The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 27


Unlike last time, when it would have been awkward, I went to theairport with Guy to pick Sena up since I think she would have nowviewed my presence as supportive. We both hugged and kissed her inthe baggage claim area and then headed back to my house. Both ofthem were in the back seat while I drove and they were making out alot of the way and even fondled each other a bit. I did wonder ifshe was going to get possessive, though. I  bought an extra largefuton in case she was willing to have the three of us sleep together(not necessarily sexually since she said that being with womendidn't really turn her on).

When we got home, her and Guy immediately went to bed and fuckedeach other's brains out for a couple of hours (yes, I listened tothem doing it through the door for a few minutes). I checked on themperiodically and when I finally heard no moaning or otherpornographic noises, I guess you could call them, I knocked on thedoor and told them I was going to fix dinner since it was by nowabout six. Sena was surprised that I had walked into their roomnaked until Guy reminded her that I was his slave and not allowed tobe clothed in the house unless company was coming over.

"By the way, remember the last time you were over and got tied up?"Guy said to Sena. "Yes," she giggled. "You really enjoyed that,didn't you?" he prodded. "Yes," she answered, giggling again. "Cockslave, get me some rope," he ordered and I rushed to my bedroomto get the bag of bondage supplies I kept. He tied her hands to theheadboard and then spread her legs and bound her thighs to hercalves. "Okay cockslave, I want you to fuck Sena," he commanded. "Yes Master," I obeyed with an evil grin on my face.

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   Sena laughedgiddly as I scooted my ass up next to her and slipped my left legunder her right and my left next to her right hip. I put my pussyflush with hers and began to grind into her, her soft pubic hairtickling my bare vulva as I undulated my hips. The sight of thismade Guy hard again and he was stroking himself while Sena and Istarted to moan from the heavy stimulation the friction on our wetpussies brought. Her nervous chuckling had now turned to rapidbreathing and I quickened the pace of my hip thrusts and we bothcame almost simultaneously.

Guy was ready to shoot again, too, and climbed on the bed, straddledme and, with his cock just above my face, squeezed off severalrounds of his hot jizz on to my pretty Asian face. Then he insertedit into my mouth so I could clean it off. "Hentai (how sexuallybizarre)!" Sena squealed. Guy, with a big shit eating grin, said,"so how about you get dinner ready?" "Yes Master. Thank you Master,"I agreed. I went to the bathroom to wipe my face off and thenfinally initiated making our evening meal.

We all ate dinner in  the nude. Sena then revealed that she wasgetting tired and was going to go to bed. I kissed Guy goodnightsince he was going to go with her. I also hugged her and then jammedfor a couple of hours in my music room before showering and turningin.

Guy later told me what their conversation that night after dinnerwas like.

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Sena: So if we get married would I have to be your slave like Miwais?
Guy: No Sena. Miwa does that because it's like a game we play witheach other and it's fun. I love you both equally even without thekinbaku (bondage) play.
Sena: So I would still have to share you with Miwa?
Guy: Yeah
Sena: Could Miwa be my slave, too?
Guy: I have no idea if she would agree to that. She thinks you'requite hot and definitely wants to love you, too, but I can't see herwanting you to be her Mistress, especially since she owns thishouse.
Sena: Do you mean she wants to keep having sex with me?
Guy: Well, yes and no. She would be happiest if she could keephaving sex with you, but I think she'd be fine if you two were onlyreally close friends. Whatever the case, she definitely wants you toenjoy being around her because she knows you make me happy.
Sena: Can't you just break up with her?
Guy: I'm not going to do that. First of all, it would be morallywrong. She has done so much for me it's been unreal. Also, let's sayif you and I get married. Since I will be pushing 30 when I finishthe teaching certification program, nobody in Japan will hire me. All the English schools want 25 year olds or younger for theirmostly female students. So our future would be here and this is anincredibly expensive place to live.

