Encounter I Knew Would Happen


I drive a lot to get to work and then home of course. 70 miles one way on I 85 in Georgia. I am masculine and not more that Bi I would say now that some things have happened. I drink lots of coffee to stay awake and this of course. There are a few truck stops and rest areas on the way and I get off at 9 PM so it is always dark when I drive to my home in North East Georgia. I drive aloneand so, there is lots of time to think on the way. I stopped at a Flyin J's one night and got coffee and the girl behind the counter was very flirty, big chest on a plus size lady and very cute and she got my mind going with her comments. "Will that be all, sure there is nothing else I can do for you?" In a very sexy voice that implied some things. She had just come one shift and she had dropped change as she handed me mind and came up with a few dollars and there was a piece of paper in it that she smiled as she gave it to me. "Call me, Jackie" and her number. Well, I was flattered and smiled as I left. I drove on, sipping coffee and getting hard from the ideas that she had begun. I had to stop and went into another truck stop a few miles up the rode and went to the men's room. There was a glory hole there but no one in the stall. I sat down and pissed and relaxed and was thinking of Jackie and how she would look naked and so got hard again. I heard the door open and a guy was in the stall next to me.

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   I had not covered the hole up and did not care so after a little there was a tapping foot that got my attention. I looked and really hung hard cock was in view and a hand massaging it slowly. Damn I thought, that looks nice, then I wondered where that thought came from. I had been thinking of Jackie and now a cock looked nice? Well, I watched as he stroked it some and he knew I was watching. There was no one else there and the place was slow when I came in, then he stood and the head of his cock was at the hole. The voice said, "Come on man, you know you wanna suck it. " and he was right. I took the head into my mouth and began sucking and licking the head. He was telling me how good it felt and was saying, "When it cums swallow it for me. " I kept sucking and said nothing and soon he told me, "Get ready for it, here it cums man. " and so it did and I took it deep into my mouth and felt it fill my mouth and at the same time my cock shot off into the toilet. He moaned as it finished and he sat down and said, "That was good man, you up for something else?" "What did you have in mind?" I asked him. "My partner and I need some recreation, you up for it?" "Well, I don't know, I don't have a lot of experience at this. " I said still swallowing the cum. "Could have fooled me.

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  " he said. "Come on the the truck. " he said and got up. I saw what he wore and he had on boots that I would not mistake. He got up and left and I thought I wold leave but then as I went to the door they stood there and made eye contact with me, "Come on man, you will enjoy it. " one said. I felt my cock stir again and walked to them and we walked to the back of the parking area. One climbed up and opened the cab door and went into the big sleeper behind it. I went in next and the other guy followed me. We went to the sleeper and it was really huge and the one gy stood there, "I am Gene," he said and took off his short. I felt myself getting excited. "Don" said the other that I had sucked off already. His hands were undoing my belt and soon I was naked. Then they both finished getting undressed. Don turned me to him and his cock slapped my stomach and he hugged me close to him, he pulled back my head and then his mouth was on mine and his tongue in my mouth.

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   I did nothing and since a man had never kissed me before I was shocked some. Then Gene was against me kissing my neck and feeling all over me. I was exctied but at a loss on how to go on this so I let them do the guiding. Gene was kissing my nexk again and then Don was at my nipples, "Oh he will make a good slut. " Gene said and they moved me to sit on the bed of the sleeper. Now two cocks were in front of me and Don moved my head to Gene's cock. I slipped it into my throat and began doing as I had done before. "Oh, he is a natural cock sucker. " he moaned and I felt him go in and out slowly, enjoying every plunge. So was I and I felt a hand on my cock. His hands were on my head moving my head up and down on his cock and then he pushed deep and filled my throat again and I swallowed it all down. Don was on the bed now watching and Gene moved me to get on it to next to him. "Get him ready for me Gene" Don said and I was moved so that my ass was elevated some and then his tongue was all around it, rimming it and making me feel hotter than before. Don was kissing my nipples and making my body all hot again. Don moved to behind me and Gene laid in front of me now, one his back and his legs apart and his cock half hard.

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   Don had me on my knees and his cock was at the entrance of my ass. "Oh you got it nice and wet for me. " he said the Gene. I felt him begin to push and my ass resisted and I felt him move against it and a little went in. I was leaning forward with Gene's cock in my hands right next to my mouth and then Don had the head in and he took my hips in his hands and began going in and out slowly, deeper each time he did. It sank deeper and deeper until I felt his balls against mine. "Oh yeh, he is a good slut, gonna fuck him really good. " Don was sayin and I found that I was sucking Genes cock into my throat. Don got a rythum going and I felt his cock massage the inside of my ass and it was making my cock hard again. He hada nice slow way of filling up my ass and then pulling out again and then back into it, making every inch of it leave a feeling of swelling cock in me. He finally began going faster and I knew he was getting closer. Gene was moving my head faster as if they wanted to finish at the same time. One last deep plunge and his cock swelled and filed my ass with his cum. I could not move and my cock shot a load on the bed and then Gene filled my throat and half of it hit my face. Don held my ass to him for a long time and it seemed that his cock kept pulsing and filling me more and more.

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   I heard the cab door open and a voice said, "Got us a slut?" and Gene said, "Yeh man, Don just opened him up for you. " and I heard someone undressing. "Good deal, I will make him know what a cock is like. " the man said and I turned and looked over my shoulder and saw a huge black man there, his cock hanging down long but growing. He slapped his cock against my ass getting it harder and then it was at the entrance of my ass and I knew it was bigger than Don. "Ready for this?" he said. "Do it man. " I said and still had Gene's cock in my hands. The head hurt but he moved into me and it began to open my ass more. "Oh damn. " I was saying and they laughed. Then he was going into my ass deeper and deeper. He began just fucking me and each time he went in he went deeper. He was finally all the way in and his huge balls slapped my balls too. He was so deep in me that I felt as if he was at at belley button.

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   "Feel that cock moveing your insides all around slut?" he said and I moaned for I felt just that. He began really going hard and deeper and fast as he got close to filling my ass. Then his nails dug into my hips and he pulled me to him and swelled and he filled my ass. I had Gene's cock in my hand and his load shot all over my face and chest. He held himself there, deep and pulsing and all his cum filled my ass until when he pulled out if plopped onto the bed. They moved me around and then the black guy said, "Okay, now for deepthroat lessons. " and he got a towel and cleaned his cock off. I was sitting there with the other two men next to me, kissing and massaging me all over. "Here it is now slut, suck it good. " I streached my mouth open and it went in and he began moving it deeper and deeper until I gagged. "No gagging slut or you will do it again. " he commanded me. Somehow it went in and down my throat. He sank it deep then held it there then pulled out and sank it back in again and again. Somehow I was sitting on Gene's cock and it was not filling me up at all.

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  I felt Gene cum but it did not affect me and the black guy kept feeding me his hard cock unti he held my face to him one time and it swelled and I felt it down my throat, filling it with his cum. He pulled it out of me but laid me down and I was on my back my legs spread wide and he was on top of me, his cock in me and growing again. My legs up and his cock in me deep. It grew again and he began fucking me and then his mouth was on mine and his tongue deep in my mouth. He began really pounding hard and deep and again he filled me up. It was all over suddenly and they got dressed. Gene gave me my clothes and stood there until I got dressed. Cum was flowing from my ass into my underwear and pants legs. I was given three phone numbers to add to Jackies and then they opened the door and let me out. I was sore but felt great as I got in the car and drove the rest of the way hom. The next day my ass was really sore and I had trouble sitting but it healed up. Amy hung guys on I-85 in Georgia, let me know, I am addicted to cock now as much as pussy. .