Raped and the consequences.


My boyfriend and I had been lovers for about a month having sex a couple of times a week – usually in his car in a local lovers lanes.

On this night we were in the back seat getting ready – I was undressed and he was just taking his pants off when we were set upon by three guys, who dragged us out of the car.

Two of them hit my bf and knocked him out and then tied his hands and feet together as he lay on the ground, and sat him up against the car, still unconscious. The other one grabbed me and held me with his hand over my mouth. When he took it off I screamed and they put a gag on my mouth – I learned later it was a womans scarf Then they tied my hands behind me with something.

One of them stood me up and he rubbed his hands over me and fondled my breast and vulva. He slipped his finger up me and said – we got her in time, he hasn’t fucked her yet, she is still dry.

The three of them then stood looking at me and two of them had their penis out stroking them – who is first this time one said.

The one who had held me said its my turn – this will be good she hasn’t been fucked yet. Get her ready.

The other two came over to me and forced me onto the ground while the first guy removed his pants.

He stood over me and said get ready honey – you are going to enjoy this as much as I am.

The other two were holding me and the pulled my legs back and held them. He got down and proceeded to put his cock into me and he looked at me and said it feels good doesn’t it – they all love it when I fuck them. I had been having sex for a while with two of my former boyfriends so I knew what it was all about but being raped was something else. He was fucking me and had no feelings for me – he just wanted to fuck and cum.

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   As he fucked me he said she aint bad, You like it luv don’t you.

I shook my head – I was hating it he was just using me and I had never felt so bad having sex before – it was awful as he pumped and pumped himself into me trying to make himself cum. You love it don’t you – he said and I shook my head – he slapped my face and said you want more don’t you and again I shook my head and he slapped me again. I am the best fuck you have ever had - admit it. I didn’t want another slap so I nodded. See I will be the best fuck you have tonight – they are wimps. Now baby things are beginning to happen and he grunted and I knew what he was doing – he was cumming into me – putting his vile semen up inside me. I thought thank god – he is finished. The he got off me and said who is next.

One of the other guys took his pants down and said its my turn – look after her boyfriend he has come to.

I looked toward him and he was awake and had watched this asshole rape me and saw him cum in me – he was struggling against his ropes or whatever trying to get free. The one who had just raped me went over to him and laughed and saw his flaccid cock and said she has just had the best cock she has ever had – not that puny thing and then he began to pee over him and laugh as he directed his flow of pee all over my boyfriend. One down two to go he said.

By now the second gut was in me. I was resigned to my fate and I did nothing to stop him – I had already been defiled and filled with his mates cum – nothing more could make it worse.

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   I lay there and let him fuck me and he didn’t want me to tell him how good he was – he wasn’t – and he just fucked me for about five minutes and came. Then he took his cock out of my vagina and he crawled up over me and took the gag off and said “suck it clean bitch” and tried to force his cock into my mouth which I refused to open. Then got another slap harder this time and he repeated himself – “suck it clean bitch” – he really hurt me that time and I began to cry. Then the first guy came over and said I will force it open and you can piss in it then.

He said no – she is going to suck it off. She had the chance to clean me up – now she pays for her disobedience – hear me bitch – suck it. He then put his cock into my mouth – I knew I had no choice – it was having him piss in my mouth or suck his cock. I had sucked cock before so I knew what it was like but it was always my choice – I had never been forced before. I thought I could bite him and really hurt him but I knew what would happen – the first one said if she doesn’t do it right tell us and we can rough her boyfriend up a bit. He was now gagged with the scarf I had been gagged with – I knew shouting or screaming would not help or be heard and I would get a bashing if I did.

I sucked his cock and the third guy had his pants off and was getting down ready to rape me – he was going to fuck me while I was sucking his friend. It was disgusting and shocking – never before had I imagined having sex could be this disgusting, and I always enjoyed having sex.

The two of them were engaged with me for a while – I had given up trying to work things out – I was now in shock. I sucked on his cock but I had no conscious feeling about what I was doing and after a while he was ready to cum and he said now baby get ready to taste the best cum you have ever tasted. Then he began to cum in my mouth and I just lay there and gagged as he filled my mouth with it.

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   I didn’t want to swallow it but I couldn’t spit it out as his cock was till in my mouth. I ended up swallowing and he said it was tasty wasn’t it – I did nothing and he hit me – wasn’t it he said – I nodded and he said say it – it was beautiful I loved it.

I did what he said and I saw my boyfiend still struggling and this time I could see him sobbing as he watched then force me to suck them while the other fucked me. He was still fucking me and I could virtually feel nothing – I had been completely overwhelmed by the guy who had his cock in my mouth making me suck it and him cumming and forcing me to swallow his vile semen.

The first guy was still wandering around masturbating. He came over a couple of times watching them do what they were doing to me and talking to them and saying she isn’t bad – better than a couple of them we have done. The guy fucking me said she would be better if you two bastards hadn’t cum in her – she is sloppy. He laughed and said next time you can go first – but its not often we get a dry one, unless they use condoms. The married ones are best – they are ure usually using a skin because they don’t want their old man to realise somebody else has been fucking her. Come on – hurry up we don’t want to be caught around here – we are using this place a bit too frequently, but we never miss here do we.

The guy who I was sucking had gone off and he was peeing over my boyfriend and then the third guy came in me and fortunately got off me and I didn’t have to suck him too.

