Gloria spoke up first. "I’ll explain. "
She looked directly at Sarah. "It all started innocently enough. It happened at the very first Gathering when we were all sitting around on that first Saturday night, much like we are tonight. We had been drinking for hours. Needless to say we were in an adventurous mood, to put it mildly. There were only six of us then. John and Gary weren’t married, and we hadn’t met Alex and Bill yet. So Judy and I were the only women in the group. "
"Anyway, some time during the evening, Jesse came up with the idea of playing strip poker. John dug up a new deck of Bicycles and we all started playing. It took less than an hour to get us all naked, which was the objective. So there we were, sitting around stark naked, half in the bag and getting hornier by the second. Conversation naturally turned to sex and we all revealed some of our fantasies and bragging about sexual exploits. While we were all getting more and more worked up, Judy had been sneaking peeks at Jesse’s cock.

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   After a while she gave up all pretense and just stared at it.
"As you now know, Jesse’s very well endowed," said Gloria. She glanced down at Sarah’s hand stroking Jesse through his sweat pants and smiled.
Judy laughed. "It was the biggest cock I’d ever seen and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. There I was, sitting there horny as hell, and fantasizing about my best friend’s husband. "
Gloria laughed and said, "I noticed Judy staring and on the spur of the moment I said, ‘Hey Jude! Wanna see something swell?’ I reached down and cupped his balls with one hand and started stroking his dick with the other. Jesse’s pretty impressive all soft and squishy, but the transformation from soft to raging hard-on is fascinating. "
Gary chuckled and said, "I remember that well. Jesse’s cock sprang to life in less than five seconds and Judy’s jaw dropped to the floor. " He gave Judy’s shoulder a gentle push. "The look on your face was priceless. Your eyes were wide and you just stared at it with naked lust. "
"You’re right about that," said Gloria. "I don’t know what spurred me to say it.

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   Maybe it was the look on her face, maybe the booze, maybe both. But I said to Judy, ‘Do you want to try it on for size?’"
I spoke up and said to Gloria, "I remember you looking at me when you said that. "
"And I remember you nodding after I said it. "
"I remember that moment," said Judy. "I just nodded and said 'Please Jesse?' Well Jesse did just that. He fucked my brains out with everyone watching. It was so hot. I'd never done it in front of people before and it really turned me on. I just couldn’t stop cumming. You should try it, Sarah. Jesse’s awesome. "
Sarah looked at Jesse’s hard-on. The bulge in his sweats was huge. "I want to see it," she said softly. She looked Jesse straight in the eyes.

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Jesse glanced over at Gloria with a questioning look. She just laughed and said, "Go ahead if you want. Don't let me stop you. "
Sarah grabbed his waistband and pulled. With Jesse’s help, she managed to work the waistband over his hard-on and pulled his pants off. Jesse’s cock was massive – at least nine inches long and as thick as a Red Bull can. Sarah stared at it in awe. She reached over and gripped it. Jesse flexed and Sarah gave out a little cry. "My god, Jesse. This is amazing!" she whispered and started to stroke him.
Jesse reached up and tugged on the collar of Sarah’s bathrobe. "You’re driving me crazy, lady," he said His breathing was heavy and ragged. "Don’t leave me like this. "
"Gloria," Sarah asked, "Can I fuck your husband?"
"Only if I can watch," she replied.

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Sarah stood and let her bathrobe drop to the floor revealing the fact that she had been naked underneath it. "I won’t tease you. " She turned and faced Jesse and stood there for a few seconds in front of him.
"My God, you’re beautiful," he said.
Sarah kneeled over him and lowered herself onto Jesse’s cock, guiding it to her wet pussy and she slowly and deliberately impaled herself onto it. "Oh fuck,’ said Jesse. "Oh my fucking Christ. "
Sarah let out a long moan of pleasure. "Oh my God, Jesse, this is beautiful. I can feel your cock flexing inside me. OH SHIT!" She locked eyes with Jesse. "Fuck me," she whispered. "Please fuck me. "
Jesse started to slowly set up a rhythm and Sarah was learning it quickly. Within a minute they were thusting toward each other in perfect sync.

