Best friends daughter

True Story

My name is Chris I'm 37. Tylisa has been my best friend since the kindergarten. We are the same age.
Tylisa had her oldest daugther when we were 21 Tylynne now 17. I went to jail when we were 28. Since
then she met my baby sister and she grew up to be a little bad ass getting in fights nd doin it all
Tylynne hung out with my baby-sister who is 18 a really bad influence on Tylynne. Erica
Tylynne is a fckin beauty goddess. long dark brown hair big round eyes big thys nd pretty hazel eyes
full lips long slender sexy legs gorgeous face. big d round perky tits just like her mother when we
were 17. she is a beautiful sexy girl. she's shy and will impress you alot. even tho she quiet. she is bi.
my sister wanted to drink with Tylynne she was down Tylynne stole her mothers car she had money
so the went off. Tylynne finds me at her dad's house I get in my sister is asleep i told her to go on the
country roads to a place i knew that over looked the town we talked and drank 1/2 G of southern comfort
she gets pretty wasted so i drive us home she lives next door she took the keys in her house. she asked
is she cud come home with me.

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   Yes i say my sister gets in and passes out Tylynne says imma go
potty and ill me you in ur room. so i get there lay down thinkin wat the fck is she going to do?
she came into my room i couldn't see as she layed down by me i cud feel she only had her panties on
she sed this will be my second time. fck me rough nd hard i want it all i like it raw. She sed we just havin
sex. She started off by giving me head she licked the top swirled he toung all over my rock hard dick
she tea bagged me. i layed her on her back lick her pretty sexy little hot wet clit her jucies got all over
me as i came up she licked all of it off. she grabbed my dick nd sed now fck me like no other give me
dick please she shoved my dick inside her i sed wait take it slow it might hurt u .
i sat up so a big round tits were in my face.
i broke a couple of walls she screamed and moaned my name she bounced on my dick
after she climax she got on her knees lick my dick with all her cum on it i came all over he face and tits
there was sweat nd cum all over her cum was dripping off her tits we layed down went to sleep till her
mom came pounding on the door. she never told. later on tonight were going to have some fun
in her indoor gucuzi with her girlfriend mmm. . . their so fcking hot. .

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  her mom went to new york with her little sister to see the other side
of there family. .