My older sister Bella part2


Topic: Chapter 2 My older sister Bella Chapter 2
This past year has been hell in every sense of the word. My story from my last dated entry log is the only thing that details what exactly I had gone through. My brother Dan who I had once thought the world of, had orchestrated my fall into sexual slavery. He was only 15 and I 17 when this took place.
As I had written before, He and his friend Ronald initiated a game of truth or dare with me last year and it spiraled into me undressing in front of them even tricking me to obey their dares with the treat of blackmail, several pictures of me in just my thong sitting in between the boys was enough to make me comply with their every whims.
 It only got worse as I allowed them to take me to their friend’s house to exploit my predicament, sharing my humiliation with other boys who would never get any attention from girls, or at least in high school.
I still cringe at the thought of their tongues taking turns snaking across my skin leaving trails of salvia all over me. I remember trying to go into myself zoning out the disgusting acts that were done to me. But every new action got my attention as things only escalated.
And the true meaning of hell arose when the Welsh’s came home and I was hiding in their home without cloths. I remember the panic as they approached me for the first time that day. I was hiding my body into the coach, but I could see these old men scanning every inch of my exposed legs and stomach. The boys got the parents’ involved in the horrific game that was my sexual humiliation. They spanked me and hosed my body with ice-cold water while they laughed and cheered at my expense.
And then there was the eventual sexual act that solidified my humiliation and torture. The men pulled me aside into the father’s room and undressed me and took me right there on the bed as my fist pulled at the white silk sheets to fight the sensations over my body.

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   The following nights were worse; they invited their buddies and made me play with their junk with my hands and my mouth. Hell was what this year literally has been for me.
My father even tried to rape me, and even though it was a request from my “Masters” I chickened out at the last second and escaped the situation by feigning a need to vomit and never returning to the living room. That month between all the degrading sexual acts I was able to research and find a new house to live in and escape this torture. I found basement suite two towns over right on the coast just a few minutes from the water. I had to make my escape in the night without many possessions only leaving a torn out page from this diary to my mom explaining why I am leaving. I didn’t hold back and I know she was too afraid of my dad to leave with me but at least she wouldn’t call the authorities to look for me.
For the first month in my new city I was ecstatic that I wasn’t someone’s whore and I was again my own person. I was always paranoid that my parents just my have called in some authorities to locate me and that was when I made the second biggest mistake of my life, the first being that truth or dare game, second was that I called my mom to tell her I was ok. Little did I know that my brother Dan had regularly been screening moms calls in the chance that being the good girl I was raised to be I would call her to comfort her.
Two weeks into my second month since I left there was a knock at my door, I wondered who it could be, I threw on a pair of black seat pants and opened the door. To my horror it was my little brother Dan. He stood at the door with the most devious smirk “Hi Bells, I missed you and I had to find you”. I was too stunned to move and stop him as he push by me and entered my sanctuary. He was in my safe new world, an intruder, but someone I was afraid of.

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   “Bells you know mom didn’t want to tell me where you lived, but she isn’t very smart, she doesn’t clear any of the text msgs you leave her. ”
I was choked and angry instantly blaming my mother for ruining my only chance at a normal life. “Don’t worry Bells, I have been thinking about this for a long time, I really felt bad for you and I wish I could have don’t something differently so that the grown ups weren’t involved. ”
I was furious at his statement, “Dan you must be kidding, and that’s what you are sorry for? Your not sorry for letting your friends use me like that? Or how about you touching me and putting your tongue all over me!” But the argument ended very quickly as he dropped an envelope which poured out with tons of photos of me and many vulgar acts that were inflicted upon me.
“I didn’t come hear to apologize if that’s what you assumed after seeing me here. I came because just can’t let you go. I need you Bells. The only thing that I can promise is that I will not let the others know where you are or that I know either. ”
“So what do you want?” I asked, “you Bells, your body, the things I have done and all the things that I have fantasized about doing to you now that I have seen you again. ” I was horrified not at what he said but that I wasn’t angry anymore; it was defeat that I felt, the same defeat that made me submit to all those males. I knew my brother owned me. I stopped talking and stepped back sitting on a stool at the kitchen bar.
“So you want me to be your personally sex slave is that it?” I was ignored except for a tiny grin in his mouth.
“On the way here I noticed that today is beautiful, how about we hit the beach and you can show me the city” I mentally sorted threw his words looking for the sexual intention hidden in it but I was grasping at nothing until he reached out his hand and revealed something I completely missed in my angered state. He has a box in his hand, which he made me open.

