Unexpected Randevous


Freya Phillips walked the halls of Hogwarts in a daze.

She had just transferred from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, her father's job with the Ministry had moved them from Calais, France to Muggle London. Hogwarts had been the only wizarding school close enough for her to attend. After meeting with the Headmaster Dumbledore and undergoing a Hogwarts tradition known as “Sorting”, it was ruled that she be placed in Slytherin.

A strange thin man with a crooked nose and greasy black hair, flowing pitch black robes suddenly appeared. Professor Dumbledore addressed him as Professor Snape. Freya tried her best to politely greet him, telling him how excited she was to be placed into such a powerful and well-known house but before she could get a word out in a very low tone almost like a growl he snapped at her.

“Follow me, Ms Phillips”.

With that, he descended the staircase out of Dumbledore’s office with impressive speed.

She followed him as directed listening to his instructions while trying to keep pace, he took very long strides for a being such a drab man, draped in long flowing robes of black. Freya couldn't help but let her mind stray to all the wondrous things she had heard of this renowned potions master now made dark arts professor.

“Now Ms Phillips I am to be the head of your house. You will represent Slytherin house to the best of your abilities house points may be rewarded by any facility they can also be taken away.
Am I clear?” turning suddenly to face her, bellowing.

“Yes Professor” she squeaked meekly.

“Slytherin Common rooms are in the dungeon.

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   Also, in case you tend to go wandering let it be known that the Forbidden Forest, Black Lake, the Restricted Section of the library, and other house common rooms are off-limits. Understood?”

“Yes Professor”.

“Good, Now it's getting late so I will escort you to your dormitory in the dungeon, do well to remember how to get there as I will not be so kind to show you the way again,” he said bitterly

Turning down a corridor to a staircase leading into the dungeons. They seemed to have walked miles in and out of corridors before coming to an abrupt halt in front of a brick wall at the end of the corridor when nearing the end there seemed to be nothing on the wall but as one got closer the enchantment hiding the common rooms entrance seemed to appear.

The wall was pitch black and looked covered in dirt. But upon closer examination a crest appeared on the wall of a gigantic serpent that bore its fangs at you ready to strike. It was even enchanted to move from side to side and hiss menacingly from time to time. No doubt to scare away other students from finding the entrance or think of playing any tricks on Slytherin house. Freya gulped. What had she gotten herself into transferring to this new school??!!

“I wonder if there's an enchantment on the door that hides from other students and allows the door to be revealed when someone who belongs to the house approaches it?” she wondered aloud unaware that she could be heard

“Precisely” sneered Snape

Angling himself to her right down the hallway he almost seemed to walk through the massive crest if not for the muttering of what Freya was almost sure was the word “Pureblood”

The crest and door seemed to become hazy as Professor Snape took a step over the threshold before descending an impressive flight of stairs and finally stood still in the middle of the Slytherin common room. Freya stood next to him her chest heaving she had forced herself to keep up with Snape who upon further inspection was far more nimble and slipperier than she had ever imagined.

“This is your dormitory, Ms Phillips, I will trust that you can ask one of your many housemates how to find your sleeping arrangements, with this I bid you goodnight. ”

With that, he turned to ascend the staircase before being stopped abruptly

“Umm excuse me professor?” I quipped

“What now Ms Phillips?” he asked sighing with fatigue and disgust in his tone turning to face her not even trying to hide the look of disgust and disappointment on his face.

“Professor Is there a place to wash up?” Freya asked timidly lacing her fingers together behind her back and rocking back and forth on the heels of her feet

“Actually there is, “ he said seeming to ponder where the exact location of the washrooms are. It took him a few moments to remember in that time Freya looked around the massive common room with all its impressive adornments trying to take in that this would be her home for the next four years.

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   It seemed rather daunting. She suddenly realized Snape had remembered the location of the lavatories and snapped back to attention.

“The lavatories you would normally use is currently under construction due to the Weasley twins using there you instant- poo tablets on an unsuspecting first year. Poor boy is still recovering in the hospital wing. You will find the Prefect’ bathroom on the Fifth floor near the hospital tower corridor. I’m afraid that I have some business to attend to if you have any questions be sure to ask our head girl Pansy Parkinson’s is filling that role this year . “ he seemed almost delighted to hand me off without another word and a backwards glance he left her in a hurry to unpack and get settled into her new home for the year. It was then that Freya realized there was another student in the common room leaning on a chaise at the furthest most corner of the room that was hidden in shadows.

