In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter Three

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In Search of the Final Freedom:
An Erotic Socio-Political Novel
By Pat Tomason
Pat_Tomason@hotmail. com

Authors Note: My spouse and I have been had an open marriage for well over a decade and much of this novel is based on our experiences or those of our swinger friends.
This chapter was inspired by several trips to Miami Beach with the kids. Mom going topless on the beach in front of the hotel was not anything remarkable to our kids who were in grade school at the time, though later they recalled the trip and understood their parents were not like others.

Chapter THREE

A few weeks after the wild day with Adam, Cooper called home very excited.
“Do you have any plans for the fourth of July week?”

Puzzled, Bonnie answered no.

“What about the kids?”

Bonnie, still confused answered “Not that I know of, Lamar doesn’t start soccer camp till the week after and Misty’s art class doesn’t meet that week. Why?”

Speaking so rapidly that his wife could hardly follow Cooper explained how the owner of the company, Mr. LeMarco, had a time share on South Miami Beach. Though he had planned to use it the week of the 4th of July, something had come up so he offered it for free to any of the executives. Cooper very excitedly went through how he had won a game of straws, but Bonnie didn’t follow. What she did understand when she put down the phone was that in a couple of weeks they would be going on a week’s vacation to Miami Beach.

As it turned out, to fly was prohibitively expensive on such short notice, but Cooper figured it would only take about 12 hours to drive from their central Georgia hometown of Sparta. So early on Monday the 2nd of July the family piled into their Dodge Grand-Caravan, aka the mommy mobile, and headed south for four nights in the newest condo on South Beach.

Bonnie had called Tina, at Cooper’s office, and asked for more information about the trip. Tina said she had not been to the place they would be going, it was way out of her price range, but she did say that there was no need to buy beach wear in advance, because Miami is such a fashion Mecca, beach and club wear was actually cheaper in Miami than in Atlanta.

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   She also added with a laugh that on Miami beach you could buy just the bikini bottoms because she might decide there was no need to buy the tops since on South Beach is tops are not necessary for men or women. Bonnie didn’t share this information with Cooper; that would be her secret.

At exactly 5:00 PM the, by then, trashed van pulled up the ramp to gated entrance to The Setai, one of the finest condos on South Beach. Cooper felt like a real VIP when he gave his name to the attendant and the large wrought iron gate swung in and allowed them into the valet parking area.

As much as Cooper wanted to act like this was a world in which he felt comfortable, he knew full well this place catered to people well beyond his pay grade. The marble floors and fine lobby art stood in stark contrast to the Holiday Inn’s which were his family’s usual lodgings. Though he was somewhat of a tightwad, he could not admit to the bellman that he wanted to carry his luggage, so he had to part with a ten dollar bill once they arrived in at the room

If the public area’s were intimidating, the condo itself was beyond belief.
Lamar ran through the rooms shouting “It’s as big as our house. ” Though Lamar was exaggerating, it was enormous. It had two large bedrooms, and the living room, far bigger than theirs at home had two walls made entirely of glass, one looking directly out to the ocean, and the other looking north up the beach. At the 32nd floor, they had a huge and panoramic view of South Beach.

All Bonnie could say was “WOW” as she stood looking out the glass walls.
Though Bonnie and Cooper would have been content to just look out the windows, the kids wanted to see the pool and beach (from closer than the 32nd floor). Cooper who had been driving since before 5:00 AM was in no mood do anything but rest grumbled as he pulled himself out of the deep and very comfortable couch. He did insist his eager family must wait until he could put on a clean shirt.

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  He wasn’t about to walk about this place with jelly doughnut stains on his stomach.

From the lobby it was still one floor down to the ground level were there were shops and two restaurants, at the end of the ground floor atrium was a revolving door leading to the pools. Three pools, two large rectangular pools surrounded by coconut palms and one small children’s pool.

Though Bonnie thought it was her secret, Cooper knew some toplessness was permitted on South Beach. What neither of them knew was that it was also permitted at some of the hotels and condos. In this case it was permitted at the pool nearest the beach, screened from the other two pools by a row of coconut palms. Thus it was not immediately apparent to the visiting family. Lamar being the most eager to explore was far ahead of the family and when he passed the row of palms he stopped short, and just stared.

It has been just in the past year the Lamar had passed the phase of girls being a sort of dangerous animal to be avoided to that stage were girls were lusted at from afar, but never really approached. It had been just last month ago when Bonnie found an old Playboy from Cooper’s collection under Lamar’s bed. Now, Lamar wasentranced, because as if out from the magazine, emerged two women wearing nothing but a tiny thongs sunning and chatting in German not 15 feet from him. His sister’s hand slamming on the back of his head brought him back to the real world. Though Misty was as shocked as her brother, she was far more concerned about not making a scene than her younger hormonal brother.

To Bonnie, the most amazing thing was not that their breasts were on display, but rather that these were grown women, not teenyboppers. She guessed they were at least her age and though in good shape were not model types.

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   The women hadn’t noticed Lamar’s staring because they were watching their own kids playing in the shallow end of the pool. To Bonnie, nudity had always meant sex, but here it seemed as relaxed and normal as, well, as a day at the beach with the kids.

Around the pool were a couple of dozen people, the majority of the women wore tops, but not all. Bonnie’s attention was drawn to the far end of the pool where a girl, perhaps Misty’s age, it was hard to tell at that distance, as she climbed the ladder and go to talk to what appeared to be her parents. She, like the two women at their end of the pool, wore just a thong bikini bottom, as did her mother. Bonnie instinctively looked over to her daughter, who was watching the mother and daughter speak.

Seeing this, Cooper now was uncomfortable, and he quickly suggested they continue on to see the beach just beyond the fence. It was one thing to say it was cool to go topless, even for his wife to go topless, but just the thought of men looking at his daughter the way he found himself looking at this girl made him just want to move on.

Bonnie, could feel Cooper’s discomfort and suggested to the kids they go on to the beach, but if one teenage girl made him uncomfortable, the beach gave him no respite. On the beech the women were much younger and almost universally pretty. From what she could see, a little less than half of the women were topless, and from what she could see as they walked down the beach, of the girls who looked to be in their teens or twenty’s a solid majority the were bare breasted.

She took Cooper’s hand as they walked “So why did you get uncomfortable at the pool?” she asked

“I don’t know” he replied “It’s hard to explain, but I guess seeing that girl and her mom brought home the fact Misty is getting older and as you know I’m not doing too well with that. ”

“Yea, I know” she said as she gave his hand a squeeze.

