Good Girl Gone Bad, Part 1


When I was growing up, I had known a girl named Christine. I had watched her age with me (we were the same age) since I was twelve. This is what happened to me in sophomore year of high school.

Christine always followed the rules. She was very sexy. She was skinny, around 36-38C breasts, and long legs. The thing was that she wasn't naughty. She wore conservative clothes and didn't show off what she had. I always had wanted to fuck her but she never had even had a boyfriend, much less a willing fuck. or so I thought.

I first noticed her in Spanish that day. She walked in very short Daisy Dukes cutoff jeans shorts. her long legs were tan. She had on a plunging V-neck that hugged her breasts, waist, and hips. She sat down in front of me. As she went down the aisle, everyone stared.

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   Her ass was amazing. As it moved, I felt my cock stiffen. I wanted to fuck Christine so bad it hurt.

After school, I went to Journalism class. It was Production Week, so we stayed until six at night. Christine was there with everyone else. She had changed from the V-neck to a loose shirt that ended above her bellybutton and started below her breasts. My cock hardened again. My jeans felt so tight.

I sat down to work on my page and Christine sat next to me. We were very close friends. I thought it strange she dressed so much like a slut today, she usually was so careful to not show anything off. She looked at my article. As she leaned over, Christine put her hand on my leg, right next to my penis. She rubbed up and down until I had a sufficient boner.

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   She looked up at me and giggled. This unwilling, virgin Asian girl was flirting with me. She leaned over to my ear and whispered in my ear.

"Meet me in the upstairs women's bathroom in fifteen minutes. " And she left.

The clock could not move fast enough. After the agonizingly long time passed, I practically ran out the door. I hurried up the stairs into rushed into the women's bathroom. I saw Christine.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her, my penis twitching again.

"Well," Christine said. "I've noticed you have been ogling me all day. " I nodded. "And I've fucked so many boys outside of school, I wanted one inside. "

"Then why did you always dress with unflattering clothes? Any guy would get with you.

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"Oh, I don't know. I don't want my reputation ruined. " Christine said as she took off her shorts. Her pink panties were damp and tight. My cock filled my pants. My jaw dropped. She removed her shirt and bra. Her breasts fell out and bounced up and down.

She got on her knees as she undid my pants. She dropped my jeans and boxers. My 8 incher popped out.

"Wow, you've got a nice one. " She remarked. I thanked her.

She wrapped her lips around the head of my dick.

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   Christine worked her way down my shaft until she nearly had it all in her mouth. I was in ecstasy. Here I was, getting blown by the one unattainable girl in school. She spit on my cock, and rubbed her hand up and down the shaft.

"Don't cum, okay?" she ordered. "Work on my pussy. "

Christine hopped up on the sink and removed her panties. Her pussy was glistening as I moved closer. She raised her legs up and I grabbed them. I went in licked and finger fucked her shaved vagina. She ground her hips into my face and pushed me in. She was panted heavily.

"Oh my god. " she moaned after a few minutes. "I'm gonna cum.

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   Don't stop. . . don't stop!"

I didn't. Her cum came shooting out and I had it all. I stood up and kissed her. Our tongues danced and I went down her throat. She jacked my cock as we did this.

"I know a classroom with a couch. " she said. "You could go inside me. "

I nodded. We got dressed and padded down to Room 55. The English classroom was empty. As I jumped out of my clothes, Christine waited for me by the couch.

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I sat down on the couch on she climbed on top of me. I slid my cock into her as she straddled my penis. She bounced up and down and moaned.

"Oh god, oh god. Yes, yes!" she screamed. Soon, we switched position with me on top. I pumped in and out of her pussy like a madman. She moaned and told me to go harder, faster.

"Oh man, I'm gonna cum," I told her. "Cum inside me. " she said. I shook my head, I didn't want to get her pregnant. I pulled out and came all over her breasts and face. She bent down to clean my cock.

As we dressed again, she smiled at me.

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   "I hope we can do this again. You realize you can't tell anyone and that you are my fuck boy, right?" she said.

"Oh yeah. I'm free anytime. " I winked and walked out, squeezing her ass on the way out. .

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