“Hello?” Freya asked timidly hoping this fellow student was nice

“So now that Snape's given you the warm welcome wagon can I please move on this welcoming committee and show you the bloody god damn dormitories before I am late to meet Draco” huffed a very tall and thin girl with shoulder length brown hair and what almost seemed like a pug nose that was a horrible spell gone wrong or a cruel trick played on her by a professor or fellow students.

Freya walked timidly over to the girl and thought to herself

“Be brave everyone at your last school made fun of you for being such a scaredy-cat“
Walking over to Pansey she squared her shoulders and tried her best to smile and stuck out her hand for a handshake.

“Freya,you must be Pansey” she said trying her best to sound confident

“Can we please move the bloody fuck along Draco is waiting!” she huffed and crossed the common rooms in a manic pace and ascended a staircase. Completely ignoring Freya's gesture.

Freya stood alone and stunned in the common room and then followed after a beat feeling out of place and rather defeated she had tried hard to make a friend and failed this did not bode well.

After being shown her House Common Room and where she was to sleep that night in the girls’ dormitory, her trunk was at already on top of her bed with her calico cat ironically named Tabby slept peacefully emitting soft purrs of pleasure into the silence that seemed to fill the dormitory. Suddenly feeling the weight of the day on her shoulders, she felt a long bubble bath was in order.

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   Remembering what Professor Snape had said that she was welcome to use the Prefects’ bathroom.

With much curiosity she wandered the corridors taking in the sites around her, she was lost on the eighth floor looking for the prefects’ bathroom when Professor Flitwick's fluttery voice seemed to carry down the corridor with a boom.

“NO STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED OUT OF BED AT THIS HOUR!!!” the voice bellowed using a simple sonorus charm.

It would have been more terrifying to Freya had to voice been followed by a short very stout looking goblin.

“I'm so sorry” Freya faked pity

“I just transferred and Professor Snape told me that I'd be able to wash up in the Prefects’ bathroom but I seem to have lost my way” she exclaimed with an elusive fretful tone being sure to lay it on thick in hopes of this professor leaving her alone

“ Ppppprofessor Snape you say!?!?”stuttered Professor Grublyplank

“Yes you see I was placed into Slytherin “ she exclaimed boastfully

“ Well, in that case, I guess it wouldn't be any trouble to show you how to get to the Prefects’ lavatories” Professor Grublyplank hissed

“ I’ll use a locomotion charm to guide you to the Prefects’ lavatories, it will be much faster. “ Grublyplank exclaimed

“ Oh! That won't be necis……” Freya had started to retort but before she could finish her sentence she had felt a sudden rush of air against her and found herself in standing in the Slytherin Prefects’ lavatories.

The walls were covered in a deep emerald and the bath taps and sinks seemed to be a shining silver that gleamed in the vast opulent light of the bathroom. One wall facing the bath was covered entirely of mirrors making the room look brighter and grander. There was a great marble tub almost the size of a Quidditch pitch. There were several bath taps with a jewel on top at either end holding the most luxurious cleaning potions in the wizarding world.

“Only the best for Slytherin is suppose” Freya giggled to herself

With a flick of her wand using a simple vanishing spell her clothes disappear leaving her perfect ample body exposed.

Walking over to the bath Freya could help but notice herself in the wall of mirrors. She stopped for a moment to admire herself. Standing at 5’5 with curly strawberry blonde hair trailed to the middle of her back, emerald green eyes and skin almost as pale as milk, her complexion was almost flawless if not for the flush of freckles that tailed on her nose and across her cheeks, her gaze flowed from her face down to her very ample bosom which no binding spell seemed to be able to contain.

Humming to herself as she walked over to the bath she twisted a few taps releasing a sea of water spilling into the bath, wondering to herself which tap released the shampoo an unexpected intruder stumbled upon Freya in her most vulnerable moment.

