You Ain't really lived, untill another Man Fucks You


Topic: You Ain't really lived, untill another Man Fucks You!Hi my names’ Chris, but my friends just call me C, and I’m straight… Naw! I know what you’re thinking , he just thinks he is, he hasn’t found himself yet, or In denial, and all that crap, but I really love women, really!. . . Lets just say though that something has happened to me that I’ll never forget, and I think I am a better man, and lover for it. It all started when I hit a drought , I mean it seemed like there wasn't no pussy nowhere, and if it was ,it was definitely hiding from me. Greg , a somewhat friend of mine ,( I mean we had worked together for over 4 years,) had been bugging me about coming over to his place on any given weekend, and having a few drinks, I finally gave in and said sure why not. Everyone new Greg was a freak, he always had a story on Monday morning about some chick he had boned, and in great detail, so if nothing else I was hoping some honeys would stop by and… oh hell who am I kidding , it could be just one freak ,we could share!I arrived at the door of his condo around 8:30 PM , carrying a 5th of sky vodka , hell I didn’t know what he drank! After 4 or 5 rings on tha bell, the door sprang open, and there stood Greg , he had obviously started without me, and was already feeling his spirits ; if you know what I’m sayin. That and the fact that he had on no shirt , and was c lad only in pair of basketball shorts, let me know that I could probably give up on him having any company ,of any kind stopping by , besides myself! He showed me into the living room and said ,shit man get comfortable It’s just us fellas tonight, unfortunately I had been correct in my assumption . Oh well I hadn’t got drunk in a long time ,and I did have a lot of stress weighing on me , so what the hell I figured. It was the middle of April, and Greg had shut off the central air relying only on a big tunnel fan in the top of the house, that pulled in a cool breeze from outside. Take your shirt off dude said Greg , as he poured us two tall ice filled glases of something he had mixed up earlier. I obliged, and took the drink he offered me from his hand. So whats’ been going on with you C he said excitedly, nothing I said for the lack of being able to think of anything else to say. That’s when Greg started in with one of his elaborate erotic stories, yeah I was getting into it, with the help of the concoction he was serving, my dick was getting hard and I was getting really aroused. . I studied Greg for a moment letting his renditions of 3 weeks past drone out, He was actually a very good looking guy, what was he , about ten years older than me 35 mabey,, and he obviously took real good care of his body, there was not a muscle out of place… Woah! What the hell was in this drink, was I checking out another guy ? Oh man, times were hard but damn!When I came totally back to reality Greg had gotten silent and was just smiling at me,, I mean it seemed like the guy was reading my thoughts ,and had heard everything I was thinking, looking straight through me, what was this some kind of Interview with a Vampire shit!And then he really flipped the script, and started talking about not just girls, but all the guys that he fucked too! Man did he know what he was saying, and if so why was I still sitting there listening intently .

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   Must have been the alcohol . Then the crazy fool I thought I knew said t “ You know you should really let me fuck your cute azz tonight, you look like you could use it, and I promise you’ll enjoy it. ”Ok that was it for me! I’m the fuck out of here, but when I stood up the room started to spin, and I quickly sat back down, I was in no condition to walk out of there ,much less drive. Damn those drinks! Oh sweet God, what had I got myself into… I mean this guy had at least 50lbs. of muscle over my meager but well defined physic . what could I do if he…. . ?Well , when I could focus again Greg was leaning over me with both his hand on the arm rest of my chair, preventing me from getting up , as if I even could. He then whispered something incoherent in my ear ,and started kissing my neck , then my chest, but not on my face, or lips thank god!I kept telling myself it was the vodka making me go along with this, but inside I knew that was just an excuse . Greg pulled me to my feet and easily slung me over his shoulder,,, I think I blacked out for just a minute , because the next thing I knew I was being carried up some stairs ,ending with a hard thump as I was dropped on the bed. Part of my mind still resisted that this was a reality insisting that this was just a nightmare, yet part of me prayed that it was real. Greg removed my shorts, socks, and shoes, lastly peeling off my underwear. My 10 incher then sprang free, almost at it’s most prominent state, and from somewhere ,with an echoed effect I heard him say, Dayum you are fine! I pulled uselessly at the surrounding blankets trying to cover my nakedness, but Greg effortlessly tore them back away… I could only watch as he stripped also , pulling down his Bvds’ revealing what looked like a big bouncing salami . My God ! that wasn't a dick, it was a baseball bat!I didn’t get to look at it for long, because he flipped me on my stomach ,and laid on top of me grinding his huge dick up ,and down the crack of my sweaty hairy ass. He rubbed my bac,k and arms while whispering things in my ear like, your gonna enjoy this so much, and I’m gonna really make love to you tonight.