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   We would have to move to anapartment and stay there for god only knows how many years saving upfor a down payment on a house. Therefore, breaking up with Miwa isnot going to happen for those reasons and others. Listen Sena, Ilove you very much, but you're going to have to get used to the ideaof Miwa being in our life for the time being.
Sena: Why did you quit your job with the company?
Guy: Because I fucking hated it and it was interfering with mystudies. At least I got to meet you out of it, but this stuff ofoperating on 3-4 hours of sleep a night  was making me nuts.
Sena: I'm going to have to really think about whether I want this.
Guy: Look Sena, I love you and so does Miwa. She thinks I chose wellwhen I got with you.
Sena: Are you thinking of marrying Miwa?
Guy: She isn't into marriage because there are too many hasslesassociated with it. So if I marry anyone it will be you.
Sena: Every time I get with somebody there is always somecomplication (starts crying in frustration).
Guy: As complications go, Sena, having Miwa around isn't much. She'sbeen letting us sleep together in her house while she sleeps alone. That's pretty damned nice of her. Yeah, she will want to sleep withme at least a couple of times a week.

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   But she isn't going to take meaway from you, either.
Sena: But I really want a home I can call my own. I don't want to bea perpetual guest.
Guy: You and me both. But we have to face up to the fact that isn'tpossible right now and won't be for a few years unless I win thelottery or something. I'm pretty sure that if you want to do all thehousework and cook dinner every night Miwa would be good with that,though (laughs). Besides, this is a huge house and she likes havingus around because it can seem pretty empty otherwise. Just make sureyou don't rub her the wrong way.
Sena: Well, I still have to think this over.
Guy: Overthinking is your enemy, Sena. So relax and let's see howthings go from here.
Sena: Okay (turns over and goes to sleep).

The following morning, after breakfast, Guy ordered Sena to take herclothes off and put her hands behind her back after he had retrievedseveral lengths of rope from upstairs. She did what he commanded andhe bound her hands and arms. "Master, may I check to see if Sena iswet?" "Yes you may, cockslave, " he agreed.

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   As Guy began to wrapSena's breasts into a silken harness, I forced my fingers betweenher legs and inserted two fingers into her. She was definitelylubricated. "Master, Sena is sopping," I reported. Guy grinned. "This really gets you hot, doesn't it?" Guy inquired to his victim. "Yes," she giggled, turning red. "Are you sure you don 't want to bemy slave?" Guy asked. "You and cockslave can be sister slaves," heproposed, as he tied her ankles together and then forced her tokneel. He then connected the breast harness to the ankle tie,totally immobilizing her. Watching this was making my pussy drip. "Well, Sena, are you going to be my slave?" he repeated ratherimpatiently. "I don't know, I have a lot of mixed feelings," sheconfessed. "That's fine, babe. Let me know what you decide whenyou're ready," he allowed. "Okay," she responded.

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   He moved in frontof her and unzipped his pants, pushing them and his boxers down toabout the middle of his calves. He placed both sides of Sena's headin his hands and forced his cock between her lips. As he began topump it in and out of her piehole, I was becoming really worked up. "Master, may your cockslave masturbate while watching what you aredoing with Sena?" I begged. "Yes you can, cockslave," he sighed. "But make sure I can see you doing it. " "Yes Master. Thank youMaster," I rejoindered and positioned myself about five feet behindSena and rubbed my clit as he watched while his breathing becamemore rapid with the stimulation provided by Sena's lips and tongue.

I had two fingers diving in and out of my own cunt while Guy abusedSena's mouth and I was envious of her, too, as I wished he was doingthat with me. I was quickly building to a nice orgasm, Guy's precum,filling Sena's tummy, and I came in a shuddering convulsion at thesame moment Guy's cock spasmed and splattered Sena's mouth with hisjizz. He pulled out of her mouth and then forced it closed with hishands. "Don't spill it on Miwa's nice clean floor, Sena," he saidfirmly. Her eyes looked up at him pleading, but he didn't relent andall she could do was swallow it.

"Good girl," he told her in Japanese. "Are you mad at me for makingyou swallow it?" She shook her head no.

