nans foot fetish 2


part 2 of nans foot fetish After my nans phone call to my mom i was so excited of what she would let me do to he feet, i tossed and turned all night i couldnt sleep i whent onto the internet and found so foot fetish porn and wanked i shot my load onto my keybored and with that i went to sleep. the next day when i got onto my nans house i shouted hello but their was no reply, i went looking for my nan i went up to her room and their she was on her bed, with her feet sticking off the end of the bed i took off my jacket and walked over to the bed. "you like feet dont you james" i just nodded and dropped to my knees, i began to lick my nans feet up and down from her heel to the sole of he foot i then went to the other foot and did the same i then put her big toe into my mouth and sucked it my nan then brought the other big toe to my mouth and i put both into my mouth she moaned in pleasure. I started to lick inbertween her toes and she threw her ead back in pleasure, i then stood un and took my cock out i placed it inbetween her feet and i began too move my cock in and out faster and faster untill i was about to cum i then shot my load onto my nans feet in moaned and i squeezed the last few drops of cum out of my cock. as i got up to walk out she said "were do you think you are going, i need you to clean this up" she was rubbing her feet and spreading the cumaround i picked up the box of tissues and clean the cum off her feet. i went down stairs and put the kettle on my nan came down bare foot and stood in the door way and said "do u want more than just my feet ...."