They walked a bit down the beach but being fully clothed they soon got hot and turned back. Cooper though about suggesting Bonnie take off her shirt, but he didn’t want to seem pushy and let it go.

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The long shadow of their condo covered the beach all the way to the water by the time they had arrived back in their room and looked out that amazing view. On the way up it was agreed that the guys would take the evening easy and the girls would go out shopping. Cooper planned that to mean he would crash in the king sized bed in the master bedroom, Lamar; on the other hand wanted to go swim in the big pool. He had always been able to find friends anywhere they went and was anxious to get downstairs.

Cooper wondered how much of his insistence was because he wanted to see more tits. To be honest with himself, he wouldn’t mind going back down with out Misty there. So he grabbed the Tom Clancy book he’d bought for the trip and headed down with Lamar. It was no surprise that Lamar walked right by the first pool, and past the line of palms to the far pool. Cooper was mildly disappointed to see no topless women, but then upon further reflection he realized that it was now dusk and all the tanners had gone in. There was a gentle breeze off the ocean that broke up the heat that still hung in the air.

Before Cooper drifted off to sleep on the chase lounge, Lamar had made several friends in the pool, one he recognized as the girl he had seen earlier, but this time she sported a one piece swim suit which oddly was full coverage in the front but thong cut in the back. She was he guessed, about the same age as his son, but at this age when the girls looked so much older than the boys it was hard to tell. There were several other kids in the pool all playing a game with a Frisbee. He heard several languages being spoken, one was clearly Spanish, another seemed to be Germanic, and at least one voice seemed to be another romance language but since Cooper only spoke Spanish it was hard to tell what the other language or languages were.

Bonnie was having a great time with Misty in what appeared to be the ultimate beach shopping district.

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   Most beach resorts had a dozens of small shops all essentially selling the same cheesy merchandise. Here on Miami Beach it was a totally different experience. The condo concierge had told her that they were only one block from the center of the shopping district and so they had simply walked up Collins Ave and turned right one block to find shops large and small as far as they could see in either direction. Some shops were typical beach fare, but most were unique, including many boutiques owned by famous designers. Though they were specifically looking for beach wear, it didn’t keep them from excitedly browsing the couture isles.

After visiting a half a mile of shops, Bonnie noticed that the swimwear she brought, thinking it was sexy, was, for Miami Beach, only worn by women who wore a size 20 or larger. She noticed that for a good number of the thong bottoms the shops sold, they didn’t even sell a matching top. She was sure Cooper would not want her to feel out of place so after a couple of hours browsing, Bonnie and Misty went back to a shop that they had visited earlier. They decided it had the best selection of swimsuits they had seen.

They had browsed and picked they tried on more than a dozen suites when Bonnie found one she loved.

“Mom, you look hot, Dad will love that one” Misty said looking at the bikini in her hand.
A few minutes later she opened the curtain to the changing stall and stepped out. She stood before a three way mirror looking at a leopard print Brazil cut bikini with a Miracle Bra type top that gave her great cleavage. The bottom was far smaller than anything she had worn to a beach before, at perhaps five inches wide at the rear waist band, it was smaller than most of her string panties. It was so small that more than a little pubic hair showed over the top edge “Well if we are going to wear these I guess we’ll have to shave it all off down there” Bonnie said with a laugh through the curtain to where Misty was still changing.

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As she spoke Misty emerged wearing a suit that if anything was smaller than the one she wore.

“Yep, we will” Misty agreed as she vainly tried to push a tuft of hair into the suit.

She looked good Bonnie thought. Real good; too good for her own good. It was bright yellow with orange stripes on the tiny bit of fabric. The top was not fitted like the one Bonnie wore, it was just a regular slide string triangle top, but the triangles wee much smaller than any she had seen on a swimsuit before. In this even Misty’s young boobs showed round curves on ether side of the fabric.

“Well we will look like yokels on vacation with our white butts showing. ” Misty vocalized what her mother had already noticed, the tan lines of their regular swimsuits, left a good bit of white untanned skin showing.
“Yea” Bonnie replied,” but would you rather look like a prudish yokel on vacation by wearing what we brought.

“This one is a keeper, I think yours is too. ” Misty said a moment later.
They went back to trying on suits. The next time Bonnie stood before the mirror she was in a royal blue thong with a triangle top.


  She had to pull the front of the bottoms up because even more of her pubs weren’t covered with this one. She would defiantly have to shave tonight. Like Misty’s earlier top, it was smaller than any she owned and she noticed it was thin, unlined fabric. Her erect nipples were fully visible as the fabric curved around their shape. The shop was large and only had a handful of people at the time so she wasn’t too conscientious of the fact she was almost naked a good fifteen feet from her changing stall.
Misty who by now was having a great time clapped approval and asked where Mom had found that suit; promptly she took on a green one with white spots into the changing stall.

Bonnie stood in front a wall display of thongs bottoms. She looked around for the tops. She was sure this is where Misty had found the suit she was trying on now. She walked back up the isle to ask Misty were she found the tops when her daughter ripped open the curtain and stood at the stall door way hand on hips saying “I think this is perfect. What do you think?”

Bonnie stood wide eyed. Right in the shop her sixteen year old daughter stood in beside the curtain, bold as brass, wearing only the thong. Only a thong! She was exposing her bare breasts to the whole shop, and she wanted to know what mom thought. It took mom more than a few moments to think anything.

True, Bonnie had fully intended to go topless tomorrow, but had not considered the possibility that Misty would as well.

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   Now it was Bonnie’s turn to be uncomfortable with their daughter’s growing up. It’s not that Bonnie and Misty had ever been modest around each other, but to see her like this in the shop. She stifled the urge to yell at her to shut the curtain and just said “If you like it, I like it. ”She paused what seemed for an hour before saying as calmly as she could “OK, you can shut the curtain now”

Misty didn’t move. “But will the guys notice me with all those big boobed girls around”

For the first time Bonnie realized she had developed full round woman’s breasts. “Yes, oh yes they will notice you” then she added “You are rapidly becoming one of those big boobed girls yourself. ” her mother replied.

It wasn’t until after she said this and Misty didn’t shut the curtain but rather asked another inane question, that she realized that Misty knew this was making her more than a little uncomfortable. She also came to the conclusion that her daughter, who was generally modest in public, was certainly not doing this to show off, but rather to pick at dear old mom.

