Double teaming the financial advisor


It was 3. 05pm and my friend Rich and I were running late for our meeting at the bank. We'd been working on cars as a hobby for years, but had finally decided we should try and make some money out of our skills, by setting up a business doing engine mods. We needed some startup capital, so we'd arranged a meeting at the bank to try and get a loan.  We got to the bank at 3. 10pm, our meeting was supposed to be at 3pm. Rich approached the customer service desk.  "How many I help you?" The pretty assistant asked. "Hi, we have an appointment with. . . " He checked the letter we'd been sent, "Miss. Whitney Lee, financial advisor. ""OK, time is the appointment?" The assistant tapped something on her computer. "Erm, well, it was at 3pm, sorry we're late, traffic was a nightmare across town. " Rich answered.

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  "Hmm, OK, well Miss. Lee is quite busy today so I'm sorry to say you may have missed your appointment, but I'll just check. " She picked up the phone as Rich and I waited. We'd both suited up for the occassion, Rich in simple black with an open collar white shirt, his athletic 5'10" frame filling the suit and tanned skin contrastly sharply with the shirt. He had a handsome face, quite angular and manly, with short brown hair and brown eyes. He looked good, I thought, as long as we could get the appointment, this should go well. "OK, Miss. Lee will see you now. " Said the assistant, "I'll show you through. " Rich and I gave each other a secret low five as we followed, both checking out the tight ass on the assistant as it swayed in front of us. I mentally undressed her and began to imagine bending her over before stopping myself, realising this wasn't the time or place for sexual fantasies. Still, it didn't stop a small bulge forming in my crotch.  "Here we are," Said the assistant as she stopped by an office door and knocked politely. "Come in. " Came the voice from inside.

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   Rich opened the door and we walked through.  If the assistant had been pretty, Whitney was hot. I felt a shiver run up and down my spine as she looked us up and down. She must have been in her early 20's and wasn't too tall, she had a great, slim but voluptuous body. Her breasts seemed to want to burst out of her suit they were so big. Her skin was flawless and lightly tanned, with blue eyes looking out through her medium length blonde hair. The bulge in my crotch increased a little more as I began to mentally undress her too.  She shook hands with us across the desk and we gave introductions, then sat down.  "Sorry we're a little late. " I offered as I took off my brown pinstriped suit jacket and hung it on the chair. "Don't worry," Whitney offered, "You're not in any trouble, unless you want to be. " She said with a wry smile.  Rich and I both laughed, but I could tell he was feeling the same as me. Was this girl flirting with us? I didn't know whether to play along or get down to business. She answered the question for us both.

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   "Right, down to business. " She said, removing her suit jacket also. Her white blouse was slightly see through in the light and I could see the lace of her red bra underneath as she undid a couple of buttons, I assumed because of the heat. It gave a fantastic view when she leant over the table to reach some papers, those beautiful curves of skin, firm and round, I could see the top of her bra also.  We spoke about the business for a while, recounting the history of our hobby and skills. At some point we got onto the subject of who did what in the business, which quickly turned into friendly banter over who was the better mechanic, and who was better with numbers.  "I'm definitely the better mechanic. " Rich said, casting a sarcastic smirk my way. "Yeh right, the other day you poured oil in the screen wash tank. " I countered, laughing. "OK boys, this isn't a cock measuring contest. " Whitney joined in, trying to diffuse the banter. "Oh no, don't worry about that," I jumped in, "There's certainly no contest in that department, mine's about twice the size!"Whitney raised her eyebrows. "Really?" She said, looking at Rich. "What, no way!" He protested.

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   "Your's is like 3 inches shorter and 1 inch thinner. " We all laughed and then fell into a slightly awkward silence. Eventually Whitney broke it. "Well, there is only one way to settle such a dispute. " She said, flashing a knowing grin at both of us. I felt my cock twitch as I realised what she was suggesting. Was she serious? Before I could think about it too much more she walked over to the door and twisted the lock.  "C'mon then boys, lets see who has got the most to offer. " She said, her back against the door.  I looked at Rich, wondering what to do.  "Are you serious?" Rich asked, his hands already poised on his waistband. Whitney didn't reply, instead she just smiled and raised her eyebrows, almost daring us to undress.  "C'mon then. " Rich said to me as he began to undo his trousers. Fuck it, I thought, what could go wrong? I pulled my trousers open too, then stood up to let them drop to the floor.

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   My cock was now semi hard and made a pretty big bulge in my boxers. I looked over at Rich and he seemed in a similar state. I put my hand under my waistband at the same time as him, and then we both pulled down, exposing our growing cocks to the hot financial advisor just 5 ft away.  I looked across at her as she checked out our cocks. It was silent and surreal, I could feel myself growing still, but out the corner of my eye I could see that Rich's was still just semi-erect.  "Mmm, well it looks to me like it's unfair to judge at the moment, since one is more erect than the other. " She said, nodding at my cock as she did. "It will only be fair if your both fully erect. " She said, again with the wry smile. She then walked across to Rich. She moved her faces inches away from his, looking straight into his eyes. Her side profile was amazing, beautiful face, amazing curves over her large breasts then down to her tight ass, barely covered by her short skirt that I hadn't even noticed before now.  She reached down to her blouse and undid the rest of the buttons before opening it out, revealing her bra-clad breasts, so big and firm. I could hardly believe this was happening. Rich's cock started to twitch and grow, but it still didn't get fully erect.

