A new way of starting off the year.


My boyfriend and I were quite bored on New Years Eve without any plans other than hanging around the house. His friend came over later and he brought over movies for us to watch. As the two guys got drunk I sat back and watched them say things they normally wouldn’t.

My boyfriend started getting really horny but couldn’t get it up since he was drunk too. I brought out my vibrator and started showing them how I used it, and said how fun it is that they should try it. They both ended up putting it on their dicks and on their balls and I could tell instantly they loved it! So after a few hours of just wrapping ourselves in each other and playing with my vibrator we decided to lie on the couch to sleep. Our friend was lonely on the other couch so we invited him to lay with us.

As they were still partially drunk and still quite horny I got them to kiss, then make out, and slowly reach for each others dicks. I started getting turned on myself, I started moaning from thinking what they were doing to each other but that just turned them on even more. My boyfriend started playing with my clit and so I ripped my shirt off so he could also fondle my breasts. Our friend then started sucking on my tits but licking them as a cat would for milk. I was getting so wet but neither of them knew, I had them on both sides of me so they would both suck on my tits. I started squirming and they knew I wanted more. They took turns fingering my wet pussy until I couldn’t take it any more and had to jump off the couch onto the ground in the position to get mounted like a dog.

My boyfriend took the opportunity and fucked me as hard as he could. I was screaming and grabbed our friend and shoved his dick in my mouth, sucking quickly and wildly, I loved hearing his moan for the first time.

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   My knees were getting weak on the ground as I was moaning and screaming. Not soon after I came I could feel my boyfriends cum building up and his legs and arms weaken as he shoved himself as deep as he could inside of me while letting off his load. I fell to the ground breathing heavily, shivering with satisfaction. Our friend thanked my boyfriend for letting him joined in and my boyfriend and I headed up to bed.

In the morning I was awake and couldn’t stop thinking what had happened that night that I started getting really turned on. I got to the point where I couldn’t help myself and started sucking my boyfriend’s dick as he slept. He woke up and started fingering me; since I knew he was awake I got on top and rode him as rough as I could. We went downstairs after that and our friend was just leaving.

For the rest of the day we were so turned on that my boyfriend and I just fucked on the couch all day. Then laying in each others arms, being so close to we touched each other all over. This time I played with myself while he played with himself, watching him moan and trying to get me to moan and squirm in return. After a few minutes I came and calmed myself down so I could still watch him touch himself and get himself off. After he came I licked it all up so everything was clean and we could just sleep in each others arms. .