Run in with Kevin Zegers Part 1.


"I think I'll go out for a walk, look at the shops. I'll be right back. I'll text when I'm coming back okay?" I shouted while my mom was in the shower.

I just moved to Spain from New York so I was pretty much new here. I just turned 21 and with that I lost around 30 pounds so now when I went out guys would take second looks and it made me feel so good. I had small perky Cs but a huge ass to make up for it. And not those ugly, just fat asses, but a nice firm one. You do not know how conceited I am about it ha! So I quickly changed into my short shorts and V-neck and walked out to see Barcelona. The country was so beautiful! I took a breath and walked down the ally. I was about to walk down the the other street towards the little boutiques until I was pushed up against the wall and had someone else's lips pushed into mines, moaning.  

'What. The. Fuck. ' I thought.

After about 10 seconds, I finally saw who's ever face it was that was kissing me. He looked to his right before he spoke.

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   I felt like I've seen him before.  

"I'm so sorry, I just needed to get away from them all. "

"Who?" I asked this beautiful stranger.

"Paparazzi," He said piercing my hazel eyes with his sky blue ones.

"Come. Follow me," I said by the sudden impluse to get him away from those people.

I led him around the corner to my big house. He hesitated before coming in but I just pulled him in saying he owes me. He just laughed at the comment. I called out for my mom but I got no answer. I ran upstairs with him following behind.  

"Go sit on the chair in there," I said pointing to my own room.

I texted my mom to see where she was and she texted back that she was going on a tour trip for the day to see Barcelona better. I walked over my room only to catch him smiling at a picture he had in his hands. He noticed me standing there and showed me a picture of me on a horse when I was about 10.

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"That's cute. It must be nice having a normal life. . "

"Thanks," I said as I made my way to the lounge chair in the corner of my room, "So who are you exactly?"

"I am Kevin Zegers. You may have seen some of my movies?"

"Wait. You're an actor?"

"Uh, yeah. You may have seen me in Air Bud or Dawn of the Dead. . "

"You were in Zoom and that Jane Austen Book Club movie too right?"

He surprised me by his laugh, "Yeah. I didn't think you'd remember me for those though. What's you're name?"

"I'm Audrianne Lucio. . Yeah, so maybe you'd like to call someone to pick you up?" I asked.

"Actually if you don't mind. .

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  " He said while sitting next to me on the lounge, "I think I'm having fun here so far. I hardly get to talk to someone like you, who isn't a screaming fan who'd want to rip my clothes and sell them on ebay or something. "

We both paused and then laughed so hard that I had to hold my stomach.  

"Oww, haha," I said leaning back.

Surprisingly he started rubbing my stomach while smiling at me.

"Wow you're pretty built," he said jokingly, while still rubbing my stomach.

"I lifted weights and did cardio for the last half year. I actually lost around 30 pounds. I'm so very proud of it," I said with a chuckle.

I got up quickly and lifted my shirt up to show my toned stomach, "See. "

"Hah, yeah well how about ten years of this. . " He took off his shirt with one swift move.  

It was so sexy how he did it and how he looked under his shirt. I found myself staring.

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"Uhh, yeah I see. . " I said softly, still admiring his muscles.

He started to laugh at my gawking face, "I took my shirt off. . . . . Now take off yours. Let's see who's more built. "

"I could tell you right now you're much more--" was all I could get out before he pulled my shirt over my head.

I could feel my boobs bouncing as soon as my shirt was lifted off. I blushed instantly. And that seemed to make him smile.

"Well I win, but you've done a good job if I might say.

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   I haven't seen real, perfect boobs in a while if that's not too embarrassing to say. I live in Hollywood, so ya know," he said while laughing a bit.

I instantly covered myself with my hands and arms, "Um yeah, ha," I said nervously.

"Don't be shy," he said getting closer, "When's your mom coming back?"


"Just curious," He said smiling and going over to my queen sized bed.

I saw him leaning on it in a way where you noticed his muscles even more.

"Um, later at night," I said slowly walking over, "This is so weird. I have an actor shirtless in my room. . "

He started to giggle and then suddenly brought me faster over to him by dragging me. He held me looking at me as if he was studying my face. He rubbed my cheek as if to make my blush go away but it only made it more pink.

"You're cute you know that? You blush over any little thing. I haven't made a girl really blush. "

"I'm not a girl. I'm 21 thank you very much," I said pulling away from him.

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He had his hands on my hips, studying me further. He brought me back suddenly with my hips touching his. He saw my surprised reaction and smiled.

"How old are you Kevin?" I asked trying to get his mind off whatever it was that he was thinking.

"I'm 25, four years older but it's okay right?"

"What do you mean by that?"

He looked at my hair, ignoring my question. He pulled my ponytail out letting my long dark hair fall over my shoulders and back. He started to put his fingers in my hair feeling the softness of it. He broke from the trance he was in and said "I love your hair. It's so real which is such a relief. "

"Yeah, you seem to love real things. "

Hearing this caused him to put his hands in the air saying "Cause everything is so fake!"

He jumped on the bed with his legs dangling. I laughed instantly seeing this. And he smiled a big smile and starting swinging his legs.

"You're tall but my bed is high. .

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   Sorry, it's so cute though," I said through giggles.

He easily lifted me off the ground and brought me to his side. I was surprised by the gesture that I didn't notice his next move. He was turned towards me while looking at my lips, every so often looking into my eyes.  

"You have really nice eyes," I managed to get out.

He smiled such a cute smile and then kissed me. We started making out until he moved over me causing me to lay down. I broke the kiss moving up to my pillows, sitting up looking at him weird.  

"What's happening here?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"I'm sorry. I haven't done this in so long. . "

"Haven't done what?" I asked, again knowing the answer.