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   “You know what I like seeing you wear right Bells?” he laughed.
I reached over and opened the box, which had two garments inside, a purple t-shirt a size too small of course, and I should have guessed, a matching purple thong. My heart sank a little at what this meant. “You want me to wear just this outside?”
“Of course Bella, it is the beach, that’s enough of an excuse even if you will get much more attention then the average bikini clad girl. ” “Also you to be addressed as my girl if anyone should ask”
“Your girl?” I asked with some disbelief at his remark, “you got it sexy!”
I was in his outfit in a few minutes and modeling them for him at his request. He has his hand on his junk while he eyed me up and down several times. We left the house leaving from the back towards the main street. My heart was racing as we approached the corner; I was even a tiny bit excited at the thought of showing soo much in public. When we finally made it around the corner a cold breeze hit home that I was very very exposed. I looked left and right and I only saw a few women in anything remotely similar, the closest being a girl wearing a bikini top with boy shorts.
“Oh god they are all looking at me,” I murmured to Dan as we walked hand and hand down the busy street. I took a glace in a store window as we walked on and I felt even more embarrassed at how arousing I looked. Then I got my first cat calls from passing men which was followed by many more. My brother released my hand and grabbed a cheek of my ass as we continued down to the beach. We reached the beach only to be pulled around the fire hydrate to a parked car.

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   It was my dad’s car.
“I was kidding the beach is boring I just wanted people to have a look at my gorgeous sister and drool over you, fucken turns me on!” “Lets go for a ride, man you neighborhood has no parking” his remark explained why he had me walk to the beach. “You drove dads car again? What if the cops pull you over and they find out you don’t have a drivers license?”
“Lots of laugh sis, that’s why you are going to drive” he tossed me the keys and we got into the car I turned on the car and we started moving, I drove down the coast staring out at the passing trees fearing the things to come. I felt my brother’s hand land on my inner right thigh. He started rubbing his hand groping slowly at my smooth skin. I tried to take my mind somewhere else but he interrupted my thoughts with a disgusting slow lick from my exposed shoulder up my neck over my cheekbones. He took another lick raising my head with a free hand and starting his tongue from near my collarbone up my throat over my chin flicking the most outer part of my lips.
His hand reached deeper between my thighs covering my mound. I let out a shiver gasping at his touch. He creeped his middle finger further down sliding between my pussy mound down to stimulating my ass with his finger while stroking the rest of my inner thighs with his thumb. I was starting to respond to him as his kisses started getting more aggressive. It was getting difficult to drive I knew I had to pull over. I parked the car to the side of the road kicking up gravel and dust. I looked around and saw that it was empty for as far as I could see, I leaned back against the door of the car as he leaned in deeper to kiss me. His tongue grazed my chest and over my throat over and over, he licked my neck up behind my ears  while still stimulated my ass.