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   "Are you enjoying thefeeling of the rope on your body?" he wondered. "Yes," she brieflystuttered. "You know, if we get married, you will have to do this alot," he notified her. "Yes," she acknowledged. "So can you do it?"he asked. "Yes," she claimed. "I'm glad to hear that, but you'regoing to have to learn to deep throat so that I can get the bestsatisfaction out of it," he told her. She didn't know what deepthroating was. "That means that you will take all of my cock in yourmouth and even into your throat to make me feel good," heinstructed. "Would you like cockslave to teach you how?" he archlyinterrogated. "Yes," she immediately replied, out of competitionwith me, I think. "Cockslave, you will demonstrate exercises she cando to help her obtain that skill," Guy directed. "Yes Master," Iobeyed. I went upstairs and retrieved a dildo and my and Sena'stoothbrushes.

I demonstrated to her how to begin relaxing her gag reflex whileslowly working the toothbrush in and out of my mouth and throat.

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  Then I picked up the dildo and went all the way down on its eightinches. "This will take a couple of months of daily practice," Iadvocated to her. By the time Guy and I arrive in Tokyo next Juneyou should be able to do this," I projected. "So Sena, will you dothis for me?" Guy wanted to know "Yes," she assented. "Good girl,"he complimented. Sena moaned and Guy and I looked at each other. "Sena-chan, you like being obedient, don't you?" he quizzed. "Yes,"she admitted with downcast eyes. "Yes, what?" he continued. "Hai,goshujinsama (Yes Master)," she finally muttered. "I didn't hearthat. Say it louder," Guy insisted. 'HAI GOSHUJINSAMA," sheresponded more assertively.

Guy smiled widely. "Okay Sena, you must follow the same rules that Iplaced on Miwa.

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   That means no clothes while you're in my home  andyou are forbidden to wear panties at anytime except duringwintertime. You will also wear whatever clothing I tell you to whenwe go out, do you understand?" "Yes Master. " "This also means thatif you defy me you will be severely punished and refusal to acceptpunishment will be grounds for immediate dismissal. Do youunderstand?" "Yes Master. " "Good girl. " Now listen Sena, you willNOT get into any arguments with Miwa. If you have any problems withher you must come to me first with them and I will decide how tohandle the issue, do you understand?" "Yes Master. "

I raised my hand. "Master, may I speak to your property?" "Yes youmay, cockslave," he permitted. I then explained to Sena that Iwanted to be her sister in serving Guy and that I loved her. "Isthat okay oneechan (older sister)?" "Hai," she tolerated. I kneeledon the floor and hugged her rope encased form. "Also, from now on,Sena, the three of us will sleep together at night, with you two oneither side of me," Guy propounded. "Yes Master. " "Sena," I said.


  "You don't have to do anything you don't want to consent to, but youalso have to realize that with being Master's slave there areobligations and so you need to decide ahead of time on what yourlimits are so that this will be fun for you and so that he knows onwhat basis you want to conduct your relationship with us. " "Yes, Iunderstand," she stated. "But I will leave it to Master to determinewhat he wants to do with me because I trust him. " Guy retorted thathe would always care for her and would never do anything to injureher public reputation or endanger her health, but to also realizethat her body and soul were now his for his use.

To drive the point home, Guy's cock was obviously stiff again and sohe started skullfucking her and eventually blew his load all overher face and made her sit there while it dripped down on to her chinand chest. "Are you glad I did that?" he asked Sena. "Yes Master. Thank you," she replied. Guy turned to me and ordered me to lick thecum off of her and then snowball it with her. I did so, smearing hissemen all over her lips and saving the rest to deposit on hertongue. She let out a long, tranquil sigh and was now evidentlyexperiencing sub space.

