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True Story

This is a true story between myself and a female of friend that happened a few weeks ago. I'm Anthony, 18 and single. My female friend Lauren is also 18 but with a boyfriend. I like to think of myself as a look looking lad and enjoy having fun times with girls without entering into a relationship. Lauren is a gorgeous brunnette with a stunning bodyy for quite a short girl. We've had 'history' between us before but nothing like this:

It was a Saturday night and 5 of us decided to go out into town. Myself and my best mate Will were joined by Lauren and her two mates Amber and Hannah. Me and Will didn't really want to be stuck with them all night so we tried to spend as little as time with them as possible. They were good mates, but we weren't there to socialise, we were there to get a pull and maybe more. Well the night went on and me and Will both got lucky with a cheeky pull but nothing more. Lauren had seen me pull this 8/10 girl and gave me the evil eyes. What was her problem? I tried to act uninterested in her all night but i've always had feelings for her and she
played on it. She was looking very sexy and I had to try hard to play it cool. The night came to an end, Amber and hannah went off, leaving me, will and lauren to get a taxi. Will sat in the front with me and lauren in the back. We were silent on the way back, but I kept catching glimpses of lauren looking at me.

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   She turned me on soo much. As we pulled into our town I was due to be dropped off first. I was just about to tell the driver to stop when lauren said "no let him drop us all off at mine, you can walk up to yours" I thought this was a bit strange as I always get dropped off at my house. We reached her house, payed the
fare and left. Will only lived round the corner so walked home, as I began my walk towards the top of town. After about 5 minutes of walking I got a text from lauren saying 'come and see me' I turned round and walked towards her house and met her walking up the road. "be quiet when you come in, and take your shoes up to my room" I didn't know what she was intending, just wanted a talk? Or did she want more? I went upstairs to her room as she got ready in the bathroom. Her parents were asleep on the first floor. Was she expecting me to stay here? She came up and got changed, just leaving her bra and knickers. WOW! "get changed then" she said to me. I guess she did want me to stay then! I got changed into my boxers and climbed into her double bed with her. Within seconds I was on top of her, kissing her passionately. I worked my way down onto her neck as I heard her give a little groan as she
tossed her head back. She had boyfriend and we were about to make love. This was beyond my wildest dreams.

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   She took off her bra and knickers instantly and I removed my boxers. "are you sure you want to do this" I asked. "never been so sure of anything in my life" was her reply. That was good enough for me. I have quite a large cock and she
was only quite petite. I thought 'i'm going to destroy her!' I stuck my cock in her real deep! She gave out a massive groan and said "you're so much bigger than my boyfriend" I started slow, going really deep. I quickened up and the alcohol in my system seemed to make me last for ever. I was banging her soo hard that the wooden bed was making an unbelievable noise. Her parents were below us and I thought surely they would hear us. I didn't care though, this was heaven and I was determined to cum in her. After about 40 minutes I finally climaxed in her. It was unreal. My cock went floppy and I knew she still had more in her. I had to make her orgasm. She gave me a blowy to get me hard again and I was up for drilling her again.

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   This time I went full out and she came in about 5 minutes. She was so load that I'm sure her parents woke up. After about an hour and a half we were exhausted and fell asleep naked. I woke early, spooning lauren. I had the biggest morning wood ever! I started touching her pussy. She must have been half awake and took my hand away but kept her eyes closed. I did it again but again she took my hand away. I tried again, slowly touched her clean, shaven pussy. I entered it with a finger and then 2. She gave a little groan as I started to slowly finger fuck her. She opened her eyes and started to enjoy it. I went soo fast I thought she was going to cry. She whispered "ant, please stop" but it grew louder and louder until she was screaming "ANT, I'm going to
cum!" she came so much, soaking my hand and all the bedsheets. She said her parents had gone to work so it was alright. That was my signal to get rid of my morning wood by fucking her.

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   Morning sex is definately the best and I fucked her like crazzy! I started eating her out, she loved that. Then I climbed on top and drilled her soo hard. She gave off a scream everytime I went as deep as I could. We both came and the same time! It was the best night of my life and she loved every minute of it. . . .