So keeping cool front, mom told daughter “You know, I think you have defiantly moved into a full B cup range, possibly a C, we’ll have to go bra shopping when we get home. ” Turning back to the rack of thong bottoms, she grabbed the nearest one and headed for her stall “Great idea, wait a minute and we can match”. Before she could get three steps from the rack, Misty’s curtain had closed. Count one for Mom, Bonnie gloated.

Before they headed to the check-out they had no less than then swimsuits in their hands, knowing full well they wore the same size. Of the suits, all but three were thongs and those were Brazil cut, and three of the thongs didn’t have a top at all.

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   Just before they began to check out, Bonnie saw a display behind the clerk. They were red bikini bottoms, smaller than Rio’s but more than a thong. What was unusual was the diamond shaped cut outs that while apparently covering the very bottom, the peek-a-boo’s would leave much of the rest, including most the mound visible. Misty had also noticed them, and so the clerk added two more suits to the sack. They also had a couple of “cover up’s”, if you could call them that as one was a semi-sheer print and the other was fishnet.
Before they reached the counter, Misty looked up at the display of beach towels that ran along the ceiling. Pointing to one with the picture of a hunky man in a bulging Speedo, Misty said “Mom, I think we need some beach towels too.

“OK, but I want that one” and she pointed to one with a equally gorgeous man displaying his naked buns.

After picking out one for Cooper, with a buxom topless woman, she asked Misty what to get for Lamar.

Misty said “That little pervert, he’ll want that one” and motioned to the only towel showing a completely nude woman.

“Don’t call him that” Bonnie retorted “And no we wont’ get him that”

“Do you know what I heard him telling his buddy James on the phone last week?” Misty shot back suddenly agitated. Then without waiting for an answer “He told him he had been spying on me in the shower and told him what I look like naked, right down to the mole on my right thigh. ”

Bonnie, was a little taken aback that he had spied on his sister, but not surprised, “OK, your right that was very inappropriate” she said in a very motherly way “I’ll have Dad talk to him. ” Then thinking through what Lamar could tell his friends added “And we will make it clear that he is not to invade your privacy by telling his friends what you wear here in Miami. ” Misty gratefully replied “Oh yea, all I need is all his friends yakking about me if I go topless while we are here.



“But no more calling him a pervert. He’s just a typical teenage boy. ” Bonnie told her daughter as they left, though she had bought ‘the pervert’ a towel with a girl in a thong bikini on it. Sexy, but not too much, Bonnie thought.

“You do know he looks at your pictures and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has shown them to his friends” Misty said matter-of-factly. Bonnie’s blood suddenly ran cold. Which pictures? She thought. It would be no problem if she were just speaking of the topless and nude pictures of her that Cooper had shot over the years. Family nudity was a non-issue in their home, she had walked through the house naked hundreds of times after a shower or getting underwear from the drier. She was not ashamed of that, but he shouldn’t be showing them to his friends. But what about the photos Terrence had taken?

Bonnie looked straight ahead down the brightly lit nighttime street and as calmly as she could said “What pictures?”

“Mom, the pictures of you and Jill and her husband. They have been sitting in plain sight on your dresser for over a month, and it doesn’t take a computer scientist to find all the others on the computer, I mean you put them right in the My Pictures directory under Jill & Me. ”

Waiting for her daughter to attack her for her infidelity she didn’t respond. They walked in silence for some time. How could she been so stupid? Did she think the kids were still babies? Most important she worried that she had lost all credibility with her daughter.



Misty continued “It’s OK mom, I never mentioned it because I didn’t want to embarrass you. Sorry. ”

Bonnie’s heart lifted. Misty was apologizing to her? It must not have been too traumatic. “You have nothing to be sorry for, I did leave them out. You know we have never tried to hide sex stuff from you guys, and I just didn’t think about it. ”

It was certainly true Bonnie and Cooper had decided when Misty was a baby that sex would be a non-issue by just treating it like any other part of life. They had never locked their door and dozens of times the kids had walked in while they were going at it. When the kids would come in they would stop their active movements, but made no effort to hide what they had been doing.

They didn’t want the kids to think they were hiding anything. More than a few times Bonnie had been sitting astride her husband when the kids barged in. She didn’t un-mount but rather dealt with what ever issue had brought the kids in and then shooed they kids out before continuing their love making. During Misty’s early teen years she had made a few comments like “your being gross” and stomped out, but in the last year or two she had been much more casual about it. On one occasion last spring, she had walked while they were in an intense 69 session. She and Cooper had been too involved to hear here come in; and, from what Misty said latter, she had watched for several minutes before announcing her presence by saying “Do you ever come up to breath?”
But for her to see photos of her mother going down on a woman and being fucked by anther man, that was different.

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  Bonnie wanted to find a hole to climb into. She felt her face flush.

“Then” Misty asked firmly “why are you ashamed now. You’ve always told me to stand up and own my beliefs. ”

“I just don’t want you to think I’m…. skanky” Bonnie replied

“Mom, I don’t even remember the first time I walked in you and dad having sex. And since then I’ve caught you in every position imaginable. I think I was the only kid in class who knew exactly what oral sex was when we had sex-ed in middle school. So when I saw those pictures sitting there it was no great shock that you were bi, or that dad and you do other people. Did you not think I knew what that dildo harness sitting on the floor used for? You’ve told me a hundred times, sex is just a normal thing. No big deal. So it was no big deal when I saw the pictures”

Bonnie, almost grasping for absolution blurted out “So your not mad? Your OK with it?”

Innocently Misty replied “Why shouldn’t I be. Since the photos were in full view there is no way this is a secret from Dad, so if it’s OK with him, why should I care who you screw. ” She paused a few moments fore adding“But since we are talking about it, you might be want to let me know if your going to have that kind of company over at the house. ”

This was not what Bonnie expected, who was the parent and who was the child here? “Why?”

Almost before the she got the word out Misty continued.

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  “You don’t know it, but on the next to last day of school the High School was let out two hours early. Mrs. Hendrix dropped Kerri and I off at the house. ”

“I knew that, you got home about 2:00. ”

“No, we got home at 12:30 and found you and Jill cuddled up asleep on the family room floor; naked with the dildo and harness laying right next to you guys. ”

“Oops” Bonnie said with a blush. This was worse than she thought. Misty continued “Good thing I had told Kerri and some of my friends about the photos, so she wasn’t too shocked. We just went to my room until we heard Jill leave. ”

“So do your friends now think I’m a slut?”

