Wife makes my fantasy a reality...


My wife and I have played with the idea of seeing her have sex with another man. I typically encourage her to hit on our neighbor a few houses down, his name is Travis. He is tall and very muscular. As I joke with my wife she typically jokes around back with me, telling me that while I am away from home he is going to visit her. She even buys lingerie and tells me if I think he will like the outfit. I will respond by telling her she should wear for him and ask him. I can help but notice that when she sees him, she is all smiles and she always gives him a tight hug. I know he can feel those D cups. He just smiles and laughs, knowing that she has the hots for him. She would never do anything other than flirt with him. Eventually the idea died out, but a few days ago it became a reality.

I came home early from work one day. I didn't notice anything different as I walked into the house, but as I opened the door I heard giggling. As I entered the living room, I could see my wives's head bopping up and down Travis's shaft. She quickly got up and said honey, what are you doing here? I told her I fucking live here, what the hell is going on? She was dressed in her white mini skirt with white stockings and her white "fuck me pumps". She only wears this outfit when we have a night of sex.

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   I kept thinking what the hell is her explanation going to be.

She told me that she had invited him over to talk about my fantasy. He asked her to dress into what she would wear when the special night came, one thing led to another and she was sucking his cock. I could see that she had no bra on and her white blouse clearly showed her boobs. I knew she had the hots for him, but I didn't think my innocent wife would actually do it or do it without telling me. So I told her where do we go from here? I was acting like I was mad as hell, but they way she looked, so sexy and hot. I could see Travis had a giant bulge and was surely enjoying her. I slowly told her, "would you like to continue?" She told me "yes, honey. " Travis asked me, are you sure? I told him, yes, she was already sucking you and I could see her nipples coming out of her blouse so I know she was very excited.

So there my wife stood in front of me, kneelled down sucking this guy's cock, while I watched! I could not
believe what I was seeing. She had her hand wrapped around his cock, and I could see that she left her wedding band on; I thought it was weird seeing her sucking on a dick that was not her spouse. She took his cook all the way in her mouth. I had a little of jealousy and horniness, but was OK. She slowly massaged her pussy through her panties. I sat down and just started to grab my cock, I was super hard by now.

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   I know this must sound weird, but for that moment she looked so beautiful and sexy, as she grabbed her boobs, while sucking him. Travis was very gentle, not grabbing her head, just relaxing and enjoying it. I had been in his position with her many times before, so I knew she was giving him great pleasure. He started to cum all over her tits as she held them for him. I rarely get to cum on her tits! She always tells me no.

From there I decided it was my turn. She began to suck me. She liked my balls and my shaft. Her tongue worked my cock, she slowly, seductively looked into my eyes and told me, "Are you enjoying your fantasy?" I told her hell yeah. She slowly whispered, "Are you ready for the next part? Are you ready for Travis to stick his cock into my pussy?" I whispered yes. She again seductively told me, "Are you ready for him to fuck me? Are you ready to see your wife get fucked?" I told her I couldn't wait and I lost my load my load in her mouth. I was so turned on I forgot that he cummed on her tits.

Well, Travis grabbed her and gave her a big kiss and grabbed her round ass. It was there that I realized my wife has a great figure. He started to pull her panties down her thighs, her legs are so sexy.

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   She laid back and he slowly tongued her, it seemed like an eternity, but it was probably about 5 minutes before she had an orgasm. I could tell she was lost in lust by now. My beautiful wife climbed on top of him. I could see his cock enter her wet pussy lips, her eyes closed as he entered her. She began to ride him like a slut; I could see her wild side come out. I couldn't believe my eyes! She never gets this horny for me. She was very aggressive with him. She started telling him, "You like this pussy don't you? You have wanted to fuck me all of this time haven't you? I could tell by the way you always stare at me. " Travis confessed yes and that he loved it when she hugged him. He told her he couldn't believe what was happening.

So there was my wife was fucking someone in our house. I could see that she was enjoying it and I smiled at her. My wife began to get tired so they began to fuck her doggie style. My wife was in ecstasy, this guy was fucking her hard, balls hitting her ass. She would always tell me she wanted to be fucked like this, but I was more of a gentle lover I guess.

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   Soon the Travis had cummed all over her ass; she turned around and licked his cock dry. I thanked him, and told him that I hope we could do this soon. He told me that my wife wore him out. He told me, next he would invite his wife over next time. My wife kissed me, as we both showered. I wondered if things would change between us, and couldn't wait for Travis to bring his wife over. Travis wife Stacy, was built for fucking, long legs, wide hips.