mention her again. Then he got down and actually licked my cunt again and used his fingers to open my vagina to lick inside me and it felt awesome. The he put a finger inside me and I moaned with the pleasure I got when he did it and then he licked up my slit and around my tiny clit. I thought this was heavenly and loved every moment of it – this was the first time anybody had done that to me. I remembered back to when Sue and I were together and she nearly did it to me then but we didn’t get to it for some reason. Then he touched something inside me and it made me jump it was so touchy. Ahhh he said that G spot is nice and juicy – I think we are going to have some fun tonight. You are going to enjoy everything I can do for you. Have you talked about what happens when Mike and Sue have done it before. I said only that Mike fucks her – I don’t know if they do this. He said I don’t either but you are my special Princess now – you and I are going to make love together and really enjoy it. It will be better than just fucking like them. Then he got his mouth over my cunt and licked and sucked and fingered it for me and after only a few minutes I stopped him and said if you go on I will cum – I have never done this before. He said or is it you don’t like it.

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  I said no I loved it but I thought I might cum it was so nice. Then he said ok lets fuck you and then we can come back and do this some more – I never imagined it would be like this with a girl as young as you. You are amazing.

The next episode in a day or so - and she does get fucked. .