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Callum Wood was groggy from a long day of Quidditch practice, being Ravenclaws number one beater was exhausting especially when his team insisted on making fun of him all practice for being the younger brother of Gryffindors former captain and golden boy Oliver Wood who now plays for Puddlemere United. It had started to rain before the end of practice but his captain was insistent they keep practising in order to beat Slytherin in Saturday's match. It wasn't until the pitch had been struck by lightning almost taking out his fellow teammates Cho, that Professor McGonagall stormed onto the pitch demanding all outdoor activities to be cancelled until the storm cleared.

He knew the boys’ lavatory would be a bloody mess with all his teammates fighting to be first in the showers and competing with whomever else got caught outside in the storm, He thought it best to sneak off to the Prefects bathroom.

Walking to the lavatory had been a challenge, soaked from head to toe Callum dripped water all the way from the pitch into the castle causing the house elves to mutter various unpleasantries at any student who dared roam the halls.

Sighing heavily from exhaustion as he walked up to the door to the Prefects’ bathroom his quidditch gear felt like a thousand pounds. Looking around slyly he thought to himself

“I can take off part of my gear out here nobody's around and I'm about to have myself a nice hot bath anyways. ”

Stripping off his Quidditch gear revealed every rippling muscle on his chest. Callum wasn't as tall as his brother had been at his age but he was more muscular. He had a strong jawline which he inherited from his father and a slim nose which had come from his mother's side. His eyes were a striking deep blue which were typically hard to see due to his bangs constantly hanging in his face. His hair was much lighter than his brothers dark mop of hair and his pecks stood out more from all the practices and workout routines his captain had learned from the muggle world. Such techniques called “weightlifting” and “ circuit training” that kept his muscles lean and toned. His chest had a lot of definition for not being very big his body was more like a swimmers with a very lean torso, long arms and broad shoulders.

“Pine Fresh” he mumbled towards the door and pushed on the door handle but it wouldn't allow him entry.

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“Bloody hell? “ he thought “PINE FRESH!” he shouted at the door, He tried the handle of the lavatory door but it wouldn't budge.

“There shouldn't be anyone in here at this hour. ” he thought to himself

Pushing one more time the door still refused to give.

“Ugh, I'm so over this!!” Callum grunted to himself

Taking out his wand he aimed it at the door handle.

“Alohomora“ he said taping the door handle.

With that, the door growned open allowing him entry. Walking in he suddenly realized why the door wouldn't open for him

Standing by the bath admiring all the taps stood a girl. Her back was facing him and it was after further inspection did Callum realize she was naked and gave more thought on why the door hadn't wanted to allow him entry.

Thinking quickly on his feet he tried to slowly back out if the lavatory without being noticed, unfortunately, he had forgotten about the soaking pile of clothes on the floor and the puddle that had pooled around them causing his foot to slip and slide further into the bathroom and come slamming down on the floor with an astounding thud.

Freya shrieked the sudden crash scaring her. Turning around to see where the ruckus had come from she looked to find a sheepish looking boy trying to cover his torso with his arms as he was sprawled out on the floor in full display.

“IM SO SORRY !” Callum exclaimed from the floor he struggled for a minute to get his footing and then in one graceful motion he was upright.

Freya was able at last to get the full picture. He was breathtaking. He seemed very tall for his age.

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   His lanky arms and legs hung at his sides, even from a distance she could see they had quite a bit of definition. The bangs of his hair hung in his face, hiding his gorgeous blue eyes but she could just make out his chiselled jawline.

“Oh my“ Freya thought to herself as she took in his glorious figure

Not realizing the situation at hand Freya walked over to him to see if he was alright.

“Are you hurt?” she asked closing the distance between them in an instant

“You seemed to hit the ground pretty hard, you might want to sit down to be sure your head hasn't sustained any permanent damage. ” she advised

“IIIIIIIIII“ Callum stammered inches from him stood a breathtakingly beautiful girl and she was naked to boot. She didn't seem at all bothered by it.

Freya took his arm and gently pulled him over to the side of the bath to sit. Callum followed willingly. Once he sat down Freya pushed his bangs out of his eyes to better asses his face, leaning down to check his features and make sure there wasn't any bumps or cuts on his face.

“He's more handsome up close“ she thought to herself and smiled.

Callum stared up at her his eyes locked on hers for a moment before he ventured to stare at her more lovely assets.

