Sex to the neighbour

Cyber Sex

Unfortunately, this story just based on imagination.

It started for me as an ordinary Sunday morning when the rest of the family had gone to town. I turned on my computer and went on various dating sites and pages where you can exchange MSN contacts.

I met a girl who wrote that she lived in Denmark as I did, so I quickly became interested in getting her the MSN. I got it and added her. We wrote together on MSN for half an hour about everything, and occasionally we startede talking about sex. At one point I asked if I could see her webcam and she answerede that if she could see me, then she could see me. "OK," I thought, so I started a video call with her. When her cam turned I saw that she just sat in her pink bra and had her arms over on her back. I hoped that she would tighten up the bra and let it fall but suddenly she asked where in Denmark I was from. I replied that I was from the Northern Jutland and she inquired further my name. I told her my name and when I had done that she stop the video interview and I was astonished and asked, therefore, why she stopped.

She began now video call again, this time I could see her head and now I did understand why she stopped before. It turned out that her name was Amanda and lived two houses from me, so I was a little embarrassed and just said "hello". She wrote back wheter I was okay with what had just happened and I replied that my I was okay.

At last she startede the video call once again, butthis time she had removed the bra so she showed me her tits proudly forward and I was reasonably big in the pants.

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   "They're beautiful" I said to Amanda and asked if she would strip completely for me. She told me that shw might do it, but I had to take off my pants and underpants, which I had no problem with. I took off my pants and then the underpants so she could see my cock. She began to stand up and throw her pants and was then only in hotpants. When she began much determination to let them slide down, I began to masturbate. "Stop" she wrote. I asked her what she meant. "You should not masturbate yet. I’ll come over to you in a minute" she wrote. It turned me even morethat she was coming over here. Then she stopped the video call and signed out off MSN. I took the pants back on and began to look out the window to see if I could see her.

I think I sat and looked out the window at approx. 5 minutes before the door of her house went up and she came out wearing a huge jacket and jeens.

I went too open the door so she could just go in.

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   When she came in, I met her with a kiss that was so wild that my cock pressed against her jeens. "I've never kissed a few before," said Amanda, who was 16 when this happened (I was 19). "I dont belive you, you kiss like a horny master" I said to her and she smiled back.

I took her hand and led her into my room where I had removed the quilt from my bed so it was ready to go to. "I am a virgin," she said. "Do not worry, so am I, but I've read a lot about how to do," I answered her. She laid down on my bed and I took her jacket from her and placed it on the floor. I can now understand why she had such a big jacket. It seemed that she could not been assed to take on her bra and shirt again, so when I took off her jacket, I have a free view to her boobs. . I took my shirt off, and asked her to lick me in the stomach. She realy did that well! I lifted her hips up and opened her trousers. She helped when I took the pants of her and figured that I now have to see her hotpants. But here she surprised me once again, as it happend she had changed her hotpants into a black thong, that really was naughty. I asked if she wanted to help my cock to get some air.

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   Without answering, she took my panties and began to lead them away while I slowly laid me down with my mouth around her thong, to take it with my teeth. She automatically raised her hips up and I got the thong of her. There we were both naked and both virgins for a few more seconds.

I slowly led my cock into her with her help, to make it as gently as possible. She began to moan and I smiled at her and asked if she liked it. She did not answer me, but moaned harder and harder, before she finally almost screemed her orgasm out. She was wet! I could not resist her screaming, so I ended up cumin into her pussy. She said thanks for a lovely day and told me that she was on the pill. I smiled back and kissed her gently.

I appologies for my english-language, but hope you will be able to understand the story.
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