Breeding Farm


The breeding farm is a secret located on a large estate in the country side.  I began the farm a few years ago from increased demand for natural insemination from women.  My philosophy is to impregnate women clients with my seed. Women are referred by their doctor, their lawyert, and personal application to be considered as a client. After medical tests, counseling, and an interview then the clients are selected and placed on a waiting list. I also go to my favorite nightclubs, bar, or restaurants seeking young women as possible candidates for impregnation. The Love and War in Texas is my favorite bar and restaurant.  I sat on the couch with a bevy of young females next to me.  My cronies were standing nearby with other young females. All were drinking and eating and laughing. This was my entourage. They attend to my needs and desires.  They are bigger, taller, and more aggressive than other males. That gave them the afforded right to breed.  I impregnated females with no thought to the consequences.  I had, over the years, placed my money and assets in overseas trusts, secret partnerships, and dummy corporations.

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   My accountants were stealthy in hiding my wealth, my attorneys ferocious in defense of it. Armed men protected me from males who sought revenge against me. There are only five women that recieve yearly support from me. I picked out a female. She was sitting at the bar. She was white, red head and young.  I guessed she was in her early twenties, about 5' 5", 125 pounds. Her hair was shoulder length . She wore a plain black dress that came down to her shapely thighs. Her breasts were small. Each just a handful. Perfect for me. She kept flipping her phone open. Then she would look over at me. She was waiting for a phone call.

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   And, she also wanted me.  I always found that to be the case with females.

My presence, my celebrity, and my stature transfixed females.  I was 6'3', 225 pounds of rugged muscle.  My well groomed salt and pepper hair made me an distinguished imposing figure of a man.   I was the alpha dog in my pack, so I had one of body guard's go to the bar and invite the young woman to join me.  She accepted.

As she approached I saw she had blue eyes and perfect white skin.  I stood up from the couch and held out my hand in greeting. She smiled.  I took her hand in both of mine, and smiled back.  I instantly noticed the gold band on her left ring finger.  My smile widened. There was nothing sweeter than impregnating a married female.

Her name was Diana, and she was waiting on her husband.

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   I stepped aside and motioned for her to sit. She did. As I sat, Diana's phone rang. Her date was a no show. He hoped she understood. She closed her phone.  I heard only half the conversation, but understood.

"Sit with us Diana, no need for you to be alone tonight," said I.  Diana nodded and whispered, "I don't really want to be alone tonight. " I smiled at that, I knew I would have her tonight, all night.  My personal limo driver drove us to Diana's place. The driver had standing orders to wait for me until I finished my business.  Diana hurriedly walked to the elevator with me. "I don't want any of my neighbors to know what I'm doing," she insisted.  I soothed her conscience, "It's ok baby, I understand.

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  " Diana lived on the third floor of the building. The apartment itself was a one bedroom. A small kitchen, and living room. The bathroom was in the bedroom. I, towered over everything in the apartment, I towered over Diana too.

"Come to me," I commanded. She smiled at me and walked over.  I smiled down at her, not so much because of her beauty, but because of what I was about to do to her.  I had thought out the scenario I wanted my next conquest to be like. Rough. Hard. Diana was lucky/unlucky enough to be my next conquest. "Undress honey," I growled.

Diana stood there in my shadow for a moment then shed her clothing. Her pumps were first, next her dress and then the bra and half-slip.

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   Finally she took off her bikini panties. She stood in front of me, in splendid nakedness.  I smiled. She was the obedient type; she had no resistance within her. She trembled as she looked up at me. Diana knew she'd let me do anything to her. She anticipated what I wanted her to do.  So, she bent down on her knees and began to open my fly.  I let out a small laugh and said, "You can do that later, I will have you now".

I kicked off my shoes and socks, pulled off my shirt, and undid my belt. Diana saw that I intended to waste no time and helped take off my pants. She then pulled down jocks.  I stood there, in front of her. Naked. She gasped at my meat.

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   It was fully erect and throbbing. She had seen large men before but not like this. She was surprised at my length and girth.  My cock was literally the size of her forearm.  I bent down and kissed Diana tenderly on the mouth. She responded eagerly to my kiss and grabbed the back of my neck with both her hands. Then, without warning I picked Diana up and kissed her harder.  I thought to myself, "Rough and hard that's what I'm giving out tonight. Diana wrapped her legs around my waist.  I then artfully placed the inside of my elbows underneath her legs so that her ass was directly above my cock

Diana dripped with moisture. She was eye to eye with me with her hands wrapped around my bulging neck. She was totally within my power. She couldn't move or get away if she had wanted to, and she didn't want to. She hoped that I would be gentle with her. She hoped that I would go slowly with her.

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   She knew my long hard thick cock was more like a muscled arm.   She would satisfy me. She was a pleaser. She tightened her grip on me so she could pull herself closer to my ear.
When she was close enough she kissed my lobe and said, "Please be gentle with me John, please be gentle with me, I have never had a cock that massive before. " I smiled and lied; "Yes baby I'll be gentle with you. I promise. "   I carried her to the bed, I stared at the beautiful young woman who was face down on the bed. Her hands gripped the sheets with her fists. Her legs were spread I could see that no matter what she might have said in the beginning, her dripping little cunt was proof enough that she wanted me, wanted me to take her.  I needed the release.  I needed to hear her begging for it. Moaning from pleasure, creaming on my cock, as she squealed out her pleasure. And having her at my mercy, so she couldn't stop me after that initial orgasm. .