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  His weight lifted off me ,and part of me thought thank God , what a relief he was just kidding, but that was not the case, I then felt muscled hands kneading my butt checks , and then spreading them apart, as he stuck his tongue in me and, began rimming the hell out of my ass hole, I had a freaky girl try to do that to me once, but it felt nothing like this, no these were defiantly the lips and tongue of a man, nipping, licking, and slurping my pucker. Damn I felt like I was in heaven, and never wanted it to end. But it did, and all that paradise was replaced once again with shear terror, as I heard him rip open a condom packet , trust me I knew the sound very well ,and had made it often myself. That’s when it hit me damn! this is just what I’ve been doing to all those females, I should have saw this coming from the beginning of the evening. This had all been a set up , and the real plan all along! I felt so stupid and humiliated. Once again I was torn between two feelings, one of oh hell! I’m gonna kill this mutha fucker for doing this to me, the other saying just let this happen, you both need , and want to know what this feels like. He must have put some kind of lube on his pole because he was sliding and grinding his dick up and down my slippery crack. Then before I could mentally prepare for the inevitable ,as if that were even possible, he grabbed me by my waste pulling me partially up off the bed, and began to press his member into my quivering spasing ass hole. I felt the head pop in with a sharp pain and hollered out, he immediately with drew , but commenced to push it right back in, but deeper this time, then withdrawing again. This process went on for several minutes until it didn’t hurt any more ,he was poking ,and prodding me with ease now. I began to moan. Then is when I really reached the point of feelling like a total bitch! Without warning he pulled out with a pop, flipped me over on my back, and placed my legs on his shoulder,, I started to beg like a little boy please, please, don’t ; knowing what he was about to do,,, pay back is a mutha fucker. He dove in with no mercy ,but since he had took it slow before it really didn’t hurt so bad,. . I just felt ashamed ,and embarrassed… I was getting fucked by another dude … man!Greg gave me long slow strokes , then fast short ones ,pulling all the way out , and then diving in for more, truth be told, I felt like I was gonna shit on myself .

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   He was still mumbling something , but I couldn’t make it out. As the pumping intensified , he grabbed my dick for the first time , just two tugs and I blew nutt all over my chest!He was still stroking me ,but after I came it seemed like I couldn’t take no more. . He sensed this and with a couple more strokes pulled out and ripped off the condom,, he ejaculated profusely all over my cock and balls. The last thing I remember is him rubbing his big dick all over me spreading gooey liquid everywhere. Then I passed out. . . . The next morning I awoke still naked ,but snugly placed in bed under a quilt ,with two big pillows propped under my head. I stepped off the bed letting one foot hit the floor ,like testing the waters. There was no noise in the room. After I put my clothes back on ,that had been neatly folded in a chair next to the nightstand , I explored the rest of the house with a few (hellos !), it was empty. There was no note, or anything. Thank God! that spared me the imposition of having to address any events of the night past.

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   So I locked Greg’s door from the inside and stepped out , the blinding sun did wonders for my hangover. Things are back to normal now, I mean I have a steady girlfriend, and one I’m fuckin across town. Oh Greg and I don’t speak anymore, I didn’t have to do, or say anything, it’s just kinda like he knew that it would be better that way. But if I never admit it anyone else, I can honestly say to you , that “ YOU AIN’T REALLY LIVED, UNTILL ANOTHER MAN FUCKS YOU.
by LatinSpin

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