Guy untied Sena and took her up to their bedroom. We all laid on thefuton, him cuddling her as they reposed on  their sides while Icuddled Guy from behind. There is a kind of truism that becausebeing in control all the time becomes a burden and a hassle, peoplewho seem ordinarily conservative in public often times like nothingmore than to surrender all that responsibility to someone inprivate. In a society such as Japan's, where appearances are allimportant, a kind of masochism is bred whereby many just want to letsomeone else do with them what they would because being so imageconscious all the time is a pain in the ass.


   Plus, let's face it,doing something perceived as taboo, weird or kinky carries a certainthrill factor with it.

Anyway, of course, holding Sena's cute body soon made Guy stone oncemore and he rolled her over on her back and fucked her for about 45minutes, giving her at least half a dozen orgasms, before hestreamed his sperm into her womb.

By the way, about that: while Sena was back in Japan, she had acheck up done on her girly parts and it was found that she wasn'tgoing to be able to have children because of a previouslyundiagnosed uterine problem. This hurt her marriage prospects withanother Japanese even more and, I think, made her more determined tohang on to Guy and to accept the polyamorous situation she was nowin since she, like most women, was afraid of dying alone. It alsomeant that Guy didn't have to use condoms anymore with her. Before,she didn't want to look like a slut asking her doctor to be put onbirth control. Now that question was moot.

She already knew that Guy didn't want kids anyway and I would havekicked them out of the house if she got pregnant because I didn'twant any pitter patter of little feat and the bullshit they bringwith them around, either. Sena, though, was in a quandry as to whatto tell her parents when she wasn't having any grandchildren. Guytold her to blame it on him by lying that he had gotten a vasectomyunbeknownst to her since he didn't give a shit what anyone thoughtof him as long as he was getting what he wanted out of things.

Over the course of the next few days, things began to kinda settlein as Sena now possessed a greater sense of place and belonging in the wake of enslaving herself to Guy. It was hot for me seeing herrun around the house naked fulltime. She had also given in to theinevitable and began to try to get closer to me. A couple of times,while she sat next to Guy on the livingroom couch, I laid my head inher lap and she stroked it while I held her other hand against mytummy. At night, Guy tied her up kneeling on the floor while me madeher watch him fuck me and then he had me lay behind her and cuddleher while he did the same from the front as Guy's semen dripped pitof me.

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When we dropped her off at the airport for her return home, we allhugged each other passionately and Guy rammed his tongue down herthroat before she finally had to head through the security gates. For the first time, I was going to sincerely miss her.

When Guy and I got home, he told me he was going out for a while butwouldn't say where. When he came back several hours later, all hehad with him was a cheesecake he picked up at a nearby grocerystore. When I asked him what he had been doing since I know hedidn't waste all that time just to select a cheesecake, he told methat I would be punished if I asked that question again. I know hewasn't screwing around on me or Sena, so this uncharacteristicsecretiveness was striking.

The next morning, after he had worked out and showered, we took thedogs out for their morning constitutional. It was a bit misty sinceit was now early January, but I've always liked fog and mist and thedampness that accompanied them always felt good against my skin. Once the mutts had a good parading around, he bid me to sit down ona bench. He handed me the leashes for the two of my dogs he had beenleading around and reached into his pocket and pulled out a littlejewel box. He looked me in the eyes and asked,  "Miwa, will you fakemarry me?" before opening the box to reveal a pair of wedding bands. As was indicated earlier in this chapter, Guy knew I thoughtmarriage was dumb, but here he was trying to show me how committedhe was to our relationship. I also appreciated the humor attached toit. "Fake yes," I punned, and we both laughed as I stuck my lefthandout so that he could slip it on me. Before he could do the same forhimself, I grabbed his ring from him and put  it on him myself.

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   Itwas so cute and made me feel really warm inside. "So from now on,I'll refer to you as my wife and you'll call me your husband," heoffered.

He then revealed that he had also bought an engagement ring for Senaand would surprise her with it when we went to Japan in June afterGuy's graduation. She would be his legal wife while I would be hisspiritual one, I guess you could say.

Then he bedded me and I whiled away the ensuing next few hoursfeeling Guy's cock between my vaginal walls and his cum beingflushed between them over and over.