I was curious,because of her.


I've been with my girl for six years but sometime before we meet this really fine girl said she would do what ever I wanted when ever I wanted if I let her do what she wanted just once.
At first I jumped on this deal,a little bit into what she was turned on by I almost changed my mind,man am I so glad I didn't.
To make the back story short she new what she was doing,yes It hurt at first but as she gave me head while useing a dildo on me,not huge but not smallI'll tell you. What ever she pushed up against so deep made me cum like crazy and I am not new.
So for the years sense I have been doing myself when alone in front of the mirrior. Its only been a little while that I've been thinking of what a real incounter might feel like.
Let me say I'm not at all into kissing another guy or any thing,just cock,nice big,well groomed cock,never did I think It ever happen but it did,heres how. . .
The guy next door ask me if I would like to come over and watch the game,some of his friends are there. Sure I said and in the fourth being a plow out most everyone had left. When it ended and all were gone he ask if I would hang out while he showered in case someone forgot anything. Know problem I tell him. Just a short time later he walks in the room in a white robe,opened from no tie. My eyes go right to his cock,looking away as fast as I could,thinking how big it was hard if that big soft. Sorry he said,I dont have the belt.

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  Its cool I say,my mind not knowing what to think. He drops down only a little ways from me on the cuoch,the robe falling to each side as he says,good ,but because again my eyes look at his cock,he see's me and as I try to look away quick,what you think? What do you mean I say,Look from the way your looking,if your curious Its ok. I dont Its just. . . . I can keep it between us,Its better that way. Grabing my hand and placing it on his cock,I go on more about being discreet as I strock him,watching his black cock keep growing. I look up at him and say I just want to bottom,I have a toy but wondered about what this,I shake his big cock,He said come on put it in your mouth,I found out how good I can deep throat,not all his cock,he must have been close to 10" but over half. I stood and took off my shorts and shirt,turned to show him my smooth bubble but,dam thats a nice,real nice ass,I want something to help as I ride you. Know problem,he has what It takes and puts some on his cock and my ass. I,back to him,slowly take his cock,little in,take it out,little in until every inch was so deep,grinding back and forth it made me cum and I was not even hard. I rode him,hearing the slap of skin on skin then stood up walked around to the arm of the couch and bent over it my ass want you to fuck me. He did,then,I'm going to cum he said,cum I said looking back,cum deep,Iwant it. I felt his warm cum so deep as I came again,We sat on the couch both feeling good,can we do this again he says,I hope so I said,but no kissing or the like I just like cock.

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   Maybe next time my good friend will be in town,you like like that,two big black cocks? I dont know but had he been here while you fucked me I would of done it.
I've been over three times now,and its been just him,He wants me to do it,I think if it happends I will love it,Truth is I cant wait. . . . .