Misty smiled “No, they have always thought you were cool. And now they know you’re a bi swinger they think you are the coolest mom on the planet. Being bi is the in thing at the high school, for girls that is. Several of us have been talking about trying it out. You know Haley and Connie; they have been coming over to the house since we were in grade school. Well, they actually made out at Keli’s end of school party.

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   They felt each other up right in front of everyone. They didn’t get naked or anything, but I heard they have been doing the whole thing the last month, since school let out, I haven’t asked them so I don’t know if it’s true. But they certainly aren’t the only lesbo couple and lots of the sexually active girls openly go both ways”

Bonnie, though relived now shifted her inquiry “What about Lamar, what does he know?”

“Well the pictures on the hard drive tell the whole story and I’d be surprised, after telling his bud what I look like naked, if he hadn’t emailed them to his friends. That is why I thought you should know we have seen them. ”

Mortified once more as they turned back onto Collins Ave. “Your Dad will most defiantly have to talk to him first thing in the morning”

“I told you he was a little pervert”

“All males are perverts; they just learn to hide it better as they get older. ” Bonnie said with a smile.

By the time they had returned to the condo, Cooper was long asleep in the bed and evidently Lamar didn’t hear them come in over the sound of the TV. He lay on the couch talking to someone on the cell phone. “Really, I’m not making this up. We just got here and already I’ve seen more tits than any guy in school, like hundreds of them” Misty looked at her mother and nodded in a ‘Look see I was right’ manner. Bonnie put her finger to her lips to keep Misty from saying anything. She wanted to see what he would say.

Lamar was silent for a while then seemed to answer a question by the person on the phone “Yea, it was the same girl with the great hooters”

“I’m not sure because when one of the girls asked her she answered in French, but I think she is fourteen because it sounded a little like fourteen in Spanish.

“I don’t know.

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   Like I said I could tell they were feeling each other up, but my dad made us come in before any good stuff happened. ”

Misty mouthed ‘good stuff’ to her mom and then mouthed ‘pervert’. “Yea, I tried using the zoom lens on my dad’s camera after he zonked out, but all I could make out was that two people were near each other. Sucks, I’m sure I could have gotten to watch them fuck if I didn’t have to come in. I guess those Europeans don’t care who sees. ”
Bonnie had heard enough. She put down her bags in a way to get Lamar’s’ attention. And sure enough his head pokes up from the couch and he quickly and quietly says “Gotta go, by” into the phone before telling his mom hello with an innocent smile.


Cooper slept like a log but by morning was refreshed when he awoke at 7;00 AM. Before anyone else was awake he headed down to the ground level to the shop that carried baked goods. He got some fresh croissants, bagels and some orange juice and headed back up stairs.

Bonnie was just getting out of the shower when he came back. He immediately noticed the complete absence of pubic hair. She explained about the swim suits as he laid out breakfast. She gave her husband a rundown on the evening and they discussed plans for the day.

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  Bonnie gave him his orders about talking to his son. He was sure he did not see any sex play in the pool last night, but had awakened on the chase lounge with a pain in his neck and so called Lamar to come upstairs. She intentionally did not tell him of their daughter’s evident plan to go topless; she thought that would distract him from his job to lay down the law to Lamar.

By 10:00 the girls had gone out wearing their new Brazil cut bikini’s and cover ups. Bonnie thought they both looked incredible. With the unlined swimsuits their nipples were closely clad by the thin fabric, and with no pubic hair, the bottoms fit like a second skin clearly defining their labial lips. Misty told her mom the look was called “camel toe” and was considered very sexy.

Cooper made Lamar stay for his “talk”. He felt like this was a Mike Brady moment of imparting wisdom, in other words he felt silly. He decided to avoid the details and stick to the issue of respecting other people’s privacy. For thirty minutes he explained why just because he knows something or has seen something does not give him the moral right to tell all his friends. In the end he gave up the efforts at moralizing and made it clear that the house rules will be firm; until his friends are 18 he can not share any photos of nudity that are on the computer or in family photo albums. Nor may he tell his friends anything about a family member’s sexual activities that might prove embarrassing. And finally he can not spy on his sister when she is in the shower. So much for the high ground, he just made new rules instead.

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The first pool area had several dozen, mostly middle aged and elderly people with a few mothers with young children splashing in the kiddies pool next to it. Neither Bonnie nor Misty made any pretense of wishing to stop before they arrived at the further pool. The people sunning around the topless optional pool were considerable younger and better looking than at the first pool. Bonnie guessed there were a couple dozen people sunning around the pool and another dozen in the large pool. Since she expected to see bared breasts, what surprised her this time, was the fact that many of the men wore tiny bikini swim suits, several tight enough to give her a clear view of what lay inside.

She and Misty made their way to a pair of empty chase lounges and dropped their gear. She did not want to give herself a chance to back out so as soon as she dropped her cover up, Bonnie reached behind her back and pulled the string of her top. It took some effort to keep her face straight, she wanted to break into a big smile as she lifted the top over her head and dropped it into her tote bag. Her heart was racing and she looked around to see how many people were staring at her. She got a few glancing smiles from a couple of unaccompanied men across the pool, but other than that no one seemed to notice she was exposing herself in public for the first time. It was both a let down and a relief.

Looking down to see what Misty was doing, she saw her top in place - though tiny the top was. It took several minutes to slather the SPF 15 over their bodies, taking special care to cover those areas not used to sunny exposure. They relaxed and lay back to enjoy the warm sun. Not five minutes passed until a group of four teen girls, and one boy came out to the pool.


  As each of the girls pulled off their cover ups, Bonnie saw not one even brought a swim top to the pool. She looked over to Misty and could tell she was watching the girls and was thinking.

“What ya thinking about Misty?”

Misty sat bolt upright, “I’m feeling like a tourist from Podunk Hollow. ”

She got to her feet and said “Here, let’s go to the beach before Dad and the pervert get her”

“Sure but why do you want to go before they get here?”

“Because I won’t have the nerve to do this with them here” Misty answered as she reached behind her back and undid the bow on her top. She was already heading to the gate as she pulled the top away from her body and tossed it on her lounge chair. Bonnie had to mover quickly to catch up as the gate began to swing closed as Misty raced out.

Racing to catch up with Misty, Bonnie noticed how tiny those Brazil bottoms were. Nearly all of the untanned curve of her buns was visible because the fabric was so thin that for the first few inches it completely disappeared into the cleft of her ass. She was sure since her ass was bigger than her girl’s she was showing even more white skin.