He moved up next to me leaning over me slightly. His hand went around my waist and moved me so I was laying down again and he was over me.

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   He held himself up better than other boys I knew. He lowered his hips on mine and I felt so nervous then.  

"This," He said looking down a bit, over our bodies.  

A stray hair fell over his eye while he looked back to me. He kissed me again. I felt my body giving in, but my head was fighting back. He started to unzip my shorts and bring them down swiftly so that I wouldn't notice much. But when I did, he did the same to his jeans so that when I looked back up to his face to protest he had his mouth over mine once again. He started to grab my ass pushing us closer than possible, grinding into me wanting to do the act already. A little moan slipped out and he broke from the kiss.

"What was that?" He asked smiling.

"Um, nothing. I don't know what you're talking about. . "

I took advantage and moved up a little only to be brought down again under him.

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   He kissed my neck tenderly, causing me to breathe heavily enjoying this. It was my weak spot. With his kissing and nibbling, he was leaving a mark. He looked at it and smiled.

"Tell me you didn't give me. . ?"

He chuckled a bit giving me my answer. My hand flew to my neck but he caught it and brought it over him. My hand automatically ran over his back, clenching the middle. I looked at him while doing this with a face like 'what am I doing?' But it only made him smile more and he kissed me once again. There was hair grabbing and low groans and moans wanting to go further. I felt a warm hand grab my left boob and I broke from the kiss and looked down. He must've look my bra off at some point and I freaked realizing the reality of this situation.  

"What the--" was all I could say until I was brought down again, his lips over mine once again.

I tried to fight against him but my hands were brought above my head by his one hand.

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   That made my breasts perky and he took notice and started to kiss and nibble on them. I was trying not to give in, looking to the ceiling in frustration, fighting myself. I started to squirm under him wanting something more but not. He lowered himself slowly kissing his way all the way down until he was right over my thong. He slowly took it off looking at me with a smirk, revealing my perfectly shaven pussy. He lowered his mouth and started to lick at the wetness of it, teasing me. I pushed his head away but he caught my hand and held it. He started to rub and suck on my clit. I shuttered and moaned in pleasure.

"Please, Kevin. . " I said breathlessly.  

But he knew I wanted more. And he gave me more, sliding a finger into me and moving it in and out while he teased my clit still. My eyes glazed over in pleasure, my mind no longer in control.


   I moaned louder and he slid another one in. As soon a he did that I came but he went on finger fucking me. I couldn't take it. I was pushing his head away, but he took both my hands this time and held it while I yelled for him to stop. I moaned uncontrollably until I came again. While I was catching my breath, he took off his briefs revealing his cock. I think it was around 8 inches or so.  

"Have a condom?" he asked, and I pointed the the nightstand near us.

But I realized what I did and I tried to stop him, but of course it didn't work. I started to shake my head.

"This isn't right, no. . " I started to say.

He started to rip the packaging and put what was inside on. But I was already sitting up, still shaking my head.

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"You're Kevin Zegers, an actor. Why are you doing this? You could have any girl. . I mean look at you! Why me?" I said shaking my head.

"Because you aren't like those other girls. You didn't take advantage of the situation. Plus you're fucking beautiful and so real. I'm lucky to find someone like you. "

"I only met you an hour ago!" I said bringing my legs up, covering my body as much as I could.

"Come here," he said coming over me, undoing what I just did, "I want to see more of you. I'm glad it was you I kissed in the ally. "

He started to kiss me again, slowly. I felt his dick pushing at me wanting to go in. I didn't realize my legs were on either side of him, and that's when I panicked. I pushed against him with my hands, but he was too strong.

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   I was squealing and squirming until I felt him more. He broke from the kiss looking down and up realizing something himself.

"You're a virgin?"

"I've only done it once. . . two years ago. "

With that he pushed in and I gasped at the quickness of this move. I felt a little pain and started to push against him more. It almost felt like my first time. I punched against him a few times, but that only made him go deeper. He took my hands and put them over my head and held my waist with his other and started to thrust in and out harder than before. I didn't want to moan, but I found myself doing it anyway. He released my hands and started to kiss my neck, biting it, while going faster and harder. He was breathing heavy, every so often groaning with pleasure.  

"You feel.

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  . . . . so damn good," he managed to get out.  

He held my neck while I leaned my head back letting out another breathless moan. We were moving together. He started to go faster and harder. I squeezed my eyes shut. It hurt the faster he went but I felt myself climaxing. When he saw this he sped up, breathing against my neck.  

"Uhhh I'm going to cum. I'm going to. . .

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  " he said going faster and faster.

I held onto his back about to cum myself. It was complete ecstasy! We came at the same time and I screamed his name.

". . . I hate you," I said quietly.

He only laughed at this and kissed my forehead. He got up and took the condom off and asked where the bathroom was. I pointed to the door in the corner by the lounge chair. He went inside and I followed.  

"Do you mind if I take a shower?" He asked.

"Um, sure. You could use my towel. "

"Hey, stay in here with me, please?"

"What are you a baby? No.

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   You need to clean up and leave. My mom's gunna be back it a bit. Plus what you did back there. . "

"You loved it and needed it just like I did," he said standing over me now.  

He was a few inches taller than me. But his build made him look taller and more intimidating. Plus his intense stare with those blue eyes of his just took you right in, leaving you speechless. He gave me one soft kiss followed by that smile of his.

"Would you stop that?" I asked in a serious tone.

"You cannot resist me can you?" he asked leaning down to see my face.

He moved in closer, but I backed up. We kept this up until my back was against the wall. I was surprised when my head hit the towel. I saw him bite his lower lip while putting his hands on either side of me.

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"No. . no. . " I said before he swooped in for a kiss.
 Find out what happens next in my next chapter coming soon.