Home from the business trip part 5


     I was just getting home after a busy day at the office, Caroline greeted me at the door, her eyes twinkling, holding a business card between her fingers.

     "So who is Angela Drasek?" she cooed, "and would you say she is fuckable?"

     I had taken my flight attendant's business card out of my wallet, and placed it on the nightstand, looks like Caroline saw it, and wanted to know more. I was happy to tell her all about sexy Angela, my hot blonde flight attendant, how her sexy ass had made my cock twitch every time she walked by, how she had handed me her card and told us if we wanted a three way, call her number. I could see the lust cross my wife's face, as I continued about how I had been fired up, Angela's ass making me think about my wife's sexy ass, at home, in bed, so nude and ready for me, my cock so ready, so eager, and how I had fucked away our babysitter's virginity in the darkness of our bedroom, thinking that the cling of Jayne's tight velvet folds had been Caroline's.

     "And to answer your second question, that long blonde hair, those hips and that ass that's almost as hot as your sexy ass is, yes, she is very fuckable!"

      I could see the warmth that my compliment generated, as she said, "Wonderful. Now that I know how satisfying lesbian sex can be, thanks to Jayne, I want to have another hot, sexy lady for a three way, and Angela sounds like a perfect partner. Call her up, and let's make a date with her. "

     I picked up the phone, dialed, and she answered on the second ring.

     "Angela, hello, do you remember me, I was on your flight not too long ago, and you told me to give my lover an extra roll, for you?"

     Her husky voice cooed, "Oh yes, I remember you well Tony. I hope that you are calling for what I asked about. "

     "I am indeed, my wife Caroline and I would love to get together with you, and have you join us for a three way. "

     "Wonderful, I have the next two days and nights off, let's get together right away, why waste time?"

     We agreed to meet in a neutral place the next evening, and if the chemistry was right, she offered to invite us to her townhouse, and explore the delicious combinations we could make.

     We asked Jayne if she could come over tomorrow, and babysit Alyssa, and I made up a story about us having to attend a dinner and dance for my company, and we might need her to stay overnight, if the festivities went on long, we would just overnight in one of the downtown hotels. Since Jayne was a frequent visitor, and came over more times for a three-way, rather than to babysit, we thought it might be awkward, to say the least, to tell her we were going out for a three-way with another lady. Jayne was still an important, and highly pleasurable part of our sex life. It was just that with Caroline's lesbian virginity gone, as it were, she wanted some variety.

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     When Jayne arrived the next night, we were ready. Caroline had slipped on her crotchless black silk panties, and her shimmery lime green dress, that set off the redness of her hair perfectly. The dress reached almost to the floor, and had a slit up the right side, almost up to her hip, when she walked, her right leg was bared almost up to the bottom of her little black panties, talk about putting your best foot forward. Her legs did not need any nylons, her legs are more than sexy enough without them. She had her hair arranged in a pile up design, remove a couple of pins, and her hair would tumble down, for when we got down to action, she looked ready and raring to go. She was dressed for a date all right, if the chemistry was there, Caroline wanted to be the catalyst to get it going, she was not interested in playing it coy, and neither was I.

     "Wow, Caroline, you look wonderful!" Jayne said, "I hope you can get back tonight, so I can join you for an after the party romp in the bedroom!"

     We smiled, and Caroline said, "We'll be sure to phone you and let you know, I would love to have some more fun with you, you sexy teen temptress!"

     Angela had told us to meet her at the Ninth Street club, for a drink, and whatever developed. We arrived at 8 PM, and I saw Angela immediately. Oh my, she was dressed to impress also, wearing a fire engine red miniskirt, that highlighted her hot legs, she was just as ready to get the reaction going as Caroline was. Her blonde hair floated about her like a cloud, and she looked like her blue eyes were flashing sparks as she stood to greet us.

I made the introductions, and Caroline couldn't take her eyes away from the sexy, steady gaze that Angela favored her with.

     "Thank goodness you're here, I've had to fight off propositions ever since I got here!" she smiled, "But, it's to be expected, I guess. "

     She looked Caroline over appraisingly, her smile telling us she liked what she saw.

     "Oh yes, you look wonderful. Tony, you are a lucky man, having such a hot looking wife to come home to.

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   And, I certainly feel like the lucky one also, being invited to share. I took the liberty of ordering some champagne. "

     Our waiter brought over the silver bucket, with a bottle of Moët & Chandon on ice, looks like Angela has very good taste in champagne. We poured out three glasses, and toasted the night ahead. The champagne flowed, and we started to feel the wine, and Angela took the initiative.

     We were off in a corner booth, away from the main seating area in a cozy corner.   Angela asked Caroline to sit next to her on the bench, and as soon as she did, her hand reached under the slit in Caroline's skirt, and sliding slowly, teasingly up the inside of my wife's thigh. Caroline let out a shaky breath, and a sigh of pleasure as she felt the electric contact, the slow, teasing slide of soft fingers up her thigh. I saw Angela's eyes widen, and hear Caroline's soft moan of pleasure, as she reached her goal.