Once out on the sand Misty slowed down. The beach in front of the hotel was in no way crowded. Bonnie hadn’t had time to be apprehensive about racing out into the outside wearing only her bikini bottoms. Misty began to chatter away about nothing relevant to the current time and place. To Bonnie it was evident this was her daughters way of calming her own nerves about this new experience.

“I think when we get home I want to cut my hair some.

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  Yea I think I’ll take a couple inches off the back . . . ”

It was only as they began to walk along the sand, behind a row of hotels, toward the public beach park did her heart begin to race. As Misty stared unblinking ahead and chatted furiously, her mother looked around. At first she caught a furtive glance, then another, then one, two, six, a dozen brazen stares at the two of them as they walked. She consciously calmed her breathing, and wondered why the looks. With all the great looking topless women they had seen, would the men be looking at her. But glancing around, she realized there were no great looking topless women; only lots of overweight moms and their kids splashing in the sand. Up ahead she could she a group of teenage girls tanning topless, but they were laying down and she and Misty were walking brazenly past their ogling voyeurs.

“I think that cute guy is watching me” Misty said mid-stream. “Where?” Bonnie reacted.

“Up ahead to the left. ” She said with a smile as she stood up a bit straighter. “Don’t look, I don’t want him to know I see him.

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“Oh, OK” Bonnie said with a chuckle. It seems that her daughter never noticed the men falling over to get a better look, but this skinny kid looking out of the corner of his eye seems to have brought her back to the real world.

Abruptly Misty cut left and trotted toward the water. Turning to run backward she yelled, “Come on Mom, let’s get in the water. ”

It was not hard to see why that boy (and the men) looked. Misty’s perfectly round breasts, bounced just slightly as she began splashing in the water.

For the next twenty or thirty minutes they splashed and playfully teased the growing group of guys. It came as a surprise to that thought they were the only topless females in sight when they got in the water, but the time they left there were a half a dozen pairs of visible boobs, including one very conservative looking mom who rolled her one piece down to her waist.

Over the next few days, Bonnie would realize that many of the women who vacationed on Miami Beach really wanted to try to topless experience, but would not try until they saw other women (in their case she and Misty) do so first.

Bonnie was just about to say it was time to go, when she saw Misty’s “cute boy” up and moving into the water. Not wanting to disrupt Misty’s moment she quietly slipped beneath the waves and moved away a bit.

When she wiped the water and hair from her face she saw the boy introduce himself. So instead of going back to the condo and getting something cool to drink, she pretended to play in the waves as she watched her daughter flirt with this scrawny kid. Now, Misty looked much more naked and vulnerable than she had just a few minutes ago. Though mom was uncomfortable with Misty sitting in the sand, her bare boobs inches from this guy, Misty was clearly empowered.


   From her clandestine watch, Bonnie could see Misty was totally in charge and relishing her newly found feminine power; however, mother’s experience told her that the key to that power was limiting access. So despite Misty’s protest, they were soon making the walk back to the condo swimming pool.

Immediately Misty began talking excitedly. “His name is Steve and he is from a little town in North Carolina near Charlotte. He is 16 and goes to a private Christian High School. His dad had a business trip here and let Steve come along. He is staying in the Nautilus Inn, which was right behind where we were swimming. He has been here 2 days and hadn’t met anyone before me, but he is leaving in the morning. He’d never been here before and had never even seen a topless girl before he got here. I told him this was the first time I’d ever done something like this and I was really nervous. . . . ” and so she went on and on. Bonnie hadn’t realized how far they had walked when they first came out.


   She knew by now Cooper would be really concerned about her where about, she had even left her.

“. . Is that OK?” Misty’s words cut into Bonnie’s thoughts.

“I don’t know ,what should I say” Bonnie covered the fact she hadn’t been listening as she punched in the code on the beach to let them back into the condo’s pool area.

“Oh come on Mom, he was sweet and since he’s leaving tomorrow morning you don’t’ have to worry about me going crazy. ”

Bonnie still didn’t know the question she tried again to get the information with out admitting she hadn’t been listening to the last ten minutes of her daughters chatter. “So what exactly do you want to do?”

“Just to meet him latter, nothing else”

Though she had been hoping Misty would get a boyfriend for a while, this wasn’t exactly what she had in mind, but she could not just say no. So she would attach conditions. “Fine, but stay right in front of the condo and keep your cell phone with you. I want you inside the gate after dark - OK?”

She and Misty were putting on their bikini tops as Misty with a slightly annoyed tone said “OK, OK, no problem. ”

Bonnie added“And no sex. ” as she pulled the cover up on.

“Mom!” Misty half yelled

“I was just kidding” Bonnie lied as they headed toward the imposing building “I was just giving you a hard time. ”She knew how quickly things get out of hand.

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They had not gotten all the way in the room when Cooper’s voice demanded “And where have you two been? I’ve been worried. ”

Bonnie gave him a quick rundown of their activities, leaving out the part that Misty had also left her top at the pool. ‘Better not shock him with that’ she thought.


Cooper had been following his wife around for two hours as she shopped when she decided it was time to stop. They had been in shop after shop. She had almost hit him when he had told a clerk that there was no way he would pay $450 for a plain looking top, even if it were by some designer that evidently was some big shot in the fashion world. .

It was nice that the kids were old enough to leave at the hotel. He had made it clear that Misty was to watch her little brother and they were to be in the room by 10:30. He had been surprised at her visible unhappiness at these instructions. Bonnie of course knew why their daughter did not want to watch her brother. Misty had been in the shower shaving the last of her pubic hair in order to wear the tiny green and white thong bikini in preparation to meeting her new friend. Considering the fact that Misty was not likely to keep the top on for long, and considering the lustful look she had seen on the boy’s face earlier, it was good Lamar would be her shadow. She could be sure his presence would curb Misty’s libido and ensure nothing would happen tonight.

After a number shops sporting those outlandish prices, they come into a shop that looked like a storage shed inside.

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  Though the cloths looked just like the ones in the other places the prices were in the $100 range rather than the $500 range. The shopkeeper looked like a caricature of all Jewish shopkeepers and even sported a New Jersey accent as well.