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    "Hmm, better, but still not quite there. " Whitney said, as she turned around. She undid something at the side of her skirt and let it fall to the ground, revealing her perfect tight little ass, barely covered by a small red lacy thong matching her bra. She then proceeded to back into rich, until his cock was touching her ass cheeks, where she moved up and down letting it slide between them. He was now pretty much fully hard, his cock about 8 inches sliding between her cheeks.  Then she stopped, stood up straight and walked back round to her side of the desk, her breasts jiggling with every step. She looked us over again. "Hmm, seems that yours is now not fully erect. That won't do, come here. " She said looking at me. I walked round to her and she moved me behind her, performing the same routine Rich had just enjoyed as he stood staring. Her skin was silky smooth as it glided over my cock, precum leaving a trail around her crack as she moved up and down. I was now rock hard, 8 1/2 inches throbbing to be inside her as she was bent over the desk.  I looked across and noticed Rich unbuttoning his shirt, revealing his athletic tanned chest as it dropped to the floor. He moved towards the desk, stroking his cock right in front of Whitney's face.

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   She grabbed his wrist and moved his hand away, opening her mouth at the same time. "mmm let me taste it. " She said to Rich, as he pushed forward, her mouth taking in about half his length before he pulled out again, begin to pump in and out of her gorgeous lips. He held the sides of her head as she cupped his balls with one hand, steadying herself with the other.  I reach down and pulled her panties aside, sliding a finger across her pussy. She was shaved and very wet. I heard her moan as I pushed a finger inside of her. I finger fucked her for a few minutes as she sucked Rich off, until I couldn't take it any more and had to fuck her beautiful pussy. I pulled her panties down and took a look at her hot cunt, pink lips slightly puffy from arousal and glistening wet. I licked her juices, she tasted good as I ran a finger along her ass crack also, circling around her hole before pushing 1 finger in, well lubricated from all her pussy juices.  Rich was now vigorously face fucking her and she moaned with each thrust, her pretty mouth struggling to fit his hard cock in. I stood up again, ready to fuck her from behind, but before I could she reached back, undoing her bra and letting it fall onto the desk. Her gorgeous, massive breasts swinging in time with Rich's thrusts, she pulled my hands onto them and I began to play with her pretty little nipples, I could feel how hard they were, with small areolas encircling. She started to moan even louder whilst grinding her pussy back against my cock, my shaft now soaking wet waiting to enter her. I reached with one hand and positioned the head at her opening, then gently pushed into her.

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   She was tight, wet and hot, as I felt her muscles contract around me. I pushed all the way in, my rock hard cock throbbing inside her, she momentarilly stopped sucking Rich's cock and began pushing back against me as I thrust into her, moaning loudly as her back arched and she had her first orgasm. I kept pumping into her, building up speed and energy as I went, her big breasts bouncing up and down while Rich watched, stroking his cock still in front of her.  She leant down to start sucking his cock again, but then stopped after a few moments. I was still pounding into her from behind, bent over the desk. "Turn. . . me. . . over. " She said, panting between each word as I fucked her. I pulled out of her and she turned round, seeing her breasts for the first time I almost came there and then. She sat on the desk and lay back, spreading her legs and pussy in front of me.

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    "Fuck me, hard, again. " She said. I needed no more encouragement as I buried my cock to the hilt in her pussy. She leaned her head back and opened wide for Rich's cock again, and he began face-fucking her once more. Rich and I took one breast each with our hands, those beautiful mounds now spread out with gravity, I couldn't take my eyes off them. We played with her nipples, twisting and flicking. I leaned forward  and took one in my mouth as she moaned with pleasure, flicking the nipple back and forth with my tongue. She moaned louder, muffled with Rich's cock filling her mouth, as I continued sliding in and out of her.  "I'm gonna cum. " Rich said as he increased speed further still. The words seemed to hit a switch for Whitney as she began bucking her hips wildly, moaning even louder as he plunged into her mouth. With a few more thrusts he pulled out of her, stroking his cock rapidly with his hand as she waited, mouth open, still moaning in the throws of her own orgasm as I continued fucking her. Rich groaned as he pushed his cock forward again, the muscles in the backs of his legs twitching as he shot ropes of hot cum into her mouth.  The feeling of her hot pussy twitching and clamping around my cock as Whitney came too, with watching her beaufiful breasts bounce up and down, knowing it was caused my me thrusting into this hot girl, and add to that seeing my friend shoot cum into her mouth as she gulped it down gratefully; it all sent me over the edge too. With a few more thrust I felt my balls tighten, and electricity run up my legs to my groin.

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   I quickly pulled out of her and began stroking my cock, my balls pressed up against her soaking wet pussy. Whitney scooted down, to my surprise, pushing her breasts together and opening her mouth as I began to spurt sticky semen over her face and breasts. She stuck her tongue out to catch come as I continued spurting, my legs almost giving way before she grabbed my ass and pulled me toward her, taking my cock in her warm, hot mouth to drink the last few drops of cum.  She stopped sucking as my cock began to soften, looked up at me with blue eyes and a cum covered face and said with a smile: "We might need to schedule another appointment. "
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