     "Oh my, you sexy little minx, you're wearing crotchless panties, just like me" Angela cooed, "and you are absolutely drenched!"

     I could see Caroline's look of bliss, it wasn't hard to tell what Angela's hand was doing. Caroline's body went rigid, she started to shake, hissing out "Yes!" as she was expertly fingered to orgasm. She slumped back, breathing hard, as Angela withdrew her hand. I could see three of her fingers were dripping wet with Caroline's juices, and she eagerly slipped them into her mouth, savoring the erotic taste of my wife's juices.  

     "Oh yes, nothing tastes as sweet as juices that churn up during climax. My sweet Caroline, you are certainly ready" Angela cooed, "just as ready as I am.

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   Why don't we take our party back to my place, and we can all get to know each other so much more intimately?"

     Angela had taken a cab over to the club, so, in our car, Angela gave me the directions, and Caroline and Angela shared the back seat. As I stopped at a red light, I turned around, and I could see Caroline's hand quickly disappear under the hem of Angela's miniskirt.

     I heard Angela whisper, "Yes, oh yes, touch me there, feel how hot I am for you baby. Yes, oh yes, feels so good, yes, keep doing that baby, there, oh yes right there, do it baby, yes, yes, oh yes, I'm going to. . to. . to. . yes, cumming, YES!"

     I heard Angela's cries of passion as she climaxed, my cock was rock hard, throbbing, from the sexy spectacle going on in the back seat.

     Angela cooed, "Now, taste my juices on your fingers, taste how hot I am for you sweet baby. "

     We arrived after a few minutes, thank god, I don't know how much longer I could have lasted. Inside, we wasted no time, in the bedroom, Angela watched as Caroline shed her dress, revealing her neatly trimmed nest of red pubic hair, her pussy framed in the open crotch of her black panties, glistening with the juices Angela's finger fucking her to climax had stirred up. Then, it was our turn to watch, as we saw Angela's body revealed to us, and my god was she sexy. Perfect melon shaped breasts, with high tight nipples, the perfect curve of her waist just nipping into to flare out into the wildly sexy shape of those fabulous hips, her trimmed blonde bush was also framed by her set of fire engine red crotchless panties, she did a slow twirl for us, and we saw that fantastic ass through the thin, see-thru nylon covering her glorious globes.

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     "My goodness, my husband's still clothed, Angela, come help me, let's get Tony stripped down!" Caroline cooed.

     I was quickly naked, my cock sticking up, stone hard, eager for anything.

     "Angela, I want to watch Tony fuck you, Tony, give Angela what you've been thinking of" Caroline whispered.

     Angela pushed me down gently, and swung into position, ready to ride me. I felt her nudge against me, than the heat as she slid her fiery pink hole down. I grunted as she impaled herself, taking every last bit in. She was so wet, so hot, so tight and glorious.

     Caroline moved over, getting between my legs, so she could watch as Angela slid her steaming pussy up and down the full length of my hard, throbbing shaft. Angela rode me slowly, she raised her hips up until Caroline could see my straining, purplish cockhead nestled between her lips, then she sank down the full length of my hard, hot shaft, right to the balls. After 10 or 12 strokes, Angela lifted completely off my prick.

     "Go ahead and suck it, Caroline, suck your man's cock, and taste my juices smeared all up and down his hard shaft!" Angela cooed.

     She wasted no time, and I growled with pleasure as I felt the hot, wet cling of Caroline's mouth slide down my throbbing shaft. She went up and down, then released my cock, and urged Angela on to mount me again.

     They continued this slow, teasing stroking, Angela's pussy milking at my throbbing cock, and Caroline's mouth taking me in after every 10 or 12 strokes.   Caroline could feel my cock, ready to explode, she quickly released him from her mouth, and guided Angela's hot, horny core down my shaft.

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     "Tony's ready to explode, ride his cock hard, I want your delicious pussy to suck every drop out of him!" Caroline whispered to us.

     Angela was happy to do so, pumping her hips up and down hard, giving me a real power fucking. Lying between our legs, I felt Caroline's hand slide around my balls and give them a gentle squeeze. That did it, and I grunted with pleasure as I came, my bursting cock squirting a torrent of thick, hot cream into the velvet depths of Angela's hungry cunt. As my cum squirted hotly, Angela howled with pleasure as she orgasmed, her pussy spasming wildly, wrapped tightly around my spurting cock, her deep, tight velvet milking me, sucking out every drop of my thick load, our moans and cries of orgasm filling the room.

     When I withdrew, Caroline sucked in my cock to lick off all the hot juices. Then, she lay back, gave Angela a wicked, sexy smile, and told Angela what to do.

     "Sit on my face baby, let me suck all of my husband's cum out of your tasty pussy!"