“These are designers’ originals” He claimed “I have a cousin that gets the extra pieces that don’t go to their boutiques”

Though he did not believe these to be what the shopkeeper claimed, Cooper, being Mr. Cheep encouraged his wife to look. She narrowed it down to a sexy white cocktail dress made of some crape type of material and a sheer black and red blouse with a lace-up front. “Well try them on and see how they look” Cooper suggested. Yes, they were both over a hundred dollars, but they were clearly high fashion, and not the sort of thing in the mall.

The white dress was wonderful, but when she step out of the changing room in the red and black blouse Cooper knew what he wanted.

The top fitted so that the two sides of the shirt came several inches apart - held together by the black lacing so the inner curves of her breast were laid bare. The rest of the shirt was so sheer that in the bright light of the store the whole of her breasts were easily seen. The black and red pattern did make the her nipples less obvious to the casual observer, but if one ignored the pattern one could see what at first appeared to be part of the print were her clearly nipples. Looking at her Cooper could not help but admire the beautifully round and upright breast that would have flattered a woman half her age, and she was his wife. How lucky could he be.

“I think the shirt would be more useful because where would you wear the dress. ” Cooper said as she looked at herself in the mirror.

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  He didn’t want to push the point because in the past if he pushed something sexy she got aggravated and would not wear it. After a few minutes posing in the mirror she said “But I can’t see paying that much, It’s just too much”

The shopkeeper who had been mesmerized by her breasts in the mirror, was jarred from the beauty of a woman to the beauty of cash said “I tell you what, this blouse really suits you, I’ll give it to you for $95”

Cooper would have said yes in a heartbeat but Bonnie hesitated “I don’t know”
“OK” he said in desperation “I’ll give it to you for just barley over my costs, how about $80”

A quick swipe of the Visa latter, Cooper was very pleased to see his lovely wife proudly walking down the street in her new shirt, the tube top she had been wearing, stuffed in her purse. Though the gathering dusk did not give nearly as much light as did the shop, she was still on display as she walked down Collins Avenue. Cooper could feel his penis growing each time the eyes of by passers lingered on her chest. Now he wished he’d brought his camera.
They stopped into a variety store and bought a disposable camera and he used the whole role before they made it back to the condo. That is not to say they went straight back, they had a fine dinner and then asked a cab to take them to the best dancing club on South Beach.

As is usual for them, Bonnie could dance for hours with out a break, while Cooper wore out after a few songs. Bonnie had no trouble finding dance partners. The dancers were much younger than he and Bonnie and very stylishly dressed. As to be expected there was a large representation of good looking Latino guys and ladies. Her trouble was keeping her dance partners hands off her tits and up from under her mini skirt when they grabbed her ass.
A few drinks later that problem was solved, she no longer tried to keep their hands off her.

Cooper could only intermittently see her as the crowd ebbed and flowed, but he was sure the he saw at least three guys cupping her tits and one time it sure looked like the guy was working his hand up under her short skirt. Cooper worked his way into the crowd and when he found her she was up against a pillar kissing him hard as his right hand was clearly up between her legs.

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  For a moment Cooper thought this Latino looking guy might knife him as he tried to cut in, but he saw his wife mouth “my husband” and the man very quickly melted into the crowd.
About 1:00 AM their night abruptly ended. Bonnie was again dancing tongues with a great looking Cuban man. She could feel his hard tool pressed on her mound as she rubbed up and down on the smooth leather fly of his pants. She was just beginning to think she might actually cum if she kept this up for a while, when someone hit her on the side of the head. Jerking to her left she just missed a second blow from a wide eyed, black haired woman. The man she had been kissing grabbed the woman’s arm as she started a third swing. The woman was screaming in mile-a-minute in Spanish. Though Bonnie didn’t understand a word she got the point, she had been rubbing on the woman’s boyfriend’s fly.
Almost instantly there where four big men between Bonnie and the wide eyed, screaming woman. The bouncers spirited Bonnie to a less crowed part of the club and a well dressed man began to ask if she was all right. Now, hardly a minute from when she was wondering if she would cum, the warm glow of alcohol and sexual pleasure had completely disappeared; replaced with cold and shock. A hand went on her shoulder, it was Cooper. She pulled him tight as they made their way to the exit.

Once out on the street her heart began to slow as they moved away from the club.

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   Back home in Sparta the streets are empty at this time. On South Beach, it is just getting started, even on a Tuesday night. Once in a cab heading back to the condo, Cooper asked. “What happened?”

“I don’t know” she said slowly “I was dancing with this good looking guy, when that she-devil attacked me. I guess it was her man that was feeling me up”
“Are you OK?”

“Yea, just kind of shocked I guess. ” Bonnie said then grinned “Did you see that girl?”

“Just from a distance” Cooper answered

“She couldn’t have been more than 21, big tits and pretty. . And she thought I was taking her guy. Damn, I could just about be her mother. ”

Cooper smiled “See even the young good look girls think you are a threat. Pretty good for a woman nearly40”

By the time they flung themselves onto the bed the fear had been replaced by joviality. They would tell that story a hundred times. The sex was hot, but not prolonged, because though Bonnie might look 25, her body knew she was in her late thirties and was demanding sleep.

It was past 9:00 in the morning when Cooper crawled out of bed and got dressed to go to the ground floor for hot bagels and croissants. No sooner had he left the condo when Misty bounded into bed with Bonnie.

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   “What brings you in so bright eyed this morning?” Bonnie said straightening out her hair with her fingers.

“I had a good night, a really good night. ” Misty sighed as she stretched out.

“Why? What happened?” her mom queried.

“I went down to meet Steve on the beach after you guys left. I was really pissed that I had to keep Lamar with me, I wasn’t sure if dad wanted me to watch him or him to watch me. But you guys were right, there is something about being here, if Lamar hadn’t been right with me I’m sure we would have gone all the way”

Bonnie, who had been only half listening, now snapped to full attention and sat up with a start. “Wait, wait, did I miss something?”

“Oh, so I have your attention now, do I? “ Misty said with a broad grin “I said, if Lamar hadn’t been right there I’m sure I would have begged Steve to go all the way…. . to fuck me in me right there in the pool. Got the point now?”

“That’s what I thought you said. ” Bonnie said calmly. It is not that Bonnie had not discussed this with her daughter. Contrary, the long standing agreement was that whenever she thought she wanted to become sexually active to let mom know and they would go get her on birth control. Bonnie had strongly encouraged her last summer when she thought she had boyfriend to wait until she was sixteen.


