The new schoolmarm gets opened part 2


     Miss Johnson got to her feet, dazed by the gang rape that the Parker boys had just subjected her to. She looked down, saw the white, slick trails of their sperm, splattered across her body. Her mouth felt stretched, she could taste the remnants of the loads of cum they'd filled her mouth with, and her vagina felt like she'd had a red hot poker shoved up her, cum was dripping out of her pussy, slick trails of it running down her thighs. She felt nauseated, ashamed and angry. Damn them, why'd they do this to me? I could get pregnant! At that thought, a chilling realization rose up inside her, pregnant, unmarried and pregnant, in the 1890's, that would cause a horrible sensation, she'd be tarred, feathered and run out of town, if not worse. She found a rag in the storeroom, and used it to mop up the semen splattered across her body. She quickly got dressed, and returned to the small house that she'd been able to rent. She knew that an herbal medicine woman lived in town, and was reputed to be able to cure everything. She decided to see if she could get something to prevent her becoming pregnant.

     The woman lived down at the end of a long, dusty street. She knocked on the door, expecting to see an old, witch-like woman answer, and was very suprised when a beautiful young lady answered the door. Her surprise was evident.

     She said, "Have you come seeking a cure for whatever ails you? I am Miss Russell, better known as the medicine woman, I can see your surprise, please, come in. "

     She entered, following the lady to a sitting parlor, and with a cup of hot tea, she haltingly explained that she was the new schoolmarm, she was not married, and could possibly be pregnant.

     "I have just what you need, stay right here and enjoy your tea, and I shall get what you need. "

     She could hear Miss Russell in the kitchen, the sound of jars being opened, and soon, she returned, with a bottle full of crushed herbs.

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     "This will do what you need", she explained, as she sprinkled a teaspoonful into her cup, and refilled it with hot tea. "Take this, 1 teaspoonful twice a day, for three days, and you will not become pregnant. "

     Sarah took a taste, her mouth puckered, it tasted extremely bitter, but she didn't mind that, if it stopped a baby from forming.

     "What's in it?" she asked.

     "A mixture of crushed herbs, that have been known to prevent preganacy for hundreds of years, among the Indian tribes that were once native to this region. I learned many medicines from the Indian tribes, and this one will work, I have more than a few women customers who can testify to that. "

     After paying, she left with her bottle of crushed herbs, and hoped that she would not be an exception to the powers of this folk medicine.

     Checking out her bottle after she got home, she saw that there would be lots of herbs left over, after her first treatment.

Which was good, because she had a feeling that the Parker boys would be than ready to give her another of their "welcomes. "

     Opening day at the school felt somewhat nerve wracking, she was able to smile and be pleasant for all the new students, but she got that feeling when she saw the Parker boys, gazing at her with undisguised lust. She knew what they were thinking, and she felt squirmy inside.

     Although she dreaded the end of the day, she had a lot of new students pressing around her, welcoming her in a much more friendly way. She saw the Parker boys hanging around, dreading what they were up to, but their plans to rape her again were foiled, when a big, burly man apppeared in the doorway.

     "Awright boys, you done got your schoolin' for today, now get on home! The chores are awaitin', no time for lollygaggin', and hangin' around the school, get on home, and get to work, or I'll give you a switchin' that'll make you so sore, you won't be able to sit yourself down!"

     Sarah breathed a sigh of relief as Mr. Parker followed his sons out the school house door.

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   In a few minutes, she closed up the school, and quickly headed for home. As she walked along, she hoped that Mr. Parker would be a regular visitor, to keep the boys away from her.

     On Friday, however, their Dad did not show up, and the Parker boys were ready. They bolted the door and surrounded her after all the other students had left, the boys stripped quickly, and Sarah saw 4 hard, stiff cocks, that were once again ready to rape her. Sarah sighed, she stripped off her clothes, they would have stripped her naked anyway, and she might as well let them take her, she wouldn't have been able to keep them off her anyway. She draped herself over her desk, and Jeb quickly entered her, penetrating her with that hard stiffness. Jeb eagerly impaled her on his cock, violating her, it tore a grunt of pain from her as her dry cunt parted and wrenched painfully as he rammed his cock in, balls deep in her tight passage. With Jim presenting his cock to her mouth, she sucked him in, knowing that she didn't really have a choice, swallowing that stiff cock down to the balls. To her relief, Jim still hadn't learned how to make it last, it took only two sucks before she felt his cock explode, filling her mouth with his thick spunk. When her pulled out, Jason was hard and eager, and Sarah swallowed his cock, bobbing her head up and down, Jeb was still fucking her, gripping her hips tightly, he grunted with pleasure as he drove his hardness iballs deep nto her, raping the slick tightness of the no longer virgin passage. Unfortunately for Sarah, Jeb had learned staying power, and he put that power to good use, raping the tight cling, making his pleasure, and Sarah's discomfort, last as long as possible. Just as Jason grunted, his prick swelling, Jeb grunted, and they both went off at the same time, filling her from both ends as Jason filled her hot mouth, and Jeb's cock blew his thick, juicy load deep inside Miss Johnson. When Jeb pulled out, Ken eagerly drove his cock in, drawing another grunt of discomfort from Sarah. With her pussy filled with Jeb's load, the penetration was a bit easier, but she still had to endure the hard thrusts against all the sore spots as best she could, and when Jeb gave her his cock to swallow, she didn't hesitate.