     Angela eagerly positioned herself, and my wife gazed up at the sight of Angela's heated folds. I could see her sniffing, smelling the shared passion, and as Angela lowered herself closer, her lips parted, and Caroline could see inside. Angela was dewy wet, her pussy lips were swollen with desire, and Caroline could see a huge glob of my thick cum, waiting for her to suck it out. Caroline looped her arms over Angela's hips, and pulled her down. I watched as Caroline's mouth and tongue made contact with the soft pink folds, then Angela raised herself up until she was straight up and down, and I could imagine the thick load gushing into Caroline's eager mouth, I could see her throat working as she swallowed it all down.

     Angela lifted herself up, so she could turn around, and she stretched out, eager to get her taste of Caroline right from her heat. I watched as breasts pressed against bellies, entwining in a heated 69. As Caroline worked over Angela's clit, I could see her body shudder as she felt the wave of pleasure as Angela's tongue made contact with her straining clit.

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   My cock was quickly reaching back up, as I watched their sexy mouths cleaved to each other's cunts. It didn't take long before Angela and Caroline were humping their hips at each other, feeling each others tongue bringing them closer and closer to orgasm.

     Angela lifted her head, cried out,"Oh fuck yes, lick me my little lezzie baby, suck my juices, gonna cum all over your face, oh fuck, CUMMING!!"

     Angela howled, and she let go, the release of orgasm sending out a large gush of her juices, giving Caroline a juicy face wash, fuck, it was so sexy watching her juices splattered all over Caroline's face. Angela quickly resumed her licking, and a few more licks were all it took.

     "Oh my god, lick me, lick me, make me cum, gonna. . . . . yes. . . yes. . .

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  ungh. . . ungh. . . . yes, yes, yes, OH FUCK YES!!"

     My wife's cry of joy filled the room, and her body shook and shuddered though her orgasm, her gushing pussy giving Angela plenty of juices, which she eagerly lapped up.

     I was fired up, and with Caroline being on top on Angela in the 69, I quickly got behind her, notched my cockhead, and drove it in, giving Caroline a doggy style ride. My cock was iron hard once again, fuck, watching them go at each other had been like visual Viagra. Angela continued to lap at Caroline's straining clit, her tongue and my pounding cock driving my wife to orgasm after orgasm, until with Angela licking and sucking at my balls, I growled with pleasure as I erupted, firing a volley of cum deep inside, Caroline's spasming tightness sucking it out of me.

     We took a break, and with Angela urging us to stay overnight, Caroline took the opportunity to call up Jayne, and tell her that we would not be home until morning, so to babysit Alyssa overnight. She returned to the bedroom, to tell me that our babysitter was all ready to stay the night. We missed the idea of returning home, and having our sexy teen babysitter ready for a heated three-way, but Angela was more than ready to take her place. I soon found myself flat on my back, growling with pleasure with Angela's hot mouth swallowing my cock, while Caroline eagerly sat on my face.

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     "Lick me, lick my cunt, finger my G spot, and make me squirt all over your face!" Caroline hissed at me.

     The heat, and the wet cling of Angela's mouth was making my cock sizzle, she had fantastic cock sucking skills, and having the fiery heat of my wife's pleasure well on my mouth just redoubled the pleasure. I was licking at her steamy heat, she was starting to grunt and slowly rotate her hips, and I slid two fingers up, and started to polish her G spot. Just as I did that, I felt a lubed finger press against my asshole, and slide smoothly up. The timing was great, as I worked over Caroline's G spot, Angela's finger was polishing my prostate, eager to suck as much spunk out of me as she could.

     Buried in voluptuous sensuality, I grunted as I felt the spunk streak up my shaft, and I was cumming hard. Angela's hot mouth eagerly sucked on me, my cock erupting again and again, a geyser of hot, white cum spilling, I was thrusting and grunting and spilling even more cum in Angela's mouth, gushing 6 thick streams into her.

     Caroline was trembling, right on the edge, I felt Angela's mouth leave my cock, and I sensed that they were locking lips, eager to share the huge load, and as they did so, my wife orgasmed, giving me a full facial as she squirted, and sprayed, and squirted some more, making passionate little noises with her mouth clinging to Angela's.

     We slept very little, as Angela and Caroline were eagerly bringing me up, over and over, so I could fuck and suck, and be sucked again and again. I found our last combination to be extremely hot, as I was hammering my cock into Angela's tight fiery heat, my wife was sitting on her face, grunting and moaning as Angela licked her to a gushing release. That set Angela off, and the tight clamp of her quivering inner flesh took me over, and I fired every drop into her.

     I was exhausted, every drop milked out of me, it was just before dawn, and we collapsed, spent, and with my sexy nude redheaded wife Caroline cuddling one side, and our new playmate, the very sexy, nude blonde Angela cuddling against my other side, I felt like a lord as we drifted off into a deep sleep.