  As it turned out that relationship fizzled before getting that far, and now Misty had been sixteen for two months but had yet to have any guy with who she wanted to be her first. But now. . “Start from the beginning”

“Like I was saying, I was mad at you and Dad, and then when Lamar saw my bikini he started leering and asking if Dad knew I was wearing a thong which made me even madder. After I threatened to beat him to a pulp, I got smart and told him that if he told on me, and Dad got mad, we would not come back here. Of course the little pervert has liked looking at all the titties so he agreed not to tell. ”

Bonnie cut in “Smart thinking”

“Yea, but he saw more than I thought he would” Misty said then paused.

“Don’t worry. ” Bonnie said “Your dad and I will be fine with what ever decisions you make about sex. We’ve talked about this since before you were born. So go on, what happened” Bonnie assured her, even though she was not sure at all.

“When we got to the pool I pulled off my cover up and then my top, I thought Lamar eyes would pop out of his head. I must say with only the little thong on I did feel naked. I told him now he doesn’t have to peek at me in the shower. All he could say was that I had great tits over and over again.

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   The perv!!’ “I could tell I was getting some looks from the old men around to pool, so I headed out the gate and sure enough Steve was already waiting for me. He was so cute. He tried to act cool, but his swim suit gave him away even before I got to him. He got all red and suggested we get in the water, I’m sure to hide his hard, on.
“So in we went and we splashed and played. I was so turned on, so I was getting tired of waiting for him to do something. So I tackled him in the water and made sure I landed on top so my tits hit his face before I got up. That seemed to break the ice because after that he started to cop a feel of my ass or tits as he swam by, and every time he did I felt a shock go through me, and I wanted more but Lamar was always there. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a feel or two in all the splashing around. I did get a couple of grabs at Steve’s shorts, sticking out like that it was hard to miss.

“When it got dark Lamar insisted we go to the pool. Steve carried his towel in front of him to hide himself and jumpd in right away. The pool was busier than I thought it would be. It was nice to be with a guy who spoke English, because I think he was the only one. Fortunately for me there was a whole group of kids Lamar’s age and soon he was playing with them.

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“Oh, before I forget,” Misty interrupted her own story “Did you know the white spots on my thong get completely sheer when it gets wet?”
“No, I didn’t?” mom answered before daughter continued her narrative.
When I got out of the pool for a minute, I looked down and the spots looked like windows, I might as well have taken it off for all it covered. Finally, too late, we moved from talking and playing to kissing. It sure is different kissing when your just about naked than with all your cloths on. Feeling his skin against mine and nothing to keep his hand from roaming all over me, I couldn’t believe how sensitive my nipples got. I don’t know when the front of my bottoms got moved over, but I sure knew when he began touching me down there and when he started fingering me I was all to ready to let him fuck me right then and there. ”

Bonnie interrupted her narrative by saying “That’s why I said no sex, I knew you would want to do it faster than you realized. It is definitely time to get you on the pill girl. ”

“Oh yea, it was like someone else took over my body. First thing I knew I had pulled his shorts down and had his dick in my hand. ”

“How big was he?” Bonnie interrupted again



“Almost exactly the size of your pink vibrator, but it felt different. Not as hard and I could feel the skin slipping over the hard insides and it curved up like a banana. Looking back I guess everyone in and around the pool could tell what we were doing, I mean the pool is very well lit at night, so you can see under the water a lot more than you can during the day. It wasn’t like we were the only couple. When I was outside it I could see everything that was going on, and several girls didn’t even have their bottoms on.


   But I didn’t care, I briefly realized that the little pervert had likely used his goggles to get a better view, but I just didn’t care. I just wanted the moment to continue. I wanted his dick inside me soo bad. ”

“So, if you didn’t do it, what happened. ” Bonnie asked breathlessly

“First he came, right in my hand. At first I didn’t know what was happening, he stopped kissing and his face got red, then he started moving his hips as I held his dick. I’d seen guys cumming before so I it wasn’t hard to know what was about to happen. I looked down and could see the globs floating in the water.

Bonnie interrupted again “When have you seen a guy cumming?”

“At Jeannette’s Valentine’s party” Misty replied “Val got to bragging how good she is a jerking off guys but Keli was sure she was the jack off champ. So they both jerked off their boyfriend’s”
“In front of you?”

“Yea, right on the couch in front of everyone, they pulled Cody and Jack’s dicks out and pumped them till they spewed all over Val and Keli. It was sooo funny. There was another contest at Keli’s but I missed it. I thought I’d told you about all that?”

“No” Bonnie said “I’m sure I would have remembered. Go on about last night. ”

“After that we took a break from making out, at first I still fully intended to have this be the night I loose my virginity.


   As I cooled off and I began to realize that was not the thing to do. I was saved from having to make a hard decision when the alarm on my phone went off, and we had to go in. A part of me wanted to stay and do it with Steve, but my good sense kicked in and told l me not to. So we came in. ”

Bonnie was relived and excited at the same time “Yep, time for the pill. So you weren’t too frustrated last all night?”

“I was” Misty answered “Until I got your pink toy and pretended it was Steve doing me. By the time I was done I felt pretty good. Though part of me still wished it had been him, I know it is better to wait until I’m on the pill and have condoms. ”

They sat in silence until Cooper arrived with a “Happy 4th of July”

While the kids were eating and watching TV in the living room, Bonnie told Cooper about their daughter’s evening. For the first time she explicitly told him that Misty had gone topless the previous day. Cooper laughed when she asked if he were mad that she had allowed Misty to take off her bikini top “Bon, don’t you remember, you and Misty left your tops right on the chase lounges. Of course I knew and she is plenty old to decide how to dress herself.

After cleaning up from breakfast the family waited for Bonnie to get ready. Lamar, trying to antagonize his sister said “Are you going to wear what you did last night?
Cooper decided to head this off right up front and in front of Misty told him “Son, I know full what your sister wore last night, and my guess is she and your mother will wear the same all day today. We talked about this yesterday and I do not expect you to treat your sister with anything but respect.

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   Got it?”

Lamar looked down cast but Misty got a beaming smile.

“Don’t smile at me” Cooper said looking at Misty “I don’t like you trying to do things behind my back. You know I’ve always supported you and would have supported you had you made the other decision about that boy rather than the one I did, but just don’t be sneaky. OK?”

“OK Dad. Just didn’t want to upset you. I know it make you uncomfortable when I do adult stuff. ” Misty added.