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   She knew what to expect, and just wanted to get it over and done with. As was the case last time, all the boys took turns at her, filled her mouth and her pussy, the second time taking longer, much to her mouth and pussy's discomfort, and jerked one last load out, splattering Sarah's nude body with their last load of spunk.

     Back at home, Miss Johnson wondered how much more of this she could take. She started another 3 day course of treatment with her crushed herbs, and hoped that something would happen to change what was turning out to be the worst teaching job she had ever had. Anymore of the rapes, sodomy and humiliation, and she would have to just up and leave, she couldn't continue in such an impossible situation.

     A week later, and the Parker boys were once again surrounding her after school. She pleaded with them, but they were not wanting to show any mercy. They tore her dress off, unlaced her out of her corset, and forced her down over the desk. The boys all got naked, Jeb's cock was hard, and eager to give Miss Johnson her first rape of this session. He positioned himself, as Jason got his cock ready to be sucked, Jim and Ken standing next to the scene, stroking their stiff cocks, ready to fuck the schoolmarm next. Just before Jeb and Jason could penetrate her, the door flew open, and in stormed Mr. Parker. He took one look, and the boys actually paled when they saw his fury.

     "WHAT IN TARNATION IS GOING ON HERE?" he bellowed. "God damn, ain't you boys been taught about respectin' ladies, not abusing them? Oh, you are going to pay for this!"

     He told them to line up, naked, and bend over.

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   He took out his big leather belt, and doubled it over. Sarah listened, with a grim sort of pleasure, as their Dad exacted vengence on them for raping her. The schoolroom filled with the sound of the wide leather belt whipping against his son's naked asses, and the boy's howls of pain as Mr. Parker beat their asses, giving them the whipping of a lifetime. Their young asses became swollen, fiery red globes of burning pain.

     After they had been whipped to his satisfaction, he snarled, "You ever do this again, I'll tie you to a post and horse whip you. "

     Directing his next remarks to Jeb, he told his son, "And you, boy, are going to get married. The McCoy sisters told their parents yesterday what you done in the barn with them this past summer, and now Louise McCoy is expecting your baby. You are going to marry her, and make an honest woman out of her. And, you'd better be the most loving, devoted husband you can be. Charlie McCoy wanted to tie you to a post and use his bull whip on you, for defiling both his daughters, but I was able to talk him out of it, by telling him that I would see to it that you married Louise. So you'd better face up to your responsibility son, or Charlie is likely to whip you half to death. "

     Sarah could see Jeb's face, pale as milk, he looked like he might actually faint. For just an instant Sarah almost felt sorry for him, but the remembrance of his pleasure, at her expense, as he filled her pussy and mouth quickly chased that thought away.

     Turning to Miss Johnson, he said, "I am sure sorry that my boys can't behave themselves, Miss Johnson, I hope that the beating might help straighten them out, if they try anything funny again, you all tell me right away.


   You hear that boys? You mess with Miss Johnson again, and you'll get horse whipped. Now, you apologize to Miss Johnson, and you'd better be sincere. "

     They sure sounded sincere, and Mr. Parker told them to get home, and do the chores. Sarah breathed a sigh of relief, it looked like her job here would work out after all.

     The next day, all four Parker boys had difficulty finding a comfortable way to sit. They barely glanced at her, and as soon as school was over, they were the first to leave, they virtually ran out the door as fast as they could. And, a few days later, Jeb married Louise McCoy, a shotgun wedding to be sure, but he had earned what he now had to face up to. The boys never bothered her again, mindful of that horse whip waiting for them if they ever bothered her again, and she found that her teaching in the one room school house became a much better time indeed.

The End.