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Topic: Gloryhole Switch    So my girlfriend and I had decided we wanted to visit the local adult store to try out a little gloryhole fun.   We had watched videos together and she always said she's like to see me getting my cock sucked through the hole, and who am I to turn down getting head, eh?  She'd also mentioned that she wanted to try her skills are sucking cock through the hole, so this seemed like a pretty win-win idea.     Let me give you a quick overview of my girlfriend to bring you up to speed.   She's 19 years old, 5'2", 115lbs, with nice C tits.   She's absolutely gorgeous.   She comes from a good family.   She's got a sister that's amazing looking at 14, and her mom is just over 40 and absolutely stunning. .   I think I got myself a winner.   And to top things off, she's about as amazingly kinky it can get.   ANYTHING I want, she's usually up for.   We've tried it all,threesomes, orgies, she was even up for it when I told her I wanted to try one of her dildos in my ass while she blew me.   She's amazing and I'm lucky to have her. .     Anyways, back to my story. .

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    We picked out a booth, and I've been in a porn-booth or two in my time, but this one had a couple accessories.   It had several D-rings hooked to the wall. I was curious, but didn't think much of it.   I took off my pants and proudly stuck my cock through the hole in the wall.   I was so excited, I couldn't wait. .   She left my room and I locked the door behind her.   Then she went to the room next to mine, knocked on the door, and went in.   A couple seconds later I felt her mouth slide down the length of my cock.   I was in heaven.   It wasamazing.   I don't know if I've ever been as hard as I was in my mouth at that moment.   God it was hot.   She worked my cock like a mad woman.   I could picture her lips up against the wall as she buried my cock deep into her throat.

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    I felt her gag a few times.   It was amazing.   She was determined to give my cock the sucking of a lifetime.     After a few minutes of this amazing blowjob, she stopped.   I was a little confused.   I then get a knock on my door, so I peek out and it's her, so I let her in.   She's got her purse, from which she pulls out several bondage items.   She first being a blindfold.   I'm game, so I put it on and get myself prepared.   Then she wraps my wrists in restraints.   I'm getting pretty excited as she buckles them to the wall.   Then I feel what seems to be a belt of some sort as she buckles that to the wall also.   Now I'm completely restrained, pressed against the wall, my cock waving proudly out into the room.   I then feel her mouth sliding back onto me.   I am so freak'n turned on right now.

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    It's amazing. .   I feel her finger reach up behind me with some lube as she slides it into my asshole.   Let me tell you, if you've never tried it, there's nothing more amazing than having a finger working deep in your ass while your cock pressed against the back of a woman's throat.   It's a pretty unreal sensation.     So anyways, I'm getting my cock and ass both worked better than I ever have before, it's amazing. .   While all this is happening, she pushes a pair of silky panties against my nose. These panties are absolutely soaked.   It's one of my favorite sensations and I feel my balls stirring.   She then says, "How great is this?".
     Wait.   She's sucking my cock.   Wait a second.   What am I missing here?    At that point she stuffs the panties in my mouth, which tasted amazing, by the way.

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    Once I'm sufficiently gagged, she pulls up my blindfold.     It's Jessica!  Her 14 year old sister is sucking my cock and fingering my ass!  What the hell!  How did she get her in?  I'm not ABOUT to stop it, but how did I miss this!?    "You seem to really like when she sucks your cock.   And you seem to like the taste of her pussy juice on your tongue.   I'll have to remember that for future fun. "    Turns out panties in my mouth were Jessica's.   I was tasting a mouth full of 14 year old pussy juice.   No wonder it was especially wonderful on my tongue.     I was absolutely stunned.   I was getting the most amazing blowjob ever from my girlfriends little sister.   I was shocked, and in heaven at the same time.   My girlfriend just leaned back against the wall and fingered herself while she took it all in.   God this was hot.
    Then, out of the wonderful purse, she pulled out a strap-on.   How did I not know she had that?!  She slides it on, straps it in place, then raises up her sister's ass and plunges it into that sweet little pussy while looking straight into my eyes.     Now tell me this isn't hot.

