Xavier, Philip and Alexandra - Chapter 1



This story begins a Saturday noon, one of these perfect sunny days of May. I was going at my friend's house, Philip was his name. His parents were going to see his grandmother out of town and they didn't want him to stay alone during the weekend so I was going to sleep at his house. We were planning to play video games and maybe rent a movie, but something much better happened.

       When I arrived, I saw Philip's dad packing the luggage in the car I saluted him and entered the house. Before I could go deeper in the house I saw Philip in the hallway with some other luggage:

"Hey! There you are. Help me with those; he said handing me the bags.

-Oh! Hi Xavier, said his mother, thank you for helping us just put the bags on the sidewalk Frank (Philip's dad) will take care of those. "

I did as she said and Philip was just behind me with more luggages:

"Are your parents moving or what?

-They're just taking so stuff to my grandma's house, he replied. "

His mother coming from behind then interrupted us and said:

"Ok boys, we need to leave now. We left some lasagna in the freezer and take care of the house I don't want to see a mess when we come back.

-Yes mom, answered Philip on a slightly annoyed tone. -Bye Phil, bye Xavier have a nice weekend, said his dad while starting the engine. ”

Me hand Philip then saluted them. And they went away letting us the house for two days.


Chapter 1

“So what do you want to do? asked Philip.

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-Play Xbox, I proposed.

-Then let’s go. ”

        We talked of everything and nothing while playing. But then the subject shifted to girls. Philip liked this girl: Alexandra she was pretty (and had nice boobs).

She wasn’t of an outstanding beauty, in my opinion at least, so there wasn’t many boys around her. The thing is that I kind of liked her too, not has much as he did but enough to ruin our friendship so we settled not to ask her out. One would think that Philip had many girlfriends because he was rather good looking but he actually never had one for the reason I just said he, we, couldn’t ask her out. I had one girlfriend once but I was 10 so it doesn’t really count. Then the subject shifted to something else.

       We played for the entire afternoon then around 7:00 pm we started to watch Fight Club we were just laying on the couch. At the end of the movie Philip was really excited by it. He jumped on his feet in fighting position:

“You wanna fight? he asked.

-No you’re obviously going to win. He was more athletic than me.

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   He didn’t have the body of an Olympic athlete or something but he was better build than I, I was rather skinny.

-Come on.


He then sat, we continued to play video games for about 20 minutes. Then I went to the bathroom. But as soon as I was out Philip took me from behind preventing me from moving:

“What the fuck, dude? I said trying to escape his grip.

-I’m gonna make you fight.

-What you’re still on this? Ok I’ll fight if you’ll shut up after. "

 I still didn’t want to fight but he wasn’t the kind of people to let go on something. At first it was a “friendly” fight but then I seized an opportunity and I threw him on the ground but before I could claim my victory he took my leg pulled it to destabilize me so I would fall then he sat on me and grabbed my arms so I couldn’t move. We stared in each other’s eyes me with contempt and him in a provocative way.

At this precise moment my life changed forever.


       In an instant his gaze softened, he leaned toward my face and kissed me.

At first I was surprised but then I answered him with all my love, we continued to kiss for what seemed like hours. Our tongues danced with passion. He then removed his face from mine:

“What was that? I asked.

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He didn’t answer he simply grabbed my hand helped me get up and directed me toward his room. He started undressing, as I watched him. At first he removed his shirt I saw his belly button, then his abs and his nipples. He removed his pants showing a clearer view of his cock underneath his boxers. Before removing his boxers he was waiting for me to undress, I was so obsessed by him that I hadn’t moved a hair since he started to remove his clothing. He then approach me took my shirt off threw it in the corner, started kissing my neck slowly going down. Sucking my nipples, still going down, licking my body. He suddenly pulled down my pants and my boxers, leaving my cock at a few centimeters of his mouth. He kissed it, then rose and pushed me in his bed. He removed his boxers than joined me in the bed. We kissed and I grabbed his cock (it was slightly bigger than mine) and started to jerk him off. He was feeling too good to do anything. I then started to suck it. When I felt his cock harden in my mouth, his ball were ready to shoot.

“Oh my God I’m gonna cum! Said Philip in a scream of pleasure.

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I then stopped sucking him and jerked him off. I directed his penis toward his stomach which was now covered in semen. He had an enormous smile on his face, his breath was short.

        He then looked at me, lean to my cock and started sucking. It was amazing, his tongue would pleasure my penis in every imaginable way. When I was ready to cum, he continued with his hand. When I came it was better than ever before I shot the biggest load of my life.

              When it was over and finally came back to reality, we were both naked in his bed our stomach covered in semen. We went to take a shower together. In the shower we were kissing, rubbing each other, cuddling each other. We dried each other then rested a bit in his bed.


That was the first part of the weekend.  


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