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   My body felt light and tingly as I complied to his groping.
“Bella I want to taste you” was all he said before he pulled at my knees bring my legs out from under the wheel high above my head, he took the flat of my right foot against the ceiling as he back his body up leaning down to start kissing my calves, biting his way down to my inner thighs as he lapped his tongue sending waves of sensations inside me. He pulled the material over my mound to the left and with one rough slow movement he lashed his tongue over my tender pussy. Slowly he continued tongue lashing my vagina while I laid my head back taking in the feelings washing over me.
This happened for 2-3 minutes as he commented on how I tasted. He then moved my leg back down and climb past me into the back seat kicking his chair forward he had his pants down to his ankles and motioned me over to the back with him. I looked around and I was relieved that there was still no one around minus random passing cars going to fast to take notice of us. He held my jaw with his hand and kissed me deep with his tongue then I felt the pressure of his hand drawing my face down towards his awaiting manhood.
It oddly seemed different to me, a little more mature then when I had to play with it last time. I gave into his obvious request without him saying a single word; I lowered my head and opened my mouth taking him deep over my tongue closing my lips around him. I slowly started bobbing my head down the length of him while he held my head with his left hand. I don’t know if I like the taste of male cock, its something I guess I got used to. But there was something so defeating to be a woman using her head to satisfy a mans lower organ, My consciousness lays within my head and having that seeming slaving to a mans dick focusing all my effort into pleasing a man down there, my thoughts were starting to make this unbearable.
“Bells god you suck cock like a pro” “no a prostitute has nothing on you, your probably hotter than any prostitute on this planet. ” “God don’t stop”
The things he said to me as I continued going down on him.

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   It was so hard in my mouth, I could feel all the contours of his penis in my mouth, I was almost starting to miss the tongue-lashing he had given to me. I was without stimulation now and this felt like such torture.
“Bells you can stop”. I was about 5 mins into giving him head when he held my face in his palm. “You are so hot Bells, you know I never had you like those grown ups did, I really only wanted one thing coming here. ” My mind answered my own questions I knew what he wanted and what he was asking, “Bells I want to really get inside you, I want to fuck you, not with love or any crap like that, just my fucking lust for your gorgeous body”
He looked into my eyes; I knew I never truly gave into incest as I was slaved out. But sometimes in my mind I felt he owned me already and that he reserved ticket to fuck my brains out sooner or later. But I didn’t; no couldn’t speak up for or against it. What could I say? He found the words that I figure would only be inevitable. “Bella im going to fuck you” he reached around my waist with his hands. He was still smaller than me and it felt like a girl reaching around me with his smaller arms. He instructed me to bring my leg over his leg facing away from him and slowly lower my lower body onto him.
He guided me down with both arms and then pulled my thong to the side of my mound putting some of my weight on to the roundness of his cock. Then like a thousand sensations, he started pressing me down on him, splitting me as he started entering me. The pressure was intense as I took more of his length inside me, he started pulling my waist down to get more of him in, the friction and tightness of my pussy made it a slow and slightly awkward feeling.

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I was amazed at how long it seemed to take his entire length in me, I felt quite full at least as much as one of the Welch’s bastard friends who had size. Dan started pushing my body up and down on his cock trusting in and out. I moaned on every movement whimpering at the mixed feelings arising in me, shame and disgust as well as excitement and submission took over me. I started pushing myself off and back down riding him for all I was worth. My left hand was in a fist with my teeth clenching on my curled index finger to keep my moans turning into load gasp.
I was starting to imagine that there were people looking into the car as I rode my brother’s cock it was driving me over the edge. He pulled my shirt over my sides and breasts and I helped him get it over my head and out of my hair. I felt him clawing at my back trying to sink his teeth into my back but without an ounce of fat, he didn’t get any hold just his teeth scraping down the length of my back. I arched my back riding him deeper as he held his hands at the sides of my waist. I have a very small waist and my mind imagined his hands hold my stomach with just his too hands.
After several minutes he pushed my body completely off his cock and got my attention. “Bella turn around I want to look at you while I fuck you” looked down in small protest which turned into obedience as I turned around and strapped my arms around both headrest of the seats. My brother pulled my hips down on to his stiff awaiting cock taking me deep once again. He reached forward with his head and started nibbling my pert nipples, squeezing the other breasts as he did so.
He had his palm at my face every time my mind started to wander redirecting my focus into his eyes as he abused my body.

