Guy raped, his sister helped....


We were neighbors, they fought all the time after their father died. He would drink too much and beat her up. Even threatened to rape her once, that was the turning point.
He was drunk again when she called me up. I got the guys together and we headed over. John was a huge guy and was hung like a mule, being bisexual he didn't mind teaching a lesson. Troy was just getting boastful and tearing off her shirt when we arrived. I made sure she was safe before we started on him. Rob and Dean held him down and flipped him over. They started the big talk telling him that women do not like to be threatened with rape and that bad things happen to people who do so. They forced him down on the table, with his legs dangling slightly. John grabbed the knife and skillfully cut Troy's shorts off. Cheryl watched the whole thing unfold and was egging the boys on. John started to rub his cock onto Troy's undies which made him buck. This only excited John more and his now rigid cock started to rub up and down the furrow of Troy's ass.
Troy was moved to the edge of the table.

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   His undies forcibly removed and his ass was exposed. His cock was dangling limp as he tried to squirm himself free. Rob just pressed his head hard into the table and told him to relax, it will be over soon enough. Then Cheryl surprised us all, she spoke up.
"You want me to pleasure you, brother. Here let me start"
With that she moved in behind him and reached around him. She grabbed his cock and started to stroke him. He was starting to become aroused, his cock becoming hard when she gave John the signal. They traded places, John now had Troy's cock in his hand and Cheryl stood back. John edged the head of his lubricated cock around Troy's anus, leaned forward and whispered in Troy's ear. Troy bucked to get the guys off him, but all this did was help John's cock to penetrate his rectum. John was slowly stroking Troy's cock as his cock slowly edged into his ass. The cries of help from Troy were to no avail as John slowly built up momentum, his giant cock stretching Troy's ass to the verge of splitting. All the while John kept stroking Troy's cock, taking him to the verge of cumming. Cheryl was giggling and even taunting her brother, hanging around his head asking how does it feel?
What happened next had me surprised.


   Cheryl stripped off and lay on the table with her pussy facing me.
"Fuck me in front of my brother. " she said "Let him see what he is missing out on"
I can only oblige on this offer. I strip down and let my cock do the work. She reposition herself so her brother has full view of my cock penetrating her wet and very tight pussy. It took some effort to stuff all my cock in but she managed to wiggle and squirm until I was all the way in. Her pussy was slowly adjusting to my size as we slowly started to move in unison. I felt her pussy tighten and start to milk my cock, forcing more blood to the already swollen head. Her grunts and sweat were sending the other guys into a frenzy. I started to really slam my cock into her as I felt the surge of cum building up.
I thrust in hard as my seed spewed deep inside her. I continue to pump for a little bit to help our mixed juices drip out onto the table near her brother. Meanwhile John was getting close to cumming himself. He had a fast and furious pace going, wanking Troy at the same speed when Troy came his sphincter tightened making John's cock spasm and shoot his load deep inside Troy's ass. Troy was in tears.

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   The pleasure and pain was unbearable for him. That and his sister was fucking me on the kitchen table in front of him all the while his was being violated and he still managed to cum. I got off Cheryl and she grabbed the camera to take photos of her brother. He was stuck, a cock in his ass and cum dripping from his cock, photos taken and the shame continued.
We helped Cheryl pack her stuff that day. Troy ran off to get his mates so we had some time. By the time he returned she was gone. We now live in a different town away from him and I can truthfully say pleasure each other whenever we can. She still gets hot thinking about the scene and the fact I fucked her in full view of her abusive brother. .