One Hell of A Halloween


So this is the story about the time my friend Briana and I hooked up:

It was at a Halloween party at our friends house, and we were all supposed to dress up in either a costume or as a celebrity. Now, I wasn't about to go and shell out money for a fucking costume, so I just threw on some black jeans, a red v-neck, and a black and red motorcycle jacket, and added a pair of stunner shades  and came to the party as Kanye (you know, after that whole "Ima let you finish" incident?)

Now, I'm 20, about 5 feet  and 11 inches tall, with an athletic build and an 8 inch cock , so I know I look good in my "celebrity costume". Adriana, my girlfriend, couldn't make it to the party because of her work schedule, so I was just walking around, getting a drink, schmoozing with the people there, having a few laughs with friends. Out of nowhere, I feel someone jump on my back and cover my eyes with their hands. A sultry voice whispers in my ear, "Guess who?" and I smile and say "Hmm, soft hands…Briana?". She gets off, makes a pouty face and says "How did you know?" I hug her and say "I just said you had soft hands, so doesn't that give it away?" She laughed, then smiled and bit her lip seductively.

That's when I noticed her costume. She was wearing a slutty pirate wench costume, with a red bandanna, a ripped shirt that bared her cleavage and tight stomach, and a skirt that showed off her legs. It was a costume meant to tease!

Let's take a moment to describe her:

Briana's about 5 feet and 6 inches tall, petite but athletic, due to being a cheerleader, with a nice pair of legs, a great ass, and firm b-cup breasts. In a nutshell, she's fucking gorgeous. Those beautiful brown eyes framed by her brunette hair, you just wanted to see them looking at you while sucking your dick. Now, a girl that can cause this temptation would usually lead to getting in her pants, but I think I forgot to mention that she's Adriana's 19 year old virgin sister? So of course, Briana loved to get me worked up whenever she could, simply because she knew that she was hotter than her sister.

Back to the story:

So, after that, the music started and we started dancing and getting hammered, but Briana seemed to get drunk faster than the rest of us, so she was getting wilder and wilder. Of course, being her sisters boyfriend, I was inclined to watch out for her. Almost everyone except for myself and Briana had paired up, but she kept on trying to push herself on the other guys. Eventually, everyone got tired of her actions, so they told me to bring her upstairs and let her sleep it off, so I led her inside and carried her up the stairs.

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At the top of the stairs, she caught me by surprise by jumping out of my arms and, both of us being drunk, we fell down. I fell down on top of her, and I remember looking into her eyes, and I could tell she was horny. I got up, unsure of what to do, so I just helped her up, and that's when she pulled me towards her with her back against the wall. She lifted up her leg, and instinctively, I grabbed it, I'm now crotch to crotch with my girlfriends horny not-so-little sister. I'm fighting every urge in my body to ravage her, but I can't control it, and I start to get hard. She bites her lip, and stares me in the face when she says "Seems like somebody's happy to see me, aren't they?", and rubs my hard-on through my jeans.

This makes me shiver, and I say "Briana, we can't, your sister…". She interrupts me by kissing me, giving tongue vigorously.

I'm standing there dumbfounded, and she's just smiles and leads me into the room. She sits me down on the far edge of the bed, near the wall, and slowly walks towards the opposite edge. She starts to crawl seductively on top of the bed, towards where I am. Needless to say, I'm ridiculously turned on, but fighting every urge to give in.

She makes it to where I am, and sits in my lap, kisses my neck, and whispers, "I only acted drunk to get alone time with you. " This shocked me. The gorgeous little sister of my girlfriend wants me to fuck her!I couldn't fight my desire to hear her moan, to taste her, to feel what she felt like inside.

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"You sure, no, you ready then?", I asked her, giving in to the temptation.

"You don't know how long I've been waiting to hear that!", she replied, and jumped on top of me. We both started undressing each other, but she stopped short of my jeans, saying "I wanna be surprised. I don't want to see it until you're ready to put it in me. "

"Fine by me. " I replied, and tore off her shirt and skirt, only to find out she had no underwear on! I reached out and played with her nipples, and just the presences of my fingers near her breasts was enough to have her gasp.

"Hurry up, i want you so bad!" she cried.

I grinned and said, "No…I want to get you worked up like you always do to me. Once you are, I'll give it to you. "

She pouted, but that soon turned into a smile as I proceeded to eat her out, flicking her clit with my tongue, and fingering her. She was so horny that she was grinding against my hand! I kept this up until I felt her on the edge of cumming,I quickly stopped, and she asked "Why!?! It felt so good!". I answered, "Because, that's how you make me feel everytime you mess with me. But anyway, it's time. "At the sound of this, her eyes brightened, and she smiled.

"Come here, kneel down on the floor.


  ", I said, and she complied.