“Do you feel dizzy?” she asked placing the back of her right hand on his forehead to check his temperature leaning down not realizing that Callum had full view of her lovely and perky bosom.

“Ummm I dont think so” he stammered. His head and body may have ached from falling but his member didn’t let it show as it was now engorged and at full mast wanting release from his tight quidditch trousers.

“Can you remember your name“ she asked quizzically trying to hide her interest in him

“Callum” he retorted

“Freya, Nice to meet you.

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   I wish it was under better circumstances. ” she blushed crimson

Callum was thrown by her beauty. He'd never seen a more lovelier witch in all his years at Hogwarts and he was going to try his damndest to not let her slip through his fingers.

Freya looked with concern “are you sure, your alright I can call on the house elves and they can take you to the hospital wing. ”

Callum took a deep breath before speaking trying to summon all his strength to conceal his current predicament.

“III was trying to find somewhere to wash up after practice got rained out. ” he bellowed a little louder than necessary

“Oh, so you play Quidditch ?!!!!” freya asked excitedly

“Yeah I’m a beater for Ravenclaw. Anyway practice got cancelled due to the storm and I knew my house lavatory would be flooded with students who got caught in the rain so I thought I’d come and wash up here since it's hardly ever occupied. ” he retorted glancing at Freya's ample bosom.

“ I guess that makes sense. ” she muttered to herself

“ I'm really sorry I should have known someone was in here when the door wouldn't open with the password. ” he blushed sheepishly looking up under his bangs into her deep green eyes almost getting lost in them

“It's alright. Not your fault, not like there's any indicator telling you the room is occupied right” Freya laughed trying to fake being casual although she was now suddenly painfully aware of her nakedness and how closely she was flaunting it in this boys face.

“Yeah I guess not“ Callum swallowed hard trying to appear innocent while still ogling her causing a rather large stir in his trousers

Freya sat down next to him on the ledge of the bath. The air in the room was thick with perfumes from the bath taps mixed with sweat and musk coming off of callums skin, he must have gotten rather worked up at practice.

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   The smell to her was strangely intoxicating, her lower lips began to tremble and moisten causing quite a carnal stir inside her. Looking up at him she could tell he was at least a head and a half taller than her. Her desires were starting to become clear to her and his seemed to be letting him know what was needed no matter how hard he tried to conceal his member growing and demanding freedom from his trousers.

Suddenly a brilliant thought occurred to her that may have made it easier to coax Callum into the bath and help him to relax a bit before she unveiled her new
plan of action.

With a deep long sigh she commanded his attention, looking at her sideways through his bangs with a small smile she looked up into his eyes.

“Well now that we're sure you haven't sustained any permanent damage we might as well do what we came here to do and get on with it“ Freya said seductively hoping she sounded casual and their wasn't an urgent tone of wanting in her voice.

“Gggggget on? Get on with what now?” stammered Callum turning to fully face her trying to not announce the situation he was in but he was baffled. Was she suggesting what he thought he was?

Freya tried to stifle a laugh. If she was to carry out her plan she had to play aloof.

Standing she did a small twirl catching Callums eye, stepping up onto the ledge of the tub she smiled at him seductively before diving into the massive tub like and with a little flourish kicked up some water over the edge of the tub purposely soaking Callums tight trousers.

“Ahhh” Callum cried “look what you did now my trousers are really soaked” he huffed

“Well if you're already wet than it should not be a problem to just hop in shouldnt it?” Freya purred

“Wwwhat are you suggesting?” he panted.

He shuddered. His mind was soaring with depraved ideas of what he wanted to do with this lovely girl who seemed more than willing.

Swimming to the boundary of the tub Freya draped her arms over the edge being sure to let the tops of her cleavage to peak over.

“What, it's just a wash.

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   I need one after this tediously long day, and giving the layer of muck all over your uniform I'd say you'd need one to so why dally and let this lovely bath go to waste?”

Her breath was quickly paced in a needed way. As quick as she could she swam to the other furthest side of the bath away from Callum hoping to get him worked up even more and to entice him to chase her.