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   Sarah’s breathing was quick and shallow and every time Jesse pushed it home, she reacted with a short cry. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Oh God, Jesse. Uh! Uh!"
Gloria got up, strpped off her clothes and kneeled next to them. She cupped Sarah’s left tit and kissed her full on the mouth. Sarah moaned and wrapped her arms around Gloria. She pulled her close and rubbed her tits against Gloria’s. Sarah was really getting into it at this point. She whispered, "Jesse, make me cum! Please make me cum!"
I was in the ideal position to watch Jesse’s cock sliding into Sarah’s wet pussy. Her perfect ass framed his cock. Both of them were oblivious to the people watching them. Not so, the other way around, however. I had a hard on just watching them and I opened my robe, and jacked to the sight.
I looked around and saw that the other guys had freed their cocks and were stroking to the action. Gary was sitting next to my wife, Judy, who was sitting cross-legged next to him. He was stroking himself with his right hand and fingering my wife with his left.

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   Judy was transfixed, watching the two lovers. She had cupped Gary’s balls and was slowly massaging them. All of a sudden Gary untied the sash on my wife’s robe and laid her back so her head was in my lap. He stripped quickly and buried his face in her pussy. Judy immediately started writhing with pleasure. All of the women agreed that Gary was the best at oral sex and that he was the go-to guy when all they wanted was to be licked off.
Sarah and Jesse went on fucking for nearly fifteen minutes. Gary had quickly brought Judy to an orgasm and was now slowly fucking her. She reached up, pushed my hand aside and took over stroking my cock. The she sucked my balls into her mouth and started doing wondrous things with her tongue.
Rhonda and John had coupled on the other sectional and were now softly talking to each other while gently fucking. John was Rhonda’s favorite lover in the Clods because he was incredibly gentle and considerate. Rhonda loved being watched and to talk during sex. John would oblige enthusiastically. He would constantly tell her how beautiful she was and how incredibly good she felt.

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   Rhonda had a habit of keeping her eyes open when she came and looking directly into her lover’s eyes. John often said that at the moment she entered into an orgasm, she had the face of an angel. John loved Rhonda; in fact everyone in the Clods, except for Sarah, knew that John and Rhonda loved each other deeply and that during the one week out of the year that was the Gathering the two made up for being apart for a year. Gary was aware that John was in love with his wife, but he also knew that John would never do anything to jeopardize his marriage. But that’s another story.
I looked over at Jesse. I could see he was getting close, and he was trying desperately to wait for Sarah to cum. But Gloria had noticed it too. She slid her hand down and started fingering Sarah’s very wet and very hot clit, making small circular motions to help conjure up Sarah’s orgasm. It worked. Sarah started making soft little whimpering sounds and she kissed Gloria passionately again and again.
Finally, she pulled back and looked Gloria in the face – her eyes wide and glistening, her pupils dilated to the point where no white was showing. She mouthed something she said so softly that I couldn’t hear what she said. Then a second later Sarah said almost matter-of-factly, "Oh my God, Gloria, I’m cumming!" Her back arched and her arms went out to her sides. She grabbed onto Gloria’s arm for support.

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   "Oh Jesus," she hissed through clenched teeth, and slipped over the edge. She started to spasm. With her head thrown back, her eyes closed and a look of total ecstasy on her face, her body started jerking in silent seizures.
Gloria wrapped her arms around Sarah to keep her from falling backwards. As she felt Sarah’s body lock in huge orgasmic waves, she whispered in her ear, "Yes baby, go with it. Make it last. "
Jesse watched Sarah slip into her orgasm and felt her clamping on his thrusting cock. That was all it took. He let out a guttural growl. "I can’t hold it any more!" Gloria immediately reached down and cupped his balls.
"OH – MY – FUCKING – CHRIST!! " he screamed, and then he emptied himself inside Sarah. Each of his own set of spasms - about a second apart - sent molten sperm deep inside of her. Sarah felt him cumming and cried, "Yes Jesse! Ohmygod Yes! Cum in me!" He was moaning loudly with each seizure, his eyes wide and unseeing. This went on for about ten seconds before he stopped shaking.
Sarah finally went limp, made a little mewling sound, and hugged Gloria.

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   Then Gloria released her and she collapsed into Jesse’s arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him long and passionately, moaning softly into his mouth, then pulled back and said, "That was incredible Jesse. " She kissed him again and hugged him close. "Stay inside me," she said. "Just hold me like this for awhile. "
Gloria smiled and said, "That’s a dangerous thing to do with Jesse. He’s got a very short reload time. "
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