Then the first guy said get her boyfriend up and over the car – he isn’t going to miss out either.

The third guy said you aren’t going to do him too.

Why not – its him or her and she is so full of cum now she will stink.

Get him ready.

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The other two got my boyfriend up and bent him over the car trunk and undid the rope around his legs and held his legs apart. Then the first guy went up to him and said you are going to love this like your girlfriend loved it. Then he spat on his ass and proceeded to anally rape my boyfriend – It was hard getting his cock into him and I could her him grunting and resisting this guy who was really being quite rough with him. I realised he had penetrated my boyfriend when I heard him sort of scream with pain. I hope there is no shit on it when it comes out he said – otherwise she is going to suck me clean.

I heard what he said and I was shocked but they had tied my legs with the rope and I couldn’t move.

I could hear my boyfriend sobbing as this guy fucked his ass and laughed and said he is tighter than her – he isn’t a bad fuck. Then he came – inside my boyfriends ass. It was horrible.

You cant get pregnant this way loverboy – he said to him, next time you have somebody up your ass – remember this – you wont be a virgin anymore. I love boy virgins.

The he pulled his cock out and wiped it with my pants that he took out of the car earlier evidently. I learned later one of them had cum on them when he was masturbating. There were two semen samples on them – but more of that later.

They all left in their car after taking all our clothes.

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   Fortunately they didn’t take my purse but took my bf wallet which was in his pants.

After they left I untied myself and then my boyfriend who was distraught – having to watch me being raped was bad enough but to be raped himself was frightening. We both had cum leaking out of us – my cunt was full of it and my mouth tasted terrible after him cumming it My bf was sore and had cum leaking from his ass and we had nothing except the scarf to use to clean ourselves with. The he remembered he had a chamois in the glove box for washing the car – we were able to use some radiator water and that to clean ourselves up with.

Then we realised we had no car keys to drive away with and no clothes.

I remembered I had my phone in my bag and we discussed what we were going to do – we had two choices – ring home and get them to come and get us or ring the police – my boyfriend said obviously this is not their first timeso the police will have some clues. We have to report it.

He rang the police and told them what had happened- they said wait where we are – they will be there in 5 minutes. Then a police woman rang back and said have you any clothes – this sounds like the gang we are looking for.

I said no and she said ok – I will make sure none of the men approach you until I get there with some victim suits.

The police arrived and true to their word they did not approach us to look at us until the policewoman arrived with these white overalls and when we were covered all hell let loose – they all wanted details. They also found the scarf and my pants on the track out as they had thrown them away but not our clothes. The police held them as evidence – I wondered how many people would see my cum stained pants and realise what I had gone through. The scarf was evidently from an earlier victim.

It turns out these three and sometimes four had been roaming around and had done this five times before.

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   They always operated in lovers lanes similar to where we had been. The police said they boasted to have done it more than five times so there must be a few women around who could also be victims who never reported it.

To make a long story short – we were taken to hospital and samples of their semen taken from both of us. We were examined and we had no injuries apart from our pride and a bruised face where they had slapped me.

After two days of interrogation at the police station a couple of days later we thought it was over. We were unable to identify the guys from photos but said we could possibly remember their voices.

Two weeks later we were contacted by the police and told they believed they had the gang, and we were needed to identify hem. It was a mazing – as soon as we saw them we knew it was them – yet we hadn’t really seen their faces well enough to identify them, but their body size and demeanour gave them away. The police were very happy with us. From all accounts the police had set up traps and finally they got them – it was the police woman who attended our incident who was the one they tried it on with. She was wonderful and she and I had a long talk together and while she wasn’t raped she said the four guys had done it more than half a dozen times in various parts in the last few months. In order to trap them she said she had to go along with it so far, so they knew it was them before they arrested them – she said she was naked in a car with another policeman – when they turned up and she willingly got out of the car and told them she would let them do what they wanted. As soon as one of them removed his pants the squad who was staked out grabbed them. She said it was amusing as she was naked the whole time and the other cops made jokes about and were more interested in her breast and pubic patch – which she said she has trimmed all the time and now she has a nickname – flygirl – as her patch is a landing strip. Like mine she said.

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   I blushed, and realised there were now many photos of my naked and abused body in police files, as was my boyfriends ass.

My boyfriend and I didn’t have sex for almost a month – it seemed to turn us both right off. However once we started again – our first time after so long was amazing – it was the most loving emotional sexual experience I had ever engaged in. He and I began to joke about him losing his virginity to another guy after a while. He said he was glad I saw what happened as he could never have told me what had happened himself – he was really upset about that. Ironically about three months later we both agreed I would try it – more to know what he experienced than anything.

I will remember that experience all my life. The two of us compared notes about every aspect of it – right down to the pain of the insertion – which I did not enjoy – but suffered because he had done so too. We used lubricant but his rapist did not. We have done it once and agreed we would never ask each other again. He did not cum in me that way but I know what that is like vaginally so I didn’t have to experience it just to say I have experience it.

The four guys got 20 years each – and we were told that in gaol – they would be meat for the taking by other prisoners as rapists were deplored and they would all be male raped many many times during their incarceration.

My boyfriend and I were together for another year before he was killed in a mine accident.

I will never forget him or our experiences together.

I am now married and pregnant now, and my husband will never learn of that night, and I will never forget it.

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