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I had gone to the store and was on my way home when he drove up beside me. He asked if I needed a ride I said no, but he just started talking to me trying to convice me to get into his car. We talked for quite awhile when he got out of the car and came over to me we continued to talk I turned away and suddenly ahand was over my mouth and I when out. When I woke up I was in a small roombut fully dressed so I was confused then they came in. They all leared at me finally one came front and grabbed my blouse and pulled it off, then mr bra my tits jumped out and my nipples were getting hard because of mt lantino hertiage they are dark brown . then came my skirt I had worn a mini skirt so there wasn't much to remove. I knew my panties were next. Somebody yells ripp her panties off I feel a hand grabbing my panties and start pulling on them I hear the material starting to rip my dark brown bush become visable then my ass another pull and my panties fall apart just part of my waist band left. now that I was nude I tried to cover up, but to no avail I lookaround and all four men are nude and have raging hardons. I WAS FORCED TO MY KNEES and immediately a cock was in front of . y face and I was told to suck it I opened my mouth to protest and the cock was shoved in it he grabbed my head and forced his cock deep in my mouth then pulledit out only to shove it in again I started sucking as fast as I could. I forcedown further I knew that meant that I would be feeling a cock in my pussysomebody said look she's wet they all laugh "the little whore wants cock" and the cock enter my pussy he rammed it in me and didn't let up pounding my pussy. I thought this guy is big and filling me why would I think that? The guy in my mouth was going to cum and he dump his load in my mouth I swallowed as fast as I could. As soon as he pulled out another cock when in my mouth I started sucking too. the guy fucking didn't last long either he pulled out and started cumming all over my ass and a huge cock replaced him. My husband cockwas no way near this size and he really knew what he was doing he had me feeling things I had never felt and I knew I was going to be cumming soon, something my husband never got me to do.

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   Another load of cum was in my mouth now I only had the cock in my ass but that was more then enough I felt it get bigger so I knew he comes his cum he didn't pulll out and i felt him cumming which made me cum too. I thought god now what? someone said get her dressed they pulled my on and gave me a thin t-shirt that my nipples pointed right through and my tits were easily seen as the dark circles were clearly visible. they blindfolded me and lead me to a van. We drove for awhile when they stopped. I heard this will be a good place to let her go I thought I am going to be ok. someone started cutting my skirt on the sides and somebody started spaying my t-shirt with water. I heard the door open and I was pushed out and they sped away. I looked around and didn't recognises the area I was in. I saw a group of people and started walking toward them. They saw me and asked where I was going they were young guys and girl I told therm what happened and they said they would help and started leading toward a house. Once inside things changed one guy said look at those tits and a girl said I don't think she panties on either they pushed me to the floor and my skirt came up and they all said no panties. They said we're going to fuck this bitch good suddenly my t-shiryt was off and two hunger mouths were on my tits, another boy jumped between my leggs and wastrying to force his cock in me he wasn't that big and I was still wet he started fucking me for all he was worth it felt good compared to the cock I had earlier. God dumped by rapist just to find more rapist and tere more of them. I looked around thete had to be at least boys and three girls. One would cum and another would mount me the girls had stripped I figrued so the boys could fuck them too but they came over to me and told me I was going eat their pussy iuntil they came and thry wanted my pussy too.

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   I was there for hours either sucking cocks, getting fucked, eating pussy or getting my pussy eaten. they finally had enough and wanted to know where I lived. The leader said we have to leave our mark on her so let's shave her. They drove home and let me go in front of my house. I went in and husband and my father were there waiting for me they said they had been up all night worrying about me. I told them what happened and why I dressed this way. my husband pulled up my skirt and said God you are covered with cum and your pussy is swollen and bald. My husband asked how man there were and I said 11 or 12 guys and 3 girls. He said you don't you like you are badly beaten or marked he asked my father what he tought and showed him my pussy. my dad said we ytaughty her fight if anything like this happened. I looked at them and to my amazemment I could see that they both had hardons I thought well I already had 12 cocks in me tonight what's 2 more so I undid my skirt and downed it to the floor. My husband undid his pants and pulled them down and pushed me down on the couch and started fucking me like never before, my dad had his cock out and I figrued sucking his cock won't be as bad as fucking so I grabbed it and started sucking I knew I had more cum to take. Ever since that day our fucking has been wild and in a couple weeks we have a family reunion planned.
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