Putting Up a Shed


Steve and I had decided that we needed another shed lately so we went to Home Depot and looked at them and ordered one. It was to brought out and installed on the property Tuesday so I took off from teaching to make sure someone was there. They were supposed to be there at 8 so Steve had gone to work and I was bathed and just hanging around the house waiting. I called at 8:30 and the man answered and said that they hada delay and had just left. I hung up and had something to eat and waitied. I wore shorts and a tank top since I was not going anywhere anyway and finally they came up wth the kit on a truck and three people got out, two hispanic men and a woman. The woman came to the door and knocked and I answered after making sure I was not totaly decent. I made sure the tank top was pulled low and so I said, "Hi, finally made it huh?" and the woman, also Hispanic with beautiful skin that was medium ta and a very lovley face and figure that showed she worked a lot. She said they would try to get it all done today and I put on sandals and came out to shw them where to build it. They all spoke Spanish and I did not understand but could tell the conversation had been about me a little. I turned at the back door before goin in and said, "Oh, by the way, if there is anything at al you need, please let me know, you can use the restroom or get a drink if you like. . " One guy managed to say, "Anything?" and they all laughed. I turned back to them and said, "Well, when I say anything, I mean absolutely anything. " As I said that I massaged my tits a little and went inside. I was now very hot and was hoping that they would want "something" soon.

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   I changed into a string bikini that the top only covered my nipples and the bottom was a thong. I waited and went to the sliding glass door several times and made sure they all saw me. I knew they were trying to decided if I really meant what I had said. At noon they sat to eat lunch and I went to the door and said, "Hey, come on in here and eat, I need the company amyway. " They looked at each other and got their lunch and came in. I showed them the table and they sat down all watching me. I made sure that me bottom was towards them a lot and that I leaned over to show off the tits that were really not covered. I gave them some cold water and when giving them one of the glasses it "accidentially" spilled all over my tits and of course made the nipples really hard and the material see thru even more than it was. I laughed and sat down without changing and ate a sandwich I had made. They all looked at me and the woman talked to me. Then one said something to her and she turned red. He said something again and she looked at me, "Please excuse me but. . . ah, well, Don wants to know why you are dressing like you are?" I looked at him and said, "Because I like to show off myself.

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  " She told him and they all laughed. The other man said something and she said, And is there anything else besides showing off you like?" She was now a little more comfortable after the first answer i gave them. I stood up and reached to my back as I said, "Well, I really like to be totally naked to show off. " and the top came off and I put it on the table. They all looked at me and then I took off the thong and laid it next to the top. They watched me now and then one said, "What are we to do now?" and I walked to him and stood in front of him, "Anything you want to do. " I said and the woman was now looking very excited as did the men. She was moving in her chair and so I said, I would really like to make love to her. " I said and she finally translated. I was next to her and she reached up and took my tits in her hands and began sucking them. I moaned and moved to her closer and ran my fingers thru her hair as she sucked them and moaned louder. The men stood and took off their clothes and I pulled her up and undressed her. I saw two very nice long hard cocks that I was going to have and she was shaved nice and clean. Her medium brown skin was beautiful and her nipples dark and hard. I kissed her and she grabbed me hard, "I was hoping this would happen. 

  " she said and we walked to the living room and she pushed me onto the couch. She took over and I let her do as she liked. Her face was between my legs and she was eating me like crazy and my orgasm sprayed all over her face. The men stood by and as she moved over my face with her pussy and I grabbed a cock she said something to them and they moved away. She pushed her pussy to my face and I ate her like I was going to die and she was my last meal. Her orgasm soaked my face too and then she got up and the men came to me and I laid there wide open for them. Now the two very nice cocks were there for me and I began to sit up when they lifted me and one sat on the couch and I was lowered onto his hard cock, my ass streaching to take him in. Then they leaned me back and the other was in friont of my sinking his cock into my pussy. My body responded with an orgasm with just them getting into me and I sprayed all over the cock in me. They plunged in and out of me for a while and finaly cum filled me and they got up. The woman came over and said that she was not going to eat me again but that she had others that would like to join us if I was okay with it. "We have two other crews in the area" she said and they all are on break. I am the supervisor. " "Tell them lunch is here. " I said and laid on the couch cum slipping from my pussy and ass.

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   Then I took one half hard cock and sucked it into my throat and made him hard again. He rewarded me with a throat of his cum and I then took the other and sucked him slowly. Two other cres came soon and now there was a whole lot of cock and a couple more pussys all getting naked. They took two days to get the shed done and I really did not care. This is part one. More later. Again, I am putting ion paragraphs folks. Love teresa.