Without a moment's hesitation Callum sauntered over to the edge of the tub pulling his trousers down till they just simply hung off the edge of his hips. With a swift twist of his wrist he had pulled them off and hopped over the small wall with a bit of finesse causing a rather large splash

In mere seconds he closed the distance between them the bubbles of the bath just barely coming up to his chiseled hips just barely covering his happy trail that lead to his very well endowed shaft. Pinning Freya against the small wall he pushed his hip bones into her causing her to spread her legs allowing his impressive and engorged shaft to brush up against her inner thighs causing a thrilling sensation to stir in her already aching muff.

His long lean arms captured hers pining them by her wrists to the wall on either side of her. His breathing was labored his chest heaved. Leaning down looking into her dazzling emerald eyes as if they were as mesmerizing as a beautiful summers day. Her collarbone was flushed crimson causing her freckles to disappear. Releasing one of her wrists he reached over and pushed her beautiful strawberry locks off her shoulders giving him full view of her exquisite collar bone. Leaning his head down he brushed his lips against her earlobe causing a sensational shiver that ran throughout her body causing her muff to moisent and drip with anticipation.

He licked and sucked on her earlobe causing a delightful symphony of gasps and moans to escape her beautiful lips.

“Do you want me?” he asked whispering in her ear

“Yes” she whimpered breathily

Leaning back slightly to look into her eyes full of desire, he took a moment to admire her beauty.

With an almost lightning fast reflex he tilted his head down and captured one of her luciuos niples in his mouth.

Freya gasped, she was taken back by this sensitive feeling but also enjoyed it .

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Callum was more than happy to satisfy his new lover but his needs were demanding to be met, while the head of his well
ednowed shaft bobbed in the water the tip rose above the skimming surface of the bubbles. But he continued leaving a trail of feathery kisses on every inch of her exposed skin. His older brothers advice about girls ringing in his ears,

“Don't be greedy take your time on the lady and make sure shes satisfied then she’ll be more than willing to return the favor“

He continued to lick and sick on her lucious nipples till he could feel her hot moisend muff dripping and grinding against his leg under the water. Leaning away from her he tilted his head to the side and gave her a playful smirk.

Freya was flushed and her skin was tinted pink from the heat of the bath water and her newfound loveres endurance. Unable to help herself she captured his mouth with hers, sloppily kissing his with urgency and want.

Wanting to quicken the pace, Callum reached into the water till his hands found her hips and lifted her up higher against the wall so she now had to wrap her legs around his slender waist to stay up right. He positioned himself just below her muff and had one arm wrapped around her waist to support her the other was holding themselves up against the wall to keep his balance.

Lost in the passionate moments from kissing him Freya almost didn't notice she was being lifted out of the water till she felt a slight breeze against her sensitive niples. Noticing the position they were in she couldn't help but feel excited, her swollen muff dripped for him.

Callum still holding tightly around her waist and to the wall trying to steady his nerves. He was already shaking in anticipation. Quickly thought up a plan of action, but he hoped she wasn't scared or ready to chicken out. Looking deep into her eyes he leaned down capturing her lips in a kiss.

Freya couldn't help but shiver a little bit, his lips were so hot and soft against hers, unable to stiffen a moan she kissed him deeper and began to grind and buck against his hips.



Pulling away and resting his forehead against hers he reached out his hand and without saying anything his wand suddenly appeared in his hand.

“YYYYou still sure you want this” he quacked looking longingly into her deep green eyes

Freya reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck housting herself up higher giving his member the perfect angle to grind against her clit.

“YESSSS” she bellowed in a wanting way and gave him a warning look her better not ask again

Using wordless magic his wand suddenly floated through the air towards the pair of them, he snatched it hastily out of the air. Pointing the tip down toward his member.

“I just want us to be safe” he almost whispered before he took his wand and pointed it to the tip of his shaft and chanted “OVARIO IMPERVIO”

Leaning to the edge of the tub he flicked his wand up onto the wall and slowly turned to face her, in his head he was screaming to keep his cool and don't blow it in the first few seconds.

Leaning down to angle his face closer to hers his lips twitching in anticipation, for what seemed like an eternity his lips finally made contact with hers. At first she seemed timmid kissing back soft fluttery barley there kisses and then he sensed her want and desire because the kisses began to turn sloppy wet and louder, more carnal . With each kiss he thought he would blow his load before he even got in her.

