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When I was 16, I had an unbelievable encounter with my aunt. I went with my aunt and uncle, their two young kids, and my grandparents to Disneyland. We stayed in a hotel across the street from the park. My aunt and her family stayed in one room, and my grandparents and I stayed in the room next door. We had an adjoining door that connected the two rooms. At 16, I was quite sexually active and had been away from my girlfriend for about 2 weeks. I was extremely horny most of the trip.
On the second day, we were getting ready to go to the pool and swim for a few hours before heading to the park for their night parade. My grandma had asked me to go next door and ask them when they would be ready. I opened the door to ask, and there standing before me was my aunt. She had just gotten out of the shower and was wearing a towel around her hair and her bikini bottoms. She hadn’t put on her bikini top yet and her breasts were exposed. She quickly put her hands over them and turned around. We were both embarrassed, but I was extremely turned on. My aunt is only 32 years old, and is in amazing shape. She is a professional dance instructor.

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   She is about 5’-1”, very athletic and strong build; she has a great pair of firm 36D tits with perfect pink nipples. She has blonde hair and green eyes. I leave the room and relay the message to my grandma.
About 10 minutes later, everyone is getting ready to head to the pool, but I decide to stay behind. I say I am tired and want to nap. Actually, I need to cum. About 10 minutes after everyone leaves, I look out our hotel room window at the pool. Everyone is down there swimming and relaxing. We are too high up to see well, otherwise I would have probably jerked off to seeing my aunt in her bikini. I turn on the TV and find a movie on HBO that has some nudity and begin to fantasize. I lie back on the bed, and begin to stroke my hard cock. I start to think about seeing my aunt’s tits earlier and this gets me so hard. I am a couple minutes into my fantasy when I hear a familiar voice, “Is that why you stayed behind?” I look up and standing in the open adjoining doorway is my aunt. She is wearing her bikini and smiling at me. I quickly grab a blanket and cover up very embarrassed.

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   She giggles, “Did I embarrass you?”
“Yes. Sorry, I uh…” I try to say.
She walks towards the bed and sits down. “Look, I know what it was like being a horny teenager. I can only imagine what it was like seeing my breasts earlier. Did they turn you on?” she asks.
“Yeah, a little bit. ” I mutter.
“Only a little bit? I have great tits. It is ok to get turned on you know. I mean to be honest with you; it was a turn on for me watching you play with yourself. It made me a little horny too. ” She replied. She reaches over and removes the blanket from covering me. My cock begins to get hard again.

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   “So you look like you are horny now. ” My aunt slides her hands up my leg and grips my cock. “Have you ever been with a girl before?”
“Yes. ” I say.
“Oh, that is very sexy. ” She says as her hands rapidly stroke my cock. “Do you want to see my tits again?”
“OK!” I reply. She reaches behind her back and unties her bikini top. Her big firm tits bounce free in front of me. “Can I touch them?” I ask. She grabs my hand and places it on her tit. I begin squeezing it and playing with her nipple. Her nipple gets very hard and my aunt lets out a little moan. Her stroking of my cock gets more intense. She leans in closer to me and kisses me on the lips.

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   We peck several times and then our lips part, and we find ourselves exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues.
My aunt breaks our kiss and begins to kiss her way down my chest to my cock. She pays special attention to the shaft with her hands as her tongue licks my balls. Slowly she licks her way up to the head and inserts the whole thing. At this point, I realize that my girlfriend simply sucks my cock, but this woman, my aunt, knows how to give a blowjob. Her blowjob is so intense that I start to cum. She swallows it all as my whole body shivers in pleasure.
I am still panting, when my aunt says, “I know you are young enough to have more of that in you. ” She stands up and drops her bikini bottom. I can see that her pussy is really wet. She lies down on the bed opposite of me, spreads her legs, and begins fingering herself. She starts moaning and says, “Ohhhh… you have me so wet. Do you want to eat this pussy?” I move close to her and start rubbing her pussy with my fingers, then slowly start to lick it. She helps me with some pointers and some technique that she says will make my girlfriend cum hard. “Well, I see you are nice and hard again.

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   Why don’t you let me fuck that dick and make you cum again?” As I lay back, she climbs on top of me; she reaches between my legs and grips my hard cock. Slowly she inserts it into her pussy. As she does, she moans very heavily. “Oh you feel so good. Tell me, do you like the way my pussy feels?” She says.
“Oh yeah. ” I say moaning. She rides my cock for about 15 minutes. I am getting ready to cum again. She can tell and starts fucking my cock harder and harder.
“Cum for me. ” She demands. “Shoot that hot load. ” I can’t hold back any more, and release my cum once more, but this time into her warm pussy. My aunt just looks at me with lust as she feels my load be inserted inside her.

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When we relax, she goes to freshen up and leaves to head to the pool, so know one gets suspicious. I shower and think about the earlier events. Since that time, neither of us has ever talked about that day. We both just chalk it up to an incredible moment of lust. .
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