Cooper walked over and gave her a hug “I’ll just have to get over it won’t I. I might throw up, but I’ll get over it. ”

They didn’t make it to the pool or beach until near noon. Mother and daughter wore the matching bottoms with diamond cut outs and only their see-thru cover ups down to the pool. Cooper thought they looked extremely sexy as a matched pair and shot off a few frames of his camera in the elevator lobby.

With the 4th of July holiday the pools were both crowed with people. There were a good number of attractive men and women though the median age was nearer to 40 than to 20, but there were a good many women with fine figures that were apparently in their 40’s and 50’s. But and as both Cooper and Bonnie noted, way to many people who seemed too large for their too little cloths.

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   For every attractive hard body there was at least two less attractive soft bodies. When Bonnie and then Misty pulled their cover-ups off well before reaching the topless pool they were instantly the center of attention. He had seen Bonnie shaved of all of her pubic hair and now he saw why, these bikini’s not only had no back but there were cut-outs in the in the front that left little actually covered.

There was something special about what was clearly a mother and daughter, that drew everyone’s attention. Not that they were the only topless mother/daughter pair. There was what Cooper took to be a Cuban mother and her daughter. The teenage daughter was a little on the heavy side, but attractive, but he mom should have put those thirty pound mammaries away beforeshe hit some one as she swam, all hundred and fifty pounds of her. There was also a German family with two daughters that appeared to be the other extreme, very outdoorsy and extremely firm, but the whole group seems to have been hit with the ugly stick and the mom’s pancake tits did her no service.

They alternated between the beach and pool. They spent the afternoon sunning, swimming, reading and snapping photos. In previous years Cooper had always taken all the photos, but with Misty in her second year as a school yearbook photographer, she took many as well. She took a number of candid photos of her mom flirting with men as they walked up the beach. Like the first day the beach crowd was particularly young and attractive, but even in this sea of beautiful flesh, eyes followed the Campbell women.

Back at the swimming pool, Bonnie made several acquaintances at the bar that sat at the far side between the two pools. It seems each time she went, she met a new good looking man.

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   It might be this reason or the fact that that she was sipping on her third glass of Sangria. On the first two trips she had donned her cover-up before coming to the open air cabaña that housed the bar, but this time she didn’t’ take the time and sat chatting with a middle aged Cuban business man. Though the content of the conversation was trivial, the undertones were enough to keep her nipples at full attention. She knew he had been watching her all afternoon. He wore an unbuttoned Cuban shirt, and smoked a cigar. The full head of hair was back streaked with gray, as was that on his chest and what spilled up from inside his Speedo. He wove compliments about her into the conversation with such grace Bonnie could not help but be flattered and attracted. As they talked he made no attempt to hide the fact the fabric of his swimsuit was stretched taut by a fully erect penis. She did not know how long she sat there, but she would have stayed on and on if Lamar hadn’t come and insisted she swim with him.

She played in the water with both her kids and husband until the long shadows from the condo covered the pool. But entire time she knew the Cuban man was watching. Cooper went in to order burgers and fries for the family as the waited for dark and the fireworks. The three glasses of wine had worked through her and so she told the kids to stay and wait for their father while she went upstairs to potty. Donning her cover up and sandals she headed in. She knew there was a bathroom there on the ground floor, but in her heart she was hoping He would follow.

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  She dared not look behind her as she walked down the long hall to the bank of elevators.

There were a dozen or two people waiting, “This will take awhile” she thought. She turned around and almost bumped into Him. With a broad smile he motioned to the lone elevator on the other side of the hallway labeled Penthouse-Private. Instead of an “up-down” button, it had a key slot. And from thin air He produced a key and pressed it into the slot.

In his thickly accented voice he said “Here this will be faster. ” With that her heart began to race wildly, she knew what getting on would surely mean, but the door was already sliding open, she didn’t have time to think, she just stepped in and the door slid closed.

The elevator was smaller than the public ones. She had to fight for breath, she had to force herself to speak. “You live in the Penthouse?”

“Yes, it is very lovely. You may use my facilities or you may catch the next elevator down, either way will be faster than waiting down there. ”

Her mind whirled, ‘Was he not going to seduce her?’, ‘Could she be so wrong about this’, ‘Maybe she had just deluded herself into thinking he wanted her?’. But he erection was still evident in his Speedo. , Wasn’t that for her, she thought

“So Beautiful” the Cuban voice came again “So beautiful for a woman with an equally beautiful grown daughter; how is it possible? His hand bedecked with sparking rings reached out and touched her cheek.

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   There it lingered as an invitation she could not refuse, she moved closer so that his hand moved down her back and rested on her bare ass. She was almost but not quite touching him. She looked into his eyes and knew she was his.

The door silently slid open to a short hallway with only three sets of double doors. With out removing his hand from her, he guided her to the last door and used the same key. The door swung open to reveal the most palatial space she had ever seen. There must have been a thousand square feet of open space bounded on two sides by glass walls overlooking the ocean. Though the pool was now in shadow, the light streaming in the room was brilliant, almost dazzling. The sheen was taken up by the white marble flooring and all white furniture spread throughout this magnificent space.

He guided her past several pillars and pointed to a door on the wall to her left. He pushed her forward and gave a slight squeeze as she moved toward the bathroom. Inside her mind continued to move at a frightening pace. She took in but another room gleaming with chrome and marble. It was, with out a doubt, the biggest bathroom she had ever seen. What to do, what to do? She pulled off her cover-up and sat.

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   When she stood to wash her hands she looked in the mirror, not just one but a whole wall of mirrors. Her cover up still lay on the floor, she slid her bikini bottom down and off and looked at the images of herself that surrounded the bathroom. Slowly the words came to her as she looked at her nude, not perfect, but admittedly attractive nude body. Aloud she said “will you ever have this opportunity again?” then answering herself “No, never”.

With tha,t she picked up the cover up and bikini bottom and with a slow sultry walk practiced walking up and down the bathroom room refining her look with each circuit, then on the forth circuit she opened the door and strode out. She was not disappointed. He stood at the glass door leading to the balcony, holding two glasses of wine.

She wanted to run, but she concentrated on the slow sultry walk she had just practiced. She imagined herself as Raquel Welch swaying her hips from side to side. She tossed the things in her hand to a chair and reached for the wine.

She didn’t even try to say something witty, but said “We need a condom. ”

And with a devilish grin he said “Just one?” As he opened the door to the wide balcony. Bonnie made her way to railing and looked down to the swimming pools below. The warm breeze from the ocean flowed across her nudity. She no longer felt confused or apprehensive.


   Now she began to explore the pure sensual joy of being a wom.