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  .  I couldn't wait to feel her milking my cock of all my cum.

"You look so pretty laying with nowhere to go, baby. " She turned her head some, glaring at me but her cries made me so hard. "And you're so wet for me.  I can caress, lick and suck that little clit a couple times and have you dripping cum on my fingers. Do you want that? Do you want me to make your pussy cum?" Another glare, tinged with lust, was sent my way and she wiggled her ass .  I chuckled and crawled up on the bed.  I saw her tense up, her body completely rigid.  My fingers wrapped around her ankles and I spread her legs wide, pushing them up as well, until she was on her knees, both her holes open to my gaze.

And gaze I did. Her pussy was shaved, giving me an unobstructed view of her puffy lips, her barely hidden pearl. Sliding one finger from her asshole to her slit, I felt her shiver as my finger slid between her lips. As I lifted my hand, a trail of her sticky juice came with me and I smeared it over that crinkled little brown hole. She jerked at this, squealing " OOOOHHHH.

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  " "No please,"  I ignored her and pushed my finger into the tightest ass I'd ever had the pleasure to feel. She grunted " UUUUUHHHH" as I sank two knuckles deep and I pulled back out, only to smear more of her cream over it. Two fingers pushed back through this time and I used my other hand to spread her ass cheeks.

"Does my little vixen like it? Does she like feeling me finger her tight ass? I bet she'd love to feel something else in there. Something bigger, harder. But not today. " She visibly relaxed and I bit back a laugh. Like she could've stopped me if I wanted to fuck her ass. But that pussy of hers was too good to pass up. Wrenching my fingers from her butt, I used both hands to spread her open. Her pink folds were drenched, glistening with her readiness.  I shuffled behind her, setting my cock at the entrance to her treasure.

"Okay baby. No anal tonight, because you asked me so nicely. " She moaned " OOOOOHHHHH.

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  . . MMMMMMM" as I slowly began to press inside. Her cunt sucked me in, pulling at me, rippling over inch after inch.  My hands flexed on her ass, my fingers digging in hard as I moved forward until I felt my thighs pressed against her skin, my hairy balls getting gooey as they rested against her pussy lips.  I twitched as I felt myself as deep in her as I as possible. "Let's go for a ride baby," I whispered.

Then I pulled back and thrusted hard, she screams  “ OMG STOP! STOP! OH PLEASE STOP!” . Her body bucked up against me and I held her tight, punishing her with the force of my thrusts. My palms slid up to her waist and I pulled her back onto me as I shoved in deeper. She was soooo fucking tight, so wet for me. She was screaming 
" OMG! OMG! AAAAAHHH! ". She screamed " AAAAHHH! TAKE IT OUT! AAAAAHHHH!" I looked down at her hands, watching as she clenched her fingers into the sheets, clawing at the material.  I stared at that movement as my hips slammed into her and I covered her body more, my weight collapsing on her, keeping her legs spread but flattening her more into the mattress.

Then I brought my hands up, covering hers and linking my fingers between her outstretched hands.


   She cried out  " AAAAAHHHH! AAAAHHHH! OOOOOHHHH! PLEASE STOP! Pleeesssse Sttttttoooopppp! " as I humped against her, buried deep and not really slipping out.  My hips and balls slapping against her WAP. . WAP. . WAP. . WAP as I rammed her like a pile driver. "How's my little vixen doing? You like this? You like my cock inside your tight cunt. Stretching, tearing, and scraping your small tight tunnel?"

She twisted her head so she could look at me and I saw the pleading gaze, I knew what she needed to get off.  I had her in such a position that she couldn't rub against something, couldn't touch herself.  I took one hand and slid it beneath her body, squirming around until my fingers found the wetness. She groaned " OOOOOOHHHHHH" and then let out a small squeal " OMG! MMMMMMMMMM" as I pinched her clit.

Her body jumped and squeezed me and I fought to keep from coming. Toying with her pleasure button, I rubbed it hard, moving back and forth like a windshield wiper in a monsoon.

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   She grunted " AAAAAAHHHHH. . UUUUUUHHHHH" and buried her head into the pillows.  I pistoned into her again and felt her little box grip me hard. She screamed " OMG! OOOOOOOHHHHHH. . AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH ' into one of the pillows and i scraped a nail over the distended nerves.

"Let me feel it my little cumslut. Let me feel you milk my cock. " She thrashed as I kept a grip on her, her twitching body yielding to my touch. She sobbed and I felt her shuddering.  I didn't stop after she'd gotten her pleasure. No, I used her cum to keep her slippery for me and I traced figure eights over her little nub. I pulled out then rammed back into her it was like
cutting through hot butter as I sliced into her tight canal again. She was gripping me tightly with her vaginal muscles and it felt like a velvet glove as I continued to slice into her.