Forcing himself to momentarily pull away he realized both of them were flushed red and their breath was ragged as if they had been running a marathon for ages. Her face was flushed pink from the heat radiating of them also the water and excitement. All the bubbles around them had dissipated and he could clearly see through the water the entanglement their bodys were weaving. Backing away slightly giving himself some breathing room. He opened his eyes looking longingly into hers. But all he could think about and hear playing over in his head what was the talk his mum had told him about respecting women and being the perfect gentleman. Looking down at his swollen engorged member.

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   All he could think was

“Sorry pal hopefully she’ll want to touch you after what I have to say“ he thought to himself

Then with a very deep and dramatic breath Callum forced himself to say what he needed to get off his chest before they went any further. Closing his eyes before he lost the courage he bellowed


Keeping his eyes closed wincing. Thinking to himself

“Merlin's Beard Im a bloody twit!!! Here I am in a bath about to have sex with the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on and I go and get it all to shite because me ma always said to be respectful of ladies. ”

Freya gasped she’d never had a sutor stop like this just when things were getting hot and heavy, especially never yell at her and tell her how beautiful she was and that he respected her. Most of all that if she didn't want to they didn't have to go through with it and he wouldn't think any less of her.

She couldn't help but chuckle with glee. Not meaning it in a mocking way but in a sort of bloody hell how did I land such a dreamboat sorta way. Looking over at Callum she could sense that her laughing had not been taken lightly.

He had walked quite a distance away from her in the tub, the bubbles almost cleared a winding path from her to him in the tub. He sat on the stone bench in the tub that was in the right hand furthermost corner of the tub. He was looking out the window looking defeated.

Freya sauntered through the water over to him, he tilted his head towards her and seemed like he was going to say something but before he could she had lept out of the water onto the bench and was now straddling him. Taking her free had she reached down into the water and firmly grasped his well endowed tool and began to vigorously stroke him back to life.

“Bllllloody hell” was all he could manage before he realized the sensation coursing through his veins. He threw his head back and a yelled, it was loud and carnal full of desire.

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   Letting his head rest on the edge of the tub wall, for a moment he thought he was seeing stars when he was snapped back to reality by another sensation.

She had stopped stroking him and was preparing herself for the main event.

“Good!“ thought Freya to herself

“I have him right where I want him“ she thought as a wicked grin played across her face

Callum couldn't help but be in awe of her

Leaning up off the bench pushing for her lips to meet his he kissed her deeper, at first they kissed slowly patiently, but Callum could feel her in the water her goating him, pushing her sex onto the tip of his member, he could feel how slick her sex was aching for him. Without a moment's hesitation he continued kissing her reaching up and grasping her gently behind her neck while his other hand snaked it way up her thigh as to hold her in place.

He opened his mouth slightly and let his tongue dart in and out bating her to do the same. Once she opened her mouth and allowed him entry he thought to himself

“Now or never!”

He slowly inclined his hips feeling her soft lips spread and widen to welcome him into her hot muff. Continuing to kiss her he steadied himself thinking of those ridiculous exercises from the muggle world and one came to mind called wall sitting hoping to distract himself from the task at hand because he was dreading he’d be like all the other boys girls seemed to laugh at in the halls and got ridiculous nicknames like “one shot” .

While he was distracted thinking the worst she was also thinking of different scenarios as she happily and eagerly spread the lips around her muff open allowing the very tip of his manhood into her moist muff. The sensation was otherworldly. She bit down on her lip to stifle a scream that might scare him off.

Feeling the sensation of her muff pushing against him, Callum snapped back to reality and braced himself happily for the task at hand.

Knowing she was wet enough she reached her arms up out of the water and placed her hands on his shoulders to steady herself. Then pulling her legs up into an almost squatting position to better direct how deep his member would go she then plunged a hand into the water to grasp the base of his engorged shlong as to better help guide it. Leaning on the balls of her feet she swayed herself forward and in one smooth fluid motion he was inside her.

“Hhhhhhh yes“

“Fuck bloody fuck“

Hungerly she began pumping away letting him slide in and out of her and then standing straighter while letting almost all of him slide out except the very tip, when she did this she would twirl her hips in a circular motion.

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   Feeling only the tip pulseate within her.