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    I'm bound to the wall, my cock her deep into a 14 year old throat while she fingers my ass and takes a strap-on from her older sister right in front of me.   It is EVERYTHING I can do not to pump my cum down her throat right there.   I'm enjoying this WAY to much for it to end now.     After a few minutes of this super hot scene, my girlfriend pulls the strap-on out, unlocks the door and slides out of the room.   Now it's just me and her little sister in the booth together.     Jessica slowly slides her finger out of my ass, but still keeps sucking my cock like she's dying of thirst and needs to drink my cum.     As I've got my eyes closed, just enjoying the blowjob, I feel something else touching my ass.   I had completely forgotten about the gloryhole.   It turns out that while Jessica is sucking my off, my girlfriend is going to fuck me in the ass with the strap-on!  This is more than I could ever have hoped for, or even imagined.   I look down on Jessica's cute little face wrapped around my cock while I feel the dildo slide into my already lubed ass.   It's amazing.   But the best part is, he pressure in my ass will prolong my orgrasm a bit longer, so I can enjoy this amazing mouth, and the super-hot porno scene I'm in the middle of.     I don't think I've ever been so turned on in my entired life.   My girlfriend going to town on my ass with a nice big dildo, her cute little sister deep throating my cock.   It's outstanding.

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    After a few minutes, the dildo speeds up, banging at my ass for all she's worth.   Talk about stimulation.   Then all of the suddent it feels a little different, then stops.   Kinda odd.   She must be taking a break or something, I know how much a good pounding can work up a sweat.   But thank god for little Jessica, still working away at my cock.   She's started fingering herself too.   I canhear and feel her moaning around my cock.   I can't even describe how good I feel right now.     Then, with one quick thrust, my girlfriend is back in my ass again.   Absolute sensory overload.   Good hard thrusts and deep throating.   Amazing.     All of the sudden, there's a knock on the door.   Jessica stand up briefly and unlocks it, then goes back to my cock.

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    I'm a little confused there too.   Is her freak'n mom going to join us or something??  Then I get my answer.   My girlfriend slides back through that door.   Strap-on still pointing out like a compass looking for pussy.     Now it takes me a second to wrap my mind around this one.   Jessica's blowing me.   My girlfriend is now lining up her strap-on with her little sister's asshole.   And I'm getting a dildo in my ass.   The math doesn't exactly work here.     My girlfriend sees the confusion on my face and answers my question.   Just as she bottoms out the strap-on in Jessica's ass in one swift stroke, she tells me, "I left the door of the next booth wide open.   There's a line of guys waiting in the hallway for service in my 'girlfriends' ass.   They think you're a hot blonde that looks just like me.   So don't disappoint them, or this will be the last time you ever get to be inside my lovely little sister here. .

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  "    So what she's saying is, there's god knows how many guys getting ready to fuck me in the ass, and from what I can guess, there's already one load of cum in my ass with one on the way.   I love some ass-play from time to time, but I'm not sure this is what I was hoping for.   But on the same thought, I do like a dildo in my ass from time to time, and how often do you get to watch your girlfriend fuck her little sister in the ass while she pounds your cock in her throat.   It's like a fantasy come true.     After not much longer, I'm on cock number three in my ass, as two others have left their cum deep inside me, and I'm almost ready to cum.   I push the panties out of my mouth just in time to let them know, but Jessica doesn't miss a beat.   She sucks even harder and drains me completely dry.   It's such an unreal sensation that I can barely believe it's really happening.
    Then, as I'm totally empty, Jessica stands up and deeply kisses my girlfriend.   I can see the cum going from one mouth to the other.   This is so hot!  Then, after another second or two, my girlfriend dives for me, pressing her lips to mine, pushing the cum into my mouth with her tongue.   While it doesn't really taste bad, I'm not going to sprinkle it on my cereal either.     After that calms down for a moment, my girlfriend steps out for a moment, taking the soaking panties with her.   God knows where she went now.   Jessica slides my blindfold back on, and then proceeds to watch the video in the booth and play with her cute little pussy while I'm still getting fucking good and hard from behind the wall.


      Just a little bit later I hear the door open, and the panties are pushed back into my mouth, but they taste different now.   Just a second later, I figure out why.   She had gone out of the booth and jerked some nameless guy off onto wadded up panties.   I wasn't just tasting Jessica's cum, but some guy's cum too.   It was kinda disgusting and kinda hot all at the same time.     I gotta admit, as I'm still tied to the wall, taking cock after cock in the ass, listening to my girlfriend and her little sister playing with their pussies, I can't wait for our next trip back to the porn store. .