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   She started exhaling deeply as if she was releasing a great pressure. I could see her lips pucker as she blew out. I could feel every ridge of my cock slowly sliding into her tight pussy.

She cried out again " OMG! STOP. . STOP. . PLEASE TAKE IT OUT. . IT HURTS" and I knew she was asking for me to stop. But I snickered as I bit her neck, sucking hard and staring at the bruise. She looked back over her shoulder again and I looked directly into her tear filled eyes as I slid my hands up her spine and firmly grabbed both of her shoulders, pulling her hard against me, as I began slamming into her again.  I was close now. Close to cumming. Close to filling her up like I'd planned to do.

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   I pictured it, my cum sinking into her womb, making a baby. So I doubled my efforts.  I held tight to her hips and hammering away at her body, giving her punishing thrusts and delighting in the noises she made. " AAAAAAAHHHHHH. . AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. . OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH. . MMMMMMMMMMMM. " I felt my balls tighten, could practically feel the cum boiling in my sacs. "I'm going to cum baby. I'm going to come inside your cunt. You want it. You want to feel my sperm inside you, to feel it coat your walls.

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   I'll give it to you just like you want it. I'll give you all my cum, and we'll make a baby. " I pushed in bottoming out in her pussy hitting her cervix. I heard her moaning a deep long soulful moan " oooooohhhhhh. . oooooooohhhhhhhhh" as I pushed in deep and held it there with my balls laying against her little bud of a clitoris. “ooooooooooooo” turned to grunts “ugh, ugh, ugh” as I ground against her womb. She shrieked " NNNNNNOOOOO. . . NNNNNNNOOOOO" and bucked against me. My cock grew harder longer and thicker  I was pounding at her cervix, hitting the entrance to her womb! That was when she started turning her head from side to side moaning “ no, no, no, oh God no” and I could feel her muscles starting to spasm and tighten and spasming around my rock hard cock. She gasped and her whole body was shuddering. She was beginning to orgasm again! Her body had betrayed her!The walls of her pussy starting to clamp down on my cock and squeezeing me and her cervix opened up wide! I used that opportunity to push further into her.  Slidding through the opening of her cervix and into her open womb! There was a loud popping noise as the head of my cock entered her womanhood! She wailed out “ OH.

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  . OH. . OH. . OH MY God, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MMMEEEEE!!!” She put her left hand up behind her head and grasped my hand that was pulling her hair.  She sent me into further frenzy as I grabbed her shoulders with all of my strength, smashing my thighs against the back of her thighs and driving my cock another half inch into her cervix. “AAAAAHHHHH! Oh God, Oh God, Oh MY God! Please
Take it out, Its too deep, I can’t take it!” The head of my cock now buried inside of her womb was so engorged it felt like it was going to pop off and explode. Her cervix was convulsing around the head of my cock so strong it felt like it was a mouth sucking my cum out! I feel my balls tighten. My cock grew even thicker inside of her and started spasming. She must have felt this too, because her eyes grew wide with a look of panic and fear of what she knew was coming. At that moment she remembered that she hasn‘t been on birth control! She started to sob “no, no, please no” even as her uterus was convulsing and her cervix was clamping down on the head of my cock! With a new look of panic on her face she screamed, “no, don’t cum inside me, I’m not on
birth control! please no, don’t get me pregnant. ” It seemed like slow motion as I felt my sperm leaving my balls and traveling up my long shaft and finally exploding out of the engorged head of my twitching cock into her open waiting womb! Stream after stream of thick white cum filled her belly as I pushed in further and holding deep in her. She just looked back over her shoulder and into my eyes with her beautiful tear filled eyes almost whispering now, “ no, no, noooo, you didn‘t, you shouldn‘t have… ” I continued holding my rock hard cock deep inside her as her womb convulsed, sucked, and drained every drop of cum from me. As I finished cumming inside of her I started to pull my cock , there was a loud pop as her cervix reluctantly released the head of my cock.

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   She sighed and looked back at me. She knew now that I owned her and her life would never be the same. As my cock slid back out of her a long string of my thick sticky semen
trailed down her inner thigh. She collapsed on the bed in front of me, and just laying there sobbing. Too tired to fight me anymore, her legs were splayed wide and her freshly fucked pussy was red, sore and used. She shuddered and I watched the first dollop of my cum start to seep out of her. As it dribbled down between her lips I felt a twitch in my cock. He couldn't go again so soon, could he? As my cum pooled onto the sheets though, I grabbed my cock and began stroking it.  I needed her again, needed to feel her around me. She lifted her head and looked at me, no doubt getting ready to ask to be released. She saw my erection and shook her head. " Not again," she mumbled. "Not so soon. "

I grinned and nodded, jumping back onto the bed and flipping her over. Her arms crossed over her head, blocking her vision.

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   And her breasts squished together. With a grunt of satisfaction " UUUUHHHH," I knelt between her thighs and pushed myself into her battered hole once again. "Yes baby. Again and again. We're making a baby tonight. "She screamed " PLEASE NO MORE. . . PLEASE. . . NNNNNNOOOO. . . OMG! STOP"  .

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