Kristina Gets More than She Bargained For pt. 6


Kristina did not hear from Josh, Tony or Marci for several days after that night. With every night that passed without hearing from them, she would go to bed early and masturbate through multiple orgasms until she passed out. Her three tormentors had inadvertently turned her into a whore, at least mentally, and she could not get through an entire day without experiencing orgasm.

But after a week, Kristina quickly tired of her fingers. She needed to experience being submissive again. She needed cock. So instead of waiting for a call, she called Josh.

"Hello," he answered. "Josh, its Kristina," she said, trying to sound sexy.

"What do you want?" he asked, coldly. Kristina was taken aback.

"I want you, Josh. And Tony. I need you to dominate me again. . .

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  my body craves it. "

"Kristina, don't you understand?We are done with you. We have done everything to you, and you have nothing left to offer us. We are moving on to the next girl. "

Kristina was shocked. She thought for sure that her offering herself to the boys would get them aroused. "You have no intJosherest in fucking my ass, or my mouth or pussy?You don't think I can get you off?" she pouted.

"No, Kristina. Like I said, we have some fresh meat that we are treating just like we treated you. We moved on, so should you. "

Kristina was on the verge of tears, and hung up so that she would not cry in front of Josh. Not more than two weeks ago, if she knew a guy like Josh would even attempt anal sex with a woman, she would have avoided him like the plague. Now, here she was envying this new girl she didn't even know, knowing that Josh and Tony would be DPing her, opening her up to a world of pleasure she never knew existed.

She took inventory of her situation. She was still cute, and still very desirable to men.

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  Even if Josh and Tony had no interest, she could surely find a college guy to butt-fuck her. Hell, she could walk around the block and find five guys without any trouble.

So she set out to find a man to satisfy her. And as planned, she had no trouble. In class she approached a guy named Dave who was cute enough. When he came over to her dorm, she practically attacked him. Skipping all foreplay, she dropped to her knees and pulled down his pants and boxers.

But Dave was not as cocksure as Josh or Tony. Kristina had not bobbed her head twenty times and he blew his load. She backed off his dick and gargled "What the hell!"Cum leaked out of her mouth. "Sorry, I got too excited," he said. Kristina stared in disappointment as his cock went flaccid.

She told him to put his pants back on and leave. Once alone, Kristina finished herself off, again.

The next night she brought home a new guy, Max, who fell for her flirting in about three seconds.

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  She had asked him if he was a virgin, and he lied that he was not, and she said "Good. I'm not trying to train any rookies. "In fear of repeating the previous night, she worked on his cock manually at first, stroking him to full attention.

When he was ready, Kristina laid on her side and parted her legs. Max mounted her and pushed his cock in half way. He humped clumsily, lacking rhythm or pace, just mashing against her like an animal.

Kristina wanted to advise him, but she refrained. Instead, she moved her left hand down to her ass, spread it, and began dipping her middle finger inside. She realized her error immediately. Max went bug-eyed when he saw this, and she felt his cum building up inside his cock. Before she could even express her frustration, he unloaded inside her. Again, he apologized, quickly dressed and left her to finish off herself.

Kristina knew now that while she could get just about any man in bed, none of them would be able to satisfy her like Josh or Tony. She had to find a way to make herself more desirable for them. She had to offer them something they could not get from any other girl.

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  She had to think.

Unable to come up with anything depriving enough, she called Marci. Marci told her that if she wanted her help, to come over to her dorm. They would talk about it in person.

Kristina was there not a half hour later, and was greeted by Marci wearing shear lingerie. "Come in," she said, and shut the door behind her. "Thanks for helping, Marci. I really need," "Oh, shut up, bitch,"Marci interrupted. "First things first. If you want my help, get that tongue in my pussy. Not a word more. "

Marci sat in her chair, lifted her legs over the arm rests, and pulled her panties aside. Kristina should have known better than to expect sympathy from Marci. She knelt between her legs and went to town on her pussy. Marci grabbed the hair behind Kristina's head and forced her mouth firmly onto her pussy.

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  Then, the taunting began.

"What a ho you have become. Willingly eating my pussy just so you can get fucked hard by two guys who hate you!How far you have fallen. "As she spoke, she ground her wet pussy into Kristina's moaning mouth. Kristina grabbed onto the legs of the chair for leverage as Marci raped her mouth.

"Get your tongue deep in that hole, bitch," commanded Marci. Kristina obeyed, swirling her tongue inside Marci's moist tunnel. In that instant, Marci erupted in orgasm. As the liquid invaded Kristina's mouth, she gagged and her body convulsed. Mercifully, Marci let go of her hair.

"Stand up and bend over my desk, now," ordered Marci. Kristina obeyed. Even though she would have preferred the boys, she was still a bit turned on being dominated by Marci. She laid her chest flat on the desk top as she listened to Marci rummaging through her sock drawer behind her.

Suddenly, Marci was behind her, yanking her skirt up over her ass and her thong down to the floor.

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  Kristina felt pressure in her asshole as Marci forced a butt plug inside her. "Christ, that was easy!" said Marci. She then spread her pussy and forced a 5 five inch dildo inside. "You should be ashamed of yourself. How could you possibly be wet?"

Kristina held her head low in embarrassment. She expected Marci to keep working the plastic cock inside her, but was surprised to feel Marci hike the thong back up her legs and between her ass cheeks, locking the dildo and butt plug in place. Marci pulled the skirt back down, covering her ass, and then pulled her to her feet by her hair.

Kristina slowly turned to face Marci, wondering what the hell was going on. Marci held up what appeared to be a remote control with a little switch that ready "On/Off. "Before Kristina could even think about it, Marci flicked the switch on and Kristina felt the dildo start vibrating inside of her. Kristina went limp-kneed and grabbed for her crotch. She sank to her knees, and Marci flipped the switch back off.

With Kristina panting on the floor, Marci explained the future. "You are going to walk back to your dorm and I am going to follow you, always about 20 feet behind you. At any point, I might turn that dildo on.

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  It might be in front of strangers, or friends of yours, or you could be completely alone. Once you get back to your dorm, I will tell you how to get back with Tony and Josh. "

Kristina weighed her options, but knew deep inside that she really only had the one choice. She picked herself up off the ground, opened the door, and marched out into the hallway. . .

to be continued. . . .