My awesome Omegle interaction...

Cyber Sex

Stranger: I'm Alexia

You: im darryl

Stranger: Pretty name :)

You: hehe, not as pretty as yours

You: with a name like yours you must be stunning

Stranger: Hehe oh idk maybe?

You: well, what do you look like?

Stranger: Well. . I'm 5'2. Uhm. . Black medium curly hair dark brown eyes. :)

Stranger: How do you look?

You: 5'9, brown hair, brown eyes, im built like a football player

You: you sound sexy :)

Stranger: Omg you sound tall :(

Stranger: Funny I'm a cheerleader!! Haha

You: hehe, thats ok, i like short girls ;)

Stranger: I ain't short I'm fun sized ;o

You: hehe, you got that right ;)

You: i bet that if i got on my knees in front of you id be looking at your boobs. :)

Stranger: Most likely lol :)

You: hehe, im sorry if this is a weird question, but im just curious, how big/small are your boobs?

Stranger: Hehe uhm as in bra size right??

You: yeah

Stranger: B36. . . :( ?

You: that is perfect!!!

You: do not be sad

You: any bigger than b cups is too big

Stranger: Rlly. . ?

You: yes really

You: b cups are the perfect handfuls for me ;)

Stranger: Oh hehe yay!

You: and just as confirmation of how perfect they are, just know that you made me go erect when you told me your bra size ;)

Stranger: Oh rlly?? ><

You: hehe yes

Stranger: Hehe double yay?

You: :)

You: would you like me to tell you how big i am since you told me how big you are?

Stranger: It would be fair ;)

You: you'll probably laugh anyway, i think im small

Stranger: Well what is it though? I won't laugh :( I no meanie

You: 5 inches at its hardest

Stranger: That's a perfect size too.

Not small and not big scary. :) perfect to ne anyways ;o

You: really?

Stranger: Yes. :)

You: like its not too small to put in you?

Stranger: I think it'd be a perfect fit.

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   Maybe. I might be too tight :(

You: i doubt it. . . are you a virgin?

Stranger: Yes :( inexperienced :'(

You: im a virgin too

Stranger: Serious???

You: yes

You: so maybe our first experience can be my penis in your tight vagina. ;)

Stranger: Oh hehe. Maybe >< but would it hurt. . ?

You: i dunno, im not that thick, so i think i would slide right in ;)

Stranger: Good. And with a wet vagina it'll be easier. . ? Right?

You: hehe yes :)

You: are you wet now?

Stranger: Maybe. . ;o

You: ;)

You: well im really hard now

Stranger: Hehe I guess I am a bit wet. .

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You: caan i ask a strange question?

Stranger: Sure but if it's too strange I might not answer :( ?

You: i was just wondering whether you keep your vagina hairy, trimmed, shaved, or waxed

Stranger: SHAVED always. The hairs are annoying

You: hehe, smooth. . . perfect for me to lick ;)

Stranger: Oh hehe. . That sounds rlly nice

You: spreads your legs and slides his tongue up and down your little vagina lips

Stranger: That feels good too.

. . Letting you and moans softly getting wetter

You: slides his tongue into your vagina hole, fucking you with his tongue

Stranger: Oooh. . . whimpers softly feeling his hot tongue inside my hot wet and tight vagina, wetness dripping on his chin

You: stops licking and puts his hips in front of yours, and puts the tip of his hard penis in front of your vagina

Stranger: Go in slow first pls. . Kisses him bck tasting my vagina on his lips nd moans with his penis head on my vagina lips, getting all soaking wet for you're penis.

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You: slides only the tip into your wet and tight pussy and rubs your clit a little, then slowly slides the rest of the way in until his entire hard-as-a-rock penis is inside your tight vagina and then just stays there

Stranger: M-mmm. . . Moans softly as u push the head of ur hard penis in my vagina and my wet hot vagina starts to get tighter around ur penis, getting wetter as you rub my clit nd moans louder whn you push in ur hard penis all the way inside my wet pussy, getting so tight around you.

You: (btw, ive been rubbing myself while we type. . . ;) )

Stranger: (I'm doing the same. You have me rlly wet)

You: :)

You: after staying inside your tight vagina for a minute, i start sliding out and thrusting in in a rhythmic motion, starting out slowly and gradually speeding up until i'm pounding your wet little pussy hard

Stranger: Oh. . Grips onto u as u push in deeper in my tight vagina and start moving in and out, fucking my tight vagina. Breathing more heavy as u slowly pick up the pace til I'm gasping hard with u pounding nd slamming ur penis in my wet tight vagina. Ur balls slapping loudly on my wet vagina andmy boobs starting to bounce up nd down roughly

You: holds your boobs and fucks you even harder, pounding you so hard. then i moan and thrust all the way in as hard as i can as i explode cum all the way inside your tight little pussy

Stranger: Oh fuck. .

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  Gaping hard nd loud getting fucken even harder that my tight pussy aches, letting u grip my boobs with my hard nipples digging into ur palms. Moaning louder and louder as u ram ur penis in harder harder nd rougher til I hear u moan and ur dick erupts with an insane amount of you're hot sticky thick cum. Moans loudly with ur dick so deep inside my pussy

You: (you just made me cum everywhere)

Stranger: (yay. I wanna masturbate more. . Hehe)

You: :)

Stranger: That felt rlly good hehe. .

You: yes it did

You: you are amazing

Stranger: So is ur penis :)

You: hehe

You: ;)

You: i have to go; ttyl, sexy girl

Stranger: Bye :) hehe. .