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   He took a long slow stroke of his tongue between my round breasts. I was starting to get into his rhythm as he made me ride him.
We were deep into each others eyes when he spoke to me, “Bella I cant believe I am fucking you, you are fucking finally mine all mine, you know I own you. ” As vulgar as his statement was I replied before I could rationalize what I even said, “I know”
He enjoyed my defeat, smiling as he increased the speed of my hips going down on him. I was reaching my climax as he rode up into me hard. But before I found that release he abruptly stopped. “Bells Bend over to that side,” as he pointed me over to the passenger side of the car pushing the seat forward so that he has access to me doggy style, but I didn’t get what I expected, instead of his cock I got his mouth on my ass rimming me viscously.
I was gasping hard at the unexpected assault. He worked his tongue in and around my hole ticking and stimulating me at the same time, I was victim to ass licking by many horny men but the last time always felt like the first, it was soo taboo to me that it sent me to another level of stimulation. I would have to admit that it was one of my favorite sensations. I hate to admit it, but when those men licked between my ass cheeks I held back a lot of enjoyment.
About 7 minutes in he warned me he was gunna cum and got me on my knees with my ass against the side of the car so that I could suck him off as he exploded in my mouth. It was a quick wave of several gust of goo inside my mouth, I felt I had to swallow and to his delight I drank him in taking every drop.
After I watched him dress him self, he gave me back my shirt and I took my spot in the drivers seat and start the car into drive and we continued down the street. I stole glances at him, he was staring at me the whole time, if he wasn’t my brother I would assume that he might have fallen completely in love with me, or could it?
How wrong was I after I found out our next destination, he want to show me off again, not something someone who loved you would do, he wanted to stop at a mom and pops restaurant that he heard me tell mom about.

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   I knew that there was no point arguing about it, I was inevitably going in there dresses as I was for all to see.
I parked the car behind the restaurant and we strode hand in hand around the store pass shocked on lookers as we turned the corner to the front entrance and stepped in. The surprised hostess greeted us; he was unable to stop undressing my body as he stumbled for words. “Don’t worry she is a model and dancer, we are doing a free promotional advertisement of our services to business to get attention, I see you are a Pakistan restaurant, but you don’t have a belly dancer she could dance for your restaurant today for no cost to you except to talk about our great service. ”
I was taking this all in as I glared across the room at all the eyes glued on my thong clad body. I wouldn’t have to worry about showing my belly as it is on complete display already.   The manager was brought in immediately and without even hesitating he agreed. “Wow she is beautiful she can come here and eat for free anytime. ” The overweight Pakistan gentlemen remarked. I have something she can wear, I was actually relieved that I could cover up a bit today, then I almost laughed at the iron that I’m happy to cover up just a little more than nothing that a belly dancer wears. “Here you go, beautiful don’t worry it will not cover your beautiful body up I can tell you really like to show it” he smiled. But when we got in the storeroom, all he gave me was a sheer tiny Pakistan shirt; it did nothing to alter the amount of skin I showed.
The music stopped and the store manager started getting everyone’s attention, after abit of introductions and marketing his own menu he gave me a signal to come into view. The music started and I was making my way from the hallway. I didn’t know a thing about belly dancing, but I tried anyway.

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   I came out with my legs and belly completely expose with cheers from all the men in the store. God there were so many more men then woman I thought.
I arched my back and kicked up my rear emulating britney spears as I tried my best to keep a smile on my face. I looked over to my brother who was signaling me to walk around and dance with each table. Cameras were out snapping photos of me.   The first table I chose was a table with three men and a teenage boy who seems to be at least my brother’s age, I started really doing what I thought a belly dancing would do, I unexpectedly shivered as I felt a hand on my thigh as I danced, the man to my left held my thigh in his hands as I contorted my body into sexy waves.  
The hand started reaching higher and after about 5 seconds of this had making its way over my ass cheeks for a quick squeeze I bolted to another table. This time a man, who I thought would be a nice grandpa like person held my waist bringing me close to him as he reached behind me and got a squeeze, as I turned to leave I felt a hard smack on my ass and turned to see him laughing with his buddies.
I was abit turned on being this exposed to a group of older men. The process repeated several times even from some women, smacking my now sore but cheeks. Some men thinking they were all studly stood up to pull me into a grind but I was able to squirm out quick enough. All the while way in the back my brother was stroking himself to my predicament. The song seemed longer than an average song, maybe 5 mins had passed and I was still making my rounds getting covertly groped by men and young guys alike.
After I was done I made my way back into the hallway to the storeroom, I took of the shirt the man had given me to wear and started making my way to the door when Dan came in. He was followed by the grandpa who had groped me in front of his similarly aged friends.


   I was shocked to see that old man here and a bit concerned at what his intentions were.
“Bell this old man told me a very sad story about his wife, he said she looked a lot like you” “Well not nearly as beautiful as you are but your eyes remind me of hers” the old man interrupted. “Well anyways he told me that he really really wants to do one more thing that he used to do for his wife before she passed on” I was totally ready to leave this restaurant screaming if I had to fuck this man I thought. “Bella don’t worry he wants to give you pleasure not you giving him, he wants to pleasure you with his mouth Bella. ”
“A special massage I did for my wife you will love it” he excitedly whispered to us, “Bells get undress and lay on that stack of laundry over there. ” I was horrified at what my brother was asking but I was too submissive to deny what I was requested to do. I pulled the shirt over my head and threw it hard at Dan, I then reached the band of my thong when the old man stopped me,” “no keep those on, I like em honey now lay over there and ill start” he too enthusiastically remarked.
I laid myself on the loose laundry and looked up at the two of them. The old man smiled to my brother and then slowly got down on one knee careful not to hurt his old body and scooted closer to me. He reached for my right knee and pulled my foot into his mouth. God it felt disgusting to have my toes in this man’s mouth with his tongue swirling around them.   He did the same to my other foot for a few minutes believing I must of liked it.
He then leaned over and startled me when he hawked up a wad of spit and aimed for different parts of my thighs. I was disgusted even more at this sight but kept myself together and watched as he let loose gobs of spit over my smooth skin. He then worked his hands into the areas of salvia and started massaging me thighs.

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    I was sure I was showing my wtf look at him while he was massaging me, but he must have thought differently when he spoke up, “feels good doesn’t it girl, I tell you it feels good because when you are touched somewhere a man doesn’t usually get touched, its stimulating. ” I almost wanted to laugh out loud at him as he tried to look into my soul for confirmation. He went down for a long lick up in my inner thighs and began running his hands through them.
He then pulled my legs up to either side of me spreading them wide as he ran his tongue down the inner thighs and against my mound. That’s when I reacted giving him the signal he was working so hard to get. “ahh you like that didn’t you” He started eating me out hard pulling my hips high to work his tongue far enough to reach my ass. He found my sweet spot; I was putty in his hands now as he licked me down.
I didn’t realized when or how my brother had let the bastards friends in but there were now 3 old men in the room with me, they slowly made their way to my sides. I reached to push one man away when the other pulled my arm out from me; I was subdued by these three old folks while still being tongue lashed to oblivion.
I heard the men say something in their language when they rolled me on to my knees and pulled my legs out. The old man in the red Jacket came and sat in front of me pulling his pants off, I was shocked to see how stiff this senior citizen was. And in my moment of pondering he slid his legs and hips closer to me then pulling my upper body over to him so that my head was now in his lap. With only one arm free I wasn’t able to push off of him. The other man pulled my left leg out and put his weight on it, he then started nibbling hard kissing my thighs driving me nuts while the man in between my lefts worked me fast and rough with his tongue.
I felt my options running out and with the man who’s lap I was in suggesting for me to put my mouth on his cock I gave in and engulfed his length on my tongue.

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“you see girl you are treated as my wife was, a princess, who is pleasured by more than one man, what else can a girl ask for?”
“Bells at least they promise not to fuck you” they are all married and don’t want to completely cheat on their wives, they just wanted a beautiful girl like you to takes and pleasure. ” I spend at least an hour in that overly crowded room secretly being assaulted by three men old enough to make my grandpa seem young.
End of Chapter 2