A True story of a London nudist spa

True Story

**** Please note - This story is 100% true as are all my stories. . . However, City Spa closed about 3 years ago *****

Some people may Remember the old 'City Spa' In St James street, Walthamstow. . . . It was a Nudist spa with a nice friendly atmosphere and also a fantastic outdoor covered hot tub. . . . . . Situated in the garden, it was open to the elements, but have a roof to keep off the snow and the rain. . .

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  . I remember sitting in the outdoor hot tub, sucking on the tits of a huge lady while fingering her pussy below the water, with snow all around us. . . . . .

but I digress

This story is of different time
It was a weekday afternoon. I had started work early and finished at noon. I headed for the City Spa, and quickly divested my clothing and headed for one of the showers.
after looking around, I found that there were only half a dozen people in the club. 2 guys chatting up the club attendant (a stunning girl, but they had no chance. . . she was there to work, after all)
there were a couple in the outdoor tub (getting quite involved.

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  . . . I noted this for later, but decided to give them some space)
and, in one of the indoor tubs, there was a middle aged couple. She was about 35 - 40 and asian looking (I later found out she was from the Philippines). . he was slightly older. . . maybe 50 and they were sitting close together but not talking.
I asked if I could get in and they said yes. we got talking and eventually we decided to head to one of the private play rooms upstairs

George and Ninita entered the room and I followed. we were already nude and we simply dropped our towels and sat down. Ninita and I sat on the bed and George sat on an old plastic chair.
George explained the situation.

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"Nin wants to be fucked by you and I want to suck your cock. you can suck me off too, while you are fucking her"
I wanted Nin, she had a trimmed pussy and i wanted to get my lips on it.
I agreed.
Nin stood on the bed and I knelt between her legs. I held her bum cheeks and pushed my face onto her pussy. As I snuffled and licked deep inside her fragrant hairy pussy, I felt georges mouth close on my cock and slide over it.
George wanted to taste his wife's cunt from another man, so I fucked her cunt, without a condom untill her wetness coated my cock. I pulled out beofre I came, and laid down.
This time, Nin sat on my face letting me taste all of her pussy juices. By this time she was really wet and tasted like heaven. While my mouth was getting a treat under Nin's cunt, George licked and savoured my cock coated with cunt juices.
We played for a long time, and I got to enjoy georges expert cock sucking
at last I put on a condom and fucked Nin, while george stood over us. I sucked his cock for a bit,and eventually we all came together . . me inside Nin's cunt and George all over Nin's stomach and Tits.

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