This would cause him to roar almost sounding menacing while throwing his head back, while his right hand would snake its way around her to the back of her neck and then he would sink his nails in her skin and drag his hand all the way down to her bottom where he would grasp her ass and dig his nails in causing the most delicious sensations to course through her. Pushing her down harder onto him while he raised his hips up forcefully to meet her. A loud sloppy slapping sound filled the air along with their loud moans and praises of one another seemed to reverberate of the walls of the bath making it sound as if there were ten people making love instead of two.

They went at each other neither side backing down. Sloppily kissing one another in the midst of praise and curses that steadily flowed from one another.

Callum began to feel himself tensing even more he could tell this was about to be it. Opening his eyes to look into hers.

While still pumping her legs to meet him an all knowing smirk danced across her lips when her eyes met his.

Panting she leaned forward and laced her arms around his neck nuzzling he nose in his hair right behind his ear.

This distracted him and he began to slow his pace momentarily.

“You want to cum don’t you” she whispered in his ear

“Yes” he choked out painting they were both drenched and covered in sweat

“MMMMMM” she purred in his ear

“Cum!” she said wantingly

Closing his eyes he began to quicken his pace, his member getting deeper and deeper than it had before she raised her hips to meet him in time

“Cum in me Callum” he heard in his ear

“ I need it, fill me” she began to moan and beg her voice dripping with want and lust

“IMMMMM GETTING CLOSER “ he grunted through clenched teeth

“I NEEED YOU CALLUM! Come on, fill me “ her voice grew louder and more desperate as she shouted at him through gritted teeth

The slapping sound of the water seemed to reverberate everywhere making it hard for him to concentrate, closing his eyes to concentrate. He could slowly feel his balls begin to clench getting ready to give her exactly what she desired.

In one flowing motion he felt his balls tensing not realizing the whole time he was muttering “bloody hell” the whole time. His hips still racing to meet hers and the thrilling sensation he felt was even better than his first time flying on a broomstick as thick spurts of his cum began to steadily coat her walls, he could feel himself emptying into her.

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His body was quacking. He'd never had an orgasm so powerful he swore he touched the heavens. Momentarily he wondered if she just seemed to have that effect on guys. Before being brought back down to earth

“Yesssssss Callum” he could hear her scream driving him further

“Give it to me,fill me to the brim with your cum “ she screamed

With a loud undignified grunt he signaled that he had deposited every last drop of cum into her hungry snatch.
They both stayed in that position for a few beats trying to catch their breath.

Finally Callum spoke a very breathy
“Holy fuck” was all he could manage

Even though he was spent Callum couldn't help but than his lucky stars as she reached up onto the wall behind him hoisting herself to ease him out of her. Wishing he could go again.

Freya's breast on full display.

After easing him out of her she continued to straddle him easing her arms down to his pecs while looking up at the ceiling not really seeing anything because her mind was in pure ecstasy.

Callum followed suit leaning his head back against the wall. Hes breathing slowed down faster than hers did. Afterall he was an athlete so he knew tricks to slow his breathing.

After what seemed like ages she tilted her head down and leaned to meet him, letting her forehead rest against his. Her wet hair steadily dripping on the both of them.

“ We really should be getting back to our houses before anyone notices how long we've been gone.

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  ” a hint of sadness in her voice.

Reaching his right hand up out of the water he tenderly pushed some hair that was hanging in her face behind her ear and let his hand rest their.

“Okay baby well clean up and get ready to head back. ” he said softly before leaning up and planting a soft almost butterfly kiss in the middle of her forehead

Then like the gentleman he was he helped her get out of the bath and toweled her off. Then summoning his wand with wordless magic he willed a spell that dries them off and made two robes appear. A lavender colored silk robe appear in the air, and a bright blue silk. Grabbing it and holding it open for her to step into. Then grabbing the blue one and shrugged it on himself.

“Thank you sir” she said with a smile easing into the robe

“Your very welcome miss“ he chuckled back

She had fasted the cord of the robe tightly and was turning away from him striding towards the door.

A sense of panic began to wash over him as he watched her walk away from him.

Without a backward glance Freya counted to ten in her head as she walked away from Callum

Before she even got to five he had ran in front of her and planted his hand on the door, with an astounding thud. He was panting again and his robe had flew open in his haste.