"Go ahead, unbutton it. ", and she did. She started to rub my hard-on through my boxers, which were starting to show wet spots from the pre-cum. She pulled down my boxers and sighed, her eyes wide.

"I've never seen one this big before!" she cried.

"So you've seen one, and never fucked?" i asked.

"No, I've only given head, but never to one this big!"

"Well, there's always a first time for everything. Come here, I wanna see if you're better at giving head than your sister. " I said, with a grin on my face. Briana smiled, and proceeded to suck it better than her sister ever did. She deepthroated my cock balls deep, and looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes, and I had to do everything in my power to keep from busting a nut down her throat right then and there.

"You like that don't you?" she asked with a smile, after gasping for air.

"Haha, oh, baby, you will never know just how good that felt. " I replied, with a smile on my face.

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"Come here, lay on your back. "She laid down at the edge of the bed, in all of her glory, knowing that I was about to take her virginity. I didn't come to the party expecting to have sex, so I didn't have a condom, so I asked her "Is it ok if I don't wear one? Wasn't really expecting to have sex tonight, but I'm not complaining.

" She laughed and said it was alright, she wanted her first time to be as intimate as possible.

I got closer, and could see how wet she was, and sense how bad she wanted my dick inside of her. I toyed with her, rubbing my head on her pussy lips, poking at her entrance with the tip of my dick. She started to moan just so slightly, and that's when I knew it was time to take her.

"This is going to hurt just a little, but after that, I promise, you won't ever regret it. " I said, while looking into her eyes, and kissed her. I placed my head at her entrance, and slowly started to push, and, as I got deeper, she cried out in pain, but kept telling me to keep going.

Once I was halfway in, she opened her eyes and said, "It doesn't hurt anymore". I took that as license to start thrusting in and out, and she started moaning, and groaning with each and every thrust, gyrating her hips around my cock, driving me deeper and deeper. My god, she was so hot, her tight pussy gripping my cock tightly, driving me closer to the edge with each thrust, each gyration, but I knew I had to fight the urge to cum then and there.

I flipped her over and fucked her doggy style for a while, pausing only to kiss and reinsert when I slipped out, because she had begun taking control. She pushed me back and climbed on top, and with a grin, started riding my cock, up and down, her fine ass grinding into my balls after each thrust.

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   I knew I wouldn't last any longer, so I carried her, laid her down on the bed, and she laid spread eagle. I reentered her, and at knowing she was about to cum as well, asked her if I could finish inside of her.

"Of course you can babe. I wanna feel your hot, sticky sperm inside me!" she cried with lust in her eyes.

"Here it comes!" I cried, and she wrapped her legs around me, driving me deeper as her pussy clenched and gripped my dick tightly as she orgasmed, and as i shot shot after shot deep inside her. we had rolled over, and she was now on top. panting, kissing me, my dick still hard, deep inside her. I knew that I could go again if I wanted to, but I knew she was tired.

"That was amazing!" she said, a twinkle in her eye.

"Damn, you're better than your sister girl! We have to do this again!"

"Seems like you're still ready to go, but I'm so sorry babe, I'm just too tired. " she smiles and lays down on my chest.

"It's all good, we can rest for a few minutes. "She fell asleep like that, her on top of me with my dick still inside of her. I slowly moved her off of it, and cuddled with her from behind, and fell asleep as well once my boner had subsided. We were asleep for about an hour when I woke up and realized that, in my sleep, I had gotten an erection once again, and had accidentally penetrated her in her sleep, which had woken her up, and she had taken advantage of this by fucking me once again.

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"My, you are horny all around the clock, aren't you?" I said.

"What are you talking about! You're the one who penetrated me, remember?" she teased, while moaning.

"Fair enough. I won't complain. " I said, with a grin. All she did was smile and continue fucking, the both of us orgasming countless times more until we were both exhausted, with her too tired to move, and with me shooting blanks. We dressed and rejoined the rest of the party goers, all who were oblivious to our absence, and started to dance with each other, mimicking the actions that had just transpired, grinding and kissing here and there.

We didn't last long dancing, so we headed towards the couch, but, since everyone thought the both of us was drunk, they chalked it up to the fact that we couldn't stand up straight, much less dance.

"We really do have to keep this up Briana. "

"What about Adriana? What happens if she finds out?" she asked, although I could tell that she wanted to say yes.

"Who says that she has to find out? It's not like I'll be telling her anytime soon. " I said with a grin and a kiss.

"Haha, alright, fair enough. Let's meet again next week. I think that we both need time to rest after that.

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  " She said teasingly with a kiss, and placed her hand on my crotch, getting me excited.

With a grin, I said, "If you're not careful, I might just jump on you now. "

"Or we can just go back to the room and "sleep" some more. " She said with a smirk, kissed me, and standing up, led me back to the bedroom.

Hey, what her sister don't know can't hurt her.


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