“Tttell me” he panted

“Tell me when I can see you again“ he heaved his breath ragged

Sauntering over to him letting her hips sway seductively. Taking her time to close the gap between them. She placed her hand on his pecs and pressed against him making sure to lean in causing her robe to slip open giving him a very spectacular view of her spelended breasts again

“I do believe according to my schedule that I have a free break after breakfast, I was told its mine to do with what I wish” she said pretending to think about it while seductively boring looks of lust into his eyes

“Quidditch pitch” he panted wrapping one of his arms around her and the other reaching up and softly stroking her hair

“We can meet in the shed where Ravenclaw keeps their brooms, it'll be storming all day tomorrow so nobody should bother us their!!!!” he said in triumph

“Sounds great to me baby” she purred leaning up to tenderly kiss him one last time

Leaning his head down to meet her he moaned into her mouth before they parted ways.

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Opening the lavatory door Callum looked out to check if the coast was clear. Then opening the door wider giving her room to scouch past him into the hallway.

Giddy with thoughts of tomorrow Freya took her time getting around him letting herself slide up close next to him and pushing her breast up against him again.

This caused his eyes to bulge in panic and excitement hoping her robe would spill open.

Then with some finesse she slid out into the hallway and did a little twirl.

“See you at the Quidditch shed tomorrow lover” she shrewdly whispered “Oh and you better eat a good breakfast your going to need your stamina”

Walking out into the hall allowing the portal to the lavatories to swing shut behind him shaking his head and chuckling to himself he began to stride down the hall heading to the Ravenclaw common rooms.

He stopped suddenly looking out the windows realizing how dark it had become.

“Holy cow what time is it” he thought to himself

In the quiet sereness of the halls ,before realized he could hear rapid footsteps coming toward him and looked around for somewhere to hide

“Shit it’s probably so late probably a professor looking to bust students for being outta bed” he thought to himself but before he could panic a sudden flash of lavender and blonde were in the corner of his eye and he relaxed for a second. Smiling knowing what was to come

Like a wicked flash gone one moment here the next, Freya had yet again surprised him and was now in his arms.

Jumping up to straddle him her arms on his shoulders her reached down to help her up grasping her thighs as she reached around his neck to secure herself, the smell of cherries and lillies wafted in his face from her hair. It was intoxicating.

Leaning back to look her in the eye he smiled, knowing she had it bad and couldn't go a second without him.

She leaned down her hair washing over him almost like a curtain of gold, she was pouting her lips and looking deeply into his eyes.

Finally she spoke.

“Callum do we really have to wait till tomorrow?” she asked in a thick husky tone

“No I suppose we don't have to if you don't want to.

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  ” he said knowingly watching her bite her lip suggestively and shaking her head yes

With impressive strength he knelt down making sure to gently as possible place her back down onto the floor. Noting the whimpering sound she made as he did, looking down at the ground

Once she was on the floor he place a hand under her chin and tilted her head

“I've always heard from upperclassman that the Restricted Section of the library is a great place to hide. ” he said with a devilish grin and a glint in his eye.

Giddy with anticipation and excitement Freya bounced up and down in the hall before reaching out to grasp his robe to pull him closer.

Callum allowed himself to be pulled closer and snuggled right up tp her wrapping his arms around her and sighing happily resting his head on top of hers.

“On second thought maybe we should nip into the Hospital wing while we're on the way”’ he suggested pulling away from her but let one of his arms slip down hers to clasp her hand tightly before turning away leading her down the hall.

She kept the pace surprisingly well being a full head shorter than him.

“Callum” she huffed

“Yes sweetheart?” he asked high pitched and with a smile

She turned scarlet and giggled for a moment but never broke stride.

“What's so important in the Hospital wing?” she asked turning her head to face him

“Madam Pomfrey always keeps heaping batches of Grinding potion brewed in one of the storage closest in the hospital wing. ”he said confidently hoping she was impressed

“REALLY!” she squealed

“YEAH!” he shouted not being able to hold back

“And baby I have a feeling you and I are going to need every last bottle. ” he said with a smirk before rounding the corner and pulling her to him with some fitness before leaning on the wall bending down and wrapping her tightly in his arms.

“MMMM your so bad!!!” she giggled and leaned